Genshin Impact is a free to play monster hunter MMO released in 2016. It’s been popular for its unique class system with 3 different roles: the Hunter, the Fighter and the Mage. In this installment of our ranking series we rank all Cryo Characters from Genshin Impact.,

Genshin Impact is a fighting game that was released in September of 2018. The game features characters from Cryo’s other games, such as Genshin Impact: All Cryo Characters Ranked.

The characters in Genshin Impact are separated into several elements, and each one has a different level of utility. It’s nice to have characters from many elements to mix up your teams and elemental responses, but knowing which characters from each element are worth it is crucial.

Cryo characters in Genshin Impact are routinely among the game’s most powerful, thanks to their ability to cause Melt and Freeze reactions. Due to their ability to generate Superconduct, which decreases Physical Damage resistance, Cryo characters are also crucial on Physical teams.

Cryo characters are second only to Pyro characters in terms of determining the meta of the game, with several very powerful troops. In the game, there are very few terrible Cryo units, and even the weakest Cryo character finds a place.

From least helpful to most influential, here’s a list of all the Cryo characters in Genshin Impact:


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It’s a sad state of things when a five-star character is the worst, even if a beginning character is worse. Her Elemental Skill has significant cooldowns, and she lacks the utility that other healers provide. Qiqi’s role may change as the game progresses and more healing is required, but there’s no need to utilize her right now.

Diona is a four-star Cryo healer that carries a solid shield and offers a lot of healing. Qiqi is just useless. She possesses some of the most powerful heals in the game, yet it makes little difference. Every other healer just has a lot more to offer.


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The fact that Chongyun is so low on the ranking demonstrates the Cryo element’s overall strength. Chongyun is a specialized unit, but he’s incredibly good at it. His Elemental Skill infuses him with Cryo, rendering him unavailable to many comps.

However, he shines in the competitions in which he does well. The damage potential of his Elemental Burst is among the greatest in the game. Chongyun is a bit of a snob, but it doesn’t make him a horrible guy.


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Despite being a five-star character, the new cooperation character in Genshin Impact is not very powerful. She is ranked higher than Chongyun owing to her ability to fit into more teams. She may be useful in a Freeze or Reverse Melt squad, but she is vastly outclassed otherwise.

Due to the weakness of her Elemental Skill, she does not function as a primary DPS. Her kit is cumbersome to use in general, and her Elemental Burst is virtually her sole redeeming feature.


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Kaeya has the distinction of being the game’s strongest starting character. He’s not just the most viable of the four free heroes that everyone receives, but he’s also a surprisingly competent character.

His Elemental Skill may do a lot of damage, but it’s his Elemental Burst that gives him the most value. Kaeya is a versatile troop that may serve as a primary DPS or a burst support. Don’t overlook Kaeya just because he’s free; he’s a formidable force in his own right.


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Rosaria is similar to Kaeya in that she can fit into any team that Kaeya is a part of. She isn’t much stronger than him and, depending on who you ask, may be interchanged with Kaeya.

Because her Burst is a touch more powerful than Kaeya’s, she is ranked higher on the list. Both are, however, quite similar, and the positions are practically tied.


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Diona is a multi-talented character that can help with a variety of tasks. She possesses a powerful shield that protects the squad, as well as a powerful Elemental Burst that heals the team.

Diona may also grant a powerful Elemental Mastery benefit at Constellation 6, boosting the damage of teams that rely on responses. This, like any Constellation 6 character, is fairly tough to achieve, but not impossible.


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Eula is a powerful primary DPS that specializes on doing physical damage. When it comes to damage, Eula’s Elemental Burst is likely the most powerful in the game, capable of achieving outrageously high figures. However, it has difficult-to-meet requirements and requires extensive understanding of her equipment.

Eula’s teams are also restricted as a Physical DPS. She’s compelled to bring an Electro character for the Superconduct response, and she struggles to maintain her Elemental Burst. Aside from that, she’s a fantastic primary DPS.

Ayaka Kamisato

Genshin-Impact-All-Cryo-Characters-RankedMihoyo provided this image.

Ayaka is considered on par with Ganyu, one of the game’s most powerful primary DPS characters. With a powerful Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, she has nearly no weaknesses in her kit.

She is, however, most known for her Freeze compositions. Frozen enemies will take a lot of damage from her Elemental Burst, therefore that’s where you should use her. Her restricted team comps don’t help her, but she’s a force to be reckoned with.


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Ganyu is commonly regarded as Genshin Impact’s strongest primary DPS character. Her charged blasts do insanely high damage, and her Elemental Burst hits Frozen enemies hard.

To maximize the damage of her charged attacks, she may be utilized on a Freeze or Melt squad. In the end, Ganyu is one of the finest characters in Genshin Impact, and he will most certainly maintain that position for a long time.

The “best electro character genshin impact” is a ranking of all the Cryo characters in Genshin Impact. The ranking includes how strong they are, what their abilities are, and how much damage they do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Cryo character is the best Genshin?

A: The best Cryo character is likely to be the one you enjoy playing most.

Who is the best 4-star cryo in Genshin Impact?

A: The best 4-star cryo in Genshin Impact is Mutt, but you can also consider Cherish and Becca.

Is Cryo good Genshin Impact?

A: Cryo is not good Genshin Impact.

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