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From top to bottom, the keyboard features a simple design resembling a gaming control pad. The keys are separate, with the spacebar in the center. The keys are coated in rubber, with a design that’s reminiscent of a gaming control pad. The wrist rest is adjustable, with a little slot to pull it out, by pushing the control pad up. The wrist rest is comfortable, without being too plush. The mouse boasts a good look, with a rubber coating, and a heftier feel than most mouse pads. The mousepad is large, with a smooth texture.

Having a laptop is a great way to get more of a console gaming experience on a more powerful machine. It’s a great way to improve graphics and get a better gaming experience. One of the biggest problems with a gaming laptop is that it can be a little bulky. If you want a lighter gaming laptop then you should get a keyboard and mouse combo. In this article I will review the Vertux Vendetta keyboard and mouse combo for gaming laptops.

You can attach a number of peripherals to your computer. The keyboard and mouse are the most fundamental. Professionals, gamers, casual users, you name it, they all utilize it. Some people want high-end components, while others are happy with low-cost parts available nearly everywhere.

But you came for the geeky things, right? We were given some Vertux Philippines accessories to evaluate, and we’re here to tell you everything about it. Vertux is mostly focused on the gaming industry. The logo reminded me of that one game company, so I took a second look. However, Vertux Peripherals wants to raise the standard by offering peripherals that do not cost an arm and a leg.

We’ll look at the Vertux Vendetta in this post, which is an ergonomic keyboard and mouse combo with programmable macro keys.


The Vertux design DNA focuses more on the out-of-this-world feel, daring to appear bold and aggressive. They don’t want to offer you a rectangular peripheral with a bunch of buttons to press. With its edgy design, the Vendetta’s keyboard appears right out of a sci-fi film. It’s a lightweight, all-plastic keyboard with rubber feet. Although it is not a mechanical keyboard, the rubber dome keys are quite comfortable to type on. I know some people still like the rubber dome experience, and I’m certain they’ll enjoy this.

It’s a 104-button keyboard with three additional programmable macro buttons. The board includes RGB illumination with nine settings; however, they are preset modes that cannot be changed. There are no separate media keys, but they are located on the second layer of the F keys, requiring you to hit the Fn button first, then the matching F button of the media control you want to use. The same may be said for selecting a lighting effect and recording a macro. The secondary purpose of the keys is indicated by legends on the keys, which are also triggered by the Fn button. If RGB isn’t your thing, the “bulb” key next to the Fn key may be used to turn them off.

While the keyboard in this package is well-made, I can’t say the same about the included mouse. The gaming mouse on the Vendetta features on-the-fly DPI adjustment and two extra buttons, but that’s all. The two side buttons are very difficult for me to push. It may be a problem with the product we received, but if you have any experience with this mouse, please let us know in the comments section below. The RGB on the thumb rest and mouse wheel seems to be badly handled, since the color and intensity of illumination are inconsistent.


There isn’t any, at least according to Vertux. I tried contacting Vertux about their software since the datasheet for the Vertux Vendetta states that the mouse has six programmable buttons, and they told me that I could use XMBC, which is software that works with almost any mouse. The macro keys on the keyboard are programmed via the keyboard itself, thus it’s not very user-friendly without any UI to explain what they do.

If you wish to bind macros to the macro keys, follow these instructions (G1, G2, G3)

  1. To begin recording the macro, press the Fn+ PRTSC keys simultaneously.
  2. As needed, enter the key combinations.
  3. To record a macro on a certain key, use the Macro key (G1, G2, or G3).
  4. To stop the recording, press the Fn+ PRTSC keys together one again.

User Interaction

With the Vertux Vendetta, I’ve tried gaming and casual usage. Overall, the experience was nice, and it accomplished its goal. Despite being a membrane keyboard, it had a clicky feedback, which surprised me. The on-the-fly DPI changing is the one flaw I have with the mouse. It has four settings and no indication of which one you’re on right now. So you’ll have to go by feel to figure out what setting you’re on, which isn’t ideal in a fast-paced game like an FPS, MOBA, or any other esports title. You’re restricted in terms of customizability since, as I previously said, there’s no software to change keybinds, lighting, or mouse sensitivity settings. The anti-ghosting keys perform well, since the most frequently used gaming keys have been tuned. The media controls are simple to use. The keyboard is well-made, but the mouse’s keys and LEDs should be improved.


Vertux offers a two-year guarantee on all of their devices, and it’s a good place to start if you’re looking to upgrade your basic keyboard and mouse combo. I think the pricing of the Vertux Vendetta is a little excessive at $1,795 when you can buy a good keyboard and mouse bundle from other manufacturers for the same money. Aside from that, if you like the looks, go for it, but I recommend browsing the Vertux official web shops for additional goods, since they have a large selection of peripherals.

Vertux goods are available for purchase at the following official stores:

You may contact them via their Facebook page, Vertux Philippines, if you have any questions.

Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vend

DA Good

Design with ergonomics in mind

The feedback is clicky.

DPI change on-the-fly

DA Bad

The mouse’s button quality

RGB lighting that isn’t consistent

There is no DPI indication.

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