Fate Grand Order is a mobile game developed by Type-Moon and released in Japan on December 7, 2015. The story takes place during the Holy Grail War, an event mentioned briefly throughout previous games of the series such as Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero. The player assumes control of five different characters who use their Extella Servants to summon “Servant Armies” to fight for them. Each army has its own set of cards with various effects that can be triggered when it comes into play or destroyed if they are defeated..

The “fate grand order tier list” is a ranking of the best 5-star riders in Fate/Grand Order. The rankings are based on the rider’s damage, debuff resistance and NP gain.

Riders are a peculiar breed.

What began with a few cavalry soldiers galloping over the plains on horseback has grown beyond our wildest dreams.

There’s nothing these broncobusters can’t tame and ride, from vehicles to pterodactyls to planets!

We’ll also look at some of the top 5-star Riders FGO has to offer in this list.

If the Caster flood gets too excessive, make sure to check out this list!


Sima Yi is number five (Reines)

Reines is the poor man’s way of compensating for the lack of Waver.

Only, unlike Hans Christian Anderson (a low rarity FP summon servant), Reines is a five-star servant, has a limited number of summons, and will very certainly never visit your Chaldea!

Reines works as a flex servant the most of the time.

If you already have Waver, there’s no need to get Reines. She’s a diluted version of her instructor, with some niches where she outperforms him in particular situations.

Reines switches her concentration to more of a defensive approach with a 30 percent NP battery vs Waver’s 50 percent.

Reines still has an attack up, but she now has a targeted invincibility boost instead of Waver’s third talent.

Reines is ideal for long battles when the goal is to survive rather than to produce large numbers.


4. Ozymandias (Ozymandias)

Ozy is an excellent choice for anybody looking for a support Rider.

He can do damage just as well as the next Rider, but Ozy stands out for the versatility of his abilities.

He also has a party-wide attack and a modest self-healing ability active (that has a chance to boost his stats as well).

However, Ozy’s 20 percent charge talent, which is ideal for a damage dealer, is where he truly excels.

Just be aware that if you utilize Ozy in-game and win, it’s advisable to quit the game fast and restart. Otherwise, he won’t stop laughing until you do.


Ivan the Terrible is number three on the list.

Ivan the Terrible Fate/Grand Order sprite

Despite what his name implies, Ivan’s sole “awful” trait is his high gacha drop rate!

Ivan’s toolbox is impressive:

His initial ability generates personal NP and removes all debuffs.

His second talent grants crit stars every round and improves the performance of his Buster card.

Finally, his third ability provides invincibility, lowers the enemy’s attack, and eliminates all of the benefits they have.

The third ability, which removes all opponent perks, is very useful and should not be neglected.

To cope with those pesky boosting adversaries, add him to your squad.


2. Achilles’ heel

Achilles Fate/Grand Order sprite

Achilles is your Skadi looper of choice.

Achilles is the finest agricultural Rider in the game when used with the two Skadi method (or, at least currently in NA).

Because he can charge his own NP by 30%, he doesn’t need to utilize a max limit broken Kaleidoscope or a Master skill to get from 80% to 100%.

This means Achilles may take full use of attack and NP boosting Master talents to seriously devastate his foes!

With a self-invincibility boost and a taunt, Achilles may be very helpful (and when paired together, these result in a free turn).


1. Da Vinci, Leonardo Lily

Leonardo Da Vinci Lily Fate/Grand Order sprite

Da Vinci was a Renaissance man who lived in the 14 Lily is the greatest Rider in the game, because to her role as the finest farming servant on the most meta squad.

In the double Skadi system, you may loop with Achilles. However, since FGO is primarily an agricultural operation, it makes logical to employ the Castoria system for all three-turn looping requirements.

As a result, Da Vinci Lily has risen to the top of the rankings.

Or, to put it another way, she drifts her humvee into first place!

Da Vinci Lily’s abilities also increase her damage.

Her third ability raises the party’s NP damage by 30%, while her second ability enhances crit damage for one round.

If you combine these talents with a powerful character like Da Vinci, you may say goodbye to the fourth turn of any node you cultivate!

The “fgo 5 star tier list jp” is a blog post that ranks the best 5-star riders in Fate/Grand Order. The blog was created by an English user, but it includes Japanese characters.

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・Nero (Black Rider) ・Saber-One ・Gilgamesh”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest character in fate grand order?

A: The strongest character in Fate Grand Order is Gilgamesh from the heavens.

What is the best servant in Fgo?

A: There is no right answer to this question.

Who is the best rider in Fgo?

A: Its hard to say who the best rider is in FGO, but you would probably be interested in the following: ・Nero (Black Rider) ・Saber-One ・Gilgamesh

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