The Ultimate Guide to Bewear in Pokemon

In this post, we’ll show you how to catch and train the perfect Bewear for your Pokemon team.

One of My Favorites is Bewear

Bewear is one of my favorite Pokémon for a variety of reasons. Bewear is an extraordinarily powerful beast, capable of lifting three times its own weight and delivering a devastating blow in fight. Not only that, but Bewear is one of the most compassionate Pokémon, having been known to care for wounded trainers found on the ground.

Aside from these characteristics, Bewear offers some of the most adorable attributes. Its wide eyes and soft cheeks immediately make it appealing, and its distinctive body form gives it a charming aspect that you can’t help but adore. Finally, with its characteristic technique “Take Down”, your opponents will be stunned.

For these and other reasons, I believe Bewear should be everyone’s favorite Pokémon.

My Bottom Line Up Front:

My Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) is that you should carry a Bewear with you while investigating Snakewood’s chilly, frozen snakes. This formidable Pokémon has a high HP and a high attack strength, making it the ideal partner for taking on the various trainers & gym leaders located in this area. It also has access to a diverse set of techniques, ranging from physical strikes like Seismic Toss and Hammer Arm to special attacks like Razor Leaf and Twister. Bewear, with its Steel-type protection, is also an effective tank in this region.

Overall, there is no better option if you are seeking for a powerful Pokémon buddy to take on Snakewood’s icy difficulties.

General Info – Evolution & Location

Evolution& When it comes to the Pokémon species Bewear, location is crucial. Knowing where to look for them, as well as their evolutionary paths, can help you better comprehend them. Bewear, as the name says, develops from Stufful and may be found across Alola and Kanto. They may be found in Alola in Vast Poni Canyon and Ula’ula Beach.

Bewear has two distinguishing qualities that set it different from the majority of other Pokémon: its fluffiness and hefty girth. It moves on all fours like a bear cub and is so powerful that it can take up people with only one paw. Furthermore, its luxurious hair protects it from any predators. So keep an eye out for this one-of-a-kind Pokémon.

General Info

Before you begin participating in tournaments, you need be aware of general information concerning Bewear in the Pokemon League. Bewear is a powerful Pokémon that is mostly found in the Kalos area and has a high physical attack stat. It can learn strong techniques like as Superpower, Close Combat, and Wild Charge, making it an excellent counter to Electric-type and Flying-type Pokémon. Its only true flaw is a poor Special Defense stat, thus trainers should work on improving this with equipment or movesets to maximize Bewear’s power.

Trainers should also consider its abilities: Fluffy reduces contact damage by half, Klutz stops it from utilizing held items, and Unnerve makes it resistant to being scared by its opponent’s attacks. Bewear may be a significant asset during the Pokemon League if properly trained and aware of its strengths and drawbacks.

Pokedex Entries

Pokedex entries provide players with insight into the game’s setting and assist them in understanding each character and monster. There are four Pokedex entries in Fallarbor Town in Snakewood that give useful information.

According to the initial entry, it is a little village at the foot of a mountain range. It is well-known for having a large selection of Bewear, making it a favorite location for trainers.

Bewear is described in the second entry as a “very loving Pokémon” that likes to offer hugs but only if you know how to befriend it.

The third and fourth entries warn players that Bewear’s blows are quite strong, so approach with care.

These Pokedex entries, when combined, give a detailed look at this enigmatic town and its residents.


The process by which a Pokémon’s species evolves through time is known as evolution. Wild Pokémon may evolve to get stronger and obtain new powers. They may also evolve to earn new moves, greater Base Stats, and better Type matchups. Pokémon evolve, becoming more strong and gaining new skills that may aid them in battle.

Most Pokémon evolve when they reach a specific level or when certain objects, such as evolutionary stones, are used. To attain their full potential, some species need more than one evolutionary stage. For example, at Level 28, Machop develops into Machoke, which evolves into Machamp when exchanged with another Trainer. Other species may have unique evolutionary needs, such as gender variations or exposure to an elemental stone.

Evolution may be employed tactically in combat owing to the enhanced stats and new moves it grants. Evolving certain species at certain levels or under certain situations might provide players with an edge over their opponents in both single-player and online fights.


Bewear, a Normal/Fighting-type Pokémon that develops from Bounsweet and Steenee into a formidable opponent, is known as Stufful. It resembles a bipedal bear, with thick hair and small ears. When Stufful is upset, it may unleash its trademark move, Stomping Tantrum, which delivers more damage if an opponent has previously used an offensive move against it.

The SS Cangrejos elevators, located in Snakewood, are one of the most significant means for trainers to rapidly and efficiently travel the area’s hazardous mountain terrain. Unfortunately, several of the elevators on board have failed due to wear and tear from overuse; but there is no need to be concerned. Stufful’s remarkable strength allows it to pull down a lever to fix them; all you have to do is ask gently and make sure it doesn’t grow upset in response.

Pokedex Entries

The Pokedex entries describe each Pokémon’s features, habits, and other information. These articles contain useful information about the game environment and may help you understand what each Pokémon is capable of. They are often the source of knowledge for game mechanisms including abilities, evolutions, and movesets. Most players are aware that reading a Pokémon’s Pokedex entry is an excellent method to learn more about its stats and behavior.

Bewear’s Pokedex entry, for example, reads “This Pokémon possesses a strong hug that it utilizes to squash its opponents and suck out any residual air. It also has a taste for sweets.” We might deduce from this that Bewear adores sweets and will use its powerful hug to crush its opponents if necessary. It also demonstrates that Bewear has tremendous power when provoked.


Many Pokémon players are curious about the whereabouts of Bewear. It may be located on Melemele Island in the Alola Region. Bewear may be encountered when performing various activities like as fishing on the beach or strolling through thick grass. It may also be found near the sea by utilizing Fishing Rods or Tunneling Rocks.

There are various additional sites where you may get Bewear, however these are the most well-known:

  • Bewear may emerge in particular fights or at random during online gaming sessions, in addition to its actual location.
  • Bewear is more likely to be met online via SOS fights and chain fishing through an Ultra Wormhole.
  • They may also emerge at random when playing with others or through Mystery Gift distributes QR code presents.

Bewear Locations

Bewear is a rare and strong Pokémon that may be found across the Pokémon world. First, Bewear may be discovered in Kalos’ deserts, notably in Reflection Cave.

Bewear may also be found on Route 15 on the route to Couriway Town in Kalos.

Those searching for a simpler approach to capturing their Bewear might choose Route 6 inside Alola. This area also has Route 4, which is said to have a higher possibility of encountering this formidable Pokémon in the wild.

Regardless of where you seek for your Bewear, keep in mind that it will not emerge during every battle; but with enough bouts, you should finally be able to track one down and capture it.

Pokmon Sun & Moon

Pokemon Sun& Moon introduced a fresh cast of characters as well as a reimagined Kanto environment for players to explore. As part of the game, players met Vermillion City Gym Leader Lt. Surge and his Electric-type Pokémon.

Lt. Surge is a Kanto war veteran who seems to be more experienced than the other gym leaders in the region. He’s famed for his combat strategy and ability to deploy Pokémon like Magnemite and Voltorb in meticulously thought out combinations that are short yet powerful.

Furthermore, obtaining your ninth badge from Lt. Surge’s Gym Challenge and gaining entrance to the Alola League tournament in Aether Paradise is one of the most memorable moments from Pokemon Sun& Moon.

Pokmon Ultra Sun & Moon

Sabrina may be found at the Saffron Gym in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. She is well-known for her formidable psychic-type Pokémon. You must battle Sabrina’s two Exeggutors, two Alakazams, one Hypno, and one Mewtwo to win the tenth badge.

As with many Pokémon games, you should employ a mix of Pokémon varieties to defeat this powerful foe. If you beat Sabrina in combat, she will give you the Marsh Badge as a victory reward. After earning this badge, your Pokémon will follow all instructions, even if they are over their normal level range. This badge also allows you to utilize HM04 – Strength outside of combat. Best wishes.

Pokmon Sword & Shield

The Pokémon Sword& Shield games are the series’ eighth generation. They take place in the Galar Region and include Charizard as well as many other classic and new Pokémon.

Charizard is an uncommon Pokémon in these games, with a range of strong moves. Charizard may be captured in Sword and Shield through Route 5, Giant’s Mirror, or by developing another Fire-type Pokémon like as Charmander or Growlithe.

Players may personalize and level up their Charizards by earning Experience Candies by winning fights and accomplishing certain tasks. Players will also be able to use Dynamaxing with your Charizard to boost its strength during combat. Charizard, being one of the most famous Pokémon from previous generations, is guaranteed to be an exciting addition to Sword& Shield.

Stufful Locations

Stufful is a Pokémon of the Normal/Fighting type found in the Alola area. They are often found in grassy regions, although some may also be found in caves and other outdoor settings such as woodlands. The simplest approach to locate one is to check for an area on the ground that seems to have been trampled, since this is an indication of Stufful passing by.

Stufful may be found in the game on Route 8, Hau’oli City Cemetery, Poni Plains, Ula’ula Meadow, and Hano Grand Resort. It is most prevalent during nighttime overworld encounters, having a 10% chance of occurring. It may also be obtained with Fishing Rods in the wild region of Poni Island, where it has a 5% chance of appearing. Stuffuls is occasionally seen with its developed form Bewear.

Pokmon Sun & Moon and Pokmon Ultra Sun & Moon

Janine is the Fuchsia Gym Leader in Pokémon Sun & Moon and Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon, specializing in Poison-type Pokémon. She is the daughter of Koga, a former Fuchsia City Gym leader and Team Rocket member.

Janine’s badge is the Thirteenth Badge, which allows the wearer to utilize HM04 Strength outside of combat. The Thirteenth Badge also makes Pokémon up to level 60 completely follow the trainer. Ariados, a Poison/Bug-type legendary from Generation II, is Janine’s trademark Pokémon.

She leads four other Pokémon in battle:

  • Muk Poison
  • Crobat Poison/Flying
  • Weezing Poison
  • Ariados Poison/Bug

Janine has an aggressive approach in combat, often aiming to surround her opponents by swiftly setting up Spikes or employing Toxic to take away her opponent’s health while they struggle against her own team’s strong strikes. Beating Janine results in one of Alola’s most powerful badges, the Thirteenth Badge.

Pokmon Sword & Shield

The Fourteenth Badge in the Nintendo Switch game Pokémon Sword& Shield is obtained by defeating Brock in Pewter’s Gym. When you get in Pewter City, go to the Gym and meet with Brock, the Pewters’ leader. You must beat him in a Pokémon fight to win your Fourteenth Badge.

Onix and Steelix are Brock’s most powerful Pokémon, with access to Rockfall and Iron Head abilities. Be cautious with these moves, since they may do a lot of damage. You will have full access to HM01 Cut after beating him and obtaining your badge. This technique may be utilized outside of fight to clear any physical obstacles in your way while exploring. It’s time to move on to the next task.


Stats, commonly known as Base Stats, are the fundamental measure of a Pokémon’s fighting capability. They differ across species and are determined by Nature, Individual Values (IVs), and Effort Points (EVs). A Pokémon’s stats determine its strengths and weaknesses, as well as how fast it levels up. Each stat is represented by a number ranging from 0 to 255.

HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack (SpA), Special Defense (SpD), and Speed are the basic stats. HP is an abbreviation for Hit Points, which show how much damage a Pokémon can take before fainting. Attack is the amount of physical damage done by a Pokémon while utilizing physical moves. The amount of physical damage a Pokémon can endure before fainting is indicated by its defense. Special Attack (SpA) is a metric that evaluates the power of special attacks performed against opponents with comparable type combinations or secondary kinds. The amount of energy remaining after being struck with special moves is denoted by SpD. The sequence in which Pokémon fight each other during battle is determined by speed.

Even if they have weaker attack stats than their opponents, faster Pokémon will have their attacks land earlier in battle. As a result of their greater speed, they can overcome opponents that deliver more damage with fewer moves/hits.

Bewears Abilities

Bewears, a strong and unusual Pokémon species, have a few crucial skills that set them apart in combat. First and foremost, they are very powerful, with great physical strikes that can quickly overcome most opponents. Second, they have very strong defenses and are extremely tough to overcome. Third, they have the highest HP stat in the game, allowing them to absorb more damage before being knocked out. Finally, Bewears may perform strong techniques like Hammer Arm and Superpower, which can be highly effective when used appropriately.

All of these characteristics combine to make Bewears one of the most powerful fighters in Pokémon GO; they are highly worth having on your squad if you want to compete.

Bens Bewear

Bewear is a powerful Fighting and Normal type Pokémon that can be discovered in Pokémon Sun and Moon. It evolved from Stufful and boasts devastating attacks including Throat Chop, Hammer Arm, and Double Edge. Bewear is likewise very tough, having a maximum HP stat of 120. It also has excellent defensive numbers, with a basic defense of 65 and a base Special Defense of 75.

Bewear’s talent Fluffy makes it immune to all touch moves, making any physical strike against it ineffectual. This offers it an edge against many physical attacks, since they will struggle to inflict considerable damage to Bewear. In addition, Bewear’s trademark move First Impression may be utilized to catch an opponent team off guard by letting it to move first in combat or to induce adversaries to swap out on the first round of battle.


Pokémon moves are the different attacks and unique skills that each Pokémon has. Physical strikes like tackle and special powers like Thunderbolt are examples of moves. Each Pokémon species has a unique set of moves that they may learn. Some moves are advantageous to particular species, while others are less successful against them.

Moves also have an energy rating, which defines how much energy is required to utilize the move and how many times the move may be used before having to rest or recharge. As your Pokémon grows in strength, it learns new moves that it may employ in combat or during training sessions with your own Pokémon.

Knowing which moves work best for your squad is vital for building a strong team and defeating any opponents you may encounter. Some of the most important moves to consider are:

  • Physical Strikes like Tackle and Razor Leaf.
  • Special Powers like Thunderbolt and Psychic.
  • Status Effects like Confusion and Sleep.
  • Stat Boosts like Swords Dance and Agility.

Moves Learned Via Level Up (Generation 7)

Bewear gets access to various strong moves in the seventh generation of Pokemon after leveling up. This generation learned moves like Hammer Arm, Roar, Vital Throw, Circle Throw, Take Down, Body Slam, Zen Headbutt, and Superpower.

  • Hammer Arm is a Fighting-type move that has the ability to reduce the opponent’s Speed stat.
  • Roar is a Normal-type move that allows Bewear to flee from severe confrontations.
  • Vital Throw is a Fighting-style technique that never misses and is always the last one to land;
  • Circle Throw is a Fighting-type move that causes an opponent’s Pokemon to be replaced by one of its teammates;
  • Take Down is likewise a Normal-type move with a high base power, however using it causes Bewear to lose HP;
  • Body Slam is another Normal-type move that has the potential to paralyze the opponent;
  • Finally, Superpower is a Fighting-type move that has the ability to lower Bewear’s Attack stat after activation.

It’s no surprise that Bewear can be such a formidable battler with these skills in its repertoire.

Levels 1-10

Galarian Slowpokes are members of the Pokémon family and are indigenous to the Galar area. This species is notable for its lethargic and drowsy behavior, bright pink body, and large claw. At level 37, it develops into Galarian Slowbro, and at level 50, it may also evolve into the formidable Bewear.

A Galarian Slowpoke can be found in levels 1-10 with basic skills like as Yawn, Mud Sport, and Tackle. In levels 4-6, they gradually learn more complex techniques like as Growl, Water Gun, Zen Headbutt, and Iron Tail. They learn skills like Disable, Calm Mind, Aqua Tail, and Psychic at higher levels 8-10 to improve their strength. Overall, the Pokémon seems feeble, yet it possesses a tremendous attack that appears out of nowhere during bouts, making it very effective in both defense and offensive.

Levels 14-30

Bewear levels 14-30 in Pokémon are regarded when the Pokémon has access to its complete range of powers and secret abilities. Bewear may employ powerful physical and special move assaults at this level, such as ultra strong Take Down, Hyper Beam, and brutish Shadow Claw. Additionally, some secret abilities, like as Fluffy Fur, which shields Bewear from self-inflicted damage, and Rattled, which makes regular type techniques more effective against it, become accessible.

Furthermore, this level enables the potential to learn special techniques such as Superpower or Heavy Slam, which need a level raise to access. Furthermore, at certain levels, some Bewear evolutions become available; for example, the Hammer Arm or Hammer Punch evolutions allow Bewear access to higher level physical techniques with increased potency.

Levels 36-62

The Galarian Slowpoke’s basic stats begin low when it reaches level 36, but quickly climb until level 62. The HP (Hit Points) start at 81 and may reach a whopping 143 at the maximum level. The Attack stat starts off low at 33 and rises to 82 at level 62. Defense begins at 51 and rises to 92, making this Pokémon one of the toughest in the game. Special Attack begins at 40 and rises to 118 at the maximum level, while Special Defense begins at 57 and rises to 86 at level 62. Finally, its Speed stat starts off at 23 and rises to 101 at the peak level.

Due to its strong HP mixed with good special attack and speed ratings, Galarian Slowpoke is a great Pokémon for both defensive and offensive combat.

Egg Moves

An Egg Move is a move that a Pokemon may inherit via breeding. Every Pokemon species may learn a variety of Egg Moves if mated with a suitable partner who knows the move. The technique of passing down these maneuvers is straightforward: the child will inherit any move learnt by the parent prior to breeding. In order to effectively pass down an Egg Move, both parents must be aware of it, and the offspring must be of the same species.

Competitive players benefit from Egg Actions since they may personalize their teams with unique moves that are not generally accessible in game or via leveling. A well-crafted squad with smart Egg Moves may provide players with a competitive advantage when facing others in combat or accomplishing tough objectives such as raid completion or gym challenges.

Move Tutor

Move Tutors are NPCs in Pokemon who are willing to teach certain moves to a Pokemon. These moves are unique and may help your Pokémon grow even more strong by mastering the most powerful moves available. Move Tutors may be located throughout the games in different locations, generally near Pokemon Centers or big cities.

Move Tutors may teach various movements in each game, and these moves will change from generation to generation. Some may demand an item or a price before teaching the move to your Pokémon. Furthermore, certain Move Tutors will only take particular Pokemon for each move they teach. As a result, before trying to learn a new move, check with each Move Tutor to ensure that they have what you need.

Moves Learned Via TMs

TM is an abbreviation for Technical Machine, and it is one of the most significant objects in Pokémon. TMs are special objects that teach a Pokémon a new move when used on it. The move taught is determined by the TM in question; each TM can only teach one move. TMs allow each Pokémon species to learn new moves. Some people have much more resources than others.

Moves taught in this manner are permanent and cannot be forgotten until they are replaced by another. Using TMs is vital for training a strong team of Pokémon since they provide access to techniques that would otherwise be inaccessible without time-consuming leveling up or evolving. Furthermore, techniques acquired via TM often have additional bonuses like as improved damage or accuracy.

Using TMs is a vital aspect of every successful Pokémon playing due to their benefits and adaptability.

Appearance in the Anime & Other Pokmon Titles

Bewear is the evolved form of Stufful and is a bear-like Pokémon originally released in Generation VII. It has gained popularity among fans owing to its menacing look, endearing personality, and characteristic Haha. sound.

Bewear has debuted frequently in both the anime and game franchises Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sword& Shield as a lovable character that likes to embrace people while also scaring them with its power.

Bewear is frequently portrayed in the anime as a compassionate giant who comes in useful in times of need. It has appeared in various episodes of the Sun& Moon series, including a special friendship-themed episode. Bewear appears in the games mostly as a strong opponent or ally, depending on the scenario. Its massive size allows for some amazing bouts against other trainers or Gym Leaders – however given how simple it is to befriend a Bewear, this isn’t always required. Finally, Bewear’s peaceful but powerful presence makes it an ideal partner for practically every occasion in both the anime and game genres.

In The Anime

Water Caverns are a labyrinth of dark and mysterious underwater tunnels situated under the Kanto Sea in the anime. They are home to Bewear, a rare and strong Pokémon that can only be found in this place. The Water Caverns are made up of various chambers linked by passages with a variety of rock formations. Many water Pokémon, including Luvdisc, Finneon, Mantyke, and Gyarados, are reported to call them home.

Misty initially visits the Water Caverns in the episode “The Mystery of the Missing Egg,” when she leads Ash in quest of a very rare egg. They must fight a formidable Bewear in order to make their way through the caves. They capture this Pokémon and subsequently rescue its egg from Team Rocket thanks to their united efforts.

The caves emerge again and again throughout the series as trainers hunt for rare artifacts and new types of Pokémon that reside under its depths:

  • Luvdisc
  • Finneon
  • Mantyke
  • Gyarados

Other Appearances

Aside from the Bewear in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Atlantic Swamp can also be found in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Bewear is one of the “Trials” that players must perform in order to progress through the game. They take place in the marshes and dense woodlands of Atlantic Swamp.

Furthermore, Bewear appears as a playable character in spin-offs such as Pokkén Tournament DX. Bewear has appeared in a number of anime episodes, including Pokémon XYZ and its sequels, XYZ2: The Power of Us and XYZ3: The First Movie. It’s also been seen in manga series like Pokémon World Tour Chronicles.

Question: Can you transfer Bewear to other Pokmon games outside of Pokmon Sun & Moon and Pokmon Sword & Shield?

Bewear is a strong and friendly Pokémon that originally appeared in the seventh generation Pokémon games Sun & Moon and Sword & Shield. Players may transfer their Bewears to other Pokémon games outside these two, such as, but not limited to, Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu and Eevee, Pokémon HOME, and Pokémon Go. However, moving Bewear may be difficult, and each game may need a different strategy.

To transfer Bewear from Sun & Moon or Sword & Shield to Pokémon HOME or Go, for example, players must first utilize a Nintendo Switch or a home console such as the 3DS-family consoles or 2DS. In the case of Let’s Go: Pikachu and Eevee, players must use a Nintendo Switch system or 3DS family systems, but they must also use Nintendo’s cloud service to transmit their Bewears. Finally, it is critical for players to do research before trying any form of move.

Question: Is it a good idea to invest in Bewears Special Attack stat?

The Soothe Bell is a holdable item in Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon that strengthens the attachment between a trainer and their Pokémon. This increased proximity offers the Pokémon an advantage in combat. Bewear, in particular, benefits from investing in its Special Attack stat since it has access to strong abilities like Hyper Beam.

Hyper Beam is a move that does massive damage to any opponent in its path; this, paired with Bewear’s inherently high HP, makes it a fearsome foe. Because the Soothe Bell boosts friendship, it would be beneficial to invest in Bewear’s Special Attack stat so that it may fully use the potential of Hyper Beam. Bewear’s Special Attack, when combined with the Soothe Bell, becomes an even more devastating force for any trainer.

Question: Is it possible to get a Bewear before the Melemele Trial in Pokmon Sun & Moon?

Yes, there is an answer to this question. Before the Melemele Trial, it is possible to get a Bewear in Pokemon Sun& Moon.

The Bewear is located on Route 15, along the Atlantic Path leading to Hau’oli City. You’ll have to traverse the small track that twists around the shore of Melemele Island to get there. When you reach the end of the walk, you’ll be at Cape Brink, next to a big cliffside cave. Inside this cave, you’ll discover a kind trainer ready to sell his Bewear for your preferred Pokemon.

So make sure you have a strong and powerful Pokemon that can survive its tremendous assaults. It’s also a good idea to pack some healing goods, such as Super Potions and Full Heals, in case things go wrong during your trade session.

Bewear Pokemon Guide: Conclusion

Bewear is one of the most fearsome Pokémon in the Alola area. This Normal/Fighting type can easily overwhelm its opponents due to its enormous size, strong arms, and brave disposition. The major attacks of a Bewear are Hammer Arm, Superpower, Take Down, and Submission.

Bewear may become a well-rounded powerhouse by combining physical and special strikes.

A well-rounded squad with both physical and particularly specialized attackers is the best method to take on a Bewear. Fighting types have an edge against Bewear due to their strong stats, however Electric types may exploit its 4x vulnerability to Electric attacks. Furthermore, if you can land Freeze until it switches out or faints, you will have considerably boosted your odds of winning against this formidable adversary.

Bewear Pokemon Guide

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