Thundurus is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokémon GO, being a member of the Therian Formes. Here’s everything you need to know about Thundurus.

Bottom Line Up Front

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) is a military word and method used to describe the major aspects of a plan or scenario in a short and clear manner. BLUF’s Thundurus Pokémon Go guide is all about condensing the important aspects in a few phrases and teaching you precisely what you need to know in order to successfully fight and prepare for capturing this Legendary Raid Boss.

This covers information like Thundurus’ vulnerabilities, optimal counters, the number of trainers needed and their levels, which techniques to utilize, and more. Knowing this knowledge ahead of time helps you to rapidly assess the situation and take appropriate response. So BLUF is an important aspect of any excellent Thundurus guide since it’s the first thing players see after viewing the title and helps set them up for success straight away.

Thundurus Background

Thundurus is a legendary Pokémon from Unova that first appeared in Black& White. It is a hybrid of a flying and an electric legend, making it one of the rare dual-type legendaries. Thundurus is a thundercloud-like electric bird with orange beak and eyes. Its wings are laced with black lightning bolts, and its tail is capped with a lightning bolt.

Thundurus provides various unique chances to gamers who want to add this legendary Pokémon to their squad in Pokémon Go.

To begin, you should be aware that Thundurus may be obtained in three ways:

  • as a raid boss
  • as a research prize
  • or as an encounter if you’re fortunate enough to locate it in the wild

Thundurus will seem golden rather than yellow in raids. Research rewards may also be eye-catching, so make the most of such chances as well.

Finally, while facing the Legendary Pokémon, employ the right attack types: Electric-types for Thundurus’ Flying-type techniques, and Rock/Ice/Fairy-types for its Electric-type moves. Thundurus may unleash strong Z moves like Thunderous Tornadoes, which deliver devastating damage if not well countered.

GO Stats

GO Stats is a thorough reference about Thundurus, a legendary Pokémon found in the famous game Pokémon Go. This article provides trainers with thorough information on Thundurus’ stats, such as its IVs individual values, moveset, and stats, as well as how they all work together to help you catch this uncommon and strong species.

Understanding Thundurus’ type strengths and weaknesses, for example, let you to better prepare yourself with the appropriate Poké Balls and Revives before engaging in combat with it. You can also utilize GO Stats to learn useful methods from experienced trainers who have previously employed Thundurus;, like as the optimum times to power it up or when to spend your Rare Candy successfully.

Finally, GO Stats offers you with a wealth of data that will help you boost your chances of capturing this legendary Pokémon Go creature.

Incarnate Form Stats

Galarian Slowpoke is a Pokémon Go unique that was introduced as part of a special Raid and Event. The legendary Thundurus must be defeated during its raid in order to get this Pokémon. After you win the fight, you will be able to capture Galarian Slowpoke and add him to your collection.

Galarian Slowpoke comes in two varieties: Incarnate and Therian Forme. The stats of the Incarnate Forme are as follows: 140 CP, 59 Attack, 63 Defense, 87 Stamina, and 1256 Max CP. This form also possesses two Type abilities, Psychic and Fairy, as well as the Quick Move Confusion. The Incarnate Forme also possesses a Special Move called Psychic, which may do a lot of damage to opponents. All of these attributes combine to make Galarian Slowpoke an excellent addition to any trainer’s roster.

Quick Moves

Fighting Electric-type Gym Leader Lt. Surge in Ash Gray necessitates the use of a Pokémon with a variety of strong fast techniques. Quick Moves do less damage than charge moves, but they may be used again without having to wait for energy to recharge. Thunder Shock and Volt are the finest Quick Moves to use against Lt. Surge. Switch between the two Electric-type attacks. Furthermore, since he has both Water and Flying Pokémon on his squad, Shadow Claw, Dragon Breath, and Iron Tail are all effective against him.

To optimize your damage output, you should have numerous Quick Moves ready so you may switch between them as needed. Remember that Quick Moves cannot be utilized if your Pokémon is immobile or has been frozen solid by an Ice-type attack.

Charged Moves

The Pokémon Go Guide’s St. Anne in Ash Gray is a strong collection of legendary Pokémon that may be deployed to great effect in combat. The utilization of charged movements is a crucial component of St. Anne in Ash Gray. These are move combos meant to inflict great damage on opposing Pokémon and gain an advantage. Charged attacks offer both increased attack strength and a decreased energy cost, allowing you to utilize them more often and make them count when you need them the most.

To fully use these strong techniques, it is necessary to understand charge move timing, type advantages and weaknesses, and how they differ amongst Pokémon species. St. Anne in Ash Gray will be ready to show that it is a powerful opponent against any adversary with the appropriate mix of charged moves and your own fighting strategies.

Therian Form Stats

As one of the most powerful Pokémon in Ash Gray, Thundurus in Therian form holds the distinction. It’s an Electric/Flying-type Pokémon with incredibly high starting stat totals, making it a strong fight opponent. It has 125 Attack, 115 Defense, 105 Special Attack, 95 Special Defense, and 99 Speed as its basic stats. This makes Therian Form Thundurus an extremely powerful opponent, both defensively and offensively, with strong defensive bulk and incredible attacking power capable of taking down numerous adversaries.

It also has a strong movepool, allowing it to serve as an offensive powerhouse, a thick wall, or even a support Pokémon depending on how you employ it in battle. Therian Form Thundurus stands out from the competition with its superb type and stats, and its presence will make any squad stronger.

Quick Moves

In Pokémon Go, Thundurus may strike opponents with Quick Moves. Because Quick Moves use less energy, they may be utilized more often than Charged Moves. They do, however, deliver less damage than Charged Moves and are regarded weaker.

Some Quick Moves are Volt Switch electric-type, Discharge electric-type, Bite dark-type, Confusion psychic-type, and Thundershock electric-type. The Quick Move will vary to fit the kind of Thundurus you’ve captured.

Remember that each Quick Move has its unique set of qualities, so try out various moves in different scenarios. Experimenting with Quick Moves is an excellent approach to discover which move works best for you.

Charged Moves

In Pokémon Go, Pokémon employ charged moves to combat other Pokémon. For each usage, they use a specific quantity of energy (stardust and candies). This energy is obtained from the Pokémon’s CP Combat Power stat. Each Pokémon has two charged moves, one of which is unlocked when leveling up beyond level 20. Charged moves are more powerful than quick moves, but they take longer to perform and utilize more energy. As a result, they should be employed tactically during combat.

Thundurus, your starting Pokémon in the Ash Gray version of Porta Vista, possesses the charged moves Thunder Punch and Thunderbolt. Thunder Punch is an Electric-type move that does 50 damage for 35 energy, whereas Thunderbolt is an Electric-type move that does 80 damage for 55 energy. When facing Thundurus in the Ash Gray version of Porta Vista, depending on your strategy and your opponent’s Pokémon type, you may wish to utilize one or both charged attacks.

How to Obtain

Both Incarnate and Therian Tornadus may be acquired in different methods in Pokémon Go. To discover the raid boss of Incarnate Tornadus in gyms where it is accessible in 5-star raids, explore the world of Pokémon Go. To find Therian Tornadus in its natural state, explore the world of Pokémon Go. This is a very unusual opportunity since Therian Tornadus does not appear in raids, and because its spawn rate is low, it may take a long time to find one this way.

Another method to gain Tornadus would be to attend a special event or accomplish a research mission. If the players are fortunate enough, they may even obtain this legendary Pokémon as a special present if they have Pokémon Go buddies. Digital Pokémon trading sites are also accessible online for those searching for an alternative, where they may trade for or acquire digital Pokémon cards including any type of Tornadus.

Top Counters

The most effective Pokémon at defeating a certain kind of Pokémon in battle is referred to as a top counter in the popular smartphone game Pokémon Go. The strongest Pokémon Go has to offer is Thundurus, an Electric/Flying-type Legendary Pokémon.

When dealing with a Thundurus, it’s critical to utilize a team of counters capable of destroying it. It’s worth noting that its Flying-type weakness can be overcome with Electric or Ice-type attacks, while its Electric-type weakness can be overcome with Ground or Rock-type moves. Furthermore, since it is a Legendary Pokémon, it has very strong defensive ratings in comparison to other Pokémon, therefore its attacks should be limited as much as possible.

The greatest counters for Thundurus are:

  • Mamoswine Ice/Ground
  • Zapdos Electric/Flying
  • Excadrill Ground/Steel
  • Mamoswine Ice/Ground

You should have little trouble defeating the formidable Thundurus with these tanks fully fueled.

Question: Can you change Thundurus form in Pokemon GO?

Thundurus is a legendary Pokémon that can be discovered in the Pokémon GO world’s Atlantic Path and Cape areas. As a result, it cannot be found in the wild and must be defeated during a raid combat. The fact that Thundurus may adopt two separate forms—a conventional form known as Incarnate and an alternative form known as Therian—is one of its distinguishing characteristics.

Using an item, you can transform Thundurus into its Therian form when it appears in its usual form. The object required for this transformation is known as a Reveal Glass, and it may be gained by completing Research Challenges or by visiting PokéStops. Use it on Thundurus to initiate the transition once you have one; both forms will now have distinct stats and movesets, so choose carefully before utilizing your Reveal Glass.

Question: Can I transfer Thundurus from Pokemon Go to the mainline games?

Thundurus cannot be transferred from Pokémon Go to the core games, regrettably. Only Pokémon Go and Pokémon Home allow you to transfer Thundurus. This implies that any Thundurus you catch in Pokémon Go will stay trapped in the mobile game until you use the Transfer option via Pokémon Home.

Unfortunately, if you obtained a Shiny Thundurus in Pokémon Go, your only choice is to keep capturing it in the Mobile game and hoping for another Shiny version, since it cannot be transferred to the mainstream versions of the game.

Question: Can I guarantee a Thundurus encounter in my field research?

In your field investigation, you cannot guarantee a Thundurus encounter. In Pokémon Go, Thundurus is a Legendary Raid Boss that can only be faced by completing certain Field Research missions or by participating in EX Raids. While particular Field Research activities that may reward an encounter with Thundurus have been found, not all of them guarantee it. Therefore, there is no way to guarantee that any particular Field Research job will result in a Thundurus encounter.

Thus, the only way to ensure an encounter with Thundurus is to participate in EX Raids, which are much less common than conventional Raids.

Question: Is Thundurus worth going for?

The decision to pursue Thundurus as a Pokémon Go player relies on the person and their objectives. Thundurus can deliver significant damage with its Electric-type attacks, making it a popular option for challenging Poison-type Gym Leader Koga. It also has access to crucial moves like Wild Charge, Focus Blast, and Discharge, which may be utilized to punish Poison-type Pokémon.

Thundurus may not be the best option for people seeking to fulfill their Pokédex. However, given how strong and adaptable it can be while combatting Team Rocket, soaring up gyms, and knocking out those pesky Poison types, it’s well worth considering. Its distinct type allows it to compete with top-tier selections like Giratina, making it appealing to a broad spectrum of players. In the end, it’s up to you to determine whether or not Thundurus is worthwhile.

Thundurus Pokemon Go: Conclusion

In the Sinnoh Region of Pokémon Go, players were able to capture Thundurus, one of the Legendary Beasts. Players must have attained level 40 and completed the Special Research Quest “A Ripple in Time” in order to capture Thundurus.

Thundurus is a formidable Electric/Flying-type Pokémon that may be quite useful in battle. It possesses a diverse set of moves, including Thunder Shock and Discharge for Electric moves and Aerial Ace for Flying moves.

It also has two forms: Incarnate Forme and Therian Forme, both with their own set of attributes that might help it outperform its opponents.

Taking all of these elements into consideration, it’s easy to understand why Thundurus is a crucial monster for gamers to have on their squad. Thundurus may be a great tool in combat against other legendary creatures or just casual trainers wishing to add some variation to their squad because of its varied range of techniques and formidable formes.

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