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The Dex Armor is a great option for your next build. It offers the protection you need while still looking sleek and stylish.

The “best armor for dex build dark souls 3” is a guide that will help you choose the best Dex Armor for your next build. It goes over the different kinds of armor and how they compare to each other.

In the game, every Dark Souls player travels through three stages.

When you first start out in the game, you’ll want to put on the greatest armor you can find. You merely want to finish the game, and taking less damage will definitely help you do so.

You’ll have likely discovered a variety of armor components after playing for a while (and after your boss kill count has increased). That’s when you start to feel more daring and try new things, sometimes putting appearances ahead of efficiency.

Finally, after you’ve beaten the game in every way possible, you realize that wearing something that doesn’t awe the crowds is pointless.

Fashion Souls, you’ve finally arrived at the actual conclusion!

We’ll be focusing on some of the best-looking DS2 armor sets that will meet all of your dex roleplaying requirements.


Set of Wanderers

First up, we have a set that captures the concept of a wandering warrior. Perhaps someone is scouring the lands in search of riches or glory.

The Wanderer Set looks fantastic with curved swords like a scimitar or a falchion to truly cement the impression of a warrior from the distant Eastern Lands.

Despite the fact that it is beginner gear, this set offers some respectable armor values. So don’t overlook it!

How to obtain it: Swordsman’s starting armour, found in the Lost Bastille.


Set of Black Leather

In the sequel, a fan favorite from the first game makes a reappearance.

The Black Leather outfit is an excellent option for anybody who wishes to live the life of a thief (as much as you can in this game anyway).

If you’re planning a robbery, it’s evident that you’ll need a facemask and skin-tight attire.

Don’t forget to bring your daggers!

It doesn’t give much in terms of stats, so you’re better off evading than tanking the hit like a true thief!

How to obtain it: Laddersmith Gilligan sells it.


Set of Monasteries

I’m going to show you the first of our “NPC Roleplay” settings today.

The Monastery Set allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a Painting Guardian, guarding what you hold dear.

If you intrude on someone or are intruded upon, you might appear as if you’re defending a certain location or thing, and act aggressively against everyone who approaches.

Throwing knives, of course, are a necessary when wearing this, since they serve as the finishing touch.

How to obtain it: Painting Guardian Phantom drops it at Aldia’s Keep, and it requires a bonfire intensity of 2 or higher.


Set made of leather

This outfit is more suited for a ranger than a thief, since it takes a very different approach than its dark-hued relative.

Everything a hunter needs in the woods is lightweight and simple to use.

This is also true in Dark Souls.

The ranger is a master of his trade, utilizing the environment as an ally, with a bow to shoot adversaries from afar and a shortsword sheathed and ready to be pulled if the adversary closes the gap.

How to obtain it: Found in a chest near the Soldier’s Rest campfire in the Forest of Fallen Giants.


Set by Alonne

I’ve attempted to stay away from armor that seems to be hefty or has a lot of metallic components.

But I couldn’t let this one go by without mentioning it.

Alonne arrived from the East and became the Iron King’s knight captain. And no other suit of armor in the game shouts “Samurai Warrior” like this one.

Take a look at it for yourself.

Every katana user should be proud to wear this set, and then spend the night in Iron Keep engaging in honorable duels.

After defeating Sir Alonne, Magerold of Lanafir sells it to you.


Set for a Traveling Merchant

Travelling Merchant’s Attire Set in Dark Souls 2

Do you have a thing for consumables?

Do you like perplexing your opponents since they have no idea what half of the items in this game do?

I’ve got just what you’re looking for!

The pouches, belts, pockets, and other compartments in the Travelling Merchant’s Set are perfect for storing your belongings for any occasion.

Consumables have always been one of my favorites. And it’s a pity that just a few of the tens of them in DS2 are really used.

How to obtain it: Merchant Hag Melentia sells the Explorer’s starting gear.


Set of Shadows

Shadow Set in Dark Souls 2

I won’t spend too much time on the Shadow Set since it’s pretty similar to the Black Leather Set.

The Shadow Set, on the other hand, is a wonderful complement for your assassin build if you want something “edgy.”

The whole ensemble gives you the appearance of a shadow beast ready to serrate and eviscerate everything.

The gauntlets also amplify the bleeding effect of your weapon, further cementing the bloodletting theme!

Suspicious Shadow dropped it for you.


Set of Lucatiel

Lucatiel’s Set in Dark Souls 2

Lucatiel’s set is one of the most distinctive in the game.

It reminds me of a fencing match, complete with flourishes and grandiose maneuvers.

When wearing this costume, it’s critical to utilize a thrusting sword (such as a rapier).

You may also simply roleplay as Lucatiel, one of the greatest NPCs around, using the Mirrah Greatsword!

Complete Lucatiel’s questline to gain (quest route).

Kill Lucatiel for her mask, then purchase the remainder from Merchant Hag Melentia (evil route).


Butterfly Moon Set

Moon Butterfly Set in Dark Souls 2

You know, it’s not always about how you appear. It’s not always about conveying a message.

The Moon Butterfly set will send thrills down your spine just by looking at it.

Just have a peek at it!

Anyone who wears this will undoubtedly be a threat.

They clearly don’t give a damn about themselves. They just want to instill dread and horror on the battlefield.

I’d turn around and flee for my life if I spotted someone who looked like this approaching me.

Oh, and everything around you will be poisoned as well. Why? Because.

When the Majula bonfire has an intensity of 2 or greater, Maughlin the Armorer will sell it to you.

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The “dark souls best armor for fast roll” is a guide that will help you choose the best dex armor for your next build. The article includes the pros, cons, and more information about each piece of gear.

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