A new take on an old concept, this game is a fast-paced brain teaser. With innovative decision making mechanics and quick gameplay, it’s easy to see why so many are enjoying the change in pace from other puzzle games out there.

If you’re looking for a new game to try with friends or family, look no further than Circa Infinity. This fast-paced brain teaser is now available on the App Store and Google Play!Circa Infinity is a fast-paced brain teaser with an exceptionally simple premise of matching pictures to their identical counterparts. A mix between 2048 and Threes, this game has been compared to the classic Bejeweled games of old. Incredibly addicting, it’s easy enough for beginners but provides some serious challenge for more experienced players as well.

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Circa Infinity is a tough circular platformer developed by a single individual called Kenny Sun and released by RedDeerGames. Your primary aim is to reach the centre of each level. Unlike other platformers, your objective is to reach the level’s midway rather than the finish. Going to the center, on the other hand, is not as simple as it seems, and we shall detail how difficult it is in this review. This is our review of the fantastic Xbox Series X game Circa Infinity, in which we enter inside certain circles and have our minds bent in many ways.

Circa Infinity is a platformer in its heart, however instead of traditional side-scrolling, you’ll primarily be found on the rims of circles or inside them. Your aim is to get to the centre of each level’s ‘core,’ which is portrayed with yet another circle but with changing lines to generate hallucinogenic effects and play mind tricks. The game begins slowly and provides you a brief overview of how to play. The graphic design is very distinctive right from the start, as you must navigate in circles, giving you a taste of what to anticipate in the complete game.

Starting on the first level, you quickly get used to the game since the early stages are very simple, and I like how the game eases you into its flow before consuming your head like a whirling beast. As you go through the levels, the game introduces new elements while also twisting the previous ones. The circles shrink and occasionally speed up. Your primary aim is to make it through each level alive. It’s not simply about getting to the bottom of each level’s core.

In the circles, several sorts of adversaries begin to surface, and the game does an excellent job of presenting them. It teaches you how to deal with each sort of adversary in the game before throwing a slew of them into the mix and twisting your head so hard that you simply keep playing level after level. Normally, these levels get more difficult, but after playing Circa Infinity for a while, you start to grow so proficient at it that you simply keep completing levels in a frenzy that is difficult to express.


The flow becomes so fluid that even when the game throws everything at you, your mind, hands, and eyes adapt to the patterns, and you begin to view everything in a new light. It’s a basic game, but it’s also rather lovely. Colors are used liberally in the creatures, stages, and backdrops, with white and black dominating the majority of the level designs. Additional colors are used in some of the later stages, but white and black remain rule supreme throughout the game, with red sometimes thrown in for good measure.

The combination of black and red, with red representing dangers, teaches your mind to avoid risks at all costs in the game, which is one of the reasons why you grow so good at it if you keep playing it. Because your mind begins to perceive white and black as safe colors and red as a danger, you begin to avoid red. Enemies come in a variety of kinds and sizes. Some run around the rims of the circles, while others fly within, making jumping to the next circle more difficult. As you go through the game, you will notice new patterns of these adversaries, which will drastically raise the difficulty and force you to use new techniques.


The game is divided into five chapters, each of which has ten levels. The first nine stages introduce new features to the game and give you a good opportunity to master them before the game pits you against a boss, forcing you to apply all you’ve learned to survive and advance to the next chapter. While the game does not require you to finish the level in the quickest time possible, it does have a no-death challenge, for which you will get a red skull if you complete the level without dying.

There are no lives in the game, and dying just returns you to a safe circle where you may try again with a new plan. Apart from the gameplay, I was enthralled by the game’s aesthetic art style. Circa Infinity is a game that strongly relies on patterns and colors, therefore in order to improve, you must first learn the patterns and then fling yourself into them without harming the pattern. This is the key to completing each level. You’ll be on the go all the time with an exciting soundtrack.


Circa Infinity was a lot of fun to play. I had no idea when I dived into the title for this review on my Xbox Series X that I would get so engrossed in the game that I would finish it in one sitting. I finished the game, and yes, I did it in a single sitting. This is how addicting the game was for me. Although some of the levels irritated me, I had a great time playing Circa Infinity overall. If you like fast-paced platformers and games that truly tickle your senses with their amazing graphic style, this game needs to be in your collection.


The Bottom Line:

Circa Infinity is a game that is both tough and rewarding. To succeed, you must get into the swing of things and memorize the patterns of each level. To play Circa Infinity, you must be very quick with both your hands and your mind at the same time, as well as recall all of the adversary patterns. All of this works together, and to reach the finish of Circa Infinity, you must be at the top of your game. It’s a wacky game that deserves a place in your collection because of its simple but hard gameplay. The visual style is basic as well, but it is psychedelic, and it will often cause your head to spin. In a nutshell, this game is fantastic, and you should play it.

9.0/10 for the overall performance.

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