The Back 4 Blood perks guide is a comprehensive list of all the character perks in Borderlands 2. This article will help you find what perk is best for your play style and provide an overview of the effects each perk has on gameplay.

The back 4 blood card list is a guide that lists the best character perks, effects, and bonuses.

Back 4 Blood has eight unique characters, each with their own set of Perks and effects. This Guide to Blood Perks in Back 4 will show you all of the greatest Perks, as well as their benefits and who uses them.

Depending on the player or the team’s needs, the player may choose one character above the others, selecting a primary character every time. However, certain advantages stand out more than others, and players will constantly seek out characters that provide these benefits.

Back 4 Blood Perks Guide

Let’s take a look at all of the game’s character Perks, their effects, and how they operate.



  • An improvement in healing efficiency of 20% is possible.
  • The whole team’s trauma tolerance increased by 25%.
  • At the start of each level, each team member gets healed for 25 points.
  • For the whole team, the damage to the vulnerable area is boosted by 10%.
  • Precision kills boost damage by 2.5 percent. This keeps stacking until Jim receives damage.
  • ADS speed has increased by 25%.
  • The team’s overall health improved by ten percent.
  • Damage has risen by 10%
  • Every precise kill will boost your accuracy by 20%. This effect lasts for a total of 5 seconds.
  • Resurrects a knocked-out player right away. This occurs just once each level.
  • 1 additional team life
  • 1 space in the support inventory
  • With each kill, your stamina is replenished.
  • For the whole squad, stamina increases by 25%.
  • a 10% boost in damage resistance
  • Evangelo can escape if he is grabbed by an adversary. 60 second cooldown
  • Damage resistance has been increased by 10%.
  • The whole team’s stamina has increased by 25%.
  • Karlee has the ability to sense dangers in the immediate vicinity.
  • 1 fast inventory slot additional
  • The team’s usage speed has increased by 50%.
  • After a kill, there’s a better possibility of discovering ammunition.
  • The team’s ammo capacity has been raised by 10%.
  • 1 offensive inventory slot extra

The Best Benefits

The greatest benefits will come down to the best character you can choose. Having said that, it all relies on the kind of gaming scenario you’re anticipating, as well as if you’re playing with other players or have a well-coordinated squad.

Doc and Mom are the greatest options for the whole squad if you’re looking for a support character. If your teammates have assigned roles for team offensive, you may choose defensive characters such as Doc or Mom, who provide trauma resistance, improve healing efficiency, pick up knocked players once each level, and provide an additional team life.

Hoffman is another excellent option if you want a well-balanced character, particularly because each kill will improve your chances of obtaining ammunition. In addition, the whole team’s ammunition capacity has been raised by 10%, and an additional offensive inventory space has been added automatically. Back 4 Blood will have you searching for ammunition because if you get too carried away, you’ll run out. This is when Hoffman comes in to provide some much-needed relief to the whole squad.

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