If you are unhappy with your performance in video games, do not worry since you can change your approach and improve in a matter of weeks or even days. 

The purpose of this article is to give you ideas about how you can become better at playing video games. Make the most out of the information below, and you should see the results sooner rather than later. 

Optimize Your Computer

The first thing on the list should be computer optimization. Even if you are good at video games, do not expect to outplay opponents if there are problems with your gaming machine. 

Now, there are a lot of different technical issues that cause gaming issues, such as FPS drops and random crashes. A lot comes down to what type of computer you are using. 

For example, a problem of a Mac run out of application memory is not something that applies to MS Windows computers. Nor would you have to worry about delivery optimization on macOS. At least not in the same way.

The point is that you need to work on optimizing the computer so that it performs optimally. If necessary, upgrade hardware and reinstall the operating system. It might take some time and money to refurbish the device, but the resources are well worth it so long as your efforts translate into a better overall gaming experience.

Invest in Gaming Accessories

Proper gaming accessories are also worth a shout, particularly when it comes to competitive video games. It is hard to imagine someone participating in an esports event without professional gaming mice, keyboards, headphones, and so on.

Even if you have no aspirations to become a professional yourself, you can still expect to get better results by using gaming accessories. 

Something like a gaming chair is a good investment, not just to be better at games. You will also have fewer worries about potential back issues, and that is another benefit of this specific accessory. 

Find Regular Practice Partners

Finding regular practice partners is not easy, particularly when it comes to less popular video games. Nevertheless, if you wish to improve, you will need to find someone who has a similar mindset.

In case you play public games and run into players that you like, why not talk to them after and suggest a partnership idea?

If you do not want to look directly in the game or struggle with your luck, there should be online forums and Discord servers that host communities of a video game you play, and these channels should be good enough to offer you networking opportunities.

Study the Gameplay and Watch Tournaments

It is true that you need to practice yourself, but sometimes, it makes sense to watch others and study their gameplay. Regardless of a video game, it is common to see streamers streaming live on Twitch TV and YouTube. With the latter, you can also check gameplay videos that are not live.

Now, if there is a tournament going on and you can view it on Twitch TV, spend some time watching it and see what the top players are up to at the moment. Studying and understanding the meta of a video game can go a long way in helping you get better.

Finally, if a video game you play has a replay system, you should definitely check your own replays. It is easier to identify mistakes when you are not under the stress of playing and can sit back and relax for a bit.

Stick to a Consistent Schedule and Take Breaks

Improvements require consistency, and video games are no exception. Those who want to get better need to play regularly. Otherwise, it will not be too long before you fall behind others and struggle to keep up.

On the other hand, you also want to avoid the sense of burnout because it will be hard to find the passion for video games again, and that will lead to even worse performance. 

Try to find a balance between your gaming sessions and other things in life so that you are doing more than just playing video games.

Teach Other Players

The suggestion of teaching other players might seem counterintuitive for someone who is trying to get better themselves. However, taking on a mentor role and seeking pupils in such a situation is not a far-fetched idea.

The reason for that is the fact that you have plenty to learn from interacting with less experienced players. So long as you have valuable insights to share from your end, you can find someone interested in your teachings.

Looking at a game from an inexperienced player’s perspective will give you insight, and the data you collect and process in your brain will be another step toward improving as a player.