Couple of balance change suggestions

The game is currently in the process of balancing changes. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than before.

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  1. Revert cannon spawn to just after keeps are down is a contentious issue. I like a game that lasts a little longer and allows me to reach 20 points more often (Zera and Naz main here). The duration of the games is one of the reasons I like HOTS. They don’t drag as much as League or Dota, and I’m not convinced the cannon every other wave after a fort is essential.

  2. There was a lot of back and forth regarding the overall strength of Keeps, Forts, and Towers, and although I believe the power levels of those are in a good place, I wouldn’t mind seeing the third tower behind forts return for that additional defense.

  3. On Hanamura, the Samurai should be nerfed a little. It’s become more important than the actual goal, and as a long-time QM player, I’ve seen that many players are unaware of this, resulting in some one-sided games.

  4. The monster on Warhead Junction should be nerfed as well, since it has the potential to finish games extremely early.

  5. On the other hand, I think Blackhearts Bay’s boss might benefit from a little boost.

  6. Another hotly debated topic: I support putting the pilotable plant back to Garden of Terror. I believe the games would be more enjoyable.

  7. Suggestions for Hero changes:

Kharazim – Fist of Legend should get a boost, as well as a little buff to whichever level 1 he chose.

Nazeebo – requires a revamp (mostly for his Vile Infection), but his other abilities should be brought up to line with Spiders in the interim. Give Thing of the Deep 20% more spell power, and maybe reduce the mission duration for Toads and increase their explosion radius. It’s difficult to know what to do with Toads without totally changing the skill into something like Rain of Toads (similar to Jaina Blizzard) that would work nicely with Zombie Wall. Aside from that, I don’t believe the Q build is overpowering. It’s enjoyable, but not overpowering. I believe a lot of folks aren’t accustomed to an early level nazeebo really inflicting harm. It’s a very easy skill shot to dodge, yet running may still reduce a lot of damage.

Except for soft and hard cc, Probius – z is uninterruptible. W is faster to set up. At the outset, he may have had an additional charge on his turret.

Kel’Thuzad (Kel’Thuzad) – After numerous nerfs, mostly to his ability to interact with structures, he has seemed very weak. Although I understand that restoring the building interaction is unlikely, I believe that raising Shifting Malice to level 13 would provide him with some mobility comparable to Trample for Azmodan. Also, I believe Ice Cold’s secondary effect at level 7 is one of the worst in the game, given how seldom anybody is ever struck by Glacial Spike’s explosion. I believe that adding a button to activate the glacier spike’s explosion, or at the absolute least allowing the Spike to explode on impact with another hero, would be a beneficial enhancement for KTZ.

My sole request, The Butcher, is have Insatiable Blade provide additional W healing as it used to. As usual, Meat Shield at 7 is the meta choice, so I don’t think it would break anything.

Guldan – the Rain of Destruction cast time should be removed.

Murky – March of the Murlocs CD should be lowered from 110s to maybe 90s, and the level 20 upgrade should not instantly stop the flow of murlocs after being cc’d; it should continue as long as the original channel after being stopped. Damage from the Wrath of Cod should be instantaneous.

Nova – has to be reworked, however reducing the explosive shot from 16 to 7 may assist in the interim, and the time it takes to activate Covert Ops should be decreased by 1 second.

That’s pretty much all I’m thinking about right now.

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