Ann All Puzzle Solution Guide Piano, Chess Piece, Code, & Much More

This guide will teach you how to solve all the puzzles in Ann All. You will learn about chess pieces, piano keys, codes, and much more!

The re2 chess puzzle is a chess puzzle that can be solved by applying the same logic to each of the pieces.

Rong Rong’s Ann is a 2D puzzle-solving indie game that you may play for free. Despite being free on Steam, the game offers a lot of material to offer. You may play the game by going to this URL HERE. The game contains a lot of material, including a narrative, puzzles, different endings, and music.

Why is Ann unattached? “I want everyone to enjoy the game in the same way they loved the original RPG maker horror games, as a freeware that anybody can pick up and play after a hard day at school or work, which is how I was exposed to Ib, Ao Oni, Mad Father, and other wonderful RPG maker horror games back then. I simply want to resurrect the vibe of the old vintage 2012, when RPG creator horror games were thriving, y’know”. Jason – H. “Rong Rong”

Note You’ll find all of the precise answers at the bottom of the page, as well as a tutorial on how to finish them.

Check out how to obtain all of the endings, including the real one.

All Puzzle Guides by Ann

Piano Conundrum

The piano problem is the first puzzle you’ll encounter in Ann’s game. To learn how to play all four pianos, save the center one, you must first play them all. They’ll all sound different, so keep track of which pianos produce which sounds.

Next, engage with the center piano by listening to the song and playing all of the pianos in time with it. To open up the route, you must interact with the center piano once again after playing the song precisely.

Chess Conundrum

Before moving any chess pieces in this problem, you must plan your move. To unlock the sculpture room’s center door, you must first locate the key. If you press the incorrect piece, you’ll become stuck in the center, but this problem isn’t too difficult to solve. If you’re still having trouble finding the key, have a look at the picture at the bottom of the page.

Code for the Sculpture Room

The language written in the preceding picture is linked to the code to open up the route and remove the chess piece. To get the code, you must interact with the shattered statues outside the chamber. The head statue may be found just outside the chamber. The hand, head, and body statues are located at the rear of the chamber. After interacting with all of the legislation, you’ll be given a four-digit code to enter in the sequence indicated in the sentence above. If you’re still having trouble finding the code, look towards the bottom of the page.

How To Get Rid Of Failure With Ease


To quickly escape the failure, try blocking his route as indicated in the picture above, and you’ll be good to go for that room. But beware: as soon as you enter the next room, he’ll start after you again. You may also use boxes to slow him down by blocking his route. You’ll get to a point when you’ll have to dump two boxes. Dropping both boxes will likely slow you down, so dump the second box and sprint for the door.

Plants That Wake Up is a puzzle game.

In this problem, you must turn the plants to wake them up by interacting with them. However, when one plant is awakened, the other plants are likewise awakened or asleep. Because each potted plant has a unique pattern, you must first examine it and then interact with it appropriately. To be honest, I looked at their pattern and decided to wake them all up at random. As a result, there isn’t a precise solution to this problem.

Location of the Scarf

Finding Mr. Coat, Mrs. Skirt, and the tiny scarf is one of the fashion challenges you’ll encounter. The coat and skirt will be on the easy-to-find mannequin, but the little scarf will be hidden inside a box that you must examine. To clear your route, put all of the clothing on the mannequin that is obstructing it.

Puzzle with Multiple Doors

The mannequin will be used to write the answer to this multi-door problem. To solve this problem, you’ll need to interact with all four mannequins. The precise answer to which door to enter may be found below.

Ann’s Brain Teasers

1604 is the code for the sculpture room.

  • When there are two doors, use the first one.
  • When there are three doors, use the third one.
  • When there are four doors, use the second one.
  • When there are five doors, use the fourth one.


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