Dozer is the guy with a shield emblematic of his power. He’s never been seen without it, which makes him stand as an iconic figure in gaming culture.

“Dozer (Shield Guy) and his shield” is a character from the game “Overwatch.” He was introduced in the Ana-Amari’s Strike. Dozer is a large, powerful, and agile tank who uses a bulldozer as his main weapon.

I primarily play Dozer since I believe he and Irish are the two characters without irritating voices and who both look excellent physically.

The experience has given me a lot of food for thought as I work for the T1 badge for shield bashing. The shield’s utility is so oddly out of sync with the rest of the game, as well as the other specialised gadgets/abilities in general.

The following are the advantages of the shield:

  • A single strike is fatal.
  • Invulnerable to all frontal attacks unless shot at the feet
  • While your crew cleans up, you may use this gadget to divert enemy fire.
  • It’s a lot of silly fun.

The shield’s drawbacks are as follows:

  • Small weapons firing that isn’t detected is so ineffective that it may as well not exist.
  • The rate of movement is drastically slowed.
  • The turn pace is restricted and is really janky.
  • Situational awareness is lowered.
  • Except in cramped passageways or against complete fools, has absolutely little solo value.
  • Is really simple to flank
  • It’s simple to shoot your feet.
  • Is significantly dependant on server quality since the first-person view port of the player might be out of sync with the third-person player model, resulting in a lot of “I just got shot straight through my shield while crouching” instances.
  • The party is wildly unreliable, usually blowing straight past attendees.

Apart from the inconsistent bash behavior and janky shield turning, I don’t mind these flaws; nonetheless, I’d like to see some modifications to bring him in line with the other specialists without making him as annoying as Sundance or Boris.

Simple modifications might include:

  • Remove the limit on the turn rate.

    • Because flanking a Dozer is so simple in 90% of gaming circumstances, I don’t believe this is required. If you’re fighting someone with a shield, there are still 63 guys on your team who can just shoot him in the side. It won’t make much of a difference if he can turn at a typical pace. Especially when you can just shoot his feet or throw C5 over him already.
  • DICE, on the other hand, has improved the shield bash hitboxes.

    • I’m not sure how it works beneath the hood, but I believe it should be redone. It’s as basic as that. There must be consistency.
  • Remove small arms deflection altogether and replace it with an useful flash charge on the front of his shield.

    • I’m not sure why it isn’t currently useful, but a flash charge to confuse the people he’s charging towards would make a tremendous difference in being able to utilize it as a pressure weapon for clearing out objectives.
  • Simply cosmetic, however when you strike someone, make a much louder shield bash sounds and add some screen shaking.

    • Cmon, it seems like I’m just tapping these folks for fun and then they die? Is the devil’s power visible on the front of the shield?
  • A switch between the flash charge and an EMP explosion to disable vehicles is perhaps too much to ask for.

    • Sundance carries a cluster grenade, an EMP grenade, and a 2 kilometer range Anti-Armor auto homing grenade. Why can’t I follow a tank with my shield to EMP bomb it then swap over and C5 it like a nice dude?

Despite its drawbacks, I like this game, however I believe the specialized system is severely underdeveloped, and many specialists might benefit from complete overhauls. Dozer, I believe, is the one who requires the most care. I’m sure DICE is looking at user statistics and game results, but I’m hoping they’re thinking about completely overhauling the game in the future *cough*wingsuit should be a gadget, not a specialty passive*cough*.

Who else has suggestions for specialised changes?

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