World Flipper Dark builds and team comps

The world flipper dark build is a team composition that relies on heroes like Dark Seer and Chaos Knight to provide vision control and nuking power.

The world flipper dark team build is a guide for players of the game world flipper. This article will give you tips on how to play the game and some general information about it.

World Flipper Dark builds and team comps

Dark is one of the six components that make up the World Flipper characters. Dark troops thrive on losing health and become more strong as they get closer to death, as the element type suggests. That said, we’ve been trying out a number of popular community builds and can confidently state that these are two of the finest World Flipper Dark builds and team compositions available.

In World Flipper, a good Dark team will have some penetration (piercing) damage and certain talents that increase the damage-doing abilities as you approach 0 HP. Belsidia, Marianne, and Rebecca are used in the two builds below. We’d advise not spending too many resources on a dark team unless you have the ideal team, but it’s ultimately your decision.

Comps for the best World Flipper Dark team:

1st Belsidia team competition

2nd Belsidia team competition

Vyron team competition

Best Dark Characters in the World Flipper

The following are the greatest Dark units in World Flipper:


In World Flipper, the majority of solid Dark builds center upon Belsidia, often abbreviated as Bels. She’s the dark squad’s cannon, capable of doing much more damage than any other dark unit. If you don’t get Belsidia, you may go with Arum, also known as Babybel. The benefits are comparable, but without Belsidia, you won’t be able to achieve your full potential.

  • Cosmic Pike – sacrifices HP to open a spatial rift in front of the nearest target, inflicting dark damage on all enemies in that direction.
  • Skill Level: 560
  • Leader: Give Dark troops a +140 percent Attack Buff when their HP is below 50%.
  • Ability:
    1. 30 percent increase in attack (this unit).
    2. When a party member’s HP falls below 50%, grant that unit a +30% Attack Buff.
    3. When your primary unit’s HP is below 50%, you’ll get +250 percent skill damage.


Marianne is an absolute must-have for almost every dark team. She has a talent damage boost that stacks and may work nicely with more strong troops. She also negates the enemy’s dark resistance, which comes in handy in more tough fights.

  • Eradicator – Fires a blaster beam at the nearest target, dealing Dark damage and reducing Dark resistance to those who are struck (damage increases with higher combos).
  • Skill Level: 420
  • Leader: Organized Op – +60% Skill Damage (Dark Units) and +10% damage when debuffed
  • Ability:
    1. 12 percent increase in attack (Dark units)
    2. Get +20 percent skill damage (Dark Units) when this unit activates a skill (max +60 percent).
    3. Get +100% Skill Gauge when your main unit is set as your main unit and a skill is activated.


Rebecca will provide skill gauge boosts to the squad and reduce the enemy’s dark resistances, so don’t be fooled by her three-star rating. She’s less of a “must-have” than the previous two dark units, but if you’re trying to put together the perfect dark squad, you’ll want to get her. If you’re looking for a replacement for Rebecca, try Dorothea or Shion.

  • Shadow Veil – Casts a shadow over her surroundings, reducing dark resistance and inflicting Mire on struck enemies / boosts all allies’ Skill Gauge (excluding Rebecca).
  • 630 is the skill level.
  • Shadow Master is the leader, and he has a 15% attack buff (Dark Units). Get +60% Skill Damage when Dark troops’ HP is below 80 percent.
  • Ability:
    1. +20% Increase in Skill Damage (Dark Units)
    2. When Dark troops are slowed, they deal an extra 8% damage.
    3. When assigned as your primary unit, receive a +40% Attack Buff when Dark troops’ HP is below 50%.


Vyron is a strong member of any Dark squad that focuses on penetration. His primary skill gives all allies pierce, essentially allowing the build and making him an useful unit to center a composition on.

  • Killing Territory – Sharpens senses, dealing dark damage to neaby enemies for a short time, increasing attack, and giving pierce to all friends.
  • 610 is the skill level.
  • Tarnished Claw, the leader, has a +65% attack boost (Dark Units)
  • Ability:
    1. 30 percent increase in attack (this unit)
    2. While Pierce is active, you will get a +60% attack boost (this unit)
    3. +30% Attack boost and +25% damage against (unknown) opponents when used as your primary unit.

This brings us to the end of our greatest World Flipper Dark team builds. Check out the World Flipper area of our website for additional relevant information, builds, and instructions!

The best team world flipper is a game that can be played on the World Flipper servers. It is a game of skill and strategy where each player has to create their own world map.

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