Join me as I explore the Tandor region with the help of the comprehensive Pokemon Uranium Guide. From the safety of your computer, of course.

Starting the Game

You’ll be ready to play the game after you’ve finished the character customization and tutorial. Following that, you’ll be led to a screen with a map of Tandor and your first objective: Put On Your Hazmat. The Hazmat suit is an essential equipment in the game since it protects you from any dangers that may damage you while in Tandor.

Once you’ve donned your Hazmat suit, you’ll have access to a few tools that will help you navigate Tandor:

  • Exploration Kit, which helps determine whether regions of Tandor are harmful or safe.
  • Flashlight, which illuminates dark places or tunnels.
  • Pokedex, which offers useful information about Pokémon encountered.

Your first task will also be to get a starting Pokémon.

You have three options:

While playing Pokémon Uranium, you will ultimately reach a moment where you must confront Team Rocket in the Viridian City Gym. During this battle, you have three options: run, deploy a different Pokémon against them, or confront them head-on.

If you opt to run, keep in mind that there is no route back to the Viridian City Gym, and Team Rocket will be waiting for you when you return. Some players may find it difficult to choose a new Pokémon to utilize since their primary team may lack sufficient type coverage for the fight. However, performing techniques like Smokescreen or Synthesis on your primary team’s Pokémon before entering combat may offer your preferred Pokémon an advantage against Team Rocket’s formidable Pokémon roster.

Finally, if none of these approaches work for you and your team is powerful enough, going head-to-head with them is always a possibility.

If you chose Orchynx as your starter:

If you choose the metal-type Pokémon Orchynx as your starter in the Pokémon Uranium game, you will be more likely to meet the Normal-type pocket monster, Lickitung.

Lickitung may be located in the Tandor area, and if you see it, save your game since it is an uncommon discovery. If you’re fortunate enough to stumble across one, it could have the useful talents Own Tempo and Oblivious, which are ideal for avoiding perplexity and infatuation.

Despite its lack of strength, Lickitung has access to a broad selection of Normal-type moves such as Pound and Hyper Voice. If desired, it may even learn additional sorts of maneuvers via TMs.

If Raptorch:

If you’re using a Raptorch, the method of returning to Pallet Town in Ash Gray will be somewhat different. To get admission, you must first ensure that Gengar, the leader of Pallet Town’s gym, has been vanquished. After fighting Gengar and obtaining your gym badge, you will be able to use HM03 Surf and enter the Tandor Sewers.

To go to Pallet Town from here, head east until you come upon a door leading into Cerulean City. Continue north until you reach Pallet Town. Once you’ve arrived, explore the area and interact with the locals to advance through Ash Gray.

If Eletux:

If an Eletux is met in the wild, it is best to fight it with a Lickilicky. When facing Electric-type Pokémon, Lickilicky’s ability “Oblivious” comes in handy. Furthermore, its attacks can deliver Normal and Ground-type damage, enabling it to exploit a broad spectrum of Pokémon flaws. Furthermore, Lickilicky’s high attack stat lets it to deliver substantial damage while still having enough HP and defensive numbers to withstand any counterattack.

Electric-type attacks will be ineffective against Lickilicky owing to its ability “Oblivious,” giving it an excellent option for trainers trying to capture an Eletux.

If Orchynx:

When confronted with an Orchynx in Pokémon GO, Zacian Hero is the greatest counter. Zacian Hero is a dual-type Fairy/Steel Legendary Pokémon with excellent defensive skills that can easily defeat Orchynx.

It is vital to remember that in order for Zacian Hero to be successful against an Orchynx, the player needs equip it with a Steelium Z move. This would also considerably improve its defensive numbers, enabling it to deal with many Orchynx strikes at the same time.

Furthermore, Zacian Hero has better endurance than other Fairy-type Pokémon, allowing it to last longer in combat. Its Steel type and Fairy techniques make it one of the greatest counters for any Orchynx encountered while exploring Tandor in Pokémon Uranium.

If Raptorch:

You may confront Mewtwo at New Island if you equip your Pikachu with the move Raptorch. Before facing Mewtwo, make sure your Pikachu has full HP and has mastered a few strong techniques like Thunderbolt or Thunder.

As soon as the battle starts, use Raptorch to immobilize Mewtwo, then use powerful attacks like Thunderbolt or Thunder to wipe off the majority of its health. You may also use a combination of different moves to beat Mewtwo. It is also vital to remember that in order for your Pikachu to defeat Mewtwo, it must have the strongest attack power possible early in the battle.

Make sure to use goods like Oran Berries and Useo Berries to boost your pokemon’s attack strength. You should be able to defeat Mewtwo on New Island with ease if you have enough patience and luck.

If Eletux:

If you choose Eletux as your starting Pokémon at the start of your trip in Tandor, you will end up at the Xanadu Nursery. This location is covered with Ash Gray, a kind of Pokémon-themed dirt. The soil here has a warm and appealing terracotta tone, which promotes grass and flower development.

As you continue to explore, you will come across several uncommon Pokémon. Examples include the Grass-type Cottonee, the Fighting-type Machop, and the Normal-type Lillipup.

There are lots of trainers prepared to take you on, in addition to all of the great wild Pokémon accessible here. As you advance further into Tandor’s territories, you will be able to perfect your combat talents. Keep an eye out for any unusual things that may be found in the Ash Gray soil of Xanadu Nursery.

If Orchynx:

If Orchynx is your beginning Pokemon, you will go on Victory Road in Ash Gray. This grants you entrance to the Tandor area, as well as a slew of fascinating personalities and Pokémon to meet. Victory Road will often put your ability and bravery to the test, with difficult puzzles and battle sequences that only the most courageous trainers can accomplish.

After reaching the end of Victory Road and overcoming the many difficulties, you’ll have to face the Elite Four before reaching the Tandor Region’s Pokémon League. Once you’ve mastered this location, there are even more places inside Tandor that will test your abilities as a trainer.

If Raptorch:

If Raptorch is your selected beginning Pokémon in Pokémon Uranium, you may explore either Plain Field or Nummastity Path.

  • Plain Field is a large grassy region to the south of Driftveil City that is teeming with wild Pokémon. Among the many species found here are Numel, Rhyhorn, and Meditite.
  • Nummastity Path is located on the east side of Driftveil City and has two caverns, one of which is stocked with wild Pokémon and the other with different things. While searching for unique goods like as Unova Stones or Aethericite Shards, you will meet several Wild RhodoWing, Kreepers, and Gurds.

As Raptorch trainers prepare for their voyage through Tandor, both sites provide a significant obstacle.

If Eletux:

If you choose Eletux as your beginning Pokémon for the Preliminary Round in Ash Gray, you will face a variety of opponents. The initial fight is simple since the opponent just has one low-leveled Pokémon, Wonnawe.

After beating this opponent, you will face off against two trainers at the same time. The two trainers both have two low-leveled Pokémon, one with a Seltas and a Wonnawe and the other with a Yotchee and Erileaf.

When fighting in this dual combat, bear in mind that the majority of your teammates will be vulnerable to both of your opponents’ teams.

To win this round of Ash Gray, you must employ Eletux’s specific Electric attacks, such as Thunderbolt or Electric Shock. These strikes are not only strong, but they also have a broad area of impact, making it simpler to hit numerous opponents at the same time.

  • If at all feasible, employ Special Attacks instead of Physical Attacks since, although Physical Attacks do more damage at first, they drain more energy from your team’s pool than Special Attacks do.
  • Furthermore, Eletux’s Special Attack number is substantially greater than its Physical Attack stat, therefore employing it should result in faster triumphs and less energy fatigue losses.

If Orchynx:

If the player selects Orchynx as their starting Pokémon in Pokémon Uranium, they will be challenged with completing their first fight. They will face a wild Ekans as they cross the Nugget Bridge into Tandor, which may be defeated using Orchynx’s Tackle attack. When Ekans is beaten, they may go to Route 2 and continue their quest.

The player must be mindful of their surroundings at all times, since there are many different wild Pokémon that may be met on this adventure, ranging from Pidgeys and Rattatas to Pidgottos and Fomantis. The player may also locate useful things like Potions or Super Potions to heal their Pokémon or Pokéballs to catch new buddies. As the player progresses through Tandor, they will visit places like Little Masara Town before running into trainers who stand in their way. These conflicts may be easily won with appropriate planning and strategy, enabling the player to move forward and get one step closer to their objectives.

If Raptorch:

Raptorch will be a valuable asset if you choose to include him in your Elite Four showdown. Raptorch is an excellent pick for tanking special assaults from the Elite Four because to his strong Defense stat. He also has access to Rock and Ground type attacks, which can easily strike most Pokémon in the Elite Four twice for massive damage. Earth Power, Rock Blast, and Stone Edge are examples of such techniques. Finally, Raptorch has access to Dragon Dance, which increases his Attack and Speed stats while also providing him with a STAB benefit with Dragon-type attacks.

Having said that, it’s critical to keep an eye out for opponent Pokémon with Ice or Water moves—these are particularly effective against Raptorch’s Ground typing.

If Eletux:

The penultimate task before reaching Barry’s citadel in the Tandor area is Eletux. Bellsprout, Magmar, Kadabra, and Gengar make up this Pokémon squad. The player must battle four Eletux before facing Barry, who has eight more powerful Pokémon on his squad.

Each of the four Eletux trainers must be beaten using a tactic specific to their squad. Bellsprout, for example, should be beaten with a powerful fire type attack like Flamethrower or Heat Wave, but Kadabra should be destroyed with a powerful Psychic or Ghost type move like Shadow Ball or Hypnosis. The Gengar should be beaten as soon as possible since it has the ability to perform attacks that might inflict disorientation and paralysis if not defeated quickly enough. Finally, the Magmar will very certainly need an Electric type assault to be effectively defeated.

Overall, defeating these efficient Pokémon is no easy task and will need some careful planning in order to emerge triumphant.

If Orchynx:

At the conclusion of Ash Gray episode 24, the protagonist is pitted against Tandor’s champion, Orchynx. The combat scene exposes fans to a formidable new Pokémon species that is both Steel and part Psychic. This Pokémon has tremendous power and defense, making it tough to defeat.

To defeat Orchynx, Ash will need to devise an efficient plan that makes the most of his team’s type advantage. Fortunately, this duty isn’t too difficult since the majority of his squad consists of either Electric-type or Fire-type Pokémon. In order to rapidly defeat this formidable opponent, he will also have to depend on his team’s greatest moves. He may weaken Orchynx by using Electric-type attacks like Thunder Wave and Fire-type assaults like Flame Wheel to allow his comrades to take it down with less strikes.

If Raptorch:

Corsola may be discovered in the seas of Tandor if you’re using a Raptorch. It will occur throughout the midday, morning, and night hours and may be experienced by fishing with a Super Rod from the Route 31 beach area or the Route 32 pier. Corsola may also be found hiding under rocks, which can be shattered to uncover it.

Corsola is very swift and possesses high attacking power, as well as a number of water-type attacks that can rapidly take out opponents. Its defensive qualities are also fairly good, making it one of Uranium’s most versatile Pokémon. At level 38, it develops into Crysta, gaining access to strong techniques like Scald and Aqua Ring.

If Eletux:

Eletux is the first area seen by players as they begin their adventure in Pokémon Uranium. It is made up of two major cities, two major highways, and the Inferno Mountain range. Players must travel this mountain range to reach the Forbidden Lands, a dark and mysterious location teeming with powerful Pokémon.

Inferno Mountain appears on the map as a big red mountain surrounded by cliffs and subterranean dungeons. Its entrances are blocked by boulders that must be broken by with HM moves like Rock Smash or Strength. The most prominent aspect of this region is its black atmosphere; the air is heavy with smoke from volcanoes, giving exploration missions through the area a spooky sense. To make matters worse, Eletux has a slew of strong trainers just waiting for a challenger. As a result, you’ll need the greatest equipment to survive – don your Hazmat suit and let’s go.

Sr. Golkorn

Sr. Golkorn is a tiny, muddy wetland in the Pokémon Uranium game’s Tandor area. It is home to a variety of Poison and Ground-type Pokémon, as well as unique flora and wildlife. Its grass is so lush and long that it hides many species; yet its dense waterways are considerably simpler to explore.

The Strider’s Challenge, a massive stone bridge that spans over Sr. Golkorn’s waters, is its most striking feature. Each player must cross this bridge in order to continue on their journey;. However, some players may struggle against the high gusts that prevent them from reaching the bridge. Those that succeed will be greeted with an intriguing twist: a Marsh Pokémon creep over the top of The Strider’s Challenge.

Sr. Golkorn is a wonderful place that every player should visit because of its rich species, severe atmosphere, and unique difficulties.


Pokémon Ash Gray is an excellent game for gamers of all ages, according to Angelica from the Pokémon Uranium guide, Put Your Hazmat. It mixes traditional adventure with cutting-edge visuals and physics. The level design and fight mechanics enable players to go farther on their adventures by enabling them to personalize their team of Pokémon and scatter their opponents. The challenge increases as the game advances, which keeps things interesting.

While there are some challenging moments, it remains highly addictive and pleasant since the benefits far exceed the hardships. Those who haven’t tried it should absolutely do so since there’s a lot to enjoy in this timeless classic.


Maria is the Tandor region’s sixth Gym Leader. It is advised that players replace Xerneas here to increase their chances of victory against her squad. A Cottonee, a Pansage, a Skitty, and a Quilava make up Maria’s squad.

Xerneas has access to Fairy-type attacks that he may utilize against any of Maria’s Pokémon;. It will, however, be vulnerable to Quilava’s Fire-type attacks such as Flame Wheel. To increase their chances of succeeding against her team, players should replace Xerneas with another Pokémon that has better defenses or resistances to Fire-type attacks.


Davern is a place in the Tandor Region of the Pokémon Uranium universe. This is a cave located on the eastern side of Nixtorm. It features several meandering corridors but just one entrance leading to a big room. Skitty, Linoone, and Boldore are among the wild Pokémon that live in the cave.

Trainers may get a lot of things and experience points by exploring Davern. Trainers may locate uncommon evolutionary stones like as the Leaf Stone, Fire Stone, and Water Stone within this cave in addition to new Pokémon. Because of the rugged terrain, this location is still relatively undiscovered, therefore trainers should proceed with care since they may meet strong wild Pokémon that startle them.


Sheldon is one of several trainers encountered when exploring Tandor in the Pokemon Uranium game. He specializes on Water-Type Pokemon and can be located in Couriway Town amid the ruins of Insula Central. He has four Pokemon on his team: Floatzel, Poliwrath, Gorebyss, and Seadra. He has meticulously selected these Pokemon to form an effective water-type combo capable of effortlessly overwhelming and defeating any opponent.

A Gorebyss is one of Sheldon’s most recognizable team members, and it is by far his most powerful water-type Pokémon. This sea serpent Pokémon is unusual in that it can feed on its prey using a particular organ on its head. This not only makes it incredibly good at attacking, but it also makes it very resistant to most assaults. Furthermore, since it is a Water-Type Pokémon, its techniques are particularly powerful against other Water or Ground-Type opponents. Finally, Sheldon’s well-rounded squad, led by a strong Gorebyss, making him a formidable trainer for players to meet while exploring Tandor.


Tiko is a town in the Tandor area. It is the location of the Tandor Pokémon League, where players compete against eight formidable Gym Leaders to become the Champion of Tandor. Aside from these confrontations, gamers must also deal with numerous challenges and obstacles spread around the region. This comprises a strange fog-filled ruin that houses a terrible beast known as “The Beast,” which can only be defeated by daring Trainers.

Tiko is divided into many sections, including The Great Hall, Professor Platea’s Lab, Central Station, and The Pokémon Center. Each region has its own distinct characteristics, such as a pool filled with hot springs for curing injured Pokémon or a lovely garden packed with uncommon plant and flower species. Trainers may explore Tiko’s various stores, attractions, and secret regions in order to obtain uncommon things that can’t be found anyplace else in Tandor, in addition to challenging each Gym Leader.


Rosalind is a legendary Psychic-type Pokémon from the Uranium area, released in the Pokémon’s 8th generation. It is one of just two legendary Pokémon in the whole Tandor area and is very difficult to find in the wild. It features an intriguing stat distribution, with an equal distribution of HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense.

Rosalind is seen as a valuable asset to any squad due to her excellent stats, which allow her to compete with many formidable attackers. She has access to several powerful movesets in PvE, including Psychic, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam for STAB on Grass and Dragon types. Its typing also gives crucial resistances against Fire, Ice, and Bug kinds, which may be tough to manage for certain other teams. Finally, with a basic Special Attack stat of 126, it is highly dangerous against opponents that depend heavily on special attackers, like as Mega Charizard Y or Kyogre.

Rosalind is a good choice for Pokémon GO because of its adaptability and excellent stats, which make it a dangerous opponent in both PvE and PvP combat.


Vaeryn is a region in Pokémon Uranium’s middle Tandor region. It is home to the strong Legendary Pokémon Reshiram, as well as a variety of other Pokémon. Vaeryn is a dark and foreboding location, each with its own secret.

The location is only accessible through the PokéTransfer machine on Route 17. Players may utilize this facility to transfer their Pokémon from other areas. Once within Vaeryn, players may gather a variety of uncommon goods, such as the Shiny Charm, which improves the likelihood of seeing shiny Pokémon at random during their trip.

Vaeryn has various locales for players to explore, including:

  • Mountainside Dontaedah
  • Deeprock Pass
  • Lyrond Volcano


In Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y, Hokage is a more complex kind of soft resetting that enables players to access hidden goods and encounters. This highly sought-after method entails restarting the game when specific circumstances are satisfied in order to access “hidden locations,” which contain rare Pokémon and other goods.

To utilize Hokage, one must be familiar with and use the famous Masuda Method, which necessitates the usage of two compatible games, such as X&Y, for breeding and hatching shiny Pokémon. This may then be coupled with a friend’s Safari to gain even more unusual encounters. The Pokémon Uranium Guide: Put Your Hazmat On has a prominent mention of the Hokage method, making it easy for enthusiasts to try out this unusual soft resetting approach.

Question: Why is Pokmon Uranium a banned game?

Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made game that was built on top of Nintendo’s original Pokemon games. The game immediately gained popularity among enthusiasts, with over 1 million downloads in its first week. Nintendo, on the other hand, has prohibited the game owing to copyright infringement and unauthorized use of the Pokémon brand. While the game is no longer officially available for download, some gamers continue to play online or with their own private versions.

The prohibition demonstrates Nintendo’s dedication to preserving its intellectual property and prohibiting anyone from benefitting from it without permission or pay. Furthermore, Nintendo wants to guarantee that gamers have a safe and secure gaming experience, as well as that their copyrighted information is not exploited or shared without authorization.

Question: Which is the hardest battle of Pokmon Uranium?

The Dark Hideout is the location of the most difficult Pokémon Uranium fight. It is the last place that players will pass through on their way from Grave Isle to Slateport City. This location is well-known for its challenging fights and complexities, which make it difficult even for veteran trainers.

Players will have to confront an Elite Four comprised of different deadly Poison-type Pokémon as well as a fierce Team Cipher commander in the Dark Hideout. To defeat these formidable foes, you must use cautious tactics and a broad range of Pokémon movesets. Furthermore, puzzles are scattered throughout the hideout’s various chambers, ranging from maze-like obstacle courses to complex lever systems that take careful study and trial-and-error to figure out how they function.

Overall, The Dark Hide Out is probably one of the most difficult regions in Pokémon Uranium, demanding strategic thinking and superior Pokémon battle abilities to not only survive but eventually conquer.

Question: Would you recommend playing Pokmon Uranium?

The response is determined by the individual player and their choices. Pokémon Uranium is highly recommended if you’re seeking for a vintage Pokémon experience. It is a fan-made game based on the original series that employs 8th generation elements from the main series games. The narrative revolves on Pax Town’s nuclear power plant, as well as Dark Lab and the hidden experiments that take place there.

The game takes place in Tandor, a vast continent with several places to visit and personalities to meet. There are more than 150 new Pokémon to collect, train, and fight with. Certain places also have riddles that need players to think on their feet in order to advance in the tale. The difficulty level may also be changed based on your skill level, allowing everyone to enjoy the game.

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Read More is a fantastic resource for people looking to explore the Tandor area in the famous Pokémon Uranium game. This section contains detailed information on all of Tandor’s locations, as well as the uncommon, one-of-a-kind Drosera fields found in each. It provides a broad summary of each place, emphasizing the distinct environmental and biological aspects present there. It also includes information on how to catch or discover uncommon and strong Pokémon while exploring these places, as well as safe travel across them. Finally, the accessible goods in each place are noted, as well as equipment suggestions for both exploring and combating wild Pokémon.

Read More is vital for any player trying to get the most out of their Pokémon Uranium experience since it will provide them an advantage in their trip through Tandor.

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