The New World is a game where players are able to build their own custom worlds, and the best way of building is with spears.

The new world spear build reddit is a subreddit for the game New World. It is a place where people can share their builds and discuss new strategies.

In the New World, the Spear is a two-handed weapon with amazing range. It’s not as powerful as the War Hammer, but it’s a more nimble and graceful weapon that you’ll use to gently slice through your enemies. The Spear is a dexterity-based weapon that allows you to knock opponents off their feet and tilt them off balance, allowing you lots of opportunities to do consistent damage.

In the New World, the best spear build is

Zoner and Impaler are the two Spear ability trees. With Zoner, you’ll be wasting a lot of time trying to strike opponents with critical hits while also sweeping them off their feet. The Impaler tree also includes a few critical hit upgrades and the ability to concentrate on a single target.


  • Cyclone — A spin strike that does 110 percent weapon damage, pushes opponents three meters back, and slows them for three seconds.
  • Throw your javelin at an adversary, inflicting 125 percent weapon damage and causing them to stumble.
  • Sweep – Sweep the target’s legs, knocking them down and inflicting 75 percent weapon damage.

Sweep is a good active ability to pick up for Zoner. You’ll be able to utilize this against several targets in PvP, knocking them to the ground and making them unstable during an attack, allowing you and your friends plenty of opportunity to do damage. Some players utilize Javelin to hurl their Spear at an opponent on a frequent basis, but the strike is easy to miss, and Cyclone may create too much havoc in PvP scenarios. The sluggish, on the other hand, may be very useful when pursuing down opponents.

If you intend to utilize the Sweep passive tree, you should acquire Deadly Reach, Evasive Measures, Merciless Strength, and proceed down the Sweep passive tree. Strong Conditioning and Invigorating Crits are two more options, particularly if you intend to use a spear to double down on critical strikes.


  • Perforate – Launch three rapid striking strikes that inflict 70% weapon damage and apply Rend, which reduces the target’s damage absorption by 5% for 10 seconds.
  • Skewer – Charge forward and skewer your opponent for 125 percent weapon damage, plus bleed for 10% weapon damage per second for 10 seconds.
  • Vault Kick – Vault forward and kick your opponent with your spear, inflicting 75% weapon damage and stuning them for 1.5 seconds.

Many Impaler skills, particularly Perforate and Vault Kick, appeal to a wide range of players. Perforate is a strong three-hit combination that applies a lot of Rend to an opponent, comparable to the Rapier’s Flurry strike. Vault Kick is a great method to start a fight since it gives you a huge jump that allows you to rush at an opponent and stun them. Skewer is similar to Vault Kick in that it delivers greater weapon damage and bleeds the target. You may have to battle to choose if Skewer or Vault Kick is more suited to your playstyle.

Precise Jabs, Refreshing Jabs, Cripping Jabs, Rupturing Strikes, Relentless Blows, Aggressive Maneuvers, and Exposed Wounds are some of the passive abilities you should pick up. In addition, the Impaler tree has many helpful passive powers, making it a much more appealing experience than the Zoner tree.

The true tragedy of utilizing a spear in battle is how tough it is to land many of the skills. You may become a devastating force in combat if you’re good at landing your strikes. In battle, you may find yourself squishy, but by dodging and avoiding your opponents, you’ll frequently depend on your skills to protect yourself and keep them ready.

The new world spear hatchet build is a build that is very effective for fighting. It has high damage, and can be used to kill mobs in seconds.

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