How to get Void Ore in New World

A new world, a new adventure is what you hope for when starting up in New World. There are many different ways to obtain ores and other items so it’s important to know which will work best for your character build.

A new game called New World has some really cool features, including Void Ore. It’s an ore that can be used to craft weapons and armor with unique properties in the game. To get this ore you’ll need to find it scattered across multiple worlds or by mining ancient ruins of previous games but what are the best ways to get more of these coveted materials?The New World is a massively multiplayer online game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The Void Ore can be found in many places throughout the world, but its value goes up exponentially when it has been mined. Players use this ore to purchase rare items and craft powerful weapons

The “void essence new world” is a quest item that can be found in the New World. The ore is used to make Void Ore weapons and armor.

How to get Void Ore in New World

In the New World, certain metals are significantly rarer than others. Void Resource is the rarest ore in New World, and it’s not simple to get by. Fortunately, if you meet all of the necessary criteria and know where to seek, you can farm it for yourself if you have the patience. Because it’s utilized in the game’s most potent armoring formula, Voidbent, it’s a highly sought-after mineral. We’ll show you how to obtain Void Ore in New World in this tutorial.

Where can I acquire Void Ore in the New World?

Orichalcum Veins in New World may drop Void Ore, which is a rare ore. You must satisfy the following conditions in order for Void Ore to drop:

  • 175+ Mining Expertise
  • Good Fortune in the Mining Industry: 1,800+

175+ Mining Expertise

Most crucially, mining Orichalcum Veins requires at least a 175 Mining Skill. You can’t access the Orichalcum Vein unless you have the required Mining Skill level, which means no Void Ore for you. If you need help leveling up your mining skills in the New World, you may refer to our New World mining leveling guide. 

Mining Luck

To acquire Void Ore from Orichalcum Veins, you’ll need at least 1,800 Mining Luck. It’s difficult to keep track of how much Mining Luck you have, so the best advice we can provide is to obtain it whenever you can. To improve your Mining Luck, you may use one of four methods:

  1. With the Mining Luck perk, you can use a mining pickaxe.
  2. 3 Mining Awards (1 in each house)
  3. Roasted Vegetables with Salt
  4. Equipment for Mining Luck
  5. Proficiency Booster (optional)

You’ll need an Orichalcum Mining Pickaxe with the Mining Yield and Mining Luck bonuses. The former enhances your chances of finding rare ore like Tolvium, Cinnabar, and Void Ore, while the latter raises the total quantity of ore you acquire from each node. 

Mining Gathering Trophies are another excellent method to improve your mining luck. There is a limit of one Mining Trophy per property, so you may have up to three. These are inexpensive to purchase, or you may make them yourself if your furniture is up to pace.

Next, you’ll need some Salted Roasted Vegetables, which are a Tier V Trade Skill meal. When mining, the meal boosts your Luck by 2000 points for 40 minutes, giving you a great overall boost to your Mining Luck. If you don’t have this recipe, you can probably purchase it on the Trading Post, along with the food.

Mining Luck Gear may also be purchased in its entirety. Reinforced Mining Luck is the perk you’re seeking for, since it increases your chances of obtaining uncommon things when mining. Instead of purchasing things with the word “miner” in the title, use the Trading Post’s Reinforced Mining Luck perk to find some affordable alternatives.

Another option is to purchase some Strong Proficiency Boosters. This consumable item boosts the quantity of resources acquired by a tool by 10% for 20 minutes, so you may as well use it if you want to min-max your mining.

When you have all of the above, it’s time to search New World for Orichalcum sites. A comprehensive list of all known veins may be seen on the interactive New World Orichalcum map. Shattered Mountains is your best chance, although there are a few other options on the map.

What is the possibility of getting Void Ore in the New World?

Each Orichalcum vein has a 1-1.5 percent chance of dropping Void Ore, which has a Mining Luck of 1800. Full luck gear will increase your Mining Luck to roughly 32-50 percent, boosting your chances even more. This equates to around 1-2 Void Ore per 2,000 Orichalcum Ore. The outcome may differ.

Remember that you don’t have to buy your Void Ore this way; you can generally get it for 10,000 Coins at the Trading Post. If you want to build some of that tasty Voidbent Armor, you’ll need a couple of the ingots, regardless of how you obtain your Void Ore.

“New World” is a game that was released in early December of last year. The game has been met with mixed reviews, but there are some things that everyone can agree on: it’s an incredibly beautiful world. One of the most interesting aspects of the map is how it handles resources and ore. Ore is found in veins underground, and when you mine it you will get a small amount of ore for each vein you break open. If you want to make sure you get your hands on as much ore as possible, go to the “new world resource map.”

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