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Greetings, Reddit!

Sturmtigers, here we go! Please let me know what you think. On Monday, when we can play them live, we’ll know a little more! Aside from that, there are some major improvements to maps to read about, as well as some very pleasant adjustments to the season pass pricing for next season. As usual, let me know what you think in the comments section, and I’ll be happy to address any questions you may have next week!

From our WoTConsole Twitch broadcast, here is the most recent Community Update Stream summary.

This Week

  • The skill Green Thumb has been repaired.
  • Some commander pictures that were missing were added.
  • In PBRS, a rounding problem for MoE was fixed.
  • For the purpose of studying improvements, press and hold has been removed.
  • On October 5, a new Western Alliance Détente Heavy: MBT70 + skins will be released.
    • I’ve seen a lot of complaints about how bad the pen is. When compared to other heavyweights in the same tier:
      • It is in second position out of three cars in the same class/tier, with a win percentage of 50.3 percent.
      • Damage: The T-72B and the T-72B are almost equal for top position.
      • 2nd position in percent of pierced shots
  • T54E2 T54E2 T54E2 T54E2 T54E2 T54E
    • Step 10 of 12 was completed by 115 participants.
    • Step 11 was completed by 60 participants.
    • Since the Challenge began on October 5, 25 players have achieved the T54e2.

Next Week

  • On Tuesday, a new WWII Sturmtiger Tank Destroyer line will be released! On Monday, I’ll stream them live on Twitch.
  • I’ll keep a close eye on the tank balance once it’s been released to see if any changes are required.
  • Daily Play Challenge: 1x/day random drop with simple criteria. Key Cards, money, tanks, and other items may be found on the drop table.
  • Reforged Tanks: E 50 M Line + On Track
  • M1A1 and T-72B skins are highlighted.
  • The Challenge of Silver Rain
  • CW maps from WWII have been removed, and Ghost Town has been added.
    • There is now one cycle for combat levels 5-8 and another for battle tiers 9-11. (3 fewer maps than 5-8)
    • Tier 7 and 8 vehicles may be found on every map.
  • The Tanks Reforged: Strv 103B Tank Destroyer Tech Tree line was released last week, on September 28.
    • Winning Percentage:
      • Tiers 9-10 had a 1% rise.
      • Tiers 4 through 8 had a 2% rise.
  • The E 50 M is the next tank to be reforged in Tanks Reforged.
    • Most weapons from the Panther to the E 50M have had their alpha damage and DPM improved.
    • Bad stock weapons have been removed from the Panther II and E 50, allowing them to start with a more tier-appropriate weapon.
    • Turret armor on the E 50 and E 50M has been improved to assist in brawling:
      • The alpha damage of the Kraft Panther will be enhanced, as well as other weapons upgrades.
      • The hull protection and accuracy of the Pz. III Ausf. K were upgraded.
  • Mi6 is linked to Next Tanks Reforged… Can you make a guess?

Other interesting topics

  • MoEs: Average daily number of gamers achieving the MoE achievements:
    • The first MoE was 1500 players each day.
    • The second MoE is 185 players each day.
    • 3rd MoE: a daily average of 35 players
    • 4th MoE a day 25 players (more people working on 4th mark than 3rd)
  • For those who like a challenge, MoEs are for you: Tier X tanks with the most difficult tier X tanks to achieve the Tank Ace each class
    • TD: Object 268 with a damage of 6,150.
    • WZ-111 Qilin is a heavy weapon that does 6,050 damage.
    • CS-63 at 6,750 damage is medium.
    • Manticore at 6,900 damage is light.
    • At 5,092 damage, Arty: Conqueror Gun Carrier
  • Continue to watch MoE, earning at the same pace as previously, and assess recent map weighting
  • Contracts UI is a work in progress; concept pictures were presented.
  • The following maps will be returning to the game in the near future:
    • Ridge of Thiepval
    • Raseiniai
    • Erlenberg
    • Lakeville
  • The Halfaya Pass 2nd Playtest is in the works.
  • The super test is being used to look at armadillo balance.
  • Improvements to the HUD for spectators. We’ll check back in next week.
  • Light tanks have been lowered somewhat in Escalation, but it is still a problem. Maintaining vigilance
  • When going through the tank reel, I’m working on smoothing down the camera movement.
  • The next season begins one week after this one finishes.
  • Season pass for the next season is available at a significant discount.
  • The impact of recent color modifications is currently being assessed. The problem of eyestrain and headaches has been addressed.
  • Mercenary contracts will be available for both WW2 and the Cold War, as well as non-mercenary tanks.
  • This update hasn’t altered the camouflage. If you see this, please report it as a bug.
  • The WW2 HUD is still waiting for a concept to be created for it.
  • Up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up The inscriptions have been tampered with. A team is looking into it.

All of the other pictures may be viewed here.

Twitch Streams from WoTConsole – 1400 CST (1900 UTC):

  • Monday, October 11th – MintoVimto Insider Information – Sturmtiger Line Preview – Giveaway
  • Friday, October 15th – PainGod Community Update – New Tank/Event First Look – Giveaway

DISCLAIMER: I have done my best to translate these notes. These notes, like the Update Preview Notes, are subject to change. Prior to each upgrade, complete and final notes will be made accessible.

Best wishes, MV

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