Yu-Gi-Oh is a popular trading card game that has been around for over 20 years. It has evolved into one of the most popular games in the world, with more than 10 million players worldwide. With its rich history and popularity, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of cards to choose from.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a popular card game with a huge following. The best hero deck 2020 is a list of the top 15 best monsters in the game.

Remember when Elemental HEROs were the only HERO archetype?

It was simply a basic deck that performed a little bit of fusion summoning.

HEROES nowadays are made up of six different types of monsters:

– Elemental HEROs – Destiny HEROs – Masked HEROs – Evil HEROs – Vision HEROs – Xtra HEROs – Xtra HEROs – Xtra HEROs – Xtra HEROs – Xtra HEROs – Xtra HEROs – Xtra HEROs

Isn’t it simple?

The contemporary HERO deck’s concept is to combine all of the greatest cards from each archetype into a single deck.

And there are a plethora of excellent HERO cards to select from – nearly too many to choose from!

So, if you’re not sure where to begin, have a look at our suggestions below.


15. Disk Commander (Destiny HERO)

Disk Commander in Destiny HERO is a shadow of its former existence.

The effect of this card used to be a single line of text, believe it or not:

“Draw two cards when this card is special summoned from the graveyard.”

There are no limits on how many times this effect may be used each turn, and there is no need to wait for it to go active… This was without a doubt one of the most powerful HERO cards ever produced.

Unfortunately, the card has subsequently been nerfed, and the new effect is much more limited.

This man is a fantastic complement to any HERO deck that makes heavy use of the graveyard, such as Destiny HEROs.

However, in most HERO decks, this character is only a remnant from Yu-Gi-past. Oh’s


Koga, the Masked HERO

The Masked HEROs altered the way people thought about HERO decks and fusion summoning in general.

Most fusion monsters need the summoning of two monsters – after all, isn’t merging two monsters into one the entire purpose of fusion summoning?

Masked HEROs need just one HERO monster and a Mask Change spell card to special summon a Masked HERO with the same attribute from the extra deck.

HERO IN MAKEUP Koga is the attribute of Light. He’s a masked HERO, and he’s a badass!

It gets 500 attack for each monster controlled by your opponent, and it may weaken their monsters by banishing HEROs from your graveyard.

Koga is a must-have beat stick for every HERO deck with at least one Light monster (looking at you, Destiny HEROs!).


13. Dogma HERO – Destiny

Destiny HERO - Dogma YGO Card

In contemporary Yu-Gi-Oh, tribute summoning is an uncommon occurrence.

So a monster that requires three tributes has to be worth summoning!

You may halve your opponent’s life points during the next standby phase if you special summon Destiny HERO Dogma by tributing 3 monsters (including a Destiny HERO monster).

The sooner you can bring this man out in the game, the better.

If your opponent hasn’t taken any damage yet, you’re looking at a 4000 LP reduction from this effect alone.

When you combine that with this card’s amazing 3400 attack, you’ve got a formula for quickly dispatching your opponent – if you can even get him on the field.


12. Infernal Devicer Xtra HERO

Xtra HERO Infernal Devicer Yu-Gi-Oh Card

The fact that HEROs is a fusion-based deck doesn’t rule out the possibility of Link summoning.

This Link 2 monster makes fusion summoning a breeze, and here’s how you do it:

You may reveal a HERO fusion monster from your extra deck and add two of the necessary materials from your deck to your hand, but you can’t summon non-HEROs the turn this effect is activated.

This technique is excellent for summoning specialized HERO fusions that need two particular HEROs (such as Elemental HERO Mudballman) without having to wait for them to be drawn.


11. HERO Chaos vs. HERO

Contrast HERO Chaos YGO Card

Contrast HERO Chaos has to be one of the greatest HERO monsters I’ve ever seen in terms of design.

This monster was created by combining two distinct Masked HERO creatures. And, although it may seem to be a high price to pay, it is well worth it.

Here’s what it’s capable of:

You may use this card once per round at fast effect speed to negate the effects of any face-up card on the field until the end of the turn.

This effect is useful not just for dealing with oppressive monster effects, but also for dealing with field spells.

Field spells have become a mainstay in most contemporary Yu-Gi-Oh decks, thus being able to nullify them every turn may offer you a significant edge.


Shadow Mist, Elemental HERO

Elemental HERO Shadow Mist Yu-Gi-Oh Card

The constancy of Masked HEROs is one of the things that makes them so strong.

And it’s because to cards like Elemental HERO Shadow Mist!

You may search your deck for Mask Change and add it to your hand when this card is normal summoned. This enables you to transform into a Masked HERO from your extra deck in an instant.

Furthermore, when Shadow Mist is sent to the graveyard, you may search your deck for any HERO creature and add it to your hand.

Finding Mask Change, setting it, then using it during your opponent’s turn to target Elemental HERO Shadow Mist is the perfect combination here. Then, from your extra deck, grab a Masked HERO Dark Law and search your deck for a HERO.

It’s a difficult combination to pull off, but if you can, there are a lot of benefits.


Vyon, Vyon, Vyon, Vyon, Vyon, Vyon

Vision HERO Vyon YGO Card

You’ll find a copy of this man in almost every HERO deck out there.

It’s one of the greatest search cards ever, and it makes fusion summoning nearly too simple.

The following is how it works:

You may send any HERO monster from your deck to the graveyard when it is summoned by regular or special summoning.

In the graveyard, Destiny HEROs may activate a variety of effects, with Vision HERO Vyon being able to set them all up!

Then you may summon a HERO monster from your graveyard to search your deck for a copy of Polymerization and put it into your hand.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for a Poly to fuse with.

Because you’ll be fusion summoning a lot more frequently if you have cards like this in your HERO deck.


Escuridao, the Elemental HERO

Elemental HERO Escuridao Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Elemental HEROES don’t come across many creatures with dark attributes.

But when they do, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

For each Elemental HERO monster in your graveyard, Elemental HERO Escuridao gets 100 attack.

If you’re using a pure Elemental HERO deck (it was good enough for Jaden Yuki, who was perhaps the greatest duelist of his generation!) Then this card has the potential to provide some very high attack value.


Malicious is the seventh Destiny HERO.

Destiny HERO - Malicious YGO Card

The only reason Yu-Gi-Oh has a semi-limited list is because of Destiny HERO Malicious.

You may banish this man from your graveyard to special summon another Destiny HERO – Malicious from your deck.

This effect does not occur even once each round.

As a result, it’s very exploitable at three copies and totally worthless at one copy, which is why this card is semi-limited.

Whatever HERO deck you’re playing, Destiny HERO – Malicious is a fantastic inclusion.

You may summon another copy from the deck anytime you want by putting one in your graveyard. This provides you with all of the necessary ingredients to begin fusion summoning the strong HEROs you’ll need to win the game.


Absolute Zero is the sixth elemental hero.

Elemental HERO Absolute Zero Yu-Gi-Oh Card

The majority of the “brutal” HERO cards are in Destiny HEROs and Evil HEROs — after all, evil cards do strong things, which is typical Yu-Gi-Oh reasoning.

Elemental HERO Absolute Zero is a fantastic card in this archetype because of this.

What it does is as follows:

You may destroy every card your opponent controls once this leaves the field!

It doesn’t matter how this card leaves the field – your opponent may destroy it via battle or a card effect, or you can send it to the graveyard for a fusion summon of your own monsters or another removal method.

In either case, your opponent will lose every single card they own, and the game may be all but yours.


5. Honest Neos Elemental HERO

Elemental HERO Honest Neos YGO Card

Being able to surprise your opponent with combat traps like Honest is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Yu-Gi-Oh, which is why I’m happy this archetype gets its own version — and it’s a far better one!

In two senses, this man is Honest.

To begin, you may discard it from your hand to provide 2500 attack to any HERO creature you control until the end of the round.

This is a fast effect, which means that if you activate it during the damage phase, your opponent will suffer a lot of damage (and not even see it coming).

Second, you may play any HERO card in your hand as Honest while this man is on the field.

As a result, you may discard a HERO from your hand to give this card attack equal to the discarded monster’s attack, thereby making this man unbeatable in combat.


4. Dread Decimator Xtra HERO

Xtra HERO Dread Decimator Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Xtra HERO Dread Decimator is the other link monster worth mentioning in this deck.

His arrows are very useful, since they all aim downwards, preventing your opponent from summoning Link into further connected zones.

This guy gets 100 attack for each HERO monster in your graveyard, in addition to every other HERO monster.

Given that HEROs is a deck that may be fusion summoned many times, your graveyard will be brimming with HEROs – which means your HEROs are about to receive a significant boost to their attack numbers!

However, there’s more:

Your opponent takes piercing combat damage from Xtra HERO Dread Decimator. So even in defensive mode, they aren’t completely secure.


3. Stratos, the Elemental Hero

Elemental HERO Stratos YGO Card

I can’t believe I live in a world where this card is still legal to play.

It’s simple to understand why Elemental HERO Stratos was prohibited for so long!

This man is by far the greatest searcher in HEROs.

You have an option whether he’s summoned normally or specially:

You may either destroy a number of spells and traps equal to the number of HERO monsters you control on the field, or search your deck for any HERO monster and add it to your hand.

Stratos is unique in that he isn’t just used once each round for any of these effects; if you can keep special summoning him back to your side of the field, you may search your deck for numerous HEROs, making Stratos a fantastic method to keep your combos running.


2. Malicious Bane, an evil HERO

Evil HERO Malicious Bane Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Evil HEROES are an archetype that is seldom discussed.

That’s a pity, since they have some fantastic cards in their deck.

This man is a ruthless board wipe who may activate on any given turn. What it does is as follows:

You may destroy all monsters your opponent controls with attack equal to or less than this card, and this card gains 200 attack for each card destroyed.

This attack boost is not only permanent (meaning you may kill more monsters every turn), but he is also entirely unaffected by combat or card effects.

To get rid of this man, your opponent will have to employ non-destruction removal, which isn’t easy to come by…

The sole drawback is that he needs both an Evil HERO monster and the magic card “Dark Fusion.”

Even with the greatest HERO decks, getting both of them into your hand may be difficult.


1. Dark Law Masked HERO

Masked HERO Dark Law YGO Card

In Yu-Gi-Oh, floodgates have always been very strong.

You can totally shut down your opponent’s deck if you can prevent them from utilizing certain tactics.

Masked HERO Dark Law is one of Yu-Gi-greatest Oh’s floodgates, banishing all cards that would otherwise be sent to the graveyard.

This totally eliminates your opponent’s ability to use a strategy centered on their graveyard. They can’t place monsters in there to resurrect them later, or send creatures there to trigger graveyard effects — this sort of limitation may put decks like Shaddolls and Zombies out of business!

This is also highly worth having in your HERO deck when it comes to card effects that compel banishment.

But, as if the Masked HERO Dark Law wasn’t already violated, there’s more:

You may banish a random card from your opponent’s hand once per turn when they add a card from their deck to their hand (except during the regular draw phase).

It’s all about finding your combo pieces in modern Yu-Gi-Oh. As a result, penalizing your opponent for doing so is a guaranteed method to sabotage their strategy.

The all elemental hero cards is a list of the top 15 best monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! and their respective element.

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The best hero monster is the Kraken.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best hero card in Yugioh?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best Yugioh hero card is Zombie Master.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Who is the strongest Yugioh monster?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The strongest Yugioh monster is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hero monster?

The best hero monster is the Kraken.

What is the best hero card in Yugioh?

The best Yugioh hero card is Zombie Master.

Who is the strongest Yugioh monster?

The strongest Yugioh monster is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

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