How to Make Gen I’s Fan Favorite Charizard Even Cooler with a Shiny

If you’re a fan of the original 151 Pokemon, then you know that Charizard is the king of the group. He’s big, he’s powerful, and he looks really cool. But what if there was a way to make him even cooler?

Well, there is! You can give your Charizard a shiny coat, which will make him stand out even more. Here’s how

Gen 2: Gold – Silver – and Crystal: Shiny Ditto method

The most dependable and cost-effective way to get a Shiny Charizard or any other Pokémon from Gen I is to use the Gen II Shiny Ditto technique. This technique entails collecting a Shiny Ditto in the game’s Gold, Silver, or Crystal versions, then breeding it with a regular form of the same species of Pokémon to produce a shiny child. Furthermore, this approach enables players to transfer their gleaming Ditto from Generation II onto subsequent games like as Fire Red and Leaf Green for use in RNG Manipulation.

To use this technique, you must:

  1. Initiate a wild fight with the chosen Pokémon, then have your Shiny Ditto Transform into it before replacing it with another Pokémon in your team.
  2. After the fight, you may capture the changed wild Pokémon and begin breeding it with your regular version of it or another normal version of it until you obtain your desired shiny offspring.

Gen 3: Ruby – Sapphire – Emerald – Leaf Green – and Fire Red: Soft Resetting or Egg Hatching.

In Generation 3 Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Leaf Green, and Fire Red, soft resetting or egg hatching is the simplest method to make your favorite Gen I fan favorite Charizard shine.

Soft resetting is a means of immediately restarting a game while retaining all progress achieved up to that point. Egg hatching entails strolling about with an egg at the Pokémon Daycare in order for it to hatch quicker. You may save time and rapidly gain your chosen party members with shining features via soft resetting or egg hatching in Gen 3. It works by repeatedly loading the same save file until the desired results are attained.

Soft resetting is possible at any time and at any stage in the game, and it may be completed fairly fast. Each egg hatching normally takes approximately 30 minutes, although this might vary depending on how far you travel between attempts at saving. Soft resetting or egg hatching, when done properly, may result in some fantastic looking party members with glittering markings that show off their shininess.

Gen 4: Diamond – Pearl – Platinum – HeartGold – SoulSilver: Soft Resetting or Egg Hatching using Masuda Method

Soft Resetting and Egg Hatching with the Masuda Method are two common ways to acquire a Shiny Pokémon. The games Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver in Generation 4 take use of these ways by making the procedure simple.

Soft resetting occurs when a player switches off their console after engaging in a Pokémon fight and then turns it back on again. This increases the likelihood of meeting a Shiny Pokémon. To maximize the odds of hatching a Shiny, the Masuda Method entails breeding two distinct varieties of Pokémon from different areas or nations.

Both of these ways are quite efficient at acquiring Shiny Pokémon in Diamond – Pearl – Platinum – HeartGold – SoulSilver, making fan-favorite Charizards even cooler.

Pal Park Mechanic

Pal Park is a mechanism in the Pokémon series introduced in Generation IV. The Pal Park Mechanic enables players to import their favorite Pokémon from past generations into the current game. Players may utilize the National Pokédex to locate and transfer previous generation Pokémon into their preferred generation four game.

The method works by allowing users to relocate their pets to new regions known as Pal Parks. Special Pokémon habitats called as “ranches” are constructed inside these buddy parks. Pokémon that are relocated to these ranches will grow in size, evolve, and become shinier as they adjust to their new surroundings and resources. A player’s shining Luvdisc from a previous generation must be transferred using this Pal Park function in order for its shiny variation to appear in his or her Gen IV game of choice.

Masuda Method

The Masuda Method is one of the most efficient methods for obtaining a Shiny variant of Pokémon. It was first introduced in Generation IV, and it quickly became a popular method of creating shiny Pokémon. Junichi Masuda, the game’s director, inspired the name of this strategy. It states that breeding two Pokémon from different nations or languages enhances the odds of hatching a Shiny Pokémon by six times over regular breeding. The only stipulation here is that you have two Pokémon from separate nations or languages.

This strategy may also be utilized in Pokémon Go, and it is particularly effective for acquiring Xerneas in its Shiny form, which is quite uncommon.

Gen 5: Black – White – Black 2 and White 2: PokTransfer and the Shiny Charm

The option to transfer Pokémon from 4th generation games to Gen 5 was added in the fifth generation of Pokémon games Black, White, Black 2& White 2. This also enabled Gen 5 players to receive certain goods and abilities, such as the Shiny Charm. The Shiny Charm is an uncommon item gained by exchanging a Pokémon from a 4th generation game to a Gen 5 game. The Shiny Charm, once earned, boosts your chances of discovering a shiny Pokémon in the wild by three times. This implies that your chances of discovering one have risen from 1/8192 to 3/8192, making it much simpler than previously.

Along with other modifications to PokTransfer, such as the inclusion of new forms for some species and the introduction of new powers, this new feature provided veteran fans yet another incentive to return to Unova for another adventure.

Gen 6: X – Y – Omega Ruby – and Alpha Sapphire: Soft Resetting – Masuda Method and the Friend Safari

Soft resetting is a technique employed in Gen 6 X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire to boost the chances of obtaining a Shiny Pokémon. While in the game’s overworld, hold down the L and R keys as well as Start and Select at the same time to soft reset. When the player releases both buttons at the same time, a soft reset occurs, returning them to the start screen with all of their progress intact.

The Masuda technique is another way to boost your chances of acquiring a Shiny Pokémon. This technique entails mating two suitable Pokémon of different countries. This boosts the likelihood of hatching a Shiny egg by sixfold.

The Friend Safari function, which debuted in Generation 6, also enhances the likelihood of hatching a Shiny egg. Buddy Safaris are specialized ecosystems that may be found by selecting someone’s Safari from your friend list. When opposed to typical wild encounters or even Masuda technique breeding, these Safaris frequently contain various sorts of Pokémon in them and often have a larger possibility of meeting rare or Shiny Pokémon.

Friend Safari

Obtaining the rare Shiny Mesprit in Pokemon Generation I may be a difficult task, but the Friend Safari provides an excellent chance to do it. This technique of Shiny hunting needs players to have at least two friends that have the game and a console that can wirelessly connect to other players.

To utilize the Buddy Safari, users must invite one friend to their game and then visit each of their separate Pal Park sections. They will be able to share data across their games at Pal Park by utilizing amiibo cards, which they may get as prizes from special events or buy from merchants. Trading data from one person’s game to another enhances the chances of meeting a Shiny Mesprit. Although this technique of locating a Shiny is not flawless, it does provide a possibility for those wishing to capture this uncommon species.

Gen 7: Sun – Moon – Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Island Scan

Island Scan is a function added in the 7th Generation of Pokemon games that enables players to find and capture Rare Pokemon. Players must travel to select islands in the Alola area using different modes of transportation, including Charizard’s Ride Pager. Players may locate a variety of rare and strong Pokémon from the Kanto area, such as Dragonite and Charizard, by performing an Island Scan. As an added bonus after finishing the scan, players have the possibility to discover a Shiny Pokémon.

A Shiny Pokémon is a very uncommon version of a regular Pokémon with distinctive coloration and stats. With Island Scan, players may add a Shiny version to Gen I’s popular favorite Charizard.

Island Scan

Island Scan is a feature introduced to Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon in Generation VII that enables players to repeatedly scan 10 QR Codes to identify uncommon Pokémon that are not commonly seen in the Alola area. After scanning all ten QR Codes, the player may utilize the Pax Town and Dark Lab features to attempt to discover one of five unique shining Charizard that have held things.

Players must then combat the Charizard using their GBA system or 3DS, with each having its distinct set of attributes and moveset depending on the island it is discovered on. The player will only be able to catch these shinies once, thus if they fail, they will not be able to catch them again.

Gen 8: Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee – Shield and Sword: Capture Combos and Pokmon Den

Fans of the original Pokémon games are in for a treat with the recent release of Generation 8: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee on the Nintendo Switch. Trainers may boost their chances of capturing uncommon and strong Pokémon by using Capture Combos and Pokémon Dens.

Charizard, a popular favorite from the Gen I games, is one such Pokémon. Capture Combos let players to boost their chances of encountering or capturing Charizard or its shiny version. Players may enhance the amount of interactions they have with a single Pokéstop by utilizing two or more varieties of bait or Poké Balls. Furthermore, if they are fortunate enough to come across a Pokémon Den while exploring locations like as the Wild Area in Sword and Shield, they will be able to meet Charizard and other rarer species. Trainers will discover numerous new methods to capture their favorite Fire Type with these new features in Gen 8: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

Capture Combos

Capturing Combos is a common method for making Gen I’s fan favorite Charizard extra cooler. Capturing numerous Pokémon of the same kind, known as a Capture Combo, increases the odds of meeting a Shiny Charizard.

The more Pokémon of the same kind you catch, the more likely you are to meet a Shiny variant. The objective is to obtain as near to 100% as possible, which means that both the wild and developed variants must be captured for it to operate effectively. Finally, it comes down to chance and persistence, but with enough efforts and patience, this strategy may certainly be used while looking for your perfect Shiny Charizard.

Pokmon Den

The Pokémon Den is a feature of the original Pokémon Red and Blue games that enables you to combat the Pokémon of other players. Entering the Den lets you to play against other trainers in your game cartridge, as well as obtain access to strong rare goods if your Pokémon wins bouts.

By entering the Chaos Path in Pokémon Den, you may give one of Gen I’s popular favorites, Charizard, a Shiny variation. A Shiny Pokémon is a highly uncommon variant of the Pokémon with different color palettes than its regular cousin. Finding a wild Shiny Charizard may take some time and effort, but it is well worth it for those who seek out this uncommon prize.

As part of the Chaos Path, users may compete in randomly created tournaments against players from all around the globe in quest of the Shiny Charizard. This makes catching this strong Pokémon more thrilling than ever before, as players engage in heated bouts against one another in an attempt to locate this elusive species.

Question: In which generation is it easier to get a shiny Charizard?

The procedure of getting a shiny Charizard in the Pokémon games has evolved through time, with early versions making it more difficult than later generations. Shiny Pokémon are significantly uncommon in Generation I and II than in Generation III and afterwards.

Trainers must be exceptionally fortunate in the past generations, or have access to means like as Wonder Trading or Shining Charm hunting, to get a shiny Charizard. Because of enhanced mechanics, the chances of meeting and capturing a shining Charizard increase in subsequent generations, and Shinies are simpler to get via chain fishing or chain trading. Despite these advancements, it is still uncommon to stumble across a gleaming Charizard.

Question: In which generation is it harder to get a shiny Charizard?

Shiny Charizard are very uncommon in any generation of the Pokémon series. Because the encounter rate for Shinies was so low in Generation 1, obtaining a shining Charizard was significantly more difficult. In this generation, the only way to get one was to trade with another player or, very rarely, to come across a wild Shiny variant.

However, in subsequent generations, such as Generations 4 and 5, players have a better chance of obtaining a wild Shiny variant. Furthermore, players have access to unique events that improve their odds of capturing Shiny variants, as well as strategies like as the Masuda Method, which raise their chances even further.

Overall, it can be concluded that, although obtaining a Shiny Charizard in Generation 1 is substantially more difficult than in subsequent generations, you may still discover one if you are prepared to put in some time and effort. You may catch your very own Shiny Charizard and add it to your squad with some luck and patience.

Question: How hard is getting a shiny Charizard in Pokmon Sword and Shield?

It is possible to get a shiny Charizard in Pokémon Sword and Shield, but it is not an easy process. It takes more than usual patience and chance. The Masuda Method, which involves mating two Pokémon from separate language games, is one of the finest methods to boost your odds of getting a shiny Charizard. With the Shiny Charm equipped, you may also get a shiny Charizard from Max Raid fights or Wild Area Spawns. You are at the mercy of the RNG (random number generator) if you do not have the Shiny Charm.

Without any modifications, the probability of seeing a shiny Charizard in each Wild Area spawn is around 1 in 4096. Finally, if you want to catch this fan favorite dragon Pokémon, you’ll need to be prepared for some hard work with no assurance of success.


Finally, a Shiny can make Gen I’s fan favorite Charizard even better. A Shiny is a unique color variety of each Pokémon that can be acquired in-game via various ways such as hatching eggs or special events. Shiny Pokémon are very uncommon and desired by gamers all around the globe, making them even more valuable than ordinary non-shiny ones. Having a Shiny Charizard will undoubtedly demonstrate your passion to the game and set you apart from your classmates.

With this method, you should be able to create your own Shiny Charizard.