Life is Strange: True Colors delivers an emotionally connected tale like never before – Review

Life is Strange: True Colors delivers an emotionally connected tale like never before. The game’s narrative and characters are what make it so special, but the gameplay is where it really shines.

Life is Strange: True Colors delivers an emotionally connected tale like never before. The game’s release date was announced on April 27th, 2017.

I’ve always thought that the original Life is Strange game was about as excellent as the series could go, and for the most part, I’ve been correct. Both Before the Storm and the second game have virtues, but they fall short of the first game’s heights. By concentrating on emotional pain and producing the greatest game in the series, Life is Strange: True Colors totally disproves my assumptions.

Alex Chen, a young lady who has bounced among foster homes and orphanages, stars in Life is Strange: True Colors. We begin the game with her long-lost brother Gabe discovering her and convincing her to relocate to Haven Springs, Colorado. Gabe is murdered in a rockslide staged as an accident by a mining corporation named Typhon shortly after arrival. Alex spends the days and weeks after the explosion trying to figure out the truth about what happened.

The series is renowned for bestowing superpowers on its protagonists, and this time around, we have empathy. If Alex comes too near to someone physically, she can see their emotional auras and sense their feelings. She can read people’s thoughts about an emotion by reading their auras. Although it isn’t as exciting as rewinding time, it does make this game seem more emotionally linked than ever before.

This is the greatest cast in the series thus far.

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While Alex is the center of Life is Strange: True Colors, the wider-ranging side tales with the townsfolk assist to bring the story to life. First, there’s Gabe, who is both an inspiration to Alex and a valued member of the community. Alex’s efforts in bringing down Typhon are driven by his death in the game, which shocks everyone. Even after his death, he remains an important part of the narrative and connects you to others. Seeing any aspect of him reflected in the game not only makes you smile, but it also makes the sorrow of his death seem even more acute.

Steph also returns from Before the Storm, and she’s as as geeky and wonderful as ever. Ryan, Jed, Eleanor, Riley, and Charlotte are among the other memorable characters. You only care about a few individuals in Life is Strange, while True Colors features a far more likable ensemble. You care about these individuals and want the best for them.

A game that helps you feel good about yourself

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I like emotional stories, but I seldom weep when playing video games. I’m easily moved by movies, but there are just a few games that have made me cry. However, I found myself weeping many times while watching Life is Strange: True Colors. Seeing everyone’s anguish at Gabe’s wake was the most difficult aspect for me, but if that portion doesn’t hit you as hard, there will be plenty of other scenarios with which you may empathize.

While the game focuses on emotions, it does select whether Alex’s power affects her or not at random moments. A major issue throughout the game, for example, is that if she gets too near to someone who is experiencing a powerful emotion, it will take her over. When someone else is furious or frightened, this leads her to attack them or become terrified. These things, on the other hand, appear out of nowhere and have no effect on her. She can not only endure other people’s emotions, but she can also steal them from them at random in two circumstances. It affects her at first, but not the second time for no apparent reason. The contradictions are strange, but they don’t distract from the overall strength of the narrative.

The pace is excellent, although one chapter is a little too lengthy.

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True Colors has one of my favorite features: the entire game is accessible right away. For the first time in the series, we don’t have to wait months to go on to the next chapter, risking forgetting what occurred before. Having said that, I’m not convinced this game required five chapters. Four would have been ideal, but this game needs a little extra fluff in the middle.

The first two chapters, as well as the conclusion, are the most powerful. The fourth chapter features a fantastic twist that recalls the previous game but improves on it. The third chapter, on the other hand, takes an unexpected turn and becomes a turn-based RPG. While it was a welcome departure from the usual, it had little purpose in the larger plot, particularly because the character it centers around isn’t seen again for the remainder of the game. It would have made a lot of sense to combine it with the fourth, which has little effect until that twist.

In any case, Life is Strange: True Colors is quickly becoming my favorite game in the series. After having minimal expectations going in, I’d want to see Deck Nine continue to create distinct tales in this area. Life is Strange would be in competent hands here, enabling DONTNOD to create new tales in other places, based on their work in Before the Storm and this game.

+ Puzzles that are both enjoyable and difficult
+ With an experienced voice, an emotive tale that deals with adult themes is told.
+ Level of creativity and world design
Combat may be abrupt and unsettling, with a floating or uneven feel to it.

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Life is Strange: True Colors delivers an emotionally connected tale like never before. The game features a story that can be difficult to follow, but it’s worth the effort. Reference: how long will life is strange: true colors be.

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