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Xerneas Pokmon GO Guide Need to Know

A detailed guide to collecting and unlocking the Fountain of Youth in Pokémon Go is provided by Xerneas Pokémon GO Guide Need to Know. Where to locate Xerneas, what talents are required for effective capture and training, and how to employ the fountain of youth powers are just a few of the important topics covered in the book.

It also includes advice on how to plan for success, effective ways for managing your XP and Resources, and important knowledge on team building, combat skills, and other secrets. This is an excellent resource for anybody wanting to find the Fountain of Youth in Pokémon Go. From novice players just getting started to seasoned instructors looking for a refresher on the current methods, this book offers something for everyone.

Xerneas Before Pokmon GO

Xerneas was a fictional monster from the Pokémon game series that existed before Pokémon Go. It is also known as the ‘Life Pokémon,’ and it resembles a deer with antlers similar to those of a stag. It has a blue crystal-covered body and calls Aurora, a cold cave on Mt. Coronet, and Fairy Garden in Unova home.

In the anime series, it has the ability to bring dead objects back to life and is regarded as the personification of life itself. It may be captured in the games by using a Master Ball or by hunting for its statue, which is located deep inside Fairy Garden or Aurora Caverns. It employs predominantly grass-type attacks to beat its adversaries and generally heals them rather than injuring them.

Xerneas Before Pokémon GO serves as a guide for trainers who are trying to capture Xerneas before Pokémon Go’s arrival as it provides an overview of Xerneas’s capabilities and powers so that players know how to handle it effectively when they encounter it in game.

Xerneas Neutral Vs Active Mode

Pokémon Go is a famous smartphone game, and Xerneas is a legendary Pokémon. This fairy-type Pokémon has the ability to switch between two states: neutral and active.

Dark-type attacks that deliver high damage but have no extra effects are used by Xerneas when the mode is Neutral. When engaged in Active Mode, however, it will employ Fairy-type techniques with greater strength and will restore itself after each use.

To open Xerneas’ Fountain of Youth, players must first capture it and then utilize goods like Stardust, Great Balls, and Rare Candy to enable Active Mode. Xerneas can heal itself after each move it makes in Active Mode, which is more stronger than Neutral Mode. As a result, Xerneas is a very strong ally for players who want to take on challenging tasks or become top trainers. Understanding and using Xerneas’ active mode might be the difference between success and failure in the world of Pokémon Go.

Xerneas Stats and Moves in Pokmon GO

In Pokémon X and Y, Xerneas makes its appearance as a Legendary Pokémon of the Electric type. Due to its scarcity and excellent stats, it is one of the most sought-after Pokémon in Pokémon GO. During the Holiday 2019 event, it was initially launched as a Special Research story event.

With a maximum CP of 4,122, 300 attack, 198 defense, and 216 stamina, Xerneas is a formidable foe. Its moves include Focus Blast Fighting, Moonblast Fairy, Dazzling Gleam Fairy, and Thunderbolt Electric.

  • Thunderbolt has a basic power of 90 and works well against Water, Flying, and Dragon enemies;
  • Dazzling Gleam has an attack power of 85 and is efficient against the types of Dark, Dragon, and Fighting Fairies;
  • The basic strength of Moonblast is 130, and it is powerful against Dark, Fire Fairy;
  • Focus Blast has a basic power of 140 but only 10% accuracy.

Finally, because of its rarity and potent stats, Xerneas is one of the most sought-after Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO. It’s an Electric-type with a max CP of 4122, making it ideal for fighting gyms or rival trainers. It also has four charged attacks – Thunderbolt Electric, Dazzling Gleam Fairy, Moonblast Fairy, and Focus Blast Fighting – that may be highly beneficial in certain combat conditions when proper kinds are required to be employed.

Other Stats

Xerneas has extra stats that may be considered while playing Pokémon GO in addition to the metrics given above. These metrics include the baseCaptureRate, baseFleeRate, baseStamina or HP, as well as the kind of moveset that may be unlocked. Its baseCaptureRate is the chance that a wild Xerneas will actually be added to your team, while its baseFleeRate is its chance of escaping if encountered in the wild.

The way of acquiring Xerneas varies depending on where you are in the world, as various regions may have different means of accessing it. You may need to accomplish specific research missions or win fights in Gyms or Raids before you may unlock Xerneas:

  • Research Missions
  • Gym Battles
  • Raids

All Moves

Cinnabar Island in Ash Gray is one of the most popular and strong places in the Pokémon Go game for players to catch Xerneas. While playing on this island, players may get access to the Fountain of Youth, an ultimate ability that grants them four strong moves: Focus Blast, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, and Geomancy.

The fairy-type move Moonblast delivers a lot of damage but also lowers the user’s attack strength. Geomancy boosts special attack and defensive stats by two levels while also restoring 100PP. Dazzling Gleam is a fairy-type move that strikes all opponents in front of it, while Focus Blast delivers damage and increases the possibility of a critical hit when performed against Steel-type Pokémon.

Each move has its own combination of buffs and debuffs, making it an excellent option for utilizing alongside Xerneas on Cinnabar Island in Ash Gray.

Xerneas Pokmon GO Combat Tips

Xerneas is one of the most powerful legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO, and knowing its Combat techniques might be quite useful. As a Fairy-type Pokémon, Xerneas is best equipped to combat Dragon- and Dark-type Pokémon. Its powerful Fairy Wind attack may be employed effectively against these two kinds. Xerneas’ neutral damage output, on the other hand, puts it at a disadvantage while against other Pokémon like Grass and Fighting.

Xerneas’ special move Moonblast may help make up for this. This move has a possibility of both damaging and reducing the opponent’s defensive stats. Additionally, attempt to expand your Pokémon’s moveset so that you have attacks that deliver very effective damage against a variety of adversaries.

Finally, employ status effects such as Confuse Ray or Sleep Powder to boost your chances of winning fights by weakening your opponents without dealing substantial damage.

Top 10 Best Counters for Xerneas

In Pokémon Go, Xerneas is a strong Legendary Pokémon. You must find a collection of counters that are dependable enough to take down Xerneas. Some of the game’s strongest Pokémon may be used as counters for Xerneas, as can more general, all-around Pokémon like Snorlax.

The best counters for Xerneas will be discussed in this article. These 10 Pokémon were carefully chosen based on their basic stats, movesets, and type advantages, giving you a decent chance of defeating the Fairy-type Legendary regardless of its stat spread.

The top ten greatest counters for Xerneas are:

  • Gengar,
  • Dragonite,
  • Gyarados,
  • Tyranitar,
  • Lucario,
  • Weavile,
  • Mewtwo,
  • Mamoswine,
  • Heatran, and
  • Espeon.

Each of these counters offers a unique set of advantages in combat: Gengar has access to a variety of STAB attacks; Dragonite is tanky and resistant to Fairy-type attacks; Gyarados has high Attack and extreme bulk; Tyranitar has access to Ground and Dark type moves; Lucario can deal massive physical damage while also resisting Fairy attacks; Weavile can deal heavy Ice damage while avoiding being hit by STAB Fairy moves; Mewtwo has a massive Special Attack stat that is bolstered by Psychic STAB moves; Mamoswine has a massive Physical Attack stat as well as resistance to both Physical and Special Fairy attacks; Heatran is another wall that can use multiple types of STAB attacks; Finally, Espeon deals significant special damage with wide coverage but also resists Fairy type attacks due to its Psychic typing.

Zacian (Crowned Sword)

Zacian is a legendary Fairy-type Pokémon seen in the famous video game Pokémon Go. It is considered to be the guardian of the legendary City of Illusions. Zacian has a distinct evolutionary path, beginning as a standard Lickitung and progressing to the Crowned Sword form.

Players must perform a number of objectives connected to team mechanics and unique encounters throughout the game in order to acquire this strong form. Improved stats and access to rare goods such as fairy stones and other strong combat equipment are among the benefits of acquiring Zacian’s Crowned Sword form. Players that obtain Zacian’s Crowned Sword form will be able to employ it in all competitive team events, enabling them to maximize the potential of their squad.


Metagross is a Steel and Psychic-type Pokémon that is vulnerable to the kinds of Fighting, Ground, Fire, and Dark. It is one of the two Legendary Pokémon available in the game. Metagross is a formidable Pokémon in battle, with a high Defense stat that makes it resistant to physical attacks.

It is also quite flexible, since it can use both Psychic and Steel movesets, as well as other offensive and defensive choices. Meeting Metagross in Pallet Town will let you to obtain the Fountain of Youth, which is a superb addition to your squad since there are numerous key bouts where having this strong Legendary Pokémon on your side would assist you.

Deoxys (Attack)

Deoxys Attack is a legendary Psychic-type Pokémon first seen in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. It is Deoxys’ fourth form, resembling an extraterrestrial with an orange body, yellow eyes, and four tentacles. Deoxys Attack specializes on physical attacks and has an impressive Attack stat of 360. As a result, it is the most powerful non-Mega Evolved Pokémon in the game.

Deoxys Attack works well on teams who rely on physical attackers to smash down barricades and do massive damage all at once. Its strong Attack stat implies that if employed correctly, it can OHKO most adversaries, while its rather low Speed prevents it from capitalizing on many attacks’ same-turn effects. Despite this, Deoxys Attack’s overwhelming strength makes it an excellent pick for any team facing physically heavy opponents.


Dialga is known as the Temporal Pokémon and is one of the Legendary Birds of the Pokémon universe. It initially debuted in the game Pokémon Diamond, and then in a variety of related titles, including its direct successor Pokémon Platinum and various spin-offs. Dialga has a strong move set that includes devastating dragon-type attacks like Draco Meteor and Roar of Time.

Dialga may be found in Pokémon Go’s Kyurem’s Nest, which is situated east of the Fountain of Youth. To unlock it, players must accomplish a specific research mission that can only be completed after reaching level 40 in the game. When this legendary Pokémon is unlocked, players will be able to fight it for the opportunity to capture it for their team.


In the Ice Realm City region of Xerneas, the legendary land of endless youth, Roserade is a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokémon. It belongs to the Roserlia evolutionary family and is a third-generation Pokémon.

Roserade comes in two varieties. Its protective form has pink and purple flowers, whilst its aggressive form has long green spines. Its nature-inspired motions are highly varied. It can utilize Sleep Powder to put opponents to sleep quickly, Razor Leaf to inflict cutting damage, and Magical Leaf, which some claim is the greatest grass type attack in the game. It can also utilize Poison Sting to poison opponents and Mega Drain to absorb some health back into itself or its allies.

Roserade may look agile on the battlefield, but it lacks both a helpful healing move and a powerful electric attack, making it less well-rounded than many other grass type Pokémon. As such, it should only be employed when you need defensive or offensive qualities from your Pokémon companion.


Nihilego is a significant Pokémon discovered on Victory Road in Ash Gray. This Legendary Pokémon has an amazing 140 Attack and 103 Defense, making it a dangerous opponent for any Trainer. In order to reach the enigmatic Fountain of Youth and the legendary Xerneas, Nihilego must be caught in the Cave of Hope in this game.

Trainers must first use the Super Rod to locate Nihilego in open sea or as part of a wild Pokémon on land before capturing it. Using products like Max Repel and Timer Balls is the greatest approach to increase your chances of success. Trainers who have achieved level 70 may summon Nihilego into combat and beat it with strong Rock-type skills like Stone Edge. Once kidnapped, you may go on your own Nihilego adventures.


Eternatus is the most powerful and mysterious Pokémon in Ash Gray’s whole universe. It was found in the Fountain of Youth, a site of tremendous vitality and strength. Although obtaining Eternatus is tough, it is achievable provided you have a specific artifact known as the “Etherium“. Trainers may use this Etherium to reach the Fountain and challenge Eternatus. Trainers get possession of Eternatus after beating it and may utilize its strength to aid them on their quest.

When utilized appropriately, Eternatus has enormous power; but it may also be harmful if mishandled. As a result, it is critical for trainers to grasp how to handle this Pokémon effectively in order to maximize its powers while avoiding endangering themselves or other players.


Genesect is a very effective Electric-type Pokémon that originally emerged in the Unova area. It is the first Pokémon to have the ability to utilize a one-of-a-kind move, Techno Blast, which enables it to alter its type based on the Drive connected.

Many players in the Ash Gray edition of Pokemon Go choose Genesect as they try to find Xerneas’ Fountain of Youth. Players must beat all seven legendary Pokémon of each kind before meeting Xerneas. Genesect is a particularly valuable competitor in this preliminary round due to its availability to strong Electric-type techniques, which offers it an advantage over many of the other legendary fighters faced throughout this journey.


Gengar is one of the Indigo League’s most popular Psychic-type Pokémon. Gengar may be unlocked in Ash Gray by defeating the Elite Four and utilizing Xerneas’ Fountain of Youth. In order to access the Fountain of Youth, you must first defeat five distinct Gengar. Each Gengar has unique actions and status effects, therefore it is critical to fully grasp their powers in order to properly defeat them.

Gengar, as well as its formidable techniques such as Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, and Dark Pulse, will be awakened as a result of this. Its strong attacking powers may help Ash win numerous bouts against his opponents and unlock more powerful Pokémon from the Indigo League.


Excadrill is a Ground and Steel-type Pokémon that appears in Generation V games. Due to its strong physical attack and ability to deliver double damage, this powerful burrowing Pokémon may be a tough opponent to defeat. It also has access to strong covering skills like Earthquake, making it a serious menace on the battlefield.

To easily dispatch this fearsome Pokemon in Xerneas: Unlocking the Fountain of Youth, use Electric-type attacks or Flying-type techniques like Hurricane or Air Slash. Also, have enough of healing items on available, since Excadrill delivers a powerful punch and may quickly exhaust your crew.

When to Use Xerneas

With its powerful Fairy-type attacks, Xerneas, one of the Legendary Pokémon Go characters, may turn battles in your favor. This is accomplished by its trademark move, Geomancy. It may quickly swing the tide of battle in your favor by boosting up your team members and offering greater damage output and protection.

When to utilize Xerneas, however, is critical. It’s advisable to reserve it for a difficult battle since Geomancy has a lengthy animation that you want to make sure plays out completely before your opponent can counterattack. The surprise aspect that is crucial for an overwhelming win might also be lost if Xerneas is used too early. Finally, for increased damage output potential and defensive synergy, combine Xerneas’ power up move with other Fairy type strikes in your repertoire. You may uncover the fountain of youth housed inside this Legendary Pokémon Go figure by following this easy suggestion regarding when to utilize Xerneas:


Mewtwo is the Ash Gray Pokémon Champion, making it a very strong addition to any squad. Team Rocket scientists used a combination of Mew’s DNA to create Mewtwo. As a result, Mewtwo has extraordinary Psychic powers, being able to detect even the smallest changes in its surroundings and faraway thoughts of other living creatures. It can also use strong attacks like Psystrike and Psycho Cut, making it ideal for the defensive duty that comes with being a champion.

Furthermore, its trademark move, ‘Fountain of Youth,’ may regenerate HP and PP for all of your friends. If you wish to embark on a trip with Ash Gray and defeat Team Rocket, you’ll need Mewtwo by your side.


Slaking is a Normal/Psychic Pokémon that debuted in Generation III. It is a member of the Pokémon evolutionary line that includes Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking. Its special ability Truant distinguishes it from other Pokémon by allowing it to attack every other round rather than every turn.

Slaking has an edge over other bulkier physical attackers since it can outlast them in combat. Its numbers are nicely balanced; all its Attack and Defense values are 100, while both its Special Attack and Special Defense stats are 50. This increases Slaking’s chances of surviving strong special attacks from opposing Pokémon while also allowing it to do a lot of damage with its own physical attacks.


Machamp is a strong and rare Pokémon that can be found in the Forbidden Lands’ Inferno Mountain. Mega Machamp, its Mega form, is one of the most powerful fighting-type Pokémon in the game.

To combat and capture Machamp, you must first achieve Level 45, since it will only emerge after that. You will then be able to discover it wandering about Inferno Mountain, where it radiates an overpowering heavenly light on its body.

When facing Machamp in battle, employ your finest Grass-type or Fire-type Pokémon to exploit its vulnerabilities. Be wary of its very powerful Fighting techniques and ensure that your approach is on spot.


Rayquaza is a legendary Pokémon found in Montage Forretress in the game Pokémon Go. It is a dragon/flying-type Pokémon that was found in the Hoenn area and first appeared in the third generation of games.

Rayquaza possesses a strong special move called Outrage that may inflict damage on numerous opponents if they are clustered together. It also possesses a one-of-a-kind ability called Air Lock, which removes all weather effects from the playing field and prevents other sky legendaries from activating their abilities.

Rayquaza may be unlocked by completing research assignments and gathering enough lures and Lucky Eggs to gain sweets. It is a great addition to your squad once unlocked, since it can easily take on most opponents owing to its massive attack power and special move.

When to Switch Out as Xerneas

In the smartphone game Pokémon Go, Xerneas is a legendary Pokémon that is popular among players. Xerneas is a Fairy-type, which means it can absorb practically any attack thrown at it, with the exception of Dragon-type moves, thus knowing when and when not to utilize it in combat is critical.

It’s critical to know when to swap out as Xerneas while playing with a Xerneas squad in Pokémon Go. Xerneas is an expert at deflecting both physical and magical attacks since he is a Fairy. However, since Fairy-types are vulnerable to Steel-, Poison-, and particularly Dragon-type attacks, rapidly switching out of those sorts of moves is critical to preserving HP and avoiding damage.

Furthermore, it might be advantageous to switch out of status-effecting moves like Thunder Wave or Will-O-Wisp since these sorts of move effects can ultimately prohibit you from being able to attack or switch Pokémon at all. These tactics will become second nature with time and practice.

Question: Is Xerneas Coming Back to Pokmon GO?

In Generation VI of the Pokémon GO game, Xerneas is a Legendary Fairy-type Pokémon. This mythological monster initially appeared in the Kalos area and has since appeared as a figurehead in a number of other games, including Pokkén Tournament, Super Mystery Dungeon, and Mystery Dungeon DX.

It is uncertain whether or not Xerneas will return to Pokémon GO, although there have been some indications.

  • With the introduction of Gen 2: Gold, Silver, and Crystal accompanying the game’s Shiny Ditto event, some predict that Xerneas might return at any moment.
  • Fans are also paying attention to the approaching LaserLure event, which might indicate that Xerneas could return shortly.
  • However, until Nintendo provides more information on the possible reappearance of this legendary fairy-type Pokémon, all fans can do is wait and hope.

Question: Is Yveltal in Pokmon GO?

Yveltal is not yet accessible in Pokémon GO. Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, and Lugia are the only Legendary Raids currently available in the game.

In May 2019, Yveltal appeared as a raid boss as part of the Yaesu-cohort legendary raids. However, Yveltal was later deleted from Pokémon GO. Players cannot yet confront Yveltal in any manner.

Raihan is Galar’s Fighting-type specialty Gym Leader, and he has the “The Last Badge” special badge. He specializes in employing Gigantamax Machamp in combat and is one of eight Leaders that trainers must defeat in order to become Galar Champion.

Question: What Color is Shiny Xerneas?

Shiny Xerneas is a unique Xerneas variety seen in Pokémon Go. It differs from the typical Xerneas in coloring. Its main body is a deep royal blue rather than the traditional royal purple, and its major horns are gold rather than white. Its antlers are also darker than those of a typical Xerneas. When met in the wild or in Raid Battles, the Shiny form of Xerneas has a distinct aura.

It is possible to get a Shiny Xerneas by beating it in Raid Battles or hatching it from an egg, however this is uncommon. You should join a Pokémon Go league and engage in Team Rocket raid fights as frequently as possible to maximize your chances of meeting rare Pokémon like Shiny Xerneas.

Is Xerneas Worth it in Pokmon GO?

In Pokémon GO, Xerneas is a highly sought-after legendary Pokémon. It may be tough to capture a Level 5 Raid Boss and needs a lot of cooperation to try the fights. Is it worth it, however, considering all the work that goes into capturing Xerneas?

Xerneas is a superb complement to any player’s squad because of its amazing stats. It has a substantially greater maximum CP of 3561 than other legendary Pokémon, making it more valuable in Raids and Gym Battles. Xerneas will endure a long period in combat because to its high defensive numbers, which include 157 base defense and 251 base stamina.

Xerneas may be utilized as a viable counter against some of the tougher Electric and Dragon type raid monsters like Zekrom or Giratina Origin Forme because to its Fairy type moveset and ability to acquire powerful rapid techniques like Dragon Breath and Charge Beam. In conclusion, if you have what it takes to take on this formidable Legendary Pokémon, adding Xerneas to your squad will be well worth it – the Fountain of Youth will be well worth it.