Thermaltake has released their latest RGB memory, the White TOUGHRAM XG DDR4 Memory. The RAM offers support for a wide range of motherboard models and is compatible with Intel’s Z370 platform and over 900 motherboards from manufacturers like ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte, MSI and more.

Thermaltake has just released the “thermaltake toughram” which is a DDR4 memory kit. The new memory kit is available in 4 different colors and will work with any motherboard that supports Intel’s X299 platform.

Image courtesy of Thermaltake

Thermaltake has released new memory kits for gamers who want to go away from the typical black configuration.

Thermaltake’s new TOUGHRAM XG RGB DDR4 memory series, which includes eight kits with memory capacities ranging from 16 GB to 64 GB and speeds ranging from 3,600 MHz to 4,600 MHz, boasts a white-colored chassis and cooling components, as well as an X-shaped light bar with 16 controllable LEDs. A 10-layer PCB with a 2 oz. copper inner layer, securely screened ICs, an aluminum heat spreader, and a limited lifetime guarantee are among the other features.


The following is a quote from Thermaltake’s press release:

The White TOUGHRAM XG RGB series has been rigorously tested to choose tightly-screened ICs, built with a ten-layer PCB, made with 10 gold fingers and 2oz copper inner layers to provide high and steady performance, and is compatible with the newest AMD and Intel motherboards. The White TOUGHRAM XG RGB series also has a unique aesthetic owing to its unique design, which has two distinct colors and an aluminum trim with a chrome stripe in the center that distinguishes the TOUGHRAM XG RGB series from other RAM modules.

The White TOUGHRAM XG RGB series is fitted with a unique X-shape light bar that can manage 8 lighting zones and has 16 high-lumen programmable LEDs. This promises to provide a more vivid and personalised lighting experience, and it’s supported by TT RGB PLUS and NeonMaker Light Editing Software, as well as other compatible software like TT AI Voice Control, Amazon Alexa, and motherboard RGB software, allowing users to build their own lighting display.

The following is a list of the new Thermaltake TOUGHRAM XG RGB DDR4 White series, as well as links to their individual pages:

Thermaltake is the source of this information.

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The “thermaltake 360” is a new RGB DDR4 memory from Thermaltake. It comes with speeds of up to 3600MHz and 16-18-18-36 timings.

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Released on the 6th of April, Destiny 2 Update 3.4.0 reshapes how you interact with NPCs and introduces a new set of Exotic weapons to find in the game’s ever-expanding loot pool. We’ve got everything you need to know about what was added back in April – available now!

The “destiny 2 patch notes today” is a blog post that has been released by Bungie. The blog post includes the latest updates and changes to the game, including new content and features.

The article’s substance



  • On ticket resets, the currency rewards locked at three, five, and seven victories are no longer visible.
  • Cross Play must be enabled to access Trials, according to a playlist tooltip.
  • If the player account has a seven-win ticket, a warning notice now appears in the trials passages.
  • Third-person camera has been added. Trials, Elimination, and Showdown have a restricted tooltip and loading screen.
  • A bug that prohibited the Dead Cliffs map from loading properly in Glory playlists has been fixed.
  • Momentum Control’s Anomaly and The Dead Cliffs have been removed from the rotation.
  • Legendary Valor Triumph now has a missing string, and the number of times it takes to attain the Crucible Rank of “Legend” has been adjusted.
  • Bounties for zone capture in the Crucible now apply to all Crucible modes.
  • Rusted Lands: This map’s dynamic items, such as barrels and bricks with physics, as well as swarm explosive things, were absent.


  • Improvements:

    • The soundtrack in Legend and Master Lost Sectors has been adjusted to scale when lives and time run out.
    • When players run out of revives in Legend and Master Lost Sectors, as well as Grandmaster Nightfalls, the “Darkness Zone” tendrils and sound will now play.
    • When out of revives in Legend and Master Lost Sectors, as well as Grandmaster Nightfalls, players will now notice a “No Revives Remaining” warning.
    • In Legend and Master Lost Sectors, as well as Grandmaster Nightfalls, players will no longer notice “Revives: +0” while beating Champions after the time constraints have gone.
  • Fixes:

    • The post-game finish screen for Legend and Master Lost Sectors no longer displays any metrics.
    • On Tangled Shore, the Empty Tank Lost Sector now gives the right Exotics gear, in keeping with the other Lost Sectors’ reward cycle.
    • Excavation Site XII: Fixed a problem at Legend and Master difficulties where the barrier at the entrance had a gap that enabled players to leave the Lost Sector. In a future season, this Lost Sector will be reintroduced to the active rotation.
    • When playing on Legend or Master difficulty on EDZ, an energy barrier has been added to the Scavenger’s Den Lost Sector to prevent most of the encounters in the Lost Sector from being skipped. In a future season, this Lost Sector will be reintroduced to the active rotation.


  • The Corrupted are a group of people that have been tainted

    • The Taken warriors in the dark Ascendant Plane corridor leading up to the elevator have been eliminated to lessen the total duration of the strike and make it less harsh following hard wipes in the elevator battle.
    • When a fireteam hard wipes during the last phase of the Ascendant Realm boss battle, the portal to the Ascendant Realm will carry them right to Phase 2, rather than forcing them to repeat the platforming segment between Phases 1 and 2.
    • Any fireteam members or Ghosts left behind in previous portions of the attack will now be transported ahead to join their fireteam when they reach at the platforming area before the boss battle in The Adytum.
    • Any straggler players or their Ghosts will be pushed forward to join their fireteam when the elevator encounter begins.
    • On Nightfall difficulties, Sedia’s shields might regenerate quicker than intended. This has been fixed. In Nightfalls, her shields now renew dependent on her health threshold, exactly as they do in Direct Launch and the Vanguard playlist.
    • After Phase 1 of the boss encounter, the gateway to the Ascendant Realm should now dependably send players in the right direction.
    • During the first half of the boss battle, contestants were unable to move to a portion of the right-side region due to a bug. On that right platform, Psions should now spread out a little more.
    • Fixed an issue where a Taken Acolyte would spawn on the floating platform area before the boss battle, but would instantly die before ever having a chance to live.
    • Fixed an issue where the relic might despawn and never respawn during the boss phase under some circumstances.
    • During the boss phase, the relic spawners would spin before the relic was generated, which was an aesthetic problem.
  • The Inverted Spire (also known as the “Inverted Spire”) is a

    • On dying near the drill area, a player’s Ghost would emerge too far back in the strike. The Ghosts are now appearing in designated safe areas across the exercise area.
  • The Scarlet Keep is a fortress in the city of Scarlet.

  • Fixed an issue where the strike’s crystal would become permanently unstoppable if players killed the wizard at the elevator’s first station before the crystal could spawn.

  • Strikes: Fixed an issue where the weekly featured version of Grandmaster Hollowed Lair had different modifiers than the catchup version.


  • Fixed an issue where a Taken miasma wall may emerge at a doorway in Rheasilvia during Freeroam when it wasn’t supposed to.




  • Text chat messages may now be shown in multiple chat channels on the Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia platforms.

    • Terminology for text chat settings on these platforms has been updated to reflect the new capability.
  • Whisper communication options have been expanded across all platforms.

    • Filtering who can send you Whisper chat messages now has more granularity.
  • On PC, the “Show / Hide Text Chat” button may now be remapped.

    • This is mapped to the L key by default, but there was no way to change it.
    • The ability to assign a keyboard button to Show / Hide Text Chat was removed from Settings > Text Chat > Keybindings > UI > CUI.
  • On Windows, a problem that prevented the usage of Korean IME input was resolved.





  • On PC platforms, a bug was fixed that caused FPS dips in a variety of instances when the Roster was updating more often than intended.

    • FPS decreases were most noticeable in the Roster, Tower, and when in Orbit.
  • In certain Roster tooltips, maximum-length Bungie Names might extend into a second line, obscuring other UI components.

  • When using a controller, the width of the friction area on the Social Preferences tab has been reduced.

  • While waiting for all essential data to load before providing any information, Roster contacts might appear as blank entries.

  • To minimize misunderstanding, the icon for Social Preferences set to “Public” has been updated to separate it from the “Joinable Fireteam” symbol.

  • In rare circumstances, a player might seem to be offline while nevertheless showing as joinable.

  • If a player accepts a fireteam invite but fails to join successfully, they will no longer get an error warning.

    • When you send a fireteam offer and then change Social Preferences to Closed, no error notice will appear when a player accepts the request.
  • If the local fireteam privacy was set to “Closed,” the “Invite to Fireteam” option would be obscured.

  • When the platform is unknown, pending invitations from offline players will now display as a circle symbol.

  • On Roster screens, fixed an issue where blocked players did not always show with a blocked symbol.

  • Fixed an issue on Steam where certain platform icons would default to a generic platform icon, most notably when a PlayStation player’s symbol was not shown.

  • Updated language on the Windows Store for many tooltips using unnecessarily general phrasing.






  • Mythoclast Vex

    • The Aim Assist stat has been reduced by 25.
    • Reduced the Aim Assist Cone scalar in Linear Fusion Rifle mode from 1.1 to 1.05.
    • Full Overcharge now takes three player kills instead of two.
  • The Lion Warrior

    • The necessity for many hits has been removed (i.e. dealing any damage will grant the buff).
    • The reload stat bonus has been increased from +50 to +70.
    • If you miss, reloading will be sluggish, but if you land any damage, Fighting Lion will reload quicker than before the nerf.
    • The duration of the bonus has been increased to 7 seconds.
  • Arbalest

    • Has a built-in anti-barrier now.
  • Simulant Sleeper

    • Increased magazine size from 3 to 4, resulting in a 6% boost in PvE damage.
  • Suros Regime is a kind of regime.

    • In addition to its present effects, Dual Speed Receiver mode now gives the following: +30 range, +3 zoom., +30 range, +3 zoom., +30 range, +3 zoom
  • 77K Cryosthesia

    • “Variable trigger” has been fully removed, and now the game fires when the trigger is pressed rather than released (this will make it feel much more responsive). ,
    • Charged shot has been relegated to a special reload. Using the Sidearm to kill someone unlocks the special reload.
    • The weapon reverts to conventional Sidearm firing after the charged shot is discharged.
      • This does not entail the complete loss of your magazine.
    • Charged shot now has an AOE that slows players and freezes AI (direct hits still freeze). ,
  • The Breath of Leviathan

    • In addition to its usual benefits, the catalyst now offers the Archer the Tempo perk.
  • The Worm’s Whisper

    • Reduced the time it takes the catalyst to activate Whispered Breathing from 2.1s to 1.2s.
    • The White Nail magazine refill has altered; it now draws two from inventory and one from thin air.
    • PvE damage has been increased by 10%.
  • D.A.R.C.I.

    • While Personal Assistant is active, flinch, recoil, and bloom are reduced by 50%.
    • When off target, Personal Assistant now has a 1 second wait before deactivating (was instant).
    • Increase the damage in PvE by 20%.
  • Malfeasance

    • Damage from explosions has been increased by 50%.
  • The Story of a Dead Man

    • Increased reticle friction falloff distance, decreased recoil, and enhanced accuracy in hip firing with the catalyst.
  • Apparent catalyst for Heir Apparent catalyst for Heir Apparent catalyst for He

    • Damage resistance against players has been reduced from 75% to 25%.
  • Driver Lorentz:

    • Ability energy is no longer rewarded in telemetry patterns.




  • Flavor text for reprinted Dungeon weapons has been restored.
  • Telesto’s bolts would occasionally remain after detonating, enabling them to detonate again. This has been fixed. For sure, this is the last time we’ll hear about Telesto.
  • When the Hothead Rocket Launcher gets the “tracking module” perk, there was no UI indication indicating a target lock.
  • The muzzle lights on the Dreaded Venture and Bite of the Fox Sniper Rifles were blocking more of the screen than they should have been.
  • When connected, Ager’s Scepter’s empowered mode will not deactivate. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where a player may use Ager’s Scepter’s special reload endlessly after utilizing their Super.
  • When shooting, the Uzume RR4 Sniper Rifle sight would flare white. This has been fixed.
  • When comparing magazine benefits, Vulpecula would display inaccurate up/down arrows.
  • Adjusted the scope settings for D.A.R.C.I.’s “Mind Of Its Own” ornament to reflect D.A.R.C.I. and its other ornaments’ flinch and recoil behavior.



  • The cooldown duration for grenade, melee, class, and super abilities is now determined by the ability’s power output.

    • Note that, in the past, all abilities in these categories had the same cooldown period.
    • Note: In these patch notes, all ability cooldown periods are based on the base cooldown time, which is the cooldown time at tier 3 of the applicable armor stat (STR, DISC, etc).
    • The cooldown periods for these abilities are now shown beneath the skill description on the subclass screen.



  • Crystals of stasis

    • Instead of freezing neighboring players, Stasis crystals now slow them down as they create.
    • While developing, they still freeze PvE opponents.
    • While developing, the slow/freeze radius was increased from 1.75m to 2.6m.
    • Crystal formation damage was reduced from 20 to 10.
    • Crystal detonation damage against players has been reduced by 55%.
    • Crystal detonation damage against PvE fighters has been increased by 60%.
    • The crystal detonation radius has been increased from 6 to 8 meters.
  • Shards’ Whisper

    • In PvP game variants, grenade regeneration has been reduced by 50%.
  • Chains’ Whisper

    • Damage reduction against PvE fighters has been increased from 25% to 40%.
  • Fissures’ Whisper

    • Maximum damage against players has been reduced from 29 to 8.
    • In PvP game variants, the explosion radius has been reduced from 9m to 8m.
  • Rendering Whisper

    • Kinetic-weapon damage against Stasis crystals has been increased by 100%.
  • Effect of a frozen state

    • Fixed a bug that allowed frozen players to interact with items and be revived.



  • Dodge of the Marksman

    • The cooldown benefit per tier of the Mobility stat has been refactored.
      • The cooldown for Tier 10 Mobility has been raised from 11 to 14 seconds.
      • The base cooldown remains at 29 seconds.
    • Projectile tracking is no longer broken.
    • Dodge of the Gambler

      • The cooldown benefit per tier of the Mobility stat has been refactored.
        • The cooldown for Tier 10 Mobility has been raised from 11 to 18 seconds.
        • The length of the base cooldown has been increased from 29 to 38 seconds.
      • Projectile tracking is no longer broken.
  • Gunslinger from the top of the tree

    • Melee with a Proximity Explosive Knife
      • The cooldown has been increased from 96 to 100 seconds.
      • When melee-energy was completely charged, the cooldown period for melee was longer (all throwing knives).
  • Gunslinger from the middle of the tree

    • Melee Knife Trick
      • The cooldown time has been reduced from 96 seconds to 82 seconds.
  • Gunslinger from the bottom of the tree

    • Melee with a Weighted Throwing Knife
      • The cooldown has been increased from 96 to 109 seconds.
    • Perfection comes with practice.
      • In PvP game variants, the time has been reduced from 3s to 2s.
  • Arcstrider from the top of the tree

    • Melee Combination Blow
      • The cooling time has been reduced from 96s to 15s.
  • Arcstrider of the Middle Trees

    • Tempest Strike is a melee combat system.
      • The height of the detonation was raised from 2.5m to 3m.
      • Increased tolerance for rough terrain navigation.
      • The cooldown has been increased from 96 to 100 seconds.
  • Arcstrider from the bottom of the tree

    • Melee of Disorienting Blows
      • The cooldown has been increased from 96 to 100 seconds.
  • Nightstalker from the Top of the Tree

    • Snare Bomb is a melee weapon.
      • The cooldown time has been reduced from 96 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Nightstalker of the Middle Trees

    • Melee of Corrosive Smoke
      • The cooldown time has been reduced from 96 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Nightstalker from the Bottom of the Trees

    • Melee: Vanish in Smoke
      • The cooldown time has been reduced from 96 seconds to 75 seconds.
  • Revenant

    • Aspect of the Dreadful Harvest
      • The number of fragment slots has been increased from two to three.
    • Shatterdive
      • Damage against frozen PvE fighters has been increased by 100%.
      • Due to Stasis crystal adjustments, it is substantially less deadly against players.
    • Blade of Withering
      • The cooldown has been increased from 95 to 113 seconds.


  • Melee Uncharged

    • The melee range has been reduced from 5.5m to 4.5m (now matches Hunter and Titan).
    • After a melee, the suppression time is reduced (can now melee back-to-back at the same speed as Hunter and Titan).
  • Dawnblade from the top of the tree

    • Melee of Celestial Fire
      • The cooldown time has been increased from 82 to 100 seconds.
  • Dawnblade of the Middle-Tree

    • Melee of the Guiding Flame
      • The cooling time has been increased from 82s to 90s.
    • Dawn of Goodwill
      • In PvP game variants, boost duration has been reduced by 50%.
    • The Radiance Well
      • Reduced the quantity of Super energy delivered by Orbs of Power from the Well of Radiance.
      • Grenade of Duskfields and other slow volumes may now slow/freeze it.
  • Dawnblade, Dawnblade, Dawnblade, Dawnblade, Dawnblade, Dawnblade

    • Touch of Ignition
      • The melee cooldown has been increased from 82s to 90s.
      • Solar ability kills and burn kills now chain together more regularly.
    • Flames That Never Go Out
      • In PvP game variants, super-energy gain now reduces to the bare minimum after four kills instead of seven.
    • Dive in the Phoenix
      • After Phoenix Diving, mobility abilities were temporarily disabled for 2.5 seconds.
  • Stormcaller from the top of the tree

    • Melee on the Arc Web
      • In PvP game types, grenade energy gain each chain has been reduced by 50%.
    • Chain Lightning is a melee attack.
      • The cooling time has been increased from 82s to 90s.
  • Stormcaller of the Middle-Tree

    • Reaching Chaos
      • Damage every tick against players has been reduced by 33%.
      • Increased the damage tick rate against players by 33%.
    • Melee with Ball Lightning
      • The maximum flying distance has been increased from 25m to 27.5m.
      • The cooldown time has been increased from 82 to 113 seconds.
    • Trace of Ionic Ions
      • Tracking turn speed was increased by 14%.
      • In PvP game variants, ability energy gain has been reduced by 50%.
  • Stormcaller from the bottom of the tree

    • Melee of the Rising Storm
      • The cooling time has been increased from 82s to 90s.
      • Ability-energy gain vs. players has been reduced by 50%.
    • Surge of Electrostatic Charge
      • In PvP game types, the recharge benefit for class abilities has been reduced by 50%.
  • Top-Tree Voidwalker is a character from the game Top-Tree Voidwalker

    • Entropic Pull is a melee game.
      • The cooling time has been increased from 82s to 90s.
  • Voidwalker of the Middle-Tree

    • Melee of the Atomic Breach
      • The cooling time has been increased from 82s to 90s.
    • Supernova on a Handheld
      • Damage against Champions and Bosses has been increased by 30%.
      • Players take less damage (now deals 150 damage max).
      • The projectile’s range has been increased from 12 to 14 meters.
      • Push physics-impulse strength has been increased.
    • Dark Matter is a term used to describe a

      • Energy gains are now scaled according to adversary type.
      • For player kills, the energy benefit has been reduced.
        • Killing a player now yields 15 percent melee energy, 10% grenade energy, and 10% class-ability energy.
    • Nova Warp

      • Damage against Champions and Bosses has been increased by 30%.
  • Voidwalker from the bottom of the tree

    • Consume melee
      • The cooling time has been reduced from 82s to 75s.
    • Shadebinder

      • Melee Penumbral Blast
        • The cooldown time has been increased from 95 to 113 seconds.
        • In comparison to PvE fighters, the proximity detonation radius has been increased by 100%.
    • Winter’s Wrath is a fantastic game.

      • Against opposing Supers, shatter-pulse damage has been reduced.
        • To destroy all Supers, you must now freeze and shatter them twice.
    • gloomy observer

      • All Stasis grenades charge at Grenade of the Glacier rate when Bleak Watcher is equipped.


  • Increased damage to PVE opponents in general.
  • Increased cooldown depends on power production in general.
  • When switching grenades on the subclass screen, the grenade energy is now reset to 0.

For a comprehensive list of grenade modifications, see:

Name In seconds, a new cooldown time has been added (at Tier 3 Discipline stat) Duration of the previous cooldown Changes in functionality
Scatter Grenade is a kind of grenade that is used to 105 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents
Bolt of Axion 91 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents * 33 percent increase in bolt tracking search radius * 10% increase in bolt movement speed * 15% increase in bolt travel distance
Vortex Grenade is a kind of grenade that is used to 105 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents * Initial detonation damage was reduced from 50 to 20.
Grenade of the Voidwall 105 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents
Spike Grenade is a kind of grenade that is used to 105 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents
Grenade of Magnetism 121 82 * 17 percent increased damage vs. PvE fighters * Now attaches to all surfaces * Always detonates twice * Previously only exploded twice when attached to an enemy* 33 percent increased throw speed * Increased tracking strength and cone length to adjust for quicker speed
Suppressor Grenade is a kind of suppressor grenade that is used to 121 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents
Name In seconds, a new cooldown time has been added (at Tier 3 Discipline stat) Duration of the previous cooldown Changes in functionality
Grenade of Lightning 121 82 * Increased damage by 23% against PvE combatants * Raised the minimum damage against players from 50 to 60. * Raised the maximum damage against players from 150 to 160.
Pulse Grenade is a kind of grenade that may be used to 105 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents
Flashbang Grenade is a kind of grenade that explodes when it 91 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents * Blinding radius has been increased by 20%. * Maximum damage has been reduced from 130 to 120.
Grenade of Arcbolt 121 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents * Increased bolt damage from 90 to 105.
Grenade Skip 105 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents
Flux Grenade is a kind of grenade that is used to 182 82 * Increased PvE combatant damage by 15%* Increased connected detonation damage from 150 to 250* Removed projectile tracking* Added modest amount of aim assist* Increased throw speed by 117 percent * Now adheres to all surfaces* Increased arming time from 0.9s to 1.7s
Grenade Storm 91 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents
Name In seconds, a new cooldown time has been added (at Tier 3 Discipline stat) Duration of the previous cooldown Changes in functionality
Fusion Grenade is a kind of explosive. 73 82 * Increased damage vs. PvE fighters by 15% * Reduced damage from 150 to 130 against. players* Now adheres on all surfaces* Tracking strength reduced by 25%
Grenade of Firebolt 64 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents * Damage per bolt has been reduced from 90 to 65.
Grenade of the Sun 105 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents * Initial detonation damage was reduced from 50 to 20.
Tripmine Grenade is a kind of grenade that is used to 91 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents
Swarm Grenade is a kind of grenade that is used to 91 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents
a flammable grenade 121 82 * increased detonation radius by 10% * increased damage vs. PvE fighters by 25% * Increased damage against players * Deals 170 damage if exploded beneath another player * Lingering burn damage may kill * If not under a person, max damage rises from 120 to 130
Grenade of Thermite 105 82 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents
Name In seconds, a new cooldown time has been added (at Tier 3 Discipline stat) Duration of the previous cooldown Changes in functionality
Grenade of Coldsnap 121 117 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents * The seeker’s travel speed has been increased from 10 to 17 m/s.
Glacier Grenade 152 117 * Grenade projectile now bounces against opposing Barricades instead of detonating instantly, increasing damage vs. PvE fighters by 15%
Duskfield Grenade 64 117 * 15 percent increased damage against PvE opponents * Increased the slow-stack tick rate by 10% * Detonation no longer drags opponents

Pursuits and Bounties

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Iron Banner chase from Season 14 to remain in the mission log after Season 15 began.


  • Selling Ornaments in a Contextual Setting

    • Exotic weapon and armor decorations will be available for purchase wherever players are seeing them. The item information screen, Collections, and Transmog may all be used to make contextual purchases.
  • Director Tab Linking – Director Dialogs

    • Players will be able to open a specific Director tab from a relevant message, enabling them to take action quickly after reading a Director dialog.
  • Screen Explosions: VFX performance and photosensitivity improvements

    • Against dark contrasts, there are fewer brilliant flashes and more frequent white animations.
    • Near-fade particles have been updated.
  • Hive Headshot and Darkness Blast VFX performance and photosensitivity adjustments

    • The intensity of the Hive headshot VFX has been lowered.
    • Detonation of the Hive Darkness explosion has been lowered, as has the projectile intensity.
  • VFX performance and photosensitivity adjustments – Muzzle flares and taken projectiles

    • Reduced intensity and adjusted lighting for Arc Rifle, Taken Slug Rifle, and necromancer VFX.
  • Hallowed Lair Boss Fight VFX performance and photosensitivity adjustments

    • For numerous VFX in the boss battle, I adjusted the intensity/particle near fading.
    • The strength of the AOE has decreased.
    • Lightning The number of strike particles and the intensity of the light were lowered.
    • Near-fade impact particles have been updated.
    • The frequency of cloud brightness animations has slowed.
    • The intensity of the decals was lowered.
  • Scorn VFX modifies VFX performance and photosensitivity

    • The strength of the spawn/object impacts has been lowered.
    • On spawn, the performance and near fades are changed.
    • Modifications to the toxic muzzle flash, projectile, performance, and intensity.
  • Finisher Intensity VFX performance and photosensitivity improvements

    • On the finisher, I adjusted the shader and lighting so that they didn’t bloom.
  • Photosensitivity and VFX performance changes – Arc Abilities/Screen VFX

    • When in close proximity/first person, the arc object effect debuff has a lower severity.
    • Arc screen effects’ on/off flashings have been reduced.
    • Arc screen shaders’ on/off flashing has been reduced.
  • The Rail Cannon of the Colossus could deliver greater damage at higher framerates, which was fixed.

    • Rail Cannon bullets no longer cause flyby damage, thanks to some update (the offending damage that was framerate dependent). They will now only do damage on direct hits, but they will strike you more often. The average damage output is similar to what you’d get at 30 frames per second.
  • Other “How To” toasts were set to a greater priority than some system messages, which caused a number of difficulties.

  • Fixed an issue where the health bars of Ultra fighters didn’t always follow colorblind settings.

    • In numerous colorblind settings, ultra-combatant health bars would have uneven coloration.


  • Xûr voice talent from Mexico has been replaced.

Original source: link

  • Update to the Destiny Content Vault As part of our commitment to Destiny 2’s future, we released the Destiny Content Vault (DCV) last summer. The DCV was designed to assist us in realizing our vision for the game, both in terms of the three future expansions and beyond. The team has been able to cycle selected information into the DCV…

  • Update 2.9.1 for Destiny 2 Activities Contact Public Event for further information. Fixed an issue where players may acquire and deposit 15 motes before obtaining the Prismatic Recaster’s Umbral Mastery II reward. Glimmer prizes have been increased in the Osiris Trials. Nightmare Hunts were fixed to prevent Nightmare Hunts from awarding more Season of Arrivals awards than they were supposed to. Raids…

  • Update 2.9.2 for Destiny 2 Activities Gambit: A bug that caused players to freeze upon spawning in Gambit has been fixed. Dungeon of Prophecy Fixed an issue where opponents in the Hexahedron region would cease spawning, preventing players from continuing. Nightfall fixed a problem where opponents would cease reacting to players if they brought motes inside the Savathun’s from a Contact event…

For the game Destiny 2, post “Destiny 2 Update 3.4.0.”

2021’s Top 35 New PC Games

Are you looking for PC games to play? Here are all of the new PC games to keep an eye on in 2021.


20 Best New PS4 Games in 2021

The pace of PlayStation 4 game releases isn’t going to slow down in 2021. Here’s everything to look forward to in the coming months.


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The “destiny 2 patch notes” is a guide for Destiny 2. The game was released on September 6th, 2017 and has had several updates since then. The latest update, 3.4.0, was released on December 19th, 2018. Reference: destiny 30 2 patch notes.

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The Korea-based electronics giant recently announced plans to construct what will be the company’s second semiconductor fabrication facility in North America, with the first being located in Austin, Texas. As part of the announcement Samsung revealed that they are investing $3 billion into their new site.

Samsung has announced a new advanced semiconductor fab site in Taylor, Texas. The company is investing $1 billion to build the facility and create 3,000 jobs.

Image courtesy of Samsung

Samsung has announced that it will construct a new and sophisticated semiconductor fabrication facility in Taylor, Texas. The project, which is expected to cost roughly $17 billion, is the South Korean manufacturing giant’s greatest investment in the United States. The Taylor website from Samsung is planned to launch in the second part of 2024.

According to Samsung’s announcement:

[…] The expected $17 billion investment in the US will aid in the manufacture of sophisticated logic semiconductor solutions that will power next-generation innovations and technology.

The new facility will produce products based on sophisticated process technologies for use in mobile, 5G, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence applications (AI). Samsung is dedicated to helping customers throughout the world by making sophisticated semiconductor production more accessible and addressing the increasing demand for cutting-edge products.

“By building a new plant in Taylor, Samsung is setting the foundation for a new chapter in our history,” stated Kinam Kim, Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics Device Solutions Division. “By increasing our production capacity, we will be able to better service our customers’ demands and contribute to the global semiconductor supply chain’s stability.”

“As Samsung celebrates 25 years of semiconductor production in the United States, we are also happy to be providing additional employment and supporting training and talent development for local communities,” Kim added.

“We are thankful to the Biden Administration, in addition to our Texas partners, for fostering a climate that supports firms like Samsung as we try to increase leading-edge semiconductor production in the United States,” Kim concluded. “We also appreciate the administration’s and Congress’s bipartisan support for enacting government incentives for domestic chip manufacture and innovation as quickly as possible.”

Governor Greg Abbott said, “Companies like Samsung continue to invest in Texas because of our world-class business environment and excellent workforce.” “Samsung’s new semiconductor production plant in Taylor will provide innumerable opportunities for hardworking Central Texans and their families, and it will help our state maintain its semiconductor sector leadership.” I’m looking forward to strengthening our collaboration to maintain Texas a technological leader and a thriving economic powerhouse.”

Samsung is the source of this information.

Recent Developments

The Senior Creative Director of Dragon Age 4 has left the company.

24 November 2021 24 November 2021

Amazon Studios is nearing a deal to develop a Mass Effect series.

23 November 2021 23 November 2021

Keanu Reeves isn’t a fan of Neo or John Wick being added to Mortal Kombat, but he’d love to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

23 November 2021 23 November 2021

Harmonix, the company behind Dance Central, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, has been acquired by Epic Games.

23 November 2021

Due to shortages, DDR5 RAM kits are selling for $1,099 to $2,500.

23 November 2021 23 November 2021

Ridley Scott blames The Last Duel’s failure on Millennials and their “f*cking cellphones.”

23 November 2021 23 November 2021

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The “Samsung taylor texas jobs” is a new advanced semiconductor fab site that Samsung has announced. The company plans to invest $3.2 billion in the facility, which will be located in Taylor, Texas. Reference: samsung taylor texas jobs.

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The “sims 4 cc tops maxis match” is a game that lets you create your own style of the sims 4. You can also use this app to find other people’s styles.

The best maxis match girl tops are a great way to start styling your Sim. These girls have the perfect look for any occasion and you can find their top styles on our website here:

One of the game’s key draws is the ability to perfectly curate a Sim’s look. That may seem to be a little shallow, but it isn’t. Fashion as a means of self-expression isn’t a new notion, and The Sims 4 boasts the finest Create-A-Sim mode yet.

We’ve come a long way from the days of The Sims 2, when shoes and bottoms were all the same. There are more possibilities out there than you’ll ever be able to appreciate, between official outfits that come with packs and all the CC online.

That’s why we like compiling master lists for all of you Simmers out there.

Because there are a lot of amazing Maxis Math pieces out there – but to be among the greatest, it needs a unique blend of style and quality.

This week, we’re concentrating on tops and shirts for your female Sims (all Maxis Match, of course).

Even so, that’s a lot! Since “tops” may refer to tees, tanks, blouses, sweaters, and more, we’ve gathered all of the greatest options in one place.


1. Embroidered Tank Tops

Sassy Tank Tops (Female) for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

The simple genius of just making a tank top sassy… this is why I like personalized content.

Simmers know what the people want… because we are the masses. You’ll probably never see officially produced tops with such random personality and spice.

These tank shirts are form-fitting and perfect for any casual warm-weather event. The word “casual” is stressed.

Remember, when you’re going to lunch with Grandma, sass isn’t suitable.

I simply love how much fun these are, and they’re perfect for The Sims 4 since the symbols are from from the game, and the text is in Simlish.


Horizon Boho Top No. 2

Horizon Boho Top (Maxis Match) TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

I enjoy boho fashion as a subgenre in and of itself.

Even if you haven’t dedicated your whole wardrobe to the carefree, eccentric designs that go under this category, you’re certain to have at least one or two pieces that suit the criteria.

The boho look is dominated by retro patterns and flowing designs. And this is a more subtle shirt that will look great on just about any Sim.

It features a gently tightened waist and a delicate bow at the top, as well as the characteristic flared, 3/4-length sleeves.

This blouse is also longer than other girl’s tops, which adds to the relaxed vibe. All 16 swatches are solid neutral hues, so they’ll go with a variety of slacks, skirts, and shorts.


3. Sweater in French

French Sweater For Girls (Maxis Match) Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Nothing beats a warm sweater.

I realize it’s a big statement, but I’ve considered relocating to the Arctic Circle so that I can wear them all year.

Sweaters don’t have to be so extravagant for your Sims to wear them. Because reality in this game is anything you say, they can have endless autumn and winter seasons if they choose.

If you’re regular and simply want to let things flow organically, they will work as well. That’s also an option, but these sweaters are so amazing that you may never want to take them off.

You’ll get the look of baggy sweaters with a modern twist. The hems will only reach your Sim’s waist, but depending on the bottoms you pick, this isn’t as much of a cropped appearance as you would expect.

Not only is it warm and thick, but the swatches are also stunning.

There are a lot of floral and geometric motifs in this collection.


4. T-shirt with a smile

Happy T-Shirt Female CC for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

Do you have any idea what makes a Sim happy? T-shirts.

I understand that not everyone has Seasons, but if you have, it’s likely that it influences your CAS choices.

Not only can what your Sim wear effect gameplay, but it can also alter their appearance.

T-shirts, on the other hand, are worn by the majority of individuals all year. They’re usually thin enough to wear under any coat or jacket while also being cool enough to wear on their own.

T-shirts are a wardrobe essential for a reason, not simply because they’re the ideal neutral for the weather.

These are some fantastic shirts to add to your CAS wardrobe. The sleeves are somewhat longer than the normal t-shirt, and it’s slightly form-fitting, making this a highly contemporary garment that will help any Sim seem put-together but comfortable.

There are three distinct sorts of swatches: striped, with Simlish text, and plain colors.

You can’t go wrong with any of them, as you can with most CC.

Simmers have impeccable taste.


5. Everest’s summit

Everest Top (Maxis Match) Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

It doesn’t have to be as difficult as climbing Mount Everest to dress your Sim in a gorgeous suit.

Okay, so maybe no one has actually battled THAT much in CAS, but I like the titles that makers come up with for their CC.

It’s a testament to this community’s ingenuity, because I’d be like, “top #32.”

This is a long-sleeved crop top with an overlapping pattern for extra personality.

This CC, like most garments, is only as good as you make it.

The Everest Top may be worn as part of a lively nightclub costume or a sophisticated first date outfit.

It’s all about the bottom and the accessories, which is why bespoke pieces like this are so precious.

They provide options for our Sims, just like we do for ourselves.


6. Puff Blouse (Perennial)

Perennial Puff Blouse for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

Flowers are stunning in all of their forms.

The genuine live plant equivalents are an indication that winter is coming to an end.

Flowers as tattoos are a charming homage to nature with a lot of possibilities for personalisation.

They may also be found on walls, tableware, and, of course, clothing. Because flowers come in so many different shapes and hues, there’s nothing that can’t be enhanced with a few flowers.

Renorasims provided all of the botanical beauty you could want to this shirt.

Little daisies, sunflowers, poppies, and other flowers in various hues adorn the shoulders and sleeves. The addition of little green branches and leaves adds a quirky touch.

From the huge pocket on the chest to the scalloped hem at the bottom, this shirt is lovely. Every detail is exquisitely feminine and unique.


7. Long-Sleeved Sunny Top

Sunny Girl's Long Sleeve Top (Maxis Match) TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

It’s always an adventure to see how various sorts of materials may be used in fashion.

In the sake of self-expression, some individuals have dedicated their whole lives to experimenting and pushing the boundaries.

This is one shirt that is really evocative of today’s cutting-edge and stylish clothing.

The top and three sleeve stripes are sheer, but the remainder of the garment is solid.

Isn’t it already fairly cool?

Pixelunivairse, on the other hand, did not stop there.

There are additional graphics and text depending on the swatch, which make use of both fabric aspects.


8. Top of the Netwine

Netwine Top For Women (Maxis Match) Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Even though I’m not ready to give up The Sims 4, everyone has been talking about their aspirations for The Sims 5. While individuals might wish for an open world or vehicles, I’m hoping that someday there will be a system that allows every top to be tucked or untucked.

It’s a simple element that can radically transform an outfit’s feel.

Some shirts are designed to be worn untucked, while others are. However, experimenting is a lot of fun, and you don’t have that chance very often throughout the game.

This is an example of how tucking may help you seem more put-together. These tank tops are form-fitting and the perfect length to slip into your favorite jeans or shorts.

Apart from that, they have a really distinctive design.

There’s a crisscross design on top, and there are 30 total swatches, including both patterns and solids, so you’ll have plenty of options.


Itty Tee Tucked, No. 9

Itty Tee Tucked (Maxis Match) for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

The alterations that artists make to Maxis clothing remind me of how real-life clothing may be altered.

A top or dress may be fully turned into something new with the correct skill set.

Renorasims has done something similar with Tiny Living Stuff’s maxi dress. In terms of packs, that one is my favorite because of the improvements to CAS – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still come up with great things by exploring.

In any case, the garment is pretty light. This is a good addition, since it preserves the style and appearance while also enabling your Sim to wear trousers.

As a consequence, this large shirt with cuffed sleeves looks great. It’s also tucked!

While some people like baggy garments to be baggy, we have the best of both worlds here.

Yes, it’s big, but the tucked aspect helps to balance it out, giving it a more sophisticated appearance.


All Business Tops (10)

All Business Tops For Females (Maxis Match) Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Some things never seem to change.

White collars, like the ones on these shirts, have been around for decades and are secured with a button.

It has a 1940s vibe to it, although today it isn’t nearly as pilgrim-y and comes in more subtle motifs. With that little collar wonderfully complementing the rest of the otherwise sophisticated shirt, Nolan-Sims kept things simple.

This is a great production from start to finish.

There are 15 swatches for both adults and children in these All Business Tops, which are quite realistic.


Blouse for the Girl Boss

Girl Boss Blouse (Maxis Match) for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

Being a “female boss” is more of a mindset than a title. It’s all about self-assurance, independence, and maintaining a positive attitude even when others attempt to bring you down.

At least, that’s how I’ve always interpreted it.

I suppose if you really want to be a boss, you get to define what that entails as well.

However, this is a wonderful business casual clothing for busy Sims.

She can wear it to work, after work to the park, and around the home to play with her kids and look wonderful the entire time.

It’s long sleeves and has a definite edge to the collar, yet it’s still modest enough to wear to most gatherings and occasions.


Top 12 Daisies

Daisies Girls Tops (Maxis Match) Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

It’s interesting to see how many various shapes a top may take.

Most of the time, individuals do not examine all of the factors that must be considered while creating these items.

From the sleeves to the collar, every detail counts, and every detail may influence the overall product… for better or worse.

However, there isn’t a single flaw with this shirt.

With tiered flare sleeves, an off-the-shoulder shape, and a semi-fitting design, it’s really attractive and fashionable.

The “tied up item,” as maker Bowl Of Plumbobs described it, is usually a cute little accent, but it provided a particularly nice touch here.

Because the length is beautiful and gathered in the front, you won’t have to worry about clipping with most trousers, skirts, or shorts.


Blouse from April

April Blouse For Girls (Maxis Match) TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

This time from Demondare-sims, we have another wonderful long-flowing blouse.

Everyone understands the importance of texture in clothes.

Itchy sweaters are essentially their own fashion subgenre, and soft sweaters are clearly favoured. Some fabrics are silky smooth, and chiffon is often used in blouses due to its transparent look.

Cotton, on the other hand, is unquestionably the most extensively used.

With that breezy and readily adaptable material, T-shirts, tank tops, and blouses are at their finest.

This CC has a similar feel to it, with clean lines and a ruffled look at the bottom. It also features a little bow in the centre, which completes the cinching.


14. Summer Top in the Sun

Sunny Summer Girl Top (Maxis Match) Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Crop tops are becoming more trendy.

When winter arrives, I’m sure some females are disappointed.

The excitement is understandable, given that they’re essentially the next best thing to simple t-shirts. They may be altered in a variety of ways and personalized to the wearer’s preferences.

And this CC is a very unique spin on a classic Trillyke design.

The shirt features a frilly white edge that runs the length of the scoop-neck collar and bottom hem. It contrasts well with each of the 40 swatches.

Some of the designs include strawberries, while others have plaid, geometric patterns, or dots, with a few solid options available as well.


15. Peplum Blouse by Saoirse

Saoirse Peplum Blouse for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

While many designers create their own meshes and create CC from the ground up, many others utilize licensed clothing as a starting point.

It’s interesting to see how many various interpretations individuals have for the new goods we acquire in packs or upgrades.

In the months that follow, anything from tiny modifications to comprehensive overhauls is always done. And, in most cases, no two are alike.

Renorasims edited a garment that came with Eco Lifestyle to create this blouse, and it’s as lovely as it sounds.

However, if you don’t have that bundle, don’t worry.

Because this is an edit, it is compatible with the base game!

There are various little elements that contribute to the beauty of this shirt. The waist and sleeves are tightened in a modest way, and it’s secured with beautiful buttons.

The sleeves are also noticeable. The length is unusual, reaching your Sim’s elbows, and the ends are flared and feature a leaf pattern.


Sweater with breezy blooms, size 16

Breezy Blooms Sweater (Maxis Match) Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Flowers are often connected with spring and mild temperatures, or times when you don’t need a sweater.

Despite this, they’re one of the most popular sweater patterns.

Because they’re amazing, as I’ve previously said.

They’re much better when embroidered, and this CC does a great job with that kind of design.

It’s simply a cozy sweater that your ladies will like, despite the fact that it’s a touch big. It still looks good on your Sim, and some of the swatches don’t have the flowers, so you may go with a more simple top if you choose.


17. Recoloring a Luxury Sweater

Luxury Female Sweater Recolor (Maxis Match) TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Putting a button up inside a sweater, for some reason, is a complete game changer. I’m not only referring to The Sims 4, but to life in general. It significantly transforms the appearance of an outfit while also adding something to it.

Yes, there is a version of this in the standard game, however it is a bit sloppy looking with the shirt tails hanging out and just a few swatches.

This is something new that you’ll want to use for years to come, thanks to the creativity of many Simmers.

Ridgeport, a well-known creator, began this as a simple April Fool’s prank.

The original version is a one-swatch duplicate of Princess Diana’s renowned “I’m a luxury” sweater from the 1980s.

As luxurious as it is, MiiraSims noticed the potential for an everyday shirt and added 32 more swatches to it.

They offer a wide variety of options for both the sweater and the shirt below.

There are several kinds of tartan, polka dots, and flowers, as well as your standard sweater patterns like solids and geometric motifs.


Myra Top (#18)

Maxis-Match Myra Top (Girls) for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

There’s a strong chance that you have a few “basics” in your closet that you prefer to have on hand.

What that involves differs from individual to person. However, for the majority of individuals, this means having a good supply of basic plain shirts with little to no embellishments.

Perhaps it isn’t the most exciting thing in the world… Tops like that, on the other hand, are perfect for letting other pieces of an ensemble show or for keeping things simple.

Here’s something that’ll be fantastic for all of those reasons and more.

It has a subtle elastic texture at the top and is off-the-shoulder… I mean, it’s got to be able to keep its head over water, right?

A faint ruffled pattern may also be seen on the bottom and sleeves. All 25 samples are from the creator’s Pudding Palette, which includes a variety of rich color tones.


19. Peplum Top with Polka Dots

Polka Dot Peplum Top (Maxis Match) Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

According to Wikipedia, “peplum” is a fashion name for the gathered texture of blouses.

I had no clue since I assumed it was only a moniker coined by the makers of CC – until I came across many clothes with peplum in the label.

Every day, you learn something new!

But let’s set my fantastic find aside for a moment and discuss about how beautiful this shirt is. It has a high scoop neck, and I don’t know about you, but it immediately makes me think of all the jewelry my Sims may wear. Exciting!

The bottom is slightly flared, and the polka dot design, which is included in all 20 color swatches, is perfect for this kind of top.


The Thrifted Crop Tee (no. 20)

The Thrifted Crop Tee (Female) Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Rather of going to high-end shops or boutiques, more individuals are turning to thrift stores to broaden their wardrobe.

That may be partly due to budgetary considerations, but it is unquestionably due to the potential for thrifted treasures.

This is one of the few places where you can purchase genuine antique clothing at a reasonable price.

Thrifted shirts are not only incredibly amazing in general, but they’re also quite fashionable right now.

These are the kinds of things that a lot of people would gladly grab off the shelf. They’re semi-fitted, semi-cropped, and come with 18 swatches.

Six of the samples contain antique designs, while the others have that desired “pre-worn” aspect.

Nothing beats a thrift shop shirt when it comes to comfort. Because it’s usually already broken in, and the thrill of discovering something you adore at a fraction of the cost is hard to surpass.

It’s just as pleasant to create a well-dressed cutie of a Sim, and she’ll look great in any variation of this Maxis Match shirt.

The “sims 4 oversized shirt maxis match” is a game that allows players to dress up their sims in different outfits. The game has over 1,000 free downloads and has been rated as one of the best games for the Sims series.

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