Splitgate is a unique game that lets players explore, build and fight in the world of mythological Norse gods. The 2 for 1 Special achievement can be unlocked by completing these activities: complete all 10 temples, kill 3 enemies with one shot from your bow or sword.

Splitgate is a unique spin on the classic tower defense genre where players must defend their castle from wave after wave of monsters. Players can upgrade levels, skill trees and towers with in-game currency or when they watch an advert. Splitgate also boasts free to play elements such as loot boxes for players who want to add some extra excitement to gameplay, but it’s not required

The “splitgate collateral kill” is a command that allows players to have an extra life. This achievement can be accomplished by using the “Splitgate” app.

You’ll need to obtain a collateral with the Sniper Rifle to earn the 2 for 1 Special accomplishment in Splitgate, which means you’ll have to kill two opponents with one round. The Sniper Rifle is a powerful weapon with the potential to pass through many adversaries in a straight line with a single shot. Although achieving this accomplishment seems to be straightforward, the unpredictability of an online FPS may make it rather difficult. The solo and boosting tactics listed below will assist you in obtaining the 2 for 1 Special. Remember that the accomplishment will not be unlocked until the match is completed.

Method for Working Alone

Modes that work best

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It’s preferable to play Big Head Snipers mode if you want to get the 2 for 1 Special accomplishment. You may also include Team Shotty Snipers if you wish. After pressing Play, both of these may be seen under Quickplay. You spawn with a Sniper Rifle in your hand, so you won’t have to go looking for one. We suggest that you exclusively play Big Head Snipers since it grants everyone a bigger head, allowing for easier one-shot kills, which is very useful while attempting to get collateral.


With Sniper Rifles, headshots are always one-shot kills, while body shots only deal 70 damage against a player’s 100 maximum health. This means you must either obtain two headshots with one bullet, shoot one person in the head and another who is 70 HP or lower anywhere on the body, or strike two persons who are both 70 HP or below anywhere on the body to get a collateral. While setting up collateral is mostly based on luck, you may improve your ability to capitalize on opportunities.

Avoid more open maps in favor of those with more congested sections and corridors, such as Atlantis. The map Forgone Destruction is the only exception. On this map, if you play as an opposing bot team, they may become caught in a loop where they go back and forth around the pillars towards the bottom of the ramps on the map’s corners. You may be able to set up an easy collateral if more than one bot gets trapped in this running pattern, as we’ve witnessed. Otherwise, set up camp in congested passageways and chokepoints, then wait for two adversaries to line up. Portals may be used to create sight lines and prevent danger.

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Boosting Technique

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If soloing is too boring for you, the quickest (and cheesiest) method to gain this award is to enlist the aid of two or three pals. Splitgate enables you to join a team and play Free for All (FFA). So, when FFA becomes accessible, just join in with your pals. Finding a Sniper Rifle on the map you’re playing on will be the most difficult task. After that, you may gather your pals, line them up, and shoot them both in the head with a single shot.

If you just have one buddy to assist you, continue the procedures above but have your one friend attempt to align up with an opposing player so you can take the shot. It may not be ideal, but it should be less difficult than the solo way if it is causing you problems. Wait until the game is over to gain the achievement.

The “splitgate achievements” is a game that allows players to achieve 2 for 1 Special achievement. The game has been out for a while, but not many people know how to get it.

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