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Question: If a shiny Pokmon evolves – will it maintain its shiny condition?

The explanation is that a shiny Pokémon will retain its gleaming appearance even after it develops. Because there are very few possibilities of getting a shiny Pokémon in the wild, many trainers adopt the Masuda Method or Shiny Chaining to boost their odds of catching one. It is, however, possible to develop a non-shiny Pokémon into a shiny one. This may be accomplished by having two same-species Pokémon in your party, one shiny and the other not, then exchanging them between two distinct versions of the game, for example, Fire Red and Leaf Green. Both examples of that species will be transferred over, and if one evolves after trading, they will stay shining.

All of this being said, if you do decide to challenge Mt Silver for the possibility at getting Shine Pokémon, make sure you have your supplies ready and understand how to chain shiny Pokémon successfully. Best wishes.

Question: Whats the easiest method to get a shiny Pokmon?

Utilizing the Viridian Forest in Ash Gray is the simplest way to get a shiny Pokémon. This strategy entails looking for wild or encountered Shiny Pokémon in the game’s Viridian Forest location. You need need Ash Gray and an open save file for Viridian Forest to utilize this approach.

After loading your save file, you should explore the region until you come across a wild Pokémon fight. It makes no difference if this fight is with a regular, shiny, or legendary Pokémon. As long as you meet a Pokémon in the forest that isn’t already shiny, it might become shiny after each encounter.

Continue fighting and meeting new Pokémon until one of them becomes shiny. To boost your chances of catching a Shiny Pokémon in these bouts, you may even employ tools like Pokéballs and Super Repels.

Question: Which is the hardest game to get a shiny?

Obtaining a shiny in the seventh generation of Pokémon games is a difficult task. While it is possible, there are several factors to consider before going on the quest for a gleaming.

The toughest game to obtain a shine in is probably Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, owing to their inclusion of the Anistar City Power Spot. This change makes it more difficult to find shinies since they now occur at random rather than being guaranteed if you accomplish a certain activity. Although not impossible, this makes finding shinies much more difficult.

When it comes to acquiring a shine, other games such as Sun and Moon, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire are all pretty simple when compared to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Using SOS chaining, Masuda Method breeding, or O-power grinding might boost your odds.

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The definitive guide to get any Shiny Pokémon you want is available here. This guide will provide you complete instructions on how to get any Shiny Pokémon in the games, as well as some tips and tactics to help you uncover these uncommon jewels.

Shinies may be obtained in the games using a variety of methods, including:

  • shinifier hacks
  • breeding with parents with desired IVs and natures
  • Masuda’s technique of breeding two Pokémon from separate languages
  • target fishing
  • SOS chaining

Furthermore, you may boost your odds of getting a shine by using chain fishing or soft resetting. Finally, if you’re frustrated with luck-based ways of acquiring shinies, there are services accessible online that enable you to buy any Pokémon you want for competitive play or just for collecting.

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