Today’s gaming industry seems to have an offer to fit any taste from free online solitaire to top-notch League of Legends. By the way, the developers of the latter have recently shared some good news that is sure to please loyal gamers and partners alike. Nicolo Laurent has announced that the company will be opening a new headquarters in Los Angeles.The new offices, which are set to open in 2019, will be located in Playa Vista and will house 2,500 employees. Riot Games is currently based in Santa Monica.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our footprint in Los Angeles – a city that has been home to Riot since our earliest days,” said Laurent. “This move will allow us to be closer to many of our players and partners, and to continue building the Riot community in new and exciting ways.”

Who owns riot games

The new headquarters will be located in Playa Vista, an area known for its tech and media companies. Riot Games is the latest company to join the area, which is also home to companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Riot Games was founded in 2006 by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill. The company is best known for its popular game League of Legends, which has more than 100 million monthly active players. Riot Games is also the developer of the popular games Dota 2 and Overwatch. The company has been based in Santa Monica since its inception, but with the new headquarters set to open in 2019, it will be closer to many of its players and partners. Riot Games is currently headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

What did he do before becoming the CEO of Riot Games

Prior to becoming the CEO of Riot Games, Nicolo Laurent was a professional gamer. He began his career as a professional player in 2006, and he has since competed in many tournaments around the world. In 2012, he became the coach of Team Dignitas, and he helped the team win the League of Legends World Championship. After his coaching career, Laurent transitioned into the business side of the gaming industry. He has worked with Riot Games since 2013, and he was appointed as the CEO in 2016.

What are his thoughts on the gaming industry

Laurent is a strong advocate for the gaming industry, and he believes that it has a bright future. In an interview with Forbes, Laurent said that “the gaming industry is still in its infancy, and there is so much potential for growth.” He also stated that he believe that the industry will continue to grow at a rapid pace, and that it will eventually become bigger than the film and music industries.

How has he helped Riot Games grow over the years

Under Laurent’s leadership, Riot Games has experienced tremendous growth. In 2017, the company generated $1.4 billion in revenue, and it is on track to exceed $2 billion in 2018. In addition to its financial success, Riot Games has also grown its employee base, and it now has more than 2,500 employees worldwide.

What does the future hold for him and Riot Games

Laurent has big plans for the future of Riot Games. In addition to expanding the company’s reach in Los Angeles, he also wants to continue growing its employee base and developing new games. He is also a strong advocate for the gaming industry, and he believes that it has a bright future. With Laurent at the helm, it is clear that Riot Games is in good hands.