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On This Day in Nintendo History: VS. Ice Climber; Pocket Bomberman; Metroid Fusion; Mario Party 6; Super Mario Strikers and more. On this day in Nintendo history, a lot of games were released for the NES. These games include “VS. Ice Climber”, “Pocket Bomberman”, “Metroid Fusion”, and many others that are still popular today.

On this day in Nintendo history (November 18),…

  • In Japan, VS. Ice Climber for the Family Computer Disk System was launched in 1988. This Nintendo platformer game is a remake of the arcade game with 24 additional mountains and added features including a horizontally flying Nitpicker and a bonus multiplier item.

  • In North America, Pocket Bomberman was published in 1998 for the Game Boy Color. Unlike previous Bomberman games, Pocket Bomberman has sidescrolling platformer gameplay, as opposed to the overhead perspective of other Bomberman games. To progress, Bomberman must destroy all adversaries in each level, much as in earlier Bomberman games. There are five worlds in all, each with 25 levels. Each planet has a unique theme, such as a forest, an aquatic environment, cloudtops, and a dark underworld.

  • Metroid Fusion was published in North America on the Game Boy Advance in 2002. Bounty hunter Samus Aran is afflicted by a dangerous parasite while on a trip to the Metroids’ home planet in this action-adventure game produced by Nintendo R&D1. Samus is endowed with unique new abilities from her old nemesis thanks to Metroid DNA, but she must battle a new foe: the ‘X’ parasite. In the traditional Metroid style, Metroid Fusion combines a gripping original tale with furious platform action and exploration.

  • In Japan, Mario Party 6 for the Nintendo GameCube was released in 2004. Mario, Luigi, and the rest of the crew are back in this Hudson Soft party game, which means it’s time for a new party! This new installment of the ever-popular series includes over 75 brand-new mini-games, five multiplayer game boards, and three solo game boards to play on – as well as a Nintendo GameCube Microphone, which is required for the new games! Depending on the new day and night system, the boards and mini-games change.

  • In PAL areas, Mario Smash Football (also known as Super Mario Strikers in North America) was published in 2005 for the Nintendo GameCube. Following successful spells on the tennis court and the golf course, Mario now turns his hand (or foot) to the realm of soccer in this sports game made by Next Level Games. Mario’s incredible ball skills are on display as he performs a stunning array of unorthodox shimmies and swerves.

  • Fossil Fighters: Champions was a Nintendo DS game published in Japan in 2010. Fossil Fighters from all over the globe assemble to Fossil Park on Caliosteo Island, founded by the world-famous Joe Wildwest, to resurrect dinosaur fossils and combat each other in this role-playing game created by Nintendo SPD in collaboration with Red Entertainment, M2 and Artdink. The Barebones Brigade, on the other hand, is preparing to seize control of Caliosteo Island and has been creating problems for the Fossil Fighters. Resurrects new dinosaurs and ancient monsters.

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The “mario party 6” was released on June 22, 2000. This game is the sixth installment in the Mario Party series. The game contains a variety of mini-games that are played with up to four players at once.

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