Sombra rework in Overwatch 2 explain – abilities, ultimate, how to play

Sombra is a new character in Overwatch that was released on July 24, 2017. Her abilities are mostly unknown because she has not been played by many players yet. This article will explain how to play her and what her ultimate does.

The sombra rework overwatch 2 is a recent update to the character Sombra in Overwatch. This article will explain how her abilities, ultimate, and play style have changed.

Sombra was the game’s second post-launch hero, and she’s always had a following. She might be clever and hack opponents to take away their powers in that game’s 6v6 play. Sombra has always been a fun character, but with Overwatch evolving so much, she’ll have to adapt as well. Everything you need to know about her revamp is right here.


Overwatch 2’s crowd control skills have been severely hampered, thus Sombra’s hack has to be handled.

Hacking individuals now has a three-second cooldown, and the total length has been raised to eight seconds. Affected opponents, on the other hand, will regain access to their skills after just one second, putting one-on-one battles on a more even playing field.

Hacking, like health packs, will expose the afflicted opponent to all teammates via barriers, making it simpler for them to figure out who is hacked.

Blizzard Entertainment provided this image.

Finally, Sombra has a new passive ability that increases the damage dealt to hacked opponents by 50%, making her more of an assassin who gets the job done quickly. Because her translocator hasn’t changed, it will remain your departure plan.

Blizzard Entertainment provided this image.

Sombra’s total damage has been significantly decreased, even though she delivers greater damage against hacked opponents. Her weapon spread, on the other hand, has been decreased by 20%, making her bullets considerably simpler to strike.

The speed with which Sombra may use her Stealth ability has been significantly slowed. The time it takes to become invisible has been cut in half, and the detecting range has been increased to four meters. While there are two significant nerfs, Sombra may now utilize her hack while being invisible, but you will be exposed throughout the hacking process until it is completed.

Finally, Sombra’s ultimate, EMP, no longer depletes Zarya, Symmetra, Sigma, and Lucio’s shield health, but instead depletes all characters’ current health by 40%. This is a fantastic addition that now impacts everyone but doesn’t kill the whole group.

What would it be like to play as her?

Sombra’s redesign has mainly made her more self-reliant. She didn’t do enough damage in the first game to swiftly take out certain heroes, thus hacking opponents was best utilized to set up allies to complete the job.

Sombra’s playstyle has shifted to that of an assassin. Her Stealth and Translocator skills will continue to be crucial to her success. You’ll need to hide your translocator in a secure spot, become invisible, and sneak up behind your opponents. Because hacking opponents does not take you out of Stealth, you may now pick and choose your attacks after hacking someone, and because teammates will be able to see the hacked person’s silhouette, you will be more likely to get backup assistance. With Sombra, the golden rule will always be to sneak in, hack, assault, and teleport out.

While we believe Sombra’s lethality has been significantly improved in her redesign, the hacking modifications will make her ultimate much more difficult to utilize. EMP was extremely powerful in the original game since it could lock all of the opposing team’s powers for a long period if they were all near together. Because they had no protection, no shields, no mobility, and no response other than firing back, this was an ideal moment for your squad to steamroll them. It’ll be much more of a battle given that they regain their abilities after one second, but the 40 percent health reduction should still give you an advantage, and her new passive will give her the upper hand in the next fight.

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