The next step in the evolution of gaming is to make it more immersive and interactive. “Rain” has a twist on traditional FPS games with its protagonist traversing through time and space, both inside and outside the game’s world. The team behind “Rain” discuss how their new idea can be applied to other genres like MOBA or even sports titles, giving players an unprecedented level of control over their gameplay experience.

The “operators package r6” is a new idea for the game. It would be similar to the current “Rain” but it would also include some of the most important operators in the game.

Hello everyone, I’m working on a new set of operators for my own “Operation Executive Protection” and would want some feedback on my first operator, ex-Special Boat Service operator “Rain.”

Edward Park is the name of the operator.

Rain is Rain’s nickname.

Affiliation: There isn’t any.

The 4th of December, 1993, was my birthday.

New Malden, England is where he was born.

1.82 m in height

Weight: 68 kg


Primary Armory 890 R6-Operator-Idea-Rain.jpg

Ak 5D

  • 45 dollars in damages
  • The rate of fire is 670.
  • 50 % mobility
  • 30+210 capacity

ACE 21

  • 40 points of damage
  • 720 fps rate of fire
  • 50 % mobility
  • Capacity: 35+245+245+245+245+245+245

Weapons of the Second Order


  • Damage total: 42
  • % of time spent on fire: 1100
  • 50 % mobility
  • 15+60 capacity

Maxim 9

  • 45 dollars in damages
  • 450 fps rate of fire
  • 50 % mobility
  • 15+60 capacity
  • Suppressed completely


Breach of Contract Charge

Grenade of Smoke


Thunderstorm (x3)

Defenders within range are stunned and disoriented by sound devices that create a high-intensity, low-frequency noise field. The Attackers are also notified of any Defenders within range.


  • Bullets and explosives may be used to shoot down and destroy thunderclouds.
  • The Thunderclouds’ pace will be slowed by barbed wire.
  • Thunderclouds that come within range may be shot down by Jäger’s Active Defense Systems.
  • The Thunderclouds may be dragged away by Wamai’s Mag-NETs and detonated elsewhere.
  • Because it is an electrical device, the Thunderclouds, like other electronic devices, may be damaged by Bandit’s Shock Wires.
  • Surya Gate, like any other hurled grenade, responds to Thunderclouds.


Notes about the device:

Specialist The design of the Thundercloud grenades intrigued Liu and me, and it continues to excite us. I was shocked to learn that someone else had thought about incorporating sound-based weapons into a thrown gadget. The gadget creates a high-intensity sonic pulse that extends outwards in a half-sphere form after being hurled. It has a similar impact as Yokai drones’ burst, but instead of being concentrated in a single blast, it is spread out in a broad arc. The gadget is best helpful in confined locations such as tiny rooms, despite its range of roughly 10 meters. During testing, the gadget proved to be most effective when it came to distracting hostiles before entering a room; flinging them into a room before entering enabled friends to gain the upper hand on threats. The high-intensity noise affects the fluid in the inner ear, causing symptoms comparable to a concussion in people who are exposed to it. Anyone caught in the pulse is not only thrown off by the low-frequency noise, but their position is also divulged and broadcast to allies. Specialist Park’s expertise on ocean-going boats must have given him insight into how pirates employ Long Range Acoustic Devices. While LRADs are effective as a long-range deterrent, they are heavy and only effective at standoff ranges. Thunderclouds, on the other hand, deliver a non-lethal deterrence right into your palm.

-Masaru “Echo” Ensatsu, a specialist


Edward “Rain” Park, the son of North Korean defectors, was born in England, a nation quite different from that of his parents. Despite this, Park and his family came to appreciate their new homeland, and he felt compelled to serve. He joined the Royal Marines when he was 16 years old and excelled in recruit training. He served as a General Duties Rifleman for two years, during which time he was sent to Afghanistan as part of Operation Herrick. Even amid the most intense battle, he was recognized for remaining cool and mission-focused.

He obtained the speciality of Swimmer Canoeist at the end of his second year, and joined the Special Boat Service (SBS). Park then spent the next eight years handling security duties for the London Olympics, undertaking hostage rescue missions on oil rigs, retaking pirated ocean boats, and rescuing diplomats and British people from Libya.

After leaving the SBS in 2020, he relocated to South Korea and began working as VIP security for the Chairman of a large corporation in Seoul. Park alternated between defending the Chairman and his daughter, Choi Jae-hwa, the late actress and model. She had been kidnapped while on a tour in Manila, and images of her torture started to spread on the dark web. Initial evidence pointed to an Asian sex trafficking network managed by an organization linked to the White Masks, albeit their Korean activities have practically been halted owing to a violent clash in the Port of Incheon.

Profile Psychological:

Surprisingly, our first interview did not take place in our usual venue. Rather, the Seoul Police Agency’s questioning chamber was a welcome change of pace. It was via a publication from Specialist Cohen that I first became aware of Specialist Park. The news reported on an occurrence in Korea in which an entire cargo ship got stranded at the port of Incheon. According to the photos, scores of armed thugs and White Mask members lined each and every corridor, as if someone had meticulously worked their way around the ship. The security camera video, which shows how all of this destruction was perpetrated by one individual, is the most shocking part of the narrative. It definitely appeared simple for someone who had been trained in anti-piracy operations to seize a whole ship full of armed criminals on his own.

I had no idea what to anticipate when I went in for the interview. Specialist Park’s underlying agony and sadness, which I could sense underneath his remarks, caught me off surprise right away. Despite his aversion to discussing his background as a British operative, he was far more forthcoming regarding his experience in Korea. This is coming from someone who had the Incheon Police Agency’s Special Operations Unit on high alert just 24 hours before. The single most essential thing I learned from him was that his friendship with the late Choi Jae-hwa must have meant a great deal to him. His acts seem to be driven by sadness and a desire for vengeance. Despite his wrath and anguish, his moral compass seems to be in good shape. He made sure that no civilians were killed or injured in Incheon, and he kept the damage to a minimal.

Rainbow Operational Staff determined that his talents would be beneficial to us, and an agreement was reached with the Korean National Police Agency. If he accepted to join the squad as an operator and VIP security adviser, his offenses would be ignored. On the side, we promised him that he would be given the resources he needed to find out precisely who was responsible for his mistress’s murder.

Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Rainbow’s Director


The Royal Marines are a branch of the Royal Navy (2009)

The 43rd Commando Fleet Protection Group is a unit of the United States Navy’ (2010)

Selection for the Special Forces of the United Kingdom (2011)

Qualifications for swimmers and canoeists (2011)

SBS stands for Special Boat Service (2012)

Achieved the rank of Sergeant.

VIP Security Training (2020)

Experience that is relevant:

Herrick IX is the ninth operation in the Herrick series.

For the 2012 London Olympics, a security detail has been put in place.

Libya’s Second Civil War

Operations against piracy

The event in Grande Tema

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Rainbow operators are a new type of operator that can be used in the game “Rain”. The idea is to create an operator that will look like rain. Reference: rainbow operators.

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