Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game built on the blueprint of Titanfall. The developers at Respawn Entertainment came up with an ambitious plan to take what was once just another Battle Royale mode and turn it into one of the most popular games in Apex Legends Season 11: Escape, where your success relies entirely on how well you manage each player’s skill level.

The “apex legends all legends” is a list of the best Legends to use on Storm Point in Apex Legends Season 11: Escape.

The new Storm Point map is available with the release of Season 11: Escape in Apex Legends. If history is any indication, a new map will usher in a new meta, which will shape the playstyle of all future Apex champions. While all of the available legends are important and beneficial in their own right, some outperform others in certain scenarios, helping you to get the upper hand in a combat. The finest legends to utilize on the new Storm Point map, according to our suggestions.


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Ash is the newest legend to join the cast, and she comes with a kit that is tailored to the aggressive player who isn’t hesitant to press the ball and create opportunities for their teammates. With her Marked for Death passive ability, Ash is a skilled at tracking down other squads, ensuring that no Legends escape your vengeance. On Storm Point, Ash’s Phase Breach ultimate and Arc Snare tactical will enable you rapidly cross the tough tropics and surprise your opponents.


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Because of their tracking and scanning powers, Bloodhound continues to dominate the Apex Games. Due to the fact that Storm Point is a new map, players may find themselves trapped and perplexed during rotations. Enter Bloodhound, a Legend who will use their Tracker passive to assist you navigate Storm Point. Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather tactical, as usual, will offer you a quick edge in any combat, and when the time comes, utilize their Beast of the Hunt ultimate to wreak havoc on enemy Legends.


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With the release of Season 11: Escape, Wattson got a slew of powerful improvements that might help her break into the meta, particularly on Storm Point. Wattson may be the greatest Legend for late-game play right now, and on Storm Point, you may use her Perimeter Security Tactics to seal off any flanks or structures and set yourself up for victory. You’ll be able to enter close-quarters team battles with confidence now that her Interception Pylon ultimate has been improved, since your shields will recharge much faster. Make careful to utilize ultimate accelerants to get the most out of your Interception Pylon.


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When it comes to conquering the rough regions of the Storm Point map, Valkyrie is the greatest Legend available. Valkyrie is a master at both spotting and catching opponent Legends off guard. To get the upper hand, use your Missle Swarm tactile to shock your opponents and your Passive VTOL Jets to gain the upper hand. If things get a bit hairy, utilize her Skyward Dive to reposition on Storm Point. Valkyrie and Ash are a great combination to surprise and shock any squad you come against.


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Horizon is often in and out of the meta, but with recent changes to her kit, she is a perfect match for the Storm Point map. Storm Point’s game looks to revolve on positioning and avoiding rotations, which is precisely what Horizon excels at. Use your Gravity Lift technique to improve your combat position and that of your comrades. When another team is pushing or holding, use your Black Hole ultimate to bunch them together and lay into them.

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