How to complete Course Correction in Episode 2, Investigation, Part 3 – The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

In this blog, I will cover what you should do to complete the course correction in Episode 2, Investigation, Part 3 – The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

The the great ace attorney is a video game series that follows the adventures of Phoenix Wright, an attorney who defends people against charges of murder. In this third episode, you will be able to complete the course correction in Episode 2, Investigation, Part 3.

Ryunosuke must defend himself against murder accusations in the second episode of The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, but this time outside of the courtroom. He will explore and discover evidence to unravel the mystery of how his closest buddy Kazuma died while on a ship sailing to Great Britain.

During this time, you’ll meet the famous detective Herlock Sholmes, who has an unusual method of arriving at his conclusions, which includes fixing certain terms to figure out what actually occurred. He has deduced that Pavlova, a dancer, is training a snake to infiltrate Kazuma’s cabin and murder him. Here’s how to finish the Course Correction in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles’ Episode 2, Investigation, Part 3 of The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band.

The Identity of the Intruder is the first topic.

Finding out whatever portion of Pavlova aches when she thinks of Kazuma’s death is your first replacement. Present the claw scratch by rotating the camera to the back of her hand. Isn’t it strange that a snake would claw her?

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After that, you must reveal who Pavlova’s “friend” is. Sholmes thinks it’s the snake in the room, but he should look at the picture on the table instead. Make sure you don’t present it, otherwise you’ll lose a point. When the image loads, you may show the black kitten in the picture, who is Pavlova’s “buddy” that scratched her on the ship.

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Sholmes now accuses Pavlova of concealing the snake’s shed spangled skin, although this is incorrect since she has a cat. Susato will disclose that the “skin” she’s concealing behind her is really a cat toy if you look closely. The item’s name will change, and you’ll be able to Present it now.

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You now know that Pavlova’s cat scratched her after being scared in a new environment and rushed into Kazuma’s room via the ventilator. She then tried whistling through the ventilator and using their favorite toy to persuade the cat to return, but to no effect.

Topic 2: Mr. Asogi’s Death

Sholmes is still operating on the premise that a snake killed Kazuma at the start of the second subject, despite the fact that he has not seen the Post-Mortem Report. Present him with the proof that Kazuma died of a broken neck, not poison.

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Because no weapon was discovered at the murder site, Kazuma most likely fractured his neck from a fall. Present the Mark on Floor, created from the shoe polish on Kazuma’s boots, together with part of a bell, when asked to establish the cause of death. He had most likely stumbled over Pavlova’s cat and perished as a result of the fall.

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It’s now time to connect Pavlova to the murder. Move the camera to the right and Present the Wastepaper Basket while Sholmes thinks she concealed the proof in her luggage. You can see the other half of the bell inside if you look closely.

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Now it’s time to show that Pavlova is linked to the bell. The Pavlova & Darka Photograph is now available. The cat’s collar was fitted with a bell. Because half of it was in Kazuma’s cabin and the other half was in Pavlova’s, she picked it up in the dark but missed the other half, indicating that she was in Kazuma’s cabin at one time.

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This Course Correction will conclude with the supposition that Pavlova’s cat Darka was to blame for Kazuma’s fall and broken neck. Is that, however, what happened?

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