Floodgate Announces Passive Aggressive Cohabitation Board Game Décorum

Floodgate Games is a company that wants to make board games more accessible and understandable. Their new game, Décorum, is the first in a series of interactive games designed for people with varying levels of experience.

Floodgate Games is a game development studio based in the heart of Portland, Oregon. They have announced their newest project, Décorum.

17 September 2021 – Décorum, a passive aggressive cohabitation board game by Floodgate, will be released in January 2022. This is a puzzle game that combines communication limitations, collaboration, deduction, bargaining, and asymetrical roles in a unique way unlike anything else.

Décorum is a cooperative game for 2 to 4 people in which players work together to beautify a home. The difficult aspect is finding out how to accomplish your own hidden goals while working with the other player(s) to meet their own home décor goals.

Décorum is a role-playing game with a storyline. In each scenario, the players’ house will be furnished with certain decorations, accoutrements, and paint colors in each room. Whether the players are new roommates, a couple with distinct aesthetics, or a family with many diverse perspectives, the objective is the same: design the house in a way that makes everyone happy. Will you be able to find out the best approach to make a compromise while still achieving your own goals? Is it time to pack your belongings and leave?


Décorum comes with 30 unique scenarios in the core game box, providing plenty of cooperative puzzles to solve together! Designed by Charlie Mackin, Harry Mackin, and Drew Tenenbaum, and featuring a brightly colored yet minimalistic art style by Komboh Creative, Décorum comes with 30 unique scenarios in the core game box, providing plenty of cooperative puzzles to solve together! The initial situations will have you playing in no time, but don’t be fooled; each scenario has fresh difficulties to solve and even more material to uncover!

  • Play through 30 different situations, each with its own set of difficulties and surprises.
  • They explain how you want the home decorated, but keep your requirements a secret.
  • To make the home seem exactly perfect… for you, add, delete, and swap items, or repaint rooms.
  • To work together toward a wonderfully designed house, respond with “Love it,” “Hate it,” or “Fine with It.”

“This game is so much fun – collectively solving the problem – and we’re thrilled to share it with you,” said Ben Harkins, owner of Floodgate Games. We have a lot of additional scenarios planned, and we’re even working on app integration to provide gamers access to an endless supply of fresh content.”

Gameplay Décorum

On their turn, each player may add an item to a room, remove an item, alter the color of a room’s wall, or swap out one object for another. Wall Hangings, Lamps, and Curios (also known as knick-knacks, tchotchkes, or bric-a-brac) are among the most popular things. When a player places an object, the other player(s) are asked for input, but they are only allowed to reply “I don’t like it,” “I love it!” or “I’m OK with it,” without ever explaining why they feel that way. You may get a sense of what your roommates’ goals are by paying attention to their behaviors and responses to your design decisions.

As the game continues, you’ll reach a round limit when you may have a “heart-to-heart” or “house meeting” where each player can finally disclose one of their goals with the other players directly. If this occurs, perhaps you’ve been paying heed to their other desires, since if the game reaches the last round without each participant being happy with the state of the home, the scenario will finish in a discordant loss.

You can come together in a pleasant house if you can pay attention to how the other player reacts to your selections and what decoration alternatives they choose! After each scenario, add up your points to evaluate how well you did and if you’re ready to host your own home décor show.

https://floodgate.games/blogs/news/decorum-announcement Source: https://floodgate.games/blogs/news/decorum-announcement

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floodgate games contact is a board game for cohabitation that was created by Floodgate Games. The company announced the release of the game on their website and social media accounts.

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