The best caster rings in the game are not always easy to find. A lot of people reject them because they do not wear well, or worse – fit poorly. But there is a process for trial and error that will ensure you get the ring you deserve!

The “demon’s souls best rings for mage” is a list of the best caster rings in the game. The ring can be used to improve your casting ability and attack power.

You’ve probably came across a number of mystical and enchanted rings during your adventures across Drangleic.

Many casters will benefit greatly from these rings.

They may provide you incredibly beneficial benefits like enhanced life, stamina, or even damage!

“However, there are just too many rings to pick from!” I get what you’re saying.

Fear not, my dear mage, as we’ve ranked all of the finest rings for your build to take the pressure off of making a decision.


Ring of Knowledge (number 10)

Like our rating of melee rings, the first few items here will be less beneficial for most builds, and will decrease in value as the game progresses.

Casters in DS2 (sorcerers, hexers, and so on) have a tougher difficulty with stat distribution than melee, and must spend considerably in order for their builds to shine.

The Ring of Knowledge (and the other +5 stat rings) helps by reducing some of the anguish, allowing you to spend your souls more freely if you wish to cast/try a new spell or weapon.

How to obtain it: Straid of Olaphis sells it.


Seal of the Abyss

Abyss Seal in Dark Souls 2

If you’re strictly a hexer build, this one should be far higher on the list.

At a cost of 30 life every cast, the Abyss Seal boosts the strength of all your hexes by 7%.

Later on, when you want to break down your adversaries as rapidly as possible, this will come in handy… But not too soon, since 30 represents a significant portion of your overall life.

How to obtain: This item was given to you as a thank you for joining the Pilgrims of Dark covenant.


Ring of a Royal Soldier

Royal Soldier’s Ring in Dark Souls 2

This ring boosts your overall equipment burden by 20% at its maximum setting. This allows you to equip more powerful gear without having to spend too much vitality.

While melee builds may make significant use of this, as a caster, you’ll want to wear relatively light equipment, making this somewhat less beneficial.

Nonetheless, don’t be put off from utilizing it.

Your stamina regenerates quicker when you have a bigger maximum equipment load, which you may require!

How to obtain it: Velstadt drops it in New Game+.


7. A Ring of Life

Life Ring in Dark Souls 2

In the early and mid-game, unless you start as a tanky cleric or paladin, you’ll have a lot less life than your melee competitors.

Furthermore, your thin robes don’t exactly give the finest protection against physical strikes, especially in the latter stages of DS2.

Is that to say that if anything strikes you, you’ll simply flop over and die?

Yes, strictly speaking. However, you should make it 15% more difficult for your opponents to kill you.

The Life Ring is a lifesaver!

Treasure in Brume Tower, up the Foyer bonfire elevator, and over the gap created by another elevator is how to obtain (+3 version).


6. Clutch of Sorcery

Sorcery Clutch Ring in Dark Souls 2

The clutch rings are kind of a two-edged sword.

They all do additional damage to the element they relate to (magic, lightning, fire, and darkness), while lowering your physical protections by 80.

The amount of damage you get is determined on your weapon’s “magical characteristics,” which means a weapon infused with the same element as its intrinsic element will suffer the greatest harm.

If you’re looking for a glass-cannon look, they’re perfect.

Just make sure you don’t get struck!

How to obtain it: Treasure in Brume Tower, in the chamber with the Fume Knight’s elevator.


Ring of Chloranthy

Chloranthy Ring in Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 brings back everyone’s beloved ring, ready to fill our stamina bars with delight once again!

I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re mistaken about your health being your most significant resource.

The quantity of tasks you can do before needing to take a break is determined by your stamina. You can’t even run or fight without it.

Furthermore, the Chloranthy Ring increases your stamina recovery by 25%, allowing you to participate in more activities.

How to obtain it: Executioner’s Chariot drops it in New Game+.


Northern Ritual Band, No. 4

Northern Ritual Band in Dark Souls 2

Do you know what you’d name a caster who doesn’t have any spells?

A dummy for training!

Unless you’re playing a hybrid spellsword build that doesn’t mind close combat, your magic will account for the great bulk of your damage.

And running out of casts is a sure way to die.

So, what can we do to avoid this?

Of course, by obtaining even more castings!

The Northern Ritual Band enhances the number of times you can perform all of your spells while also lowering your hitpoints by a fixed percentage.

Different Band levels have different percentages, so you’ll have to check them up and see which one most fits you.

How to obtain it: Treasure is hidden behind an illusion wall in the flooded section of Sinner’s Rise.


3. Dragon Ring No. 3

Third Dragon Ring in Dark Souls 2

Due to the plethora of great rings, casters are particularly “ring-slot” hungry, unlike melee builds.

And the Third Dragon Ring is a fantastic three-in-one bundle that boosts your health, stamina, and equipment load while freeing up your other ring slots for more specialized alternatives.

There isn’t much more to say about it.

This is a fantastic ring that can be used in a variety of ways! In your next build, definitely give it a go.

How to obtain it: Treasure is hidden behind a Mimic and a Drakekeeper in Dragon Shrine.


Southern Ritual Band, No. 2

Southern Ritual Band in Dark Souls 2

Okay, listen to me out.

Extra attunement slots may not seem to be the most thrilling benefit available, but hear me out.

Let’s pretend we’re a typical sorcerer with 16 points of attunement and three spell slots.

Because of the way attunement works, getting three more slots would need either 14 more stat points or wearing the Southern Ritual Band +2.

The greater the advantage of the Ritual Band, the more you spend in your own attunement stat.

It always saves you another 30 stat points after 30!

Not to mention that if you no longer need those additional three spaces, you can simply replace it with another ring at no expense.

How to obtain it: In New Game+, defeat Scorpioness Najka.


1. A ring of clear bluestone

Clear Bluestone Ring in Dark Souls 2

Whatever form of magic you employ to wipe out your enemies, every caster desires one thing above all else (no, it’s not power…)


Casting speed is increased by a whooping 55 percent with the Clear Bluestone Ring.

That implies you receive the third spell “for free” for every two spells you cast.

In high-pressure scenarios like PvP or boss fights, a few more seconds might make all the difference.

It’s quite obvious why this ring is the greatest, in my opinion.

How to obtain it: Skeleton Lords drop it in New Game+.

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The “best sorc rings diablo 2” is a list of the best caster rings in the game. This list includes items such as the Amulet of Talos, and The Ring of Royal Grandeur.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sorcery catalyst in dark souls remastered?

What rings to wear demons souls?

A: You should wear any rings that you find on the ground.

What are the best rings in ds3?

A: The best rings in Dark Souls 3 have to be the Titanite Slab, which can be found in the Iron Keep. There is also a Ring of Sacrifice that youll find at various points in the game.

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