The Ultimate Collection is a collection of the best games on Steam. These games come with all sorts of achievements, missions and downloadable content to keep you entertained for hours at a time. You can play any game in this list without having an Xbox or PS4!

The “the ultimate collection cookbook” is a book that contains recipes for all of the food in The Sims 4. It also includes information on how to make your own creations.

Have you ever tried to snap a picture of your Sims in CAS but were annoyed because they wouldn’t stop moving?

Yeah. We’ve all been there, I believe.

Because all of the little features of your Sim’s construction shine out in CAS, it’s one of the greatest locations to snap pictures of them. Your Sims will be the most defined in CAS if you can’t afford to play in ultra-crisp, ultra-clean, ultra-HD.

So, there you have it. I can see why CAS pose packs are in such high demand.

Something has to hold these Sims calm long enough for us to snap beautiful photos of our labors of love.

As a result, here are a few of the greatest CAS postures to check out!


SamanthaGump’s Toddler Pose Pack #1

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

CAS Characteristics: All

Let’s begin with the smallest of Sims: Toddlers.

They’re charming, sweet, and (finally) devoid of the pudding-faced, animated-baby-doll blight that afflicted The Sims 3 Toddlers.

(I’m not trying to cast aspersions; I simply find unmodified S3 Toddlers disturbing.)

Despite my obvious lack of CAS talents, I’ve managed to concoct a few aesthetically appealing Toddlers here and there.

And I’ve always taken advantage of the chance to immortalize them in screenshots – since the finest work is always saved.

Now, in terms of checking how they appear with various emotions, the basic characteristic animations have always worked for me. They are, however, restricted.

This beginning bundle is fantastic if you want postures that truly show off your little tot’s cuteness.

SamanthaGump’s collection of 15 basic model poses for your own Toddlers & Tiaras star. I tell you, it’s much too valuable.


2. SamanthaGump’s Child CAS Poses #04

Child CAS Poses #04 by SamanthaGump for Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Active, Insider, and Hot-Headed are three CAS traits.

Let’s take it up a notch in age.

In this collection, the same author provides us nine different positions, and I believe they did a fantastic job developing age-appropriate postures for Child Sims.

To be honest, my Child Sim looked pretty darn adorable in these positions. That’s something I don’t often notice about them.

(I simply age them up and go with whatever EA’s random genetics generator comes up with.)

I wasn’t sure whether this outfit came in male or female variants, and the teaser photographs definitely depict a female model. However, I would say that the majority of the postures in this collection seem to be appropriate for both male and female youngsters.

In the end, it’s all a question of perspective.


3. BYANXHLOVE’s Male Pose CAS Set

Male Pose CAS Set by BYANXHLOVE Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Unflirty is a CAS trait.

I was shocked to see that Males had less pose pack possibilities than Females, and even fewer that were unisex (though I’m not sure whether that’s because they’re CAS poses, which makes it more difficult).

As a result, I choose to focus on a few sets that were created expressly for male models. Just to be on the safe side.

This one by BYANXHLOVE has quickly become a fan favorite.

It had the self-assured-yet-unfortunately-attractive-Alpha-male look down to a T, thumb on the chin and all.

Unflirty is the CAS attribute for this set, which I find delightfully ironic. You’ll see why after you see the sample photographs.


4. HelgaTisha’s CAS Male Poses #04

Male Poses #04 CAS by HelgaTisha for Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Dance Machine is a CAS trait.

You guys, this posture set is intense. Seriously.

I’m not sure how it provides you so much bang for your money.

This set includes 22 different positions, all of which are stunning. This cannot be emphasized enough.

I really like how many of these stances are fundamentally the same with little – but visible – differences.

A grin follows a serious attitude.

Looking down and then up is a good way to start.

Straightening up after slouching.

It’s amazing how a few little adjustments can result in an entirely different position, and CC author HelgaTisha does a fantastic job with this notion.

The positions themselves are quite adaptable.

Friendly and accessible, calm and assured, sassy and confident, dark, brooding, and nervous… really. There’s a lot to consider. It’s fantastic.

It is highly recommended that you have a look at it.


5. Daisylove126’s Jewelry Pose v2

Jewelry Pose v2 by daisylove126 TS4 CC

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

CAS Characteristics: Clumsy, Geek

Sims 4 content producers that can come up with innovative photography ideas constantly amaze me. Because, let’s face it, I’m a sucker for variety.

I don’t mind seeing the same topic used by multiple CC developers since most of them have their own unique style or approach.

One-of-a-kind stories, on the other hand, are my jam.

I have to investigate when a creator does something that no one else has done.

I’m pleased I did in the instance of daisylove126’s Jewelry Pose v2 bundle.

Is your Sim a bling opportunist? You’ve downloaded a slew of bespoke jewelry for them, and now you want to flaunt it?

Or are you looking for some postures that aren’t variants of the peace, hands-on-hips, and “I’m-an-Instagram-model!” poses?

Then there are 12 unique CAS postures in this collection that I’m sure you’ll like.


Yearbook, no. 6 Someone’s posing -elsa

Yearbook Poses by someone-elsa Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

CAS Characteristics: Geek, Active

This is another another brilliant idea that has captured my attention.

What better way to show off your Sim’s distinct appearance than with a classic yearbook picture pose?

Face slightly tilted, brilliant (if a little uncomfortable) grin, and attitudes ranging from insecure and shy to pretty dang confident.

That pretty much sums up all of the positions here.

They may not be as adaptable or diverse as some of the other sets on this list.

However, you can’t dispute their use.

When you require close-up views of your Sims that aren’t over-animated, themed, or exaggerated, this pack is a good alternative.


FlowerChamber’s Make-Up Ad.2 Poses Set

Make Up Ad.2 Poses Set by FlowerChamber for Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

CAS Characteristics: Alone

This posture set has my name written all over it as someone who downloads a ton of custom cosmetics from hundreds of skilled CC authors.

A bespoke eyeliner wing that could kill a guy is something I admire.

I like it when artists provide me with eyeshadow choices that are delicate, subtle, and mix well with most (if not all) complexion tones.

I have several.package files with gleaming, luscious, peach-colored lip gloss sets that I can’t justify deleting.

To cut a long tale short, I like cosmetics. The Sims is one of my favorite games.

Combining the two and shooting screenshots of them together is one of my favorite things to do.

If this whole paragraph resonated with you, FlowerChamber’s collection is for you.


Beto ae0’s Man (CAS Poses, Trait Evil)

Man (CAS Poses, Trait Evil) by Beto_ae0 TS4 CC

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Characteristics: It’s an uncomplicated name for an uncomplicated bundle.

This pose collection provides creative CAS poses for Male Sims, just as it says on the box.

They are, without a doubt, quite macho stances.

They’re not obviously masculine, thankfully.

There’s no need for excessive over-flexing (although three of the 10 positions come near, to be honest), and no annoying come-hither-because-I’m-sexy stares.

They’re all quite tame and conventional positions that a male model would likely do in front of the camera.

By the way, I believe the author nailed the expressions on this one.

It gave my Sim a confident but not arrogant appearance.


9. Daisylove126’s Blackpink Poses V2

Blackpink Poses V2 by daisylove126 Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Goofball is a CAS trait.

Daisylove126 has provided us with another another entertaining video.

In terms of practicality, I’d say the stances photograph quite well.

What about originality? Yes, this is also a one-of-a-kind piece.

I’m a sucker for unusual notions, as I have said. Pose packs that aren’t merely a collection of traditional modeling positions are my favorite.

To be totally honest, the positions in this collection do slant in that manner.

However, as the title suggests, they have the unusual attribute of being patterned by genuine stances used by Blackpink (a very successful Korean girl group).

So they’ve got the K-Pop vibe going for them.

This bundle will come in useful if you’ve produced any Sim versions of Rose, Jennie, Jisoo, or Lisa.


Helgatisha’s ten Turn Your Attention To Me Poses

Turn Your Attention To Me Poses by helgatisha for Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

CAS Characteristics: Vegetarian, Joyful

Is your Sim a self-professed show-stopper?

Do they like being the focus of everyone’s attention?

Do they enjoy it when everyone is looking at them?

That’s fantastic! This is a ready-to-use kit for you.

It includes a total of 26 postures for Sims who like placing themselves in unusual, exaggerated, and/or avant-garde positions.

I’ll grant that the stances straddle the line between artistic and bizarre. But I believe that was the intention of the designer.

They do, however, seem to be fantastic. Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great.

Graceful fingers, pouty lips, come-hither faces, and graceful lines—every stance looks fantastic.

This is the position set to use if you want your Sim to show off their cosmetics, jewelry, or accessories in CAS.


11. ratboysims’ Hands Up Poses #2

Hands Up Poses #2 by ratboysims TS4 CC

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Geek is a CAS trait.

Aside from the fact that the preview photographs are stunning (I like how this developer creates their Sims), the motif that connects all of these postures is adorable.

Who knew there were so many different ways to pose with your hands up? (I mean, other than the standard caught-red-handed and softly touching-my-face postures)

I’d rate this a strong victory since the theme results in 8 distinct and humorously fresh custom postures for Sims in CAS.

If you’re searching for something unusual, this is a terrific option.

It may not be as densely packed as some of the other sets here (especially those with upwards of 16 positions), but the quality and creativity are undeniable.


12. Ratboysims’ Model Poses In Game Plus CAS

Model Poses In Game + CAS by ratboysims Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Materialistic is a CAS trait.

When custom postures don’t warp, bend, or deform the Sim models in any way, I’m ecstatic.

It’s more evident in certain positions than others, but after you’ve become accustomed to playing with custom pose packs in The Sims 4, the little nuances become quite noticeable.

Strange clipping and blocky regions of clearly warped pixels, in my opinion, ruin the romanticism.

That’s why I highly suggest ratboysims’ fantastic modeling bundle.

There was no evidence of warping even with all the modifications I’d applied to my Sims (skin replacements, bespoke skin details, tooth and eye replacements, etc.).

Aside from a number of lovely Sims posing, the pack doesn’t really have a theme. But I really like how lively and cheerful they are.

Small grins, loosened fingers, sloppy limbs, jittery… All of this adds up to a pretty casual posture bundle of exceptional quality.


Roselipa Beauty Portrait (Roselipa) (Roselipa) (Roselip

Roselipa Beauty Portrait by roselipa for Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Art Appreciator is a CAS trait.

How about some stances that demonstrate your Sim’s beauty?

Roselipa’s Beauty Portrait pose set is based on this idea. And, in my opinion, it’s a fantastic one.

Detail Mode in CAS in The Sims 4 allows us a lot more power over sculpting and moulding a Sim’s face.

As a result, we’re able to build some fairly distinctive (and extremely unique) characters.

We absolutely need poses with nice face expressions since the basic characteristic animations in CAS aren’t really designed for professional picture capturing.

This collection includes 15 stunning solo poses for Female Sims, each with gentle and delicate expressions that complement the model’s appearance.


14. Roselipa’s Greedy Pose

Greedy Pose by roselipa Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Geek is a CAS trait.

So, I’ll tell you the truth:

I’m not sure why this bundle is referred to as “greedy.”

I first believed there was a Greedy characteristic that I had overlooked (hey, it happens), and the CAS pose pack was named after it.

But then I saw that the Geek characteristic could be used to unlock certain positions, thus…

It simply made me a bit perplexed.

But, strange title aside, I really like the vibe of this posture set. It mixes the same creator’s earlier Beauty Portrait pack (roselipa) with ratboysims’s Hands Up pack.

The character’s characteristics are enhanced by the emotions, and the hands frame their face.

It’s clear that the emphasis is on aesthetics, something I (and I’m sure many other Simmers) can appreciate.


15. yun-sims’ Basic Poses #1

Basic Poses #1 by yun-sims TS4 CC

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

CAS Characteristics: Cat-Lover, Commitment Problems

Yun-sims takes us back to the fundamentals with this uncomplicated, no-fuss, no-muss CAS posture set.

This collection contains seven unassuming positions for Female rigs, all of which seem to be nice and rather embarrassed attitudes that someone might adopt while having their photo taken.

There are no Instagram baddies here. There was also no seductive, exaggerated posturing.

They all have a natural, on-the-spot feel about them.

All of the stances are simple, as the title suggests.

But that’s a good thing in this situation!

Even with modified skins or skin replacements, the emotions transfer perfectly (no warping or clipping), and the lines are quite crisp.

It’s just a fantastic pack to have if you want to capture all of your Sim’s small quirks.

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