In Halo Infinite, a new game in the series developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft Studios as an Xbox Play Anywhere title, players will be able to explore more than 20 years of Halo lore. The game includes all-new campaign missions that take place after the events of Master Chief’s last mission in “Halo 5: Guardians,” but before he goes into cryo sleep at the end of “Halo 3.”

The “halo infinite chak lok” is a guide that includes information on the boss battles in Halo Infinite. The game will be released this fall and has been highly anticipated by gamers.

Halo Infinite has a fantastic campaign, and you’ll encounter many bosses at various times during it. These bosses are far more difficult to defeat than your regular adversaries, so you’ll need to devise a plan to defeat them. We’ve put up our Halo Infinite Boss Battles Guide, which includes a list of all of the enemies you’ll face in the game as well as some tips and methods for taking them out quickly.

Halo Infinite Boss Battles Guide

Details on how to fight all of Halo Infinite’s bosses may be found here.

Chak ‘Lok

In Halo Infinite, Chak ‘Lok is the first boss you’ll encounter. This isn’t a very difficult boss, but the fact that he prefers melee combat and is invisible at the same time makes him a dangerous foe. He also wields a Plasma Sword, making him lethal up close and capable of killing you in a matter of strikes. To begin with, keeping a safe distance from the boss is essential.

To maintain your distance, you must be able to view the boss at all times, and because Chak ‘Lok uses his camouflage to conceal, you must eliminate his advantage as well. Simply place a danger sensor in the center of the room, and it will always illuminate the location of the boss. This will provide you with an advantage. Now all you have to do is keep collecting up shock canisters and throwing them at the monster to stun him, then blast him with your weapons to inflict damage. Make sure you’re moving at all times and keep repeating this strategy to rapidly beat the monster.


When you go to the large laser drill at the Banished Dig Site, you’ll run across Bassus. Bassus is a formidable opponent, since he wields a massive Gravity Hammer and is encased in strong armor. Because the arena is small, you must be very cautious while moving about to avoid colliding with the monster. Bassus will constantly come up close and personal with you since he needs to assault with his hammer.

Fortunately for you, the arena is brimming with weaponry, so make use of the most potent ones you can find. Bassus’s shield and health aren’t very high, so you’ll be able to knock him down fast. However, you’ll have to survive his big smash hammer move, which may easily kill you, making this a difficult encounter. You may also use grenades to stun him and obtain a limited hit window. Make sure you’re constantly moving and persistent, and the boss will finally succumb.

Resolution of the Adjutant General

At the top of the Spire, you’ll run across Adjutant Resolution, who is a rather simple monster to battle. The hard light weapons are your greatest friend here, and you have many of them in the arena, so make sure you’re constantly employing them to your advantage. You must first destroy one of the boss’s metal appendages in order to do damage to it. You may then deal damage to the boss after it’s gone down. The monster will continue to attack you while doing so, but you must be aware of the beam attack, which causes huge damage. To evade this assault, hide behind pillars.

Hyperius and Tovarus

Tovarus and Hyperius, a boss pair, may be found during the assignment Pelican Down. This time, you have a large arena to contend with, but you must also avoid two bosses. Weapons and explosive barrels abound in the arena, which you may employ to your advantage throughout the combat. Both bosses appear at the same moment, although one concentrates on melee battle while the other prefers ranged combat.

There are a lot of shipwrecks around here, as well as other adversaries that will join the battle if you move around too much, however there is a Warthog with a gunner turret that you may employ during the final fight. The trick to this battle is to separate the two bosses and fight each one separately. Because Tovarus has the minigun, you may entice Hyperius away by aggroing him and hiding under a ship’s cover to take him down swiftly.

After you’ve taken down Hyperius, you may concentrate on Tovarus by utilizing the Warthog’s gunner turret to slowly deplete his health. Make sure you’re constantly under cover, and utilize the gunner turret for fast bursts, since Tovarus will swiftly mow you down. You’ll be OK for this boss encounter as long as you stay out of the way of the enemy fire, both from bosses and random attackers. To make things simpler, make sure you tackle one boss at a time rather than both.

Second Encounter Adjutant Resolution

You’ll go across this monster again later in the game, and the boss battle will be very much the same this time. The only change is that now, in addition to the boss, you must also contend with the Sentinels. Continue to kill the Sentinels who are focused, then concentrate on destroying the monster’s mechanical appendages, and finally on the boss itself. If you keep doing this, you’ll be able to knock down the boss in no time. Make sure you utilize the cover to keep the flames at bay.

‘Rdomnai, Jega ‘Rdomnai, Jega ‘Rdomn

You’ll meet Jega ‘Rdomnai, the head of the House of Reckoning, within. Jega ‘Rdomnai is a dangerous adversary that utilizes his invisibility and his crimson Plasma Sword to get close to you. You must keep the boss visible to you at all times, just like you did during the battle with Chak ‘Lok. Simply place a threat sensor in the center of the room to do this.

You can battle the monster in a corner with the crates in the area because you can utilize the crates to keep some space between you and the boss. If you have stun weapons, use them to stun the monster for a limited attack window, and keep your danger sensor activated at all times. Continue blasting the boss until you are able to take it out.


Escharum may also be found in the House of Reckoning, and this is perhaps the slowest boss encounter in the game due to the fact that the monster absorbs a lot of damage. You will never run out of ammunition or weapons in the arena since it is filled with a variety of weaponry. Continue blasting the monster while staying on the run to avoid taking damage. Keep going, and the boss will shortly deploy a barrier around itself.

Shoot the core at the wall to disable the shield, which is simplest to do if you have a sniper with you. Shooting the core will disable the shield, allowing you to attack the monster. Continue repeating this until the boss takes enough damage to advance to the next level of the boss fight. During the second level of the boss encounter, the boss will use his Gravity Hammer instead of his ranged weapon. During this phase, you must grapple about to stay ahead of the monster while still doing damage to him. Keep going, and the boss will ultimately fall.


Harbinger is the game’s ultimate boss, and it will take a long time to defeat. Harbinger is constantly surrounded by a shield, which only deactivates once you eliminate a wave of foes. Enemies keep arriving throughout these waves, and after you’ve slain them all, the game is over. Once the shield is down, close in on the Harbinger and unload all you have on him. This will go on for three waves of foes, the last of which is the most difficult, and you will ultimately defeat the monster.

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