How to Complete Dares of Eternity in Destiny 2

Ethereal items will be a reward for completing certain challenges in Dares of Eternity. These are the steps to obtain them:1) Complete all Challenges 2) Clear all Challenge levels 3) Win some Matchmaking games 4) Earn your first Ethereal item with this weapon 5).

In “dares of eternity destiny 2”, players can complete dares for rewards. One of these dares is to find and kill a rare enemy. This article will show you how to complete this dare in Destiny 2.

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The new six-player action Dares of Eternity was introduced to Destiny 2 as part of the 30th Anniversary event. Unlike the previous dungeon, it is free to play for all gamers and has a ton of new material. 

It may seem daunting at first, but don’t worry. With this tutorial on how to finish Dares of Eternity in Destiny 2, I’ve got you covered. 

How to Finish the First Section of Dares of Eternity

Round 1: The Killing Game

Dares of Eternity is divided into two parts, each with two rounds, a mini-boss, and a final boss. The first round, which you’ll begin as soon as you log in, is a simple kill challenge. You’ll have five minutes to destroy every ad that comes in, as well as a few of Champions, after spinning the wheel and selecting your adversary type. 

There are a lot of advertisements here, but you only have six Guardians, so it shouldn’t take you more than two minutes to finish. 

Regardless of the outcome of your wheel spin, this round is the same. Just keep killing stuff until the battle is over. That is all there is to it. 

Special Mechanics (Round 2)

In both the first and second portions, the second round requires some mechanics. Depending on whatever opposing side you’re up against, these mechanics alter as well. 

In general, it will include you killing a glowing adversary to get an item or buff, which you will then use to destroy something else on the battlefield, such as floating crystals or yellow-bar Majors’ shields. 

Here’s a breakdown of the mechanics used by each opponent type:

  • Hive: Several floating crystals and giant Hive Knights will spawn throughout the arena. When you kill one of the Knights, a shimmering green pool will appear in its place. Moving through this green pool will give you a 10 second bonus that enables you to blast the floating crystals throughout the arena. To finish the battle, destroy all of the crystals. 
  • Fallen: The Fallen encounter will consist of a barrage of mines that you must disarm, similar to Prison of Elders. Simply standing beneath these mines until the progress meter reaches 100% will defuse them. Each mine has a Fallen Brig as well as a slew of Exploder Shanks, so proceed with care. To beat the encounter, defuse all of the mines within the time restriction. 
  • Taken: A gigantic Taken Vex and a Taken Blight will spawn in the center of the arena. The Vex will drop a slew of Taken orbs when they die. Gather these orbs and toss them at the Blight to inflict damage. Another Taken Vex will spawn in the rear of the arena after all of the orbs have been tossed. Rinse and repeat until the Blight is gone (usually two stages). 
  • Cabal: A handful of protected Centurions, as well as luminous Cabal Incinerators, will spawn around the battlefield. When you kill the Incinerators, you’ll get a throwable charge. To tear down the shields of the protected Centurions, throw the charge at them, enabling you to harm them. To clear this encounter, defeat all of the Centurions. 
  • Vex: Shield-wielding Vex Majors will spawn throughout the arena. Vex Goblins with glowing eyes will also appear. When you kill Goblins, they will drop Vex heads for you to pick up. These heads fire a beam that has the potential to destroy the Major’s shield. You may injure them if you take down their shield completely. To clear the encounter, destroy all shielded Vex. 

Xur’s Funhouse is a place where you may have a good time.

While clearing Dares of Eternity, there is an intermission that you must complete before moving on to the second phase. 

I mean a “wacky” funhouse by intermission, and that’s a straight statement from Xur. You’ll be hopping through a few areas filled with spinning pillars, shifting walls, and obnoxious flooring. 

As you prepare to approach this region, you’ll discover an entrance at the top, hidden behind a large rotating plate. You’ll make it into the upper portion of the Funhouse if you time your catapult just when the ball on the right side of the circle lines up. If you get it over the gap without falling, you’ll get Starhorse’s Favor for the following phase. 

Starhorse’s Favor is a one-of-a-kind perk that offers you increased damage resistance and endless heavy ammunition regeneration. With this boost, you can go into the following round and spam Gjallarhorn the whole time, so obtain it if you can. 

How to Finish the Second Section of Dares of Eternity

Round 1: The Killing Game

This is the same as the first round in the first section: you spin the wheel, choose an opponent type, destroy the advertisements and Champions, and then go on with your life. 

Special Mechanics (Round 2)

All five opponent special rounds are identical to those used in the first portion of Dares of Eternity, with the exception of spawn places. To see what mechanics each group employs, look at the list above. 

Mini-Boss Battle

I said that each part had two rounds. I lied to you. 

After the second round, you’ll face a mini-boss in the second part before facing the genuine final monster. This is the first round exclusive to the second half of DoE, and it has various mechanics for each opponent side, similar to the special mechanic rounds:

  • Hive: The Hive mini-boss is an unstoppable shield-wielding Ogre. You’ll need the buff you used to break the crystals in the special mechanics round to tear down the shield. Kill the huge Knights who drop the buff and melt the boss’ shield. You don’t need the boost to perform damage after the shield is down. 
  • A giant-ass Brig is the Fallen’s mini-boss of choice. That is all there is to it. Within seconds of it spawning, you’ll be able to kill it. 
  • Taken: The Taken mini-boss is a Taken Knight with an unbreakable shield, as you would expect! To tear down the shield, you must kill glowing foes in order to get more Taken orbs, exactly like you did in the previous round. Toss the orbs at the Knight, shoot him, and go about your business. 
  • Cabal: Of the five mini-bosses, the Cabal is by far the simplest. You must kill a tank that will spawn in. That is all there is to it. There aren’t any specific shields or criteria. It’s just another tank like the hundreds you’ve seen before. This object will be melted in less than a minute if you have a skilled Fireteam. 
  • Vex: Because you’ll be pushed into a two-phase combat, the Vex mini-boss will likely take you longer than any of the other factions. You’ll be up against a Hydra with an indestructible shield (original, I know). You’ll use the Vex heads you used in the special mechanics round to tear down that shield.

Choose Your Poison

Following the defeat of the monster, your squad will be presented with a choice of three plates/doors, each with an opposing faction insignia. These icons represent the last boss battles you may face. 

The plates have no bearing on the boss you receive; you’re simply using them to guess. You and any teammates standing on that plate will get Starhorse’s Favor for the final boss battle if you guess correctly. 

Fight of the Bosses

Now it’s time for the last boss. You’ll be confronted with a random opponent faction, just as in every previous portion of the exercise. The problem is that this specific encounter is only available once a week. At any one moment, only three of the five factions will be active. 

We only know about three of them since Dares of Eternity has only been online for a week. So stay tuned next Tuesday to find out what the other two are. 

  • Crota is the Hive boss in Dares of Eternity. That’s right, we’re at it again with that jerk. You can only harm him with a special Hive sword, just as previously. Most gamers should have no trouble with this. Instead of being rushed by advertisements, you’ll be confronted with a swarm of red-bar knights. Special “Swordbearer Knights” will eventually spawn from the arena’s portals. 

When you kill these Knights, you’ll get a weapon that enables you to attack Crota. If you do enough damage, he’ll create two more projections of himself, requiring your fireteam to split up to take them out. 

Special Acolytes will spawn out of the rear portal during this battle. When you kill them, your team will get a bonus that increases the amount of damage they deliver to Crota. It is not required to get this buff, although it might help speed up the battle. 

  • TBD for the Fallen (It’s got to be Taniks, right?)
  • TBD (to be determined)
  • Cabal: Whether we like it or not, we’ve entered a conflict with the Cabal on… wherever Dares of Eternity is held. Valus Ta’aurc is definitely on the Cabal’s hit list. For those unfamiliar with Destiny, this man is an ancient strike boss and the source of the famous Zavala remark. 

The fight will begin with a brief DPS phase. But don’t get too worked up over it. You’ll rapidly reach a health-gate, at which time Ta’aurc will shelter himself. That’s a common occurrence with this kind of exercise. 

You’ll have to kill 12 Majors strewn throughout the map before you can shatter that shield. Because these Majors are labeled “Siegebreakers,” identifying them shouldn’t be difficult. 

After that, you must defeat two Threshers (flying ships) in order to generate two of the orbs you previously utilized. Instead of hurling them towards the boss’s shield, aim for the generators adjacent to him. Destroy both generators to knock his shield down, and then DPS him until he’s dead. 

  • Vex: This character — Zydron, the Gatelord – will be remembered by old-school D1 veterans. Don’t be concerned if you have no idea who this is. He’s an old boss from Destiny 1’s main campaign. This guy predates the attack on the Vault of Glass. 

This boss battle is rather easy in comparison to the others. To begin, you’ll have to avoid two rounds of Vex gates. If you played during Season 14, they are the identical ones from Expunge. Don’t worry if you don’t. They’re large and red, and they’re heading right for you. You’ll be able to view them. 

It isn’t the worst thing in the world to get struck by them. You won’t die; instead, you’ll be locked in a detainment bubble that you may escape by shooting. 

Ads will appear on all three sides of the arena once you avoid the second wave. After you’ve dealt with them, two Overload champions will appear, one on the left and the other on the right. Killing them will deactivate the boss’s shield, allowing you to attack. 

You’ll have to avoid additional gates at some point during the damage phase. They came in four waves, to be precise. Because the boss will be teleporting about, standing in a Well is a bad idea. 

It’s possible that this will take two stages, but don’t worry about it. It’s quite simple to win this battle. Just make sure you’re paying attention to those advertisements. 

After the final boss battle, there’s a possibility you’ll get an additional “lightning round.” If you receive one, you’ll have a chance to get an extra three bonus chests, which means more Treasure Keys and Strange Coins. 

I’ve cleared Dares of Eternity over 30 times, including Legendary runs, and have only encountered one lightning round (which I can’t remember), thus I can’t provide you many recommendations based on my own experience. According to what I’ve heard from other gamers, it’s a round that combines mine defusing (like with the Fallen) with fighting specific monsters who spawn in throughout the round. 

You’ll need to be on your A-game here since the battle against the time seems to be much closer than in prior rounds. 

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The “dares of eternity legend” is a quest that can be completed in Destiny 2. It will require you to complete a number of dares, which are basically challenges that give you experience and loot.

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