REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 10, Episode 6, “Winter Kills”

In the sixth episode of American Horror Story, Winter Kills, we see a new kind of horror coming from the cold. The season 10 finale was an intense hour that left viewers on the edge of their seats.

American Horror Story – Season 10, Episode 6, Winter Kills is a review of the sixth episode of the tenth season.

REVIEW: “Winter Kills” from Season 10 of American Horror Story.

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In “Winter Kills,” Harry and Alma make the decision to stop taking the black tablets. This enrages the girl, who thinks he is just concerned with his own accomplishments and not with hers. They both have to quit since he already has his scripts done. When a police investigator comes to investigate Chief Burleson’s death, she informs the municipal council that she believes they are concealing something. Holden tells Belle and Austin that they must eliminate Harry as soon as possible. Harry is shocked to see that baby Eli’s bassinet is empty. Belle has sent Harry and Alma a letter demanding that they come to her home or she would murder the baby. They naturally comply, but Ursula has an ace up her sleeve in the shape of a pale army. Ursula, Alma, and Eli survive, but Belle and Austin are torn to pieces. Alma, on the other hand, turns on Harry and kills and drains him so she may keep taking the drugs. The Chemist and Ursula take the children with them and raise them as Ursula sells the Chemist’s medicines. Alma employs ruthless methods in order to get admission to an orchestra.

“Winter Kills” has left me a little dissatisfied. This title is a pathetic attempt at a bad pun. In all seriousness, the episode seems hurried, particularly after the buildup of five episodes. The inquiry investigating the killings has yielded no results. I’m not sure why they had the police start a search unless this would play a role in the season’s second half, “Death Valley.” It’s a natural result of Harry’s actions, and it’d be tense if we ever saw her again, or if the inquiry was shown or discussed. I’m not sure whether this was supposed to be two episodes or more since there’s a lot that’s missed. “Winter Kills” is also notable for its brevity, clocking in just 37 minutes. There have been a few episodes of American Horror Story that are this short previously, but they are rare. I’m not sure why they chose such a small period of time to end this narrative, given how hurried it seems.

So far, I’ve liked “Red Tide,” but “Winter Kills” leaves me feeling that many key characters/actors are underserved. Doris’ (Lily Rabe) fate in “Gaslight” upset me, and I had thought she would have her vengeance in the “Red Tide” conclusion. I expected her to devour Harry or perhaps Ursula, and I expected Alma to perish. Although Ryan Keira Armstrong has done an excellent job in the part, I despise this character. I was hoping for some kind of retaliation from her. It would have been delightful to watch Alma eaten by pale folks, especially Doris. Doris is hardly addressed in “Winter Kills,” which leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. She was one of the few individuals in “Red Tide” who was really compassionate, and it’s shocking what her own family was prepared to do to her because she lacked skill. Consider seeing your wife/mom only as a source of creative inspiration. For taking the medications while lying to his wife throughout her pregnancy and postpartum days, Harry is a huge hypocrite.

Alma may be more wicked than Harry, but she isn’t as dishonest as he is. It was also disgusting how quickly he changed his mind after Doris became pale. He spoke about his wife and family, but it seems that she was nothing more than a baby factory and caregiver for him. Ursula is unmistakably an opportunist who thrives on her clients’ initiatives. However, I am still perplexed by Angelica Ross’ role, the Chemist. Perhaps this was on purpose, and I believe she will appear in “Death Valley.” However, I do not believe we have learnt enough about her. Why would she want to harm others like this? Is the money worth destroying the world? I’m also interested in learning more about her military experience. That seems to be the link to “Death Valley,” which seems to have something to do with the military and UFOs. It’ll be fascinating to see whether there are any references to “Asylum’s” extraterrestrial storyline.

In hindsight, it seems that Karen (Sarah Paulson), Mickey (Macaulay Culkin), Austin (Evan Peters), and Belle (Belle) were underutilized (Frances Conroy). These are among of the most well-known performers from American Horror Story, and Culkin soon became a fan favorite. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the reduced episode count. I appreciate the concept of a double feature season, and up until this week, I enjoyed “Red Tide” as the first installment. These individuals’ backstories were fascinating, and I liked how they contrasted with their current situations. Mickey’s hypocrisy was thoroughly explored, as was Karen’s unexpected honesty, and I liked their connection. And I don’t blame the actors for a second; they’re all great performances. Because Ursula is a saleswoman, even Leslie Grossman is hamming it up as her. It’s simple to understand how her words might persuade individuals to take the drugs. She plays on your desire for fame and success, as well as your ability to achieve it. I simply believe that most of the characters in “Red Tide” received a half-baked finale with no emotional impact, whether they got a happy ending or were devoured by pale people.

Overall, I thought “Winter Kills” was passable, but only by a hair. The acting remains excellent, as it always has been. Depending on the season, American Horror Story struggles to provide satisfactory endings for its characters. Doris’s situation is sad, but also a bit disappointing. I really need Doris’s justice as I need air. In the end, Harry got what he deserved, and it’s only right that the person he loved the most betrayed him. Doris was probably feeling the same way. The residents of “Death Valley” and any future American Horror Story season will be out of luck if Alma appears. I like “Red Tide” a lot; it’s just a pity the conclusion was so disappointing.

Plot – 5
Acting – 9 points
4 – Progression
8 – Production Design
4 Horror Elements



Overall, “Winter Kills” was a decent film. I simply believe that most of the characters in “Red Tide” received a half-baked finale with no emotional impact, whether they got a happy ending or were devoured by pale people.

American Horror Story is a horror television series that has been running for 10 seasons. The show is about the Harmons, a family of three, who move into a house in Massachusetts to escape their haunted past. In this episode, Winter Kills, the Harmons have moved into their new home and are beginning to feel safe again. However, they soon learn that there’s more going on than meets the eye when a mysterious girl appears in their living room one night. Reference: what is ahs season 10 about.

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