Despite the intense popularity of video games, there is still a lack of diversification in terms of both software and hardware. This has lead to stagnation where gamers are forced to buy the same game over and over again for years on end with little change or growth from developers themselves.

The “weapons armorer” is a game that allows players to build and customize their own armor and weapons. The game has been released on Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The Ninja is one of the most well-known archetypes in Japanese narrative, second only to the Samurai.

During the 15th century, these old peasant warriors came to prominence in Japan as a viable alternative to Samurai.

They could lurk about in the dark, poison their adversaries, and set fire to their castles without shedding a drop of blood since they didn’t have to worry about sullying their honor.

Though their skills have long been legendary, Ninja-themed fiction such as Naruto has elevated them to magical warriors capable of wielding arcane power in the form of Ninja techniques.

There are lots of amazing modifications that bring some of their particular bad-assery into Skyrim, regardless of what sort of Ninja you’re hunting.


The Akaviri Race is ranked tenth in the world.

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In Skyrim, there are no “Ninjas,” but if there were, they’d come from Akavir.

The Akaviri are a mystery race with roots in Japanese mythology.

Apart from the fact that they are strong and mysterious, nothing is known about them. However, their impact may be seen in the Emperor’s personal guardians, the Blades.

Vardens’ Akaviri Race is heavily influenced by Ninjas in particular.

Akaviri Blood (which makes them 50% poison resistant) and Assassin’s Subterfuge (which helps the caster escape danger by making them invisible, quiet, and able to see in the dark) are two of its unique powers.

If you’re going to make a Ninja in Skyrim, you have to make an Akaviri.


9. Armor of the Dark Brotherhood

Dark Brotherhood Armor Skyrim mod

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For sneaky Ninja characters in Skyrim, a variety of costumes are available.

This Dark Brotherhood Armor, on the other hand, is the way to go if you’re seeking for an ideal armor that appears both roguish and lore-friendly.

The Dark Brotherhood’s Shrouded Armor has been redesigned by 4thUnknown into a stylish add-on.

The original takes the BDSM themes a little too far, making it seem comical rather than threatening or secretive.

This new model, on the other hand, seems to be both useful and fashionable.

Reds and browns that are more muted can help your character blend into any scenario.


Wa Masks (nine)

Wa Masks mod for Skyrim

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Skyrim has a plethora of dark and unobtrusive outfit options. And although the modding community can do wonders for a Ninja, there’s something lacking to give your creation that Oriental flair.

The Wa Mask set by designer Higeyosi is a great addition to your Skyrim wardrobe that can convert any rogue outfit into real Ninja clothing.

These badass Japanese masks are available in a variety of classic patterns that you may recognize from anime, manga, or Japanese video games.

The red-nosed Tengu, the Karasu Tengu, black and white Kitsune foxes, and a demonic Hannya mask are among them.


Momiji Follower from Ninja Gaiden 7

Ninja Gaiden’s Momiji Follower mod (Skyrim)

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You’ll need a worthy disciple to accompany you on your exploits after you’ve obtained your Wa mask-clad Akaviri Ninja.

After all, I doubt Lydia has the requisite training for lurking in the shadows without growing furious and rushing your prey.

Momiji, on the other hand, has spent her whole life as a member of the Hayabusa Ninja Clan.

She has great spiritual abilities in addition to her warrior training, and she looks fantastic in any of the several Ninja clothes provided in the mod by author JackGa.


6. Kunoichi Grand Scarlet Outfit

Grand Scarlet Kunoichi Outfit Skyrim mod

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If Momiji isn’t your cup of green tea, here’s a look that can transform any woman into a badass gorgeous Ninja in no time.

The Grand Scarlet Kunoichi set is not subtle, but it is stunning.

It will also give your character or a follower the appearance of a mysterious Ninja with magical abilities – or a seductive spy ready to use her charms to get close to a target before striking.

This mod was made for CBBE bodies, but don’t worry, there’s also a UNP version.


Crafting a Katana is number five on the list.

Katana Crafting mod for Skyrim

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Without a genuine Japanese sword capable of cutting through armor and flesh as deftly as the Ninja cuts through the enemy’s defenses, no Ninja is ready for war.

In the vanilla game, there are several very solid alternatives. Katana Crafting by Lautasantenni, on the other hand, is a must-have if you want to supercharge your Ninja armory.

This mod contains small Tanto and Wakizashi blades that won’t slow your Ninja down when they climb on ceilings or crawl through tight locations, as well as Katanas and Dai-Katanas for self-defense.

The fact that you can create them in every weapon type accessible in the vanilla game, including Steel, Dwarven, Elven, Ebony, Stahlrim, Glass, Daedric, and Dragonbone, is one of my favorite aspects of this Katana set.


2. Katana Attack Animations in 2H

2H Katana Attack Animations / Skyrim mod

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If you enjoyed the previous mod’s two-handed Dai-Katanas, you’ll appreciate Pickelsturn’s bespoke attack animations.

Swinging your Japanese Ninja warrior’s Dai-Katana the same way the typical Nord swings any huge sword is just not immersive.

Both their posture and slashes will match their exquisite weapon with this update.

Heavy strikes no longer show your character “charging” their swing, which only makes sense with heavier blades. Slashes are quicker and more accurate, and heavy attacks no longer show your character “charging” their swing, which only makes sense with heavier blades.


3. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Combat mod for Skyrim

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It’s one thing to make your character appear like a Ninja.

But how about a ninja-style fight?

Swinging your Katana in a realistic manner isn’t enough.

Ninjas battle like lightning, with quick movements, deft parries, and mysterious methods that allow them to avoid death by a hair’s breadth.

This Sekiro Fighting mod by Inpa replaces several features of Skyrim’s fairly uninspiring combat with those of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which concentrates on one-on-one duels and emphasizes parrying, staggering, and posture.

You’re even capable of parrying arrows!

It doesn’t get much ninja-ier than that.


2. Shuriken VR

VR Shuriken Weapon Skyrim mod

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Shurikens will come up 90 percent of the time when you ask someone what item they identify with Ninja.

Some even refer to them as “Ninja stars”!

For decades, these one-of-a-kind missiles have been a part of the Ninja mystique, and anime like Naruto has just added to their fame.

Seroux’s VR Shuriken mod allows you to make them out of iron ingots.

Because they’re made to be hurled, they do a lot of harm.

To safeguard your immersion, you’ll have to refrain from using them as conventional knives.

Unfortunately, they’re only compatible with Skyrim VR, but if you have the necessary hardware, nothing will make you feel more like a Ninja than this.


1. Shinobi Equipment

Shinobi Tools mod for TESV Skyrim

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Shinobi Tools by Kittytail is by far the most imaginative and immersive Skyrim Ninja mod.

It’s not about the mod’s size or flashiness; it’s about how much it can improve your Ninja roleplay.

Sure, you could’ve simply utilized your creativity and learnt some Destruction spells.

However, having Ninja tools that aren’t magic-craftable is incredible.

Two varieties of firecrackers with striking effects, unique Shuriken that shock your opponents, and even a hidden Ninja technique that allows you to disappear in a cloud of feathers, distracting your opponent as you skulk away to safety, are among these items.

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Armor, Weapons & More is a game that has been released on iOS and Android. The game includes arm armor names, which are the names of the armors you can find in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can armor be a weapon?

A: The reason why different armors can be used as weapons is because they all have a certain degree of weight and mass. This in turn makes them more robust than the standard Sword to create this effect.

What weapon will break through armor?

A: The sword will break through any armor.

What are the types of armor?

A: There are four different types of armor that can be found in the game. They are bone, wooden, stone and metal armors. Bone is the weakest type of armor but its also quite common as a craft material so its worth finding. Wooden has low defense power but high speed which makes it very effective against ranged attacks like arrows or bullets. Stone has better defenses than wood but suffers from lower speed while Metal Armor is balanced between both stats with high health regeneration rate and endurance to make up for its weaker damage output

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