This is a guide for where to put every item in 2013, focusing on the most popular games. Where do you put that? The basic principle of item placement is: “Right Where It Belongs”. Items should be placed as close as possible to their proper place and within easy access. This can also help prevent glitches such as “item-stuck-under-floor.”

How far have you got in this game? How many hours have you put into it, and how hard did you try to get a high score on every level? It’s time for the answer. This is a guide that will tell how to place every item in 2013’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Unpacking item placement is a process of deciding where to put every item in a room. It can be difficult, but with this guide you will be able to make your house more beautiful and organized.

The main character and her partner have now purchased their first actual starter property, as shown in Unpacking’s 2013 chapter. The map shows five spots that need to be cleaned up, since there are various objects here that contribute to difficulties. Thankfully, there is a detailed list of which goods will go where in the next chapter.

Cleaning up the kitchen

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In the 2013 episode, you’ll find rooms with more than five boxes to unpack. To that end, it’s usually a good idea to start by spreading out everything on the floor and sketching out where each type of stuff should go. Pots and pans, as well as the red strainer, may be stored in the cabinets behind the sink. Only one pan remains, which should be put on one of the shelves near the refrigerator.

Objects that should be on the sink counter, such as the microwave and toaster, should be placed in front of the electrical outlet. Then, around the sink, arrange several soaps and cleaning utensils. Drag the menorah, its candles, and a roll of paper towels on top of the fridge, as seen above.

Set each of the four brown coasters on the dining table and all of the magnets on the fridge after that’s done. Place the whiteboard on the fridge as well, if there is enough space. To complete the space, store all utensils and culinary equipment in the drawers and the rest of the objects on the shelves.

The bedroom is being unpacked

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Feel free to hang or fold your clothing in the bedroom closet on the left, as in previous levels. Socks and bras must be put in the purple bins, and each pair of shoes must be placed on the floor to the right of it. Place the blue and orange lockbox below the neighboring nightstand, put the purple journal in one of its drawers.

The purple handbag and yoga mat from the previous package may be put beneath the bed, with any plush animals from around the home laying on top. Drag the remainder of the goods in the bedroom to the nightstand now that they are out of the way.

The living room is being unpacked.

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Players will be entrusted with managing seven boxes in the living room for the first time in the game. Fortunately, the bulk of the stuff, including all books, games, controllers, and toys, will be stored on the tall bookshelf. The Wii, Wii controller, and cable box, on the other hand, must be placed on the TV stand facing front.

In addition, 2013 saw the introduction of things like the umbrella, cane, and light. The umbrella and cane will be placed in the basket near the television, while the lamp will be placed on the tiny wooden table. The blue hand keychain should be the final thing you attempt. This may be mounted on any of the room’s walls.

Organizing the workplace

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The office is the simplest room in the house, with mostly stuff from earlier levels waiting for you. The three remaining drawers should be attached to the board above the desk, and all framed images should be hung. The cables box located under the desk should be placed in the white cabinet next to it, with the wooden stand put on top. Gather the remaining objects on the desk once each book has been put on the shelves.

Getting the bathroom ready

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Begin by emptying the bathroom boxes onto the floor, since the placement of each sort of item in this space is quite specific. After that, start stuffing each drawer with packed products (such as band-aids and medications). Set those that are too big to fit far back beneath the sink. There should be one final drawer to put the hair iron in if everything is done properly.

Next, concentrate your attention on each wall-mounted hanger. Hang the scrubber underneath the shower head and drape the towels over the ones around the sink. On the pole adjacent to the toilet, one of the three toilet rolls will be needed. Then place the remaining two rolls, as well as any bigger things that are left out, underneath the sink.

Continue by finding the pink scent spray and placing it over the toilet, like any respectable human being should. Set each daily-use item, such as soaps, clippers, brushes, and toothbrushes, at the sink or in the medical cabinet above to complete the chapter.