Crash Style Games and its Increase in Popularity


If you are a fan of Bitcoin casinos, you must have seen the games with the Crash Games feature. Although new, games with this feature have been conquering users in countries like Brazil and the outside world.

You predicted the crash, and withdrawing your bets before the multiplier breaks will be your duty. This game has especially increased in popularity amongst crypto casinos. If you want to check it out first-hand, you can visit

What is the Crash Games feature?

In online casinos, games with the Crash Games feature are still not as well known as the classics (such as card and table games). In a game with this feature, simplicity will be your great ally. You will be guided with a line that will have a break. And you will have to predict the moment of this break to leave the game. As it is classified as a game of chance, the player must rely on luck and cunning, choosing the right moment to go his position in the game.


Games with the Crash Games feature are already quite famous in Bitcoin casinos. Still, the trend is already reaching regular casinos, especially after Aviator (a similar game) success in such houses.

How does a game with the Crash Games feature work?

The Crash Games feature works as follows: as the game progresses, the bettor sees a line going up. So, he needs to predict the crash or collapse of this line to get out of the game before such a crash happens. Only by achieving this success can he see the gains and have his dream of profitability.

From the walkthrough on how to explore a Crash game, shown below, you will understand the dynamics behind the game with this feature and how to get the best out of it. Follow next.

Ready to start your round of the Bitcoin Crash game? Follow these steps:

  1. Before starting the round, place your bets according to the limits established for the Crash game – which usually varies between casinos;
  2. As soon as the bets are closed, a multiplier will start to act in the game, being able to increase over time;
  3. From there, you can choose to stop or leave the game at any time, taking advantage of that multiplier that is currently active;
  4. The last stage of the Crypto Crash game is indeed the crash. Here, the multiplier line will land at some point and fail. The multiplier will be 0, and the crash will occur. You will lose the money wagered if you do not exit the game in time. But, in the same way, you will have to find the sweet spot for the breakout since the longer you stay, the greater the profit value can be.

Why Play With The Crash Games Feature?

From the brief explanation above, you can see that playing with the Crash Games feature is different from other famous features in casinos, such as classic slot machines or table games. Therefore, that air of novelty and a completely different modality to be explored is quite a kick to use this resource.

The fact is that, despite being extremely easy and intuitive, the Crash Games feature is a lot of fun! Placing bets and withdrawing money before the multiplier hits zero can be an entertainment-rich action for players. And for reasons like these, this feature has been increasingly sought after in virtual casinos.


Strategies for playing with the Crash Games feature

Playing with this feature depends entirely on luck, as it is impossible to predict the game’s algorithm. This means, unfortunately, that there aren’t many tactics to apply in practice — as in poker, for example.

However, those with experience recommend using classic systems to increase the chance of winning using the Crash Games feature (or even preventing losses). Check out:

Use the automatic betting functions

When you set automatic betting functions, the game will stop automatically once the invested amount reaches a certain amount. As it is impossible to predict the break and there is always the greed of “staying a little longer,” it can be quite a help to stop playing before the multiplier goes to zero and you lose everything.

Take advantage of casino bonuses

One of the best ways to earn more when using the Crash Games feature is to take advantage of the bonuses offered by the casinos. Depending on current promotions, you can play with this feature with a free balance without investing a penny.

Martingale System

The Martingale method is already well applied in card and table games, and it may be interesting to explore it in games with the Crash Games feature. The strategy involves doubling the bets if you lose and constantly repeating the amount bet in winning situations. Still, you must be careful and play responsibly, having full knowledge before putting it into practice.


Crash Games Feature On Mobile Devices

Because they are a new trend and follow a completely different idea, it is logical that the Crash Games feature would have to be evolved enough to be present on mobile devices, do you agree? Therefore, exploring them on devices such as tablets or smartphones is possible, with the comfort of putting your luck on the line just a few clicks away!

Are Crash Games Feature Legal?

Games with the Crash Games feature are classified as games of chance, and there is no specific legislation that addresses its legal issue in digital territories. So as long as you play over the internet, as is the case, it’s allowed to play with the Crash Games feature.

Are games with the Crash Games feature rigged?

All algorithms that drive a game with the Crash Games feature are random and unpredictable. Therefore, there is no way for them to be manipulated (by either party). Most games with this feature present in casinos, at least the quality ones, follow random number generators and undergo frequent audits by independent bodies, ensuring their honesty. An example of a seal that guarantees such credibility is eCOGRA, which is highly frequent in the online casino gaming industry.