It’s not just about the games anymore. People are using mods to create a new history for their favorite video games, and it’s been going on since before World War II.

Hearts of Iron 4 is a game that has an alternate history mod. The hoi4 alternate history mods are the best free alternate history mods for the game.

Alternate history modifications are among the most ambitious and entertaining additions to HOI4.

“The Central Powers Winning the Great War,” “The Entente Winning the Great War,” and even “Russia Winning the Great War” are all possibilities.

There’s a lot about winning the Great War in there…

Regardless, here are some of the best alternative history modifications to try.


10. After Me, The Flood

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In comparison to the majority of the other mods on this list, Apres Moi Le Deluge is a rather old mod.

Its Point of Diversion (POD) is a Napoleonic triumph, which is older than most other modifications.

The continental structure, which has managed to survive for the last century, is now again being challenged.

While criticisms about the mod’s lack of varied focus branches and age are valid, the mod’s rich flavor and atmosphere make it well worth a try.


9. Tragedy

Take a Look At This Mod

We have a rising star to follow our aged prior entry.

This very new mod (at the time of writing) is set in an universe where the Treaty of Versailles has not yet been signed…

Resulting in further wars and the ultimate downfall of many countries.

To put it another way, disaster.

The mod has a lot of potential, but it’s yet incomplete. Currently, you may only play as the successor nations of Germany and Turkey, which are both split. However, keep an eye out for developments in the future.


8. Tsar Tsar Tsar Tsar Tsar Tsar Tsar T

In The Name of Tsar HOI4 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

This is a mod focusing on a Russian victory scenario in World War I, as the name suggests.

Germany is divided, America is isolated, and the Tsar reigns supreme.

What is the world’s next step?

It’s a good mod that offers a fairly full experience, although one that is a little rough around the edges.


7. The Red Planet (Fan Fork)

Red World (Fan Fork) Mod screenshot

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In an universe where the Soviet Union won the cold war and the USSR fell apart, the USSR would emerge victorious.

It’s very interesting.

Kaiser1871, the game’s original creator, died away recently. His legacy is preserved through this fan fork.

The mod is also set in the present day, so you may play as Bernie Sanders and bring the revolution to America, or play as Putin and preserve Russian control!

It’s a fantastic mod with a lot of great countries to test.


6. Reichskanzlei

Fuhrerreich Mod for Hearts of Iron 4

Take a Look At This Mod

What if Germany were to lose World War I?

So, this is a little more difficult.

The alternative history scenario Fuhrerreich is a double-blind scenario.

That is, it is the construction of a world in which Germany has triumphed in the war.

That realm, of course, is Kaiserreich, which we’ll speak about in a moment.

As a result, the Fuhrerreich team conjures up a Kaiserreich-er-written chronology of a German loss.

The mod has a lot more to offer than just an intriguing idea.

It’s a rich situation in and of itself, with a variety of entertaining countries to visit as you travel the intriguing globe.


5. Reich of a Thousand Weeks

Thousand Week Reich Hearts of Iron 4 Mod

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Thousand Week Reich is a mod set in 1952, a thousand weeks after the Nazis took power for the first time.

Since their victory in World War II, Germany has ruled Europe.

Its ruthless rule has suffocated countless lives and thrown the continent into a nightmare dark age.

However, the Führer’s health is deteriorating.

TWR is a very well-made mod with a “realistic” Nazi triumph scenario.

You receive a variety of well-developed routes, as well as intriguing mechanics for a variety of countries. The mod, on the other hand, suffers from a lack of direction once the Reich ends.

Nonetheless, it comes highly recommended.


4. Re-Kaiser

Kaiserredux HOI4 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Another Kaiserreich spinoff, but this time it’s a self-proclaimed expansion for the popular mod that’s taken on a life of its own.

If you can get beyond Kaiserredux’s… daddy problems, this is definitely worth a go. Because it has a great deal to give.

For starters, it’s a relic from Kaiserreich’s early history.

The German presence in China is much less symbolic, Italy isn’t quite as complex, and Mittelafrika is unquestionably complicated.

In the end, this is a huge extension of Kaiserreich, with new focus trees being added as well as existing ones being expanded.

Of course, given that it split with Kaiserreich for that reason, don’t expect to discover anything meme-y or unrealistic.

Some people enjoy this kind of unadulterated pleasure, while others prefer a more realistic approach.

No one, however, is preventing you from having the best of both worlds.

Make sure to try Kaiserredux!


3. The Great Red Flood

Red Flood Mod for Hearts of Iron 4

Take a Look At This Mod

Red Flood is without a doubt the strangest timeline in the whole mod collection — and it’s also the quickest.

It’s a response to the age-old question, “Who won the war?”

No one, to be precise.

The continuance of the devastation prompted all hell to break loose when Germany simply refused to accept defeat. They will soon pay the price for their arrogance by succumbing to socialists.

And France succumbs to something totally different.

Red Flood is really insane. The mod’s connection with balance and realism is also extremely customizable. But that’s part of what makes it so enjoyable.

Either deal with the industrial revolution and its ramifications, or outlaw individual life.

All in the name of Le Patron.


Kaiserreich No. 2

Kaiserreich HOI4 Mod screenshot

Take a Look At This Mod

Kaiserreich is a name that requires no introduction.

Among other things, the famous mod has generated an amazing community, numerous offshoots, and an anime.

Since its debut in 2005, it has characterized the Hearts of Iron modding scene. To summarize, the moderator just asks:

What if Germany had been victorious in World War I?

Kaiserreich accomplishes a lot of things correctly.

For one thing, in comparison to vanilla, all of the gameplay and mountains of additional material for even the tiniest of nations is amazing.

One of the most distinctive and distinguishing features of this mod is the passion it may arouse in players for long-dead individuals and ideas.

Finally, it has a really wonderful music selection, which is honestly half of the attraction.

Overall, Kaiserreich is well-deserving of its prominent position in Hearts of Iron. (sorry)


1. The New Order: Europe’s Final Days

The New Order: Last Days of Europe HOI4 Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

We’ve turned a war game into a visual book, taking the term “complete conversion modifications” very literally.

A graphic book that is very graphic.

What would happen if the Nazis won World War II, asks The New Order?

It gives an appropriately bleak response to that issue.

There’s a lot here, from Africa’s gigantic pit to Russia’s warlord’s paradise.

And there’s the guy (in the huge structure) at the heart of it all, whose health is deteriorating.

TNO may be frightening at first. Even before you get to the tech screen, the colors and visuals may not be to everyone’s liking.

Perhaps you’d rather play a war game where you can really fight…

However, if you give it a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised.

TNO’s efforts to simulate economics – from GDP and debt to poverty rates – are perhaps its most distinguishing characteristic.

TNO was initially planned as a mod for Victoria II, which should come as no surprise.

However, this is just the beginning. The Toolbox Theory Update is still under development, and it is expected to radically alter the mod.

Best Alternate History Mods For Hearts of Iron 4 is a list that includes all the best free mods for Hearts of Iron 4. Reference: best hoi4 mods.

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The best mods for Hearts of Iron 4 are the ones that add new content to the game.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What are the best Hearts of Iron mods?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:””}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is HOI4 modding easy?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
HOI4 is a complicated game to mod. It has been said that the best way to get started with modding in HOI4 is by using the HOI4 Mod Tool which can be found on Steam.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best mods for Hearts of Iron 4?

The best mods for Hearts of Iron 4 are the ones that add new content to the game.

What are the best Hearts of Iron mods?


Is HOI4 modding easy?

HOI4 is a complicated game to mod. It has been said that the best way to get started with modding in HOI4 is by using the HOI4 Mod Tool which can be found on Steam.

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