Looking to become a Pokemon master? Then you’ll need to have a strong understanding of the game mechanics. Our Shiny Gastly Summary Pokemon guide is the quickest way to get up to speed on all the knowledge you need to play the game.


FAQs, or Often Asked Questions, are frequently used to provide fast and easy access to answers to popular questions. FAQs may be a great resource for individuals attempting to grasp the Pokémon guide. Users may discover what works best for them and adjust their techniques for playing the game by going through typical queries and answers supplied by expert players and coaches.

Common inquiries addressed in Pokémon FAQs mainly concentrate around tactics for continuous play or mastering certain game elements. Players may inquire, “What equipment should I bring to a gym battle?” or “How can I become better at collecting wild Pokémon? Answers to questions about Gastly Stats may include extensive information about unusual things that could be beneficial in battle, as well as multiple techniques for capturing hard-to-find creatures. By reading through these answers, users can quickly boost their skills.

Question: Why are some Pokmon banned from the actual meta?

Pokémon competitions often enforce a limited list of Pokémon that may be used, with the goal of encouraging balanced and healthy play. The restricted Pokémon are generally ones with very strong movesets, are too tough to counter in combat, or provide the player an unfair edge.

Prohibited Pokémon include the legendary birds on Snakewood’s Route 110, which have a high attack stat and the potential to learn techniques like Sky Attack and Air Slash. Other forbidden Pokémon may have defensive skills that make them difficult to take down or recover fast, making them almost invincible on the battlefield. A “broken Pokémon” is a term used to describe this sort of Pokémon.

The exclusion of specific Pokémon from tournaments helps to level the playing field and let players with different tactics to compete on equal footing.

Question: Why arent Hisuian Pokmon on this list?

Only Pokémon of the Flying and Electric types will be accepted by Chuck, the leader of Cianwood Gym, for his fifth badge challenge. This is because Chuck himself uses Pokémon of the Flying and Electric types, which is why Cianwood Gym is affiliated with them.

Due to their type disadvantage vs Chuck’s Electric-type and Flying-type Pokémon, Hisuian Pokémon Ghost-type

Shiny Gastly and other Hisuian Pokmon are not listed on the list of Pokmon that can challenge Chuck’s team members in Cianwood Gym. This is because Hisuian Pokmon are weak to Electric-types, making it very tough for them to win the battle.

Question: How do the competitive tiers work?

In Pokémon, the competitive levels are organized into seven leagues: Little Cup, Standard, Underused, Overused, Rarelyused, Uber, and VGC Video Game Championship. To join the Elite Four, a player must obtain eight badges.

Little Cup is a single-battle format meant to introduce new players to the competitive scene. Only Pokémon that are unevolved and have a maximum of 50 basic stats are allowed. It also adheres to CAP guidelines, which set stat and movepool restrictions for its members.

With few exceptions, like as those of legendary or mythological origin, standard establishes the overworld format that permits most Pokémon. Except for Mega Rayquaza, all Mega Evolutions are permitted at this tier.

Standard is further divided into two subcategories: UU UnderUsed and OU OverUsed. UU Pokémon have lower utilization statistics, but OU Pokémon are utilized more often in high level tournaments or fights.

RarelyUsed has a mix of OU/UU as well as certain BL Borderline Pokémon, who are neither UU nor OU but have distinct qualities that set them apart.

Finally, Uber is mostly made up of legendary or mythical type 3 creatures. Because these immensely strong animals may control the whole field, their use in contests is strictly restricted.

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