Shin Megami Tensei V is the latest entry into the long-running Japanese RPG series that has been a staple of Nintendo consoles since 1996. The game will feature familiar characters from previous entries, as well as new ones introduced in Persona 5. There are three versions for this release: a standard edition with just one title screen and no voice overs or cutscenes; an “Ultimate” version which includes all DLC content released so far, including costumes to change your protagonist’s look; and a collector’s set which includes everything mentioned above plus physical bonuses such as art prints/tapestries/a lithograph (depending on region) at $99 USD/$149 USD respectively.

Shin Megami Tensei V is coming out soon, and the rumors are starting to circulate. What do you need to know about Shin Megami Tensei V if you’re a Persona fan? Read more in detail here: shin megami tensei v rumors.

The official release of Shin Megami Tensei V is less than a week away, and many fans of Persona 5 may be asking what the distinctions are between the two series. The Persona games are all spin-offs from the Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) V series, to be clear. While the two series have the same demonic enemies (albeit in Persona they are called Shadows while in SMT they are just demons), they are quite different.

So, whether you’re a Persona fan who’s finally ready to dive into the realm of mainline SMT, or if you’re simply curious in the genre and have a hazy sense of what Persona is (we’re looking at you, Smash fans), be aware that the two games have some significant differences. Expecting dating simulator aspects, for example, is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your expectations.

There is no calendar system, and there are no dating sim components.

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During Persona 3, the Persona series included dating sim aspects and a huge calendar system, giving the Megaten franchise a new kind of gameplay. Persona 3 enabled you to experience the life of a student, while Persona 1 and the Persona 2 duology functioned more like a standard SMT game. While battling Shadows and preparing to murder God, he studies, goes to a restaurant, and watches a movie. Alternatively, anything like a God.

Shin Megami Tensei V, on the other hand, will be a more typical JRPG. While SMT is said to have fewer dungeons, it focuses more on gameplay and mood. To max out all of your social connections in a timely manner, you won’t need to follow an exhaustive strategy.

More squabbling

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With an iconic fighting system that is only simplified in Persona, fights are at the forefront of SMT. The SMT games include a unique “Press Turn” fighting system that lets you prolong your turn count by striking a target’s weak spot or inflicting a critical strike.

In Persona, a similar mechanism called “One More” exists, although SMT’s version is far more detailed. And it’s a good thing, too, since fights are considerably more prevalent in SMT as a whole.

“A bleaker tale”

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The bleak, post-apocalyptic backdrop of SMT games is well-known among fans. With a world infested with terrible demons, SMT3 and SMT4 featured an oppressively lonely mood. Meanwhile, since you often mingle with your pals, your persona has a considerably lighter tone. That’s not to argue that Persona storylines can’t be gloomy (Persona 5 involves attempted suicides, sexual assaults, and abuse, among other things), but the tone of SMT games is unmistakably darker.

A linear plotline is also included in Persona games. Persona’s branching endings are quite simple to ignore, as the game mainly takes you along one predetermined route. SMT games, on the other hand, include alignments that enable you to control the story’s progression. You may either seek out a world of chaos or a world of neutrality.

At its core, this is a Megaten game.

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SMT and Persona games are inextricably linked, whether you like it or not. SMT games will never be able to escape Persona’s limelight, since the latter has surpassed the former in popularity. That’s simply the way things are. As irritating as it may be for mainline fans, Persona will almost certainly maintain its position as the most popular series in the Megaten world.

But, in the end, the mature thing to do is to appreciate both. At its core, Persona is a Megaten game, and most Megaten games use recurrent features that let the audience feel at ease. A vulnerability system with recurring spells, famous demons that appear in every game, and a fusion system where you’ll spend hours attempting to build the ultimate demon are all included.

Shin Megami Tensei V is the latest installment in the Shin Megami Tensei series. If you’re a fan of Persona, which is also developed by Atlus, then you will be excited for this game. Reference: is shin megami tensei 5 open world.

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