The latest entry in the long-running Puzzle Bobble series is a 3D puzzle game that’s worth your time on PS4 and PS5.

The bubble bobble ps5 is a remake of the classic game, Puzzle Bobble. It was released in Japan on July 18th. We got our hands-on impressions from the PS4 version.

Most kids grew up playing Tetris, but I was the odd child who preferred the Nintendo 64 game Puzzle Bobble 2 (also known as Bust A Move 2 in Europe). For those who don’t have access to a PlayStation VR headset, Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey brings back the same captivating energy and fun I remember from my childhood. Is the move to 3D, though, robbing it of its nostalgic allure? Continue reading to learn more.

The Puzzle Bobble series is renowned for its 2D puzzle gameplay that is simple to pick up. Each ball you send out is color-coded, and you must match three or more of the same color to complete the task. The same idea was used to Vacation Odyssey, and as the title indicates, the series was revamped in 3D for this installment. It should have remained in 2D, to be honest.

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It’s just difficult to play in this 3D format without its first VR features on a regular TV setup. It’s perfectly OK for simpler problems. It’s really a lot of fun at these times because you receive some sentimental pleasure. Nothing beats the thrill of watching a slew of balls fly off the puzzle. However, as the game progresses into more complicated forms and incorporates more movement, it becomes increasingly difficult.

The ball targeting flutters no matter how hard you try, and it looks like a poorly designed Wii remote-operated game using the analog stick instead. It jumps from place to place at random, and rather than depending on talent, you must rely on chance for the ball to land where it should. In these times, the game acts as though the controller isn’t the game’s intended means of input. It’s entertaining for a casual game, but if you want to progress in Story mode, you’ll find it difficult due to the lack of precise precision.

When it comes to the narrative mode, it’s a stretch to call it that. It works in the same way as a mobile game in that you accomplish each task and get a star rating at the end. You’ll receive a slideshow of images depicting the feelings of the adorable dinosaur protagonists every now and again, but that’s all. It does, however, have a hefty 100 puzzles to complete, so there is enough of material.

You may also play a thrilling Infinite mode in which you attempt to prevent the balls from entering a black gateway, similar to a famous arcade game. You only have a limited amount of time to solve each problem, so hurry. It’s fast-paced and keeps you on your toes. I couldn’t play multiplayer since I couldn’t find anybody to play with.

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Despite the fact that the narrative mode plays like a mobile game, the visuals are anything but. Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey’s surroundings are beautiful, with some unexpectedly in-depth graphics quality, and the dinosaurs are nicely animated inside a colorful visual style. The lush palm trees, wonderful lighting, and intricate detail of the wooden planks are all brilliantly shown, and this trend continues in the game’s other biomes.

I really like how Puzzle Bobble 3D brings back the old sounds and music from the earlier games. The soundtrack has been restored in a wonderful manner, and the series’ signature announcer shouting, “Ready, GO!” has returned in full force.

If the game’s creator Survios can fix the game’s occasional aiming problems, Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey is a must-play for fans of the original titles.

For the sake of this review, the writer was given two game tickets, as well as a shirt and a special DualSense controller.

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