Last Epoch Necromancer build: Permanent Rampaging Abomination

Need some advice on how to build the perfect Last Epoch Necromancer? In this guide, we’ll take a thorough look at what makes for a good necro and explore ways in which you can attain that.

The “last epoch necromancer build 2021” is a permanent, rampaging abomination that will tear your soul to shreds.

Last Epoch Necromancer build: Permanent Rampaging Abomination

As a Necromancer, the Last Epoch “Permanent Rampaging Abomination” construct is used. We need just a few points to spec into summon skeleton and summon skeleton mages, giving us six distinct sorts of skeleton minions. We then summon Abomination, sacrificing only skeleton minions to keep his health from deteriorating. Based on the quantity of various sorts of minions, he gains more damage and attack speed and just rampages about.

It’s one of the few builds that can use more than five abilities, and we’ll be utilizing seven in this configuration. We’ll use various nodes within the abomination to increase damage per minion, damage per kind of minion, and attack speed if more than five different sorts of minions are devoured. To boost our survival, we’re also running lowlife. We also make use of dread shade’s 100% uptime to give abomination a 100% Critical hit probability!

Permanent Rampaging Abomination is a Last Epoch Necromancer construct.

You’ll be dashing about evading attacks and boosting your abomination to play this build. The monstrosity will do all the heavy lifting for you, slicing and dicing the foes in a single blow. I prefer to use Shade of Dread on auto-cast and Transplant to hit the monstrosity every four seconds with rip blood and Shades of Hell 1x every eight seconds.

When leveling, make use of Skeletal Mages and Seketal Warriors, as well as the Golem. You may do this until you reach level 50, at which time you’ll be able to unlock the abomination and one-shot everything. There’s no need to run a separate build before switching to this one. If you’re a higher level, you can just respec into this one and you’ll be good to go.



  • Health
  • Resistances that are capped
  • Armor and Critical Strike Avoidance


  • Any additional minion flat damage
  • Damage to minions is little.
  • Physical harm is minimized.
  • Damage dealt by minions in melee





  • Transplant
  • Shade of Dread
  • Assemble a monstrosity
  • Shades of Hell
  • Rip the Blood
  • Activate Skeletal Mages
  • Skeleton is summoned.


Dread Shade

Assemble a monstrosity

Infernal Shade

Rip Blood

Activate Skeletal Mages

Skeleton is summoned.

Items and Equipment

There are three uniques that may be used in this construct, but they aren’t required:

  • Exsanguinous
  • The Living’s Final Steps
  • Rattle of Death
  • Honorable Bastion
  • Void of the Ravenous
  • Barbute Bonclamor

Last Steps of the Living is essential for a low-life build like the one we’re running. We’ll also be using Death Rattle, which will provide us with a large amount of Minion Critical Strike Multiplier. Focus on hybrid health idols (percent enhanced Health, +Health, etc.) when it comes to idols. The greater your Health is, the more flat it is.

You may use a weapon that doesn’t have adaptive spell damage as a weapon. Inflicting too much damage on Infernal Shade may harm your abomination. A nice alternative is something like the Soul Harvester.


The Speed Running void Cleaver lootfilter may be found here:

  • Teal/Blue — Affix for any class that is class-specific (unselected by default)
  • Early game goods are light blue (uncheck around level 25)
  • Green — Items from the middle of the game (uncheck around level 40)
  • Yellow – Begin collecting goods for the endgame (uncheck around level 60)
  • Items in the middle of the game are orange.
  • Red – Items that are nearing the finish of the game.
  • Idols – Light Green

Check out the Last Epoch part of our website for more relevant builds, material, and tutorials!

The “Last Epoch Necromancer leveling build” is a permanent rampaging abomination. It has the highest damage in the game, and it can be used for both PvP and PvE. Reference: last epoch necromancer leveling build.

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