Infinity Kingdom Codes (November 2021)

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The “infinity kingdom gift codes 2021” is a game that was released on November 2021. The game allows players to explore the world of Infinity Kingdom, and fight against evil villains.

Infinity Kingdom Codes

Youzu Ltd’s Infinity Kingdom is a mobile strategy game available on both Apple and Android. In Infinity Kingdom, you must assemble mighty troops in your home castle to protect your territories from the Gnomes. Select from a variety of factions, hire mighty heroes, and even unleash mythical dragons. Every burgeoning empire might use a financial boost. We’ve gathered all of the current Codes for the Infinity Kingdom to assist you. Take a look at them below.

Using Infinity Kingdom tickets to redeem in-game awards and unique stuff is a free and simple process. Get jewels, philosopher stones, chests, and more by completing quests. Codes might expire at any time, so take advantage of them while you can. By typing CTRL+D on your keyboard, you may save this page to your favorites and return everyday to see what’s new.

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Infinity Kingdom codes

The following are the most recent Infinity Kingdom codes:

  • Dragon Soul x3, 300 Gems, 20,000 Gold, 30 Minute Dragon Upgrading Speedup x3 – favoritedragon
  • Philosopher’s Stone x1, 100 Gems, Superior Speedup Chest x1 sugarcane
  • shabanov – Philosopher’s Stone, 100 Gems, and Superior Speedup Chest
  • Philosopher’s Stone x1, 100 Gems, Medium AP Recovery x1 – phlycol
  • Philosopher’s Stone x 1, 100 Gems, Random Teleport x1 cmkcol
  • 500 Gems, 2krlords – Philosopher’s Stone x3
  • omg777 – Philosppher’s Stone x1, 200 Gems, 1 Hour Wood Boost x1, 500 AP Recovery x3 omg777 – Philosppher’s Stone x1, 200 Gems, 1 Hour Wood Boost x1, 500 AP Recovery x3
  • 1 Hour Wood Boost x1, 200 Gems, Medium Resource Package x1, Contract Builder x1, 1 Hour Wood Boost x1, 1 Hour Wood Boost x1
  • huaweiik – Philosopher’s Stone x3, 300 Gems, 1,000 Exp Rolls x3, 8 Hour Protection Barrier x1 huaweiik – Philosopher’s Stone x3, 300 Gems, 1,000 Exp Rolls x3 huaweiik – Philosopher’s
  • huaweiapp – 300 Gems, 15 Minute Speedups x10, Market Orders x10, Philosopher’s Stone x3
  • Market Orders x10, 200 Gems, 8 Hour Speedup x1, 30 Minute Speedup x5, Territorial Teleport x1 are all returngifts.
  • 100 Gems, Rare Dragn Chest Key x1, Medium Speedup Chest x1, Medium Resources Chest x3 infinity – 4 Hour Protection Barrier x1, 100 Gems, Rare Dragn Chest Key x1, Medium Speedup Chest x1, Medium Resources Chest x1
  • 9453bj4 – 200 Gems, Heart of Norheim x1, Philospher’s Stone x1, Medium Speedup Chest x1
  • Philosopher’s Stone x1, 100 Gems, Contract Builder x1 – angrycol
  • wyncol – 100 Gems, Philosopher’s Stone x1, Market Orders x5
  • Lord Rename x1, 800 Gems, 3 Hour Speedup x1, 4 Hour Protection Barrier x1, 4 Hour Enhanced Gathering x1 – catleikkr

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How to Redeem Infinity Kingdom Codes

Follow these procedures to redeem Infinity Kingdom codes:

  1. Infinity Kingdom will be launched. To input codes, you must first finish the lesson.
  2. In the upper left corner, tap your avatar.
  3. In the lower right corner, tap Settings.
  4. In the bottom row, tap Redeem.
  5. Tap confirm after entering your code in the box.
  6. Take advantage of your free in-game prizes.

To avoid typos or additional spaces, we suggest copying and pasting the codes straight from our list. You should get any in-game goodies or boosts on your account immediately after redeeming the codes. If a code states it’s invalid, double-check to be sure you typed it correctly.

How can I acquire extra Infinity Kingdom codes?

Follow the official Infinity Kingdom Facebook page for more Infinity Kingdom codes. The developers will update their social media platforms with fresh announcements, updates, and codes. We collect codes from all around the internet, so you can keep up with the newest freebies by visiting our code wiki.

Description of the game Infinity Kingdom

The gnomes breached the northern line of defense three years ago, leading their mechanical army into battle. Thousands of cities are destroyed, and humanity’s destiny is in jeopardy. Immortals are now congregating behind your banner. Your terrible armies will be led into battle by the greatest leaders in history! Lords! Will you be able to fend off your foes and bring peace to this war-torn land?

Infinity Kingdom is a game that has been around for quite some time. The “infinity kingdom new codes” are the newest codes that have been released to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Philosophers Stone in Infinity Kingdom?

A: You can buy it from the shop for $4.99

How do you send gifts in Infinity Kingdom?

A: The quickest way to send a gift is through the in-game mail. You can also use your favorite social media site such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and write an anonymous message for me there.

How do you get Merlin in Infinity Kingdom?

A: You must have a code for Merlin. The first person you see when you start up the game is called Galahad, and he will give it to you if he likes your character

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