Still playing Pokemon Crystal? Check out this definitive guide on how to get the most out of Gen II’s edition!

Prologue – Getting Your Starter

In Pokémon Crystal: Gen II’s Edition, the Prologue introduces players to the world of Pokémon and provides them with their first Starter. Following the selection of a protagonist, the Professor offers the player one of three beginning Pokémon: Cyndaquil, Chikorita, or Totodile. The player may choose one of these three species as their first partner based on their preferences.

As they travel across Johto, they will meet numerous different Pokémon species and compete with other trainers for glory and renown. The game fosters exploration and discovery by leading to unique experiences that may be shared with others in each region. The major goal of the Prologue is to provide players with their first official exposure to the world of Pokémon Crystal: Gen II’s Edition before venturing out into uncharted territory with their starter at their side.

Route 29

Route 29, just north of Azalea Town, is the first spot where you’ll discover Daimon, the sixth gym badge. Daimon, who specializes in dark-type Pokémon, provides a far more difficult test than Bugsy’s gym. You must beat all of Daimon’s Pokémon before he can provide you with the sixth badge.

Daimon possesses multiple powerful bug-types and grass-types in addition to its dark-types. Bring a range of fire, water, rock, combat, and psychic-type attacks to be ready for any squad he sends your way. Though it will not be an easy encounter, if you beat him, you will get the Shadow Badge.

Your Rival: Silver

Silver, a fast-talking, impulsive young guy who dares you to show you’re the finest Trainer in Pokemon Crystal: Gen II’s Edition, is your adversary. He will not accept anything less than victory. When your paths first meet, he has already acquired some recognition as a formidable Trainer, and he is keen to show that he can defeat even the most formidable foes.

Silver shows to be a tough foe during your trip together. He often captures stronger Pokémon than the ones you’re facing and may perform devastating attacks on your squad. In fight, he also adopts techniques to get an edge over you. To defeat him every time, you’ll need to devise your unique techniques and tactics.

First Badge: Falkner – Violet Citys Gym Leader

The Zephyr Badge, awarded to a Pokémon Trainer by Falkner, the Gym Leader of Violet City in Pokémon Crystal, is the first badge of the Johto region. Trainers must confront Falkner to show their worth as a Pokémon Trainer and beat him with their finest techniques in order to get this badge. Trainers who beat Falkner in battle will get the Zephyr Badge as well as TM31 – Mud-Slap.

When donned, the Zephyr Badge enhances every Pokémon’s speed stat, permits the usage of HM02 – Fly out of battle, and lets Trainers to utilize low-leveled techniques like Cut outside of battle. The Zephyr Badge also gives access to Sprout Tower and Union Cave, as well as helping Trainers to better deal with wild Pokémon on Route 32 and in Olivine City. This badge is essential for any dedicated Trainer since it provides them various beneficial skills and opens them new regions of exploration.

Route 32 – Union Cave and the Slowpoke Well

If you’re playing Pokémon Crystal, Route 32 and the Union Cave off of it are fantastic places to explore. There are no unusual things here, but there are lots of Pokémon that can aid build your squad. You’ll also come across the Slowpoke Well as you explore the cave, which enables trainers to catch Slowpoke and Slowbro.

The Union Cave can be found on Route 32, between Violet City and Azalea Town. There are several Rock- and Ground-type Pokémon within, as well as a few Water-type Pokémon like Wartortle and Goldeen in various spots. The stronger the Pokémon, the deeper you travel into the cave; as you reach level 50 or above, Pokémon like Steelix emerge in abundance.

Second Badge: Bugsy – Azalea Gyms Leader

Bugsy is one of Pokémon Crystal’s eight Gym Leaders. In the Johto region of Gen II, he is the leader of Azalea Town Gym, the third gym to battle. He specializes on Bug-type Pokémon and bestows the Hive Badge to trainers who beat him.

To defeat Bugsy, players must assemble a team comprised of a diverse range of Pokémon kinds in order to be prepared for whatever assault Bugsy may launch. Players should keep in mind that Bugsy’s initial two movements are usually Metapod and Kakuna. As a result, it’s critical to arm your squad with Fire and Flying-type attacks in order to dispatch them rapidly. Furthermore, it’s advisable to avoid utilizing Water-type attacks since they have little effect on Bugsy’s Pokémon and may leave your own Pokémon susceptible to assault.

Winning against Bugsy will provide trainers not just the Hive badge, but also TM49 – Fury Cutter, which can be used against any bug-type Pokémon.

Second battle against Silver: Before Ilex Forest

In Pokémon Crystal: Gen II, the second encounter against Silver occurs before entering Ilex Forest. Silver is your last opponent before the Elite Four. You must overcome Silver’s HM01 Cut on Endless Plains to complete this duel.

One essential technical talent from the Johto region is HM01 Cut. In Pokémon Crystal: Gen II, this move may be used to chop through particular trees and create shortcuts for players. HM01 Cut will let you to cut down various trees dispersed over Endless Plains and make your way to Ilex Forest for this encounter. Make sure you have a strong Pokémon inventory that can take advantage of the wild type advantage and battle Silver’s formidable Grass-type Pokémon like Victreebel, Tangela, Exeggutor, and Weepinbell. Having a Fire-type Pokémon on hand may be useful here, since most of these Grass-types are vulnerable to it.

Third Badge: Whitney – Goldenrod Gyms Leader

Whitney is the third gym boss you’ll meet in Pokémon Crystal: Generation II’s Edition. She works at the Goldenrod City Gym and specializes in Normal-type Pokémon.

Whitney has a formidable Pokémon selection that includes Miltank, Clefairy, and Qwilfish. Players must be cautious while competing against her since all three of them have distinct techniques for defeating her. To win the fight and gain Whitney’s third badge, players need apply a type advantage approach. This includes performing any exceptionally effective attacks against Normal-type Pokémon, as well as techniques like Flamethrower or Thunderbolt to strike numerous targets at once.

To win this fight, like with all others in Pokémon Crystal: Gen II’s Edition, take your time and think carefully about each move you make before performing it.

Route 35 – National Park – Route 36 and 37

After beating the Roarin Plateaus Gym, the player will be able to go to Route 35, National Park, and Routes 36 and 37.

  • Route 35 travels east of Violet City and is home to a variety of wild Pokémon like Rattata, Pidgey, Spinarak, and others.
  • The National Park is reached by a woodland entrance in the northwest part of Route 35;, where players may face wild Pokémon like as Oddish and Bellsprout.
  • Routes 36 and 37 form a lengthy, twisting journey that connects Cherrygrove City in the northeast to Union Cave in the southwest part of Johto. Along this path, trainers may encounter wild Pokemon like as Magikarp, Sandshrew, Meowth, and Zubat, as well as a plethora of goodies to gather.

Completing these paths will provide players their last badge, the Earth Badge, allowing them to fight Lance on the Indigo Plateau.

Ecruteak City

Ecruteak City is a tiny yet lovely town found on Route 38 in the Johto region. It is divided into four sections: the Dance Hall, the Tin Tower, the Burned Tower, and the city itself. The city has two Totodile Islands, which trainers may surf over and around to reach Dewford Town in Snakewood.

To achieve the Fog Badge, trainers must first fight their way through Ecruteak Gym and beat an ice-type Pokémon. Trainers who have achieved the Fog Badge may swim across Lake Rage and surf down HM01 Cut to reach Dewford Town. Trainers should also be aware that an Electabuzz has been reported in this region, so be prepared for some intense encounters along the way.

Third battle against Silver: Burned Tower

For the third time, players find themselves face to face with Silver on the top level of the Burned Tower. In order to reach Lady Sukuya and accomplish their objective on the Space Station, players must defeat him.

When fighting Silver, keep in mind that his Pokémon are incredibly powerful, ranging from level 34 to level 38. As a result, it is critical that your own Pokémon be at least of equal strength. Sneasel level 34, Gyarados level 38, Meganium level 37, Houndoom level 36, and Dragonite level 36 make up Silver’s squad.

When Lady Sukuyomi emerges on the scene, she teleports everyone away and returns the players to the Space Station. Beating Silver at this stage increases your chances of finishing the second quest before facing Eusine and capturing Lugia or Ho-Oh.

Fourth Badge: Morty – Ecruteak Gyms Leader

Morty is the Johto region’s fourth Gym Leader and can be found at Ecruteak City’s Gym. He specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon, but his three Pokémon also know moves from different kinds, making your fight more challenging. You must beat Morty in a 3-on-3 match to get the Fog Badge.

Morty’s gym is covered with ghostly illusions that make it difficult for trainers to spot him and his formidable Pokémon. He employs bizarre techniques against opponents in order to put them to the test and show their worthiness of the Fog Badge. In addition to this challenge, after you get your fourth badge, additional strong Pokémon will be accessible for capture across Johto. Beating Morty also allows you to utilize Fly outside of battle, which allows you to go considerably quicker.

Route 38 and 39

Routes 38 and 39 link Fortree City to Lilycove City in the north and south, respectively. The two pathways are only accessible after obtaining the sixth badge, which can be located in Fortree City.

  • Route 38 is a grassy route with various sections of tall grass and a few trainers who mostly utilize Pokémon of the flying type.
  • Route 39 is likewise grassland, however there are several wet spots strewn around. There are a few trainers along this path as well, although they seem to have more Water-type Pokémon than Flying-type ones. You’ll need to utilize your Water Pokémon’s Surf ability or an HM move like Cut or Rock Smash to travel over Route 39.
  • Team Aqua’s hideout and Lilycove City are located at the end of Route 39.

First Visit to Olivine City – and the Glitter Lighthouse

There’s a lot to see and do when you first arrive at Olivine City following your surfing trip to Slateport City. The first thing you should do is go to the famed Glitter Lighthouse. Professor Elm’s HM will be required for this. You may use the HM to fly to Olivine City after you have it. When you arrive, make an effort to meet everyone and tour the docks and pier nearby. For your trip, collect stuff and make new Pokémon pals.

Once reaching the lighthouse, climb the tower’s stairs for a spectacular perspective of Olivine City. Keep a look out for trainers who may challenge or assist you as you develop. Ascend all flights of stairs till you reach the top of the lighthouse, where a stunning panoramic panorama awaits. After wandering up here, make sure that you:

  • Acquire all accessible things
  • Meet any new Pokémon buddies that may join your team along your trip

Happy exploring!

Route 40 – Route 41 and the first sight into Whirl Islands

The Johto region of Pokémon Crystal: Generation II has the lovely port town of Slateport City. It is the first city seen after driving along Routes 40 and 41.

There are several activities and things to enjoy in Slateport City. Its harbor is one of its most prominent characteristics. This port features a ferry boat that brings people to and from Whirl Islands, where they may face legendary Pokémon like Lugia and Ho-oh. In addition, the city has a big lighthouse that acts as a tourist attraction.

The city also features a lot of businesses dotted throughout it where you may buy things and Poké Balls for your quest. Finally, it holds Team Rocket’s hidden lair, which can only be reached by completing certain objectives scattered around the game’s global map.

Cianwood City

Cianwood City is a tiny seaside city in Johto’s southwestern tip. It is home to Sterns Shipyard, where players will acquire access to the S.S. Aqua as part of the main plot arc for a voyage to Island Cave.

Cianwood City may be reached by taking the road south from Olivine City or east from Mahogany Town.

Cianwood City’s surroundings are mostly grassland and seashore cliffs, with areas of water where wild Pokémon may be met when surfing. Along the shore, players may also locate a few goodies, such as TM14 Blizzard, Super Potion, and X Special.

Once within Cianwood City, players will come across Bill’s home, the creator of PC Boxes, Joy’s house, the current owner of the S.S. Aqua, and an Apothecary offering things like Ethers and Awakening Potions.

Battle against Eusine

Eusine is a key character in Pokémon Crystal: Gen II’s Edition who will test you during your adventure. Eusine will appear in your game when you acquire the Clear Bell at Tin Tower and will combat you. To challenge him to a fight, you must first locate him in Ecruteak City. He’ll be near the Gym, and you may challenge him by conversing with him. He’ll utilize electric type Pokémon throughout the battle, so have a few water type Pokémon in your team.

Eusine has two conflicts that are difficult but not impossible to win. If you win both bouts, you’ll get some fantastic goodies from him, like experience points, TMs, and treasures such as Master Balls. Make sure you have enough of healing goods on hand for this difficult battle, as Eusine’s Pokémon are likely to put up a fight.

Fifth Badge: Chuck – Cianwood Gyms Leader

In Pokémon Crystal Edition, the fifth badge is obtained by beating Chuck at the Cianwood Gym. Chuck is a master of Fighting-type Pokémon, and defeating him is no simple task. When you first arrive in Cianwood City, you must bring a Pokémon to the pharmacy to get SecretPotion from its owner. SecretPotion may be used to heal any Pokémon so that it can be utilized in combat again. It’s time to confront Chuck now that you’ve gotten SecretPotion.

Chuck employs a number of formidable Fighting-type Pokémon, including Heracross and Primeape. Chuck has designed an exceptionally challenging set of techniques that make it impossible for trainers to employ tactics while facing his Pokémon in order to make things more difficult for trainers seeking to beat him. Bring your most strong Fighting-type Pokémon if you want to stand a chance against this seasoned trainer.

Sixth Badge: Jasmine – Olivine Gyms Leader

Jasmine, the Olivine City gym leader, awards the sixth badge in the classic Gen II game Pokémon Crystal. You must first sail from Vermillion City to Olivine City to access her gym. Jasmine will challenge you to a fight with her Steel-type Pokémon Magnemite and Steelix after you get at the gym.

To defeat her and get your sixth badge, you must come prepared with a diverse squad of Pokémon. Jasmine, being an Electric-type specialist, has two weaknesses: Fire and Ground techniques. Fire types like Magmar and Charmeleon may take advantage of this weakness while avoiding damage from Magnemite’s Metal Sound move. Gligar is also an excellent pick against both of Jasmine’s Pokémon because to its Ground/Flying typing, which protects it against Magnemite’s Electric-type techniques. Earning your sixth badge should be simple if you have the correct team and plan in place.

Mahogany Town – Route 43 – Lake of Rage and the Rocket Hideout

The infamous Lake of Rage is situated in Mahogany Town, which is in the northwest portion of the Johto Region. Route 43, which connects Mahogany Town to Route 44, is situated to the east. After landing in Mahogany Town, you’ll meet Team Rocket and be tasked with rescuing a red Gyarados from the lake. From Kanto, take the Magnet Train from Saffron City to Tohjo Falls, which is located immediately south of Mahogany Town.

The Lake of Rage is a prominent landmark for Johto travelers, and it has many encounters against wild water Pokémon. It also has two strong Gym Leaders, Chuck and Jasmine, each having their own distinct obstacle to face before progressing further into Johto’s 8th Gym. Surface on the northeast corner of Lake of Rage to reach the Rocket Hideout. There are numerous strong trainers and expensive goods within, like as TM09 – Take Down.

Seventh Badge: Pryce – Mahoganys Gym Leader

The Glacier Badge, the sixth gym badge, can be won from Pryce, the Mahogany gym leader. He specializes on Ice-type Pokémon and can be found at the Mahogany Town Gym. Make sure you have strong Fire and Fighting-type Pokémon on your team before facing him for the Glacier Badge, since these are Pryce’s team’s weaknesses.

When you defeat Pryce, he will award you the Glacier Badge and the TM16 Light Screen. This badge grants your Pokémon the ability to use Cut outside of combat. This maneuver may be used to clear routes of tiny trees. When fighting opponents outside of gyms, your Pokémon’s speed stat will be increased. You may now continue on your adventure.

Third visit to Goldenrod City – The Radio Tower – and Team Rockets final

Ariana, the Team Rocket Executive and owner of the Radio Tower, will be the Eleventh Boss Fight in Pokémon Crystal during the player’s third visit to Goldenrod City. This boss encounter is regarded as one of the most difficult in the game.

Ariana will bring four Pokémon with her: an Espeon, a Murkrow, an Umbreon, and a Houndoom, all of which are level 45. The player must assemble a team capable of defeating all four of Ariana’s Pokémon. To be successful in this battle, players need have a diversified team with both Fire-type and Psychic-type Pokémon.

Not only will their team be awarded with experience points for defeating Ariana, but they will also get access to one of Gen II’s Legendary Pokémon: Ho-oh or Lugia depending on which edition they have.

Four battle against Silver: Underground Warehouse

The player fights Silver at the Underground Warehouse in the fourth battle in Pokémon Crystal: Generation II’s Edition. Silver has a team of Pokémon who are all level 32 or above, making them very tough to defeat.

To succeed, players must be aware of their strategies and weaknesses, since each kind has advantages and disadvantages. Because his team is mostly made up of Flying-types like Pidgeotto and Fearow, it is advised that players use Electric or Ice-type Pokémon like Pikachu and Lapras to exploit their vulnerabilities. Furthermore, keep an eye on all of the opponent Pokémon’s health bars since some may still represent a considerable danger even when their health is low.

Players may easily defeat Silver in this fourth encounter if they use all of their information effectively.

Suicune – in the Tin Tower

Suicune is one of the legendary Pokémon discovered in Tin Tower in Pokémon Crystal Generation II. Players must climb the tower and overcome a series of riddles to reach Suicune. As they go up the tower, they will encounter various other trainers who will challenge them to a fight.

When players reach the top level, they will find Suicune at the end of a lengthy hallway waiting for them. This legendary Pokémon has very high stats and a large amount of HP, making it a tough opponent for trainers to defeat. To beat Suicune, players must employ special techniques like Blizzard and Thunder Wave to reduce its HP and finally destroy this uncommon monster. Suicune may be captured and added to your squad when it is vanquished.

Ice Path and Blackthorn City

The Rugged Road to Blackthorn City in Snakewood requires a perilous journey across the Ice Path. As you go through this region, you’ll come upon Famine, a Legendary Pokémon. Famine is significant in the tale of Pokémon Crystal: Gen II’s Edition since it allows you to reach Blackthorn City. After fighting Famine, go to the city; where you will be met by the formidable Gym Leader Clair.

Ice Path is a challenging location with slick slopes and severe threats from wild Pokémon including Jynx, Piloswine, and Delibird. You’ll also be possible to uncover some uncommon goods buried inside the icy walls, as well as face an Ice-type Trainer Challenge. Prepare for a fierce struggle before continuing on Route 111. Explore all about Blackthorn City; there are various key sites to see inside this city, including The Dragon Den, where another Legendary Pokémon awaits.

Eighth Badge: Clair – Blackthorn Gyms Leader

The Blackthorn Gym Leader Badge is the eighth badge in Pokémon Crystal Edition. After defeating all seven gym leaders, you will confront Clair, the eighth gym leader and commander of the Blackthorn Gym. She specializes in Dragon Pokémon and has three formidable dragons: Kingdra, Dragonair, and Gyarados.

After defeating Clair and obtaining your eighth badge, you will have access to the Dragon’s Den, which is situated just outside of Blackthorn City. To fight Clair, one must be prepared with strong non-Dragon-type Pokémon that can easily deal with Dragon types. To beat Gyarados, utilize a Flying-type move like Fly or Aerial Ace on one of her dragons while also having a Pikachu or Electabuzz on your squad. After defeating Clair, you may go further into the depths of Johto as a more skilled Trainer.

First Time in Kanto – Victory Road

In Pokémon Crystal: Gen II’s Edition, Victory Road is the last section in the Kanto region. It is a lengthy and winding trail that links Mahogany City to the pinnacle of Mt. Silver and is loaded with many strong trainers, powerful Pokémon, and riddles. Many trainers on Victory Road have higher level Pokémon than those seen in other places. It is separated into two sections: Frigid Way and Snakewood, each having their unique set of trainers and challenges to accomplish before reaching the pinnacle of Victory Road.

Frigid Way is the first section of Victory Road, originating at the base of Mt. Silver. This section is mostly made up of frozen paths that demand cautious navigation since most of them are blocked off by heaps of snow or ice barriers that obstruct your passage until you locate an item or solution that can break them down. This region also contains the entrance to Snakewood, as well as a few additional difficult challenges before it can be entered. As usual, during your adventure along Frigid Way, you will confront many trainers with varying team compositions, so be prepared.

Fifth Battle against Silver: Victory Road

The sixth encounter with Silver in Pokémon Crystal: Gen II’s Edition takes place on Victory Road, deep beneath Snakewood’s Shaka Monastery. This is a difficult dungeon full with strong and rare Pokémon that will put your abilities to the test.

To reach the summit of this mountain, you’ll have to combat some of the strongest trainers in the game and navigate a massive complex riddled with challenges. Only by defeating these obstacles will you be able to battle Team Rocket and become the Johto Champion. During this fight, you will be up against Silver’s best team, which includes Steelix, Ursaring, Crobat, and Kingdra.

Best wishes.

The biggest challenge: Pokmon League

In Pokémon Crystal, Generation II, the Pokémon League is the most difficult task. It consists of 8 gyms, each with a distinct kind of Pokémon and a different leader. To become the champion and win the game, you must beat all eight gym leaders. But it isn’t all. After becoming champion, you must confront the Elite Four, four tough trainers who will put your talents to the test with their most powerful Pokémon. Finally, if you beat them all, you will confront the Champion Lance himself, who will put your abilities to the ultimate test.

This task is not for the faint of heart: winning it needs strategy, talent, and a lot of patience. You’ll need a strong and diversified team of Pokémon at your disposal to handle every obstacle, from hard puzzles incorporating type advantages and status effects to having complete understanding of the numerous techniques each Pokémon may employ during fights. If you can’t outwit Lance or utilize your team’s strengths against his weaknesses, odds are you won’t be able to defeat him.

Elite Four Will

Fallarbor Town is a place in Pokémon Crystal: Generation II Edition where players may face up against the Elite Four Will. This settlement is in the Hoenn region’s southwestern corner, near Meteor Falls and Mt. Chimney.

In Fallarbor Town, players will discover a Pokémon center where they may repair their Pokémon, a Poké Mart where they can buy equipment and supplies, and, of course, Elite Four Will’s gym.

Tall grassy patches dotted across town feature wild Pokémon for players to capture. Trainers that wish to face Elite Four Will must prepare their teams; he specializes in Psychic type Pokémon like Drowzee, Kadabra, and Slowbro. He also employs strong Psychic techniques like as Hypnosis and Psychic waves for his squad to confuse or put opponents to sleep in order to get an edge during combat. Defeat him, and you’ll be one step closer to becoming a master trainer.

Elite Four Koga

Pokémon Crystal’s Johto Region is home to the Elite 4 trainer Koga. He originally appears as the Gym Leader of Fuchsia City before entering the Elite 4. He is known as a Poison-type Pokémon master, and he believes in utilizing poisons to get an advantage in combat. Koga also has a daughter, Aya, who sometimes helps him in combat.

Koga focuses on Poison-type Pokémon like Arbok, Koffing, and Muk. He also used his talent with poisons to make life tough for trainers that come up against him. When competing against them in the Elite 4 championship challenge, all of his Pokémon are at level 47 and might be difficult to beat if you are not prepared for their tactics and methods.

Elite Four Bruno

The Four Elite In Pokémon Crystal, Bruno is the fourth member of the Elite Four. His team consists of Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Onix, Machamp, and Onix, and he specializes in Fighting type Pokémon.

Bruno is a difficult opponent since he possesses powerful attacks that may do a lot of damage rapidly. After defeating him, the player will obtain the Badge Machine Part, which can be used to enhance their PokéGear at Professor Elm.

Some ideas for defeating Bruno include:

  • Stockpiling Potions ahead of time.
  • Exploiting type advantages with Grass or Flying type Pokémon if feasible.
  • Going for his Machamp first since its high attack stat may quickly take out lesser opponents.

When battling Elite Four Bruno, it is critical to be prepared since he may rapidly wipe down even the most well-trained group if not given enough attention.

Elite Four Karen

Karen has a distinct flair since she uses Dark-Type Pokémon. Her primary concentration is on strong Pokémon like Umbreon, Murkrow, and Houndoom. She is an expert in her field and a brilliant thinker.

The Four Elite Trainers confront an added difficulty as they square off against Karen’s squad of Dragonite, Sneasel, and Vileplume. Fans of the game remember this encounter vividly—many techniques were required to win the conflict.

Karen’s squad is best opposed with Fire or Flying-type Pokémon like Charizard or Lugia, and if you have one of these kinds, your chances of victory will skyrocket. As usual, bring Potions and Hyper/Max Potions with you so you may recover as needed during battle; this will become more crucial while dealing with Karen’s formidable Pokémon.

You can manage any problem thrown your way if you have a sound plan in place and a positive mindset – facedown Elite Four Karen.

Battle against Lance

The last battle in Pokémon Crystal: Gen II is against Lance, the Elite Four Champion. Depending on your squad, this fight might be pretty challenging. The best approach to prepare for this fight is to ensure that your Pokémon have a strong type advantage over his team.

Lance’s squad is made up of four Dragon-type Pokémon that are all vulnerable to Ice-type attacks. As a result, it’s critical that your squad has at least one Ice-type attack ready to fight him. Aside from that, keep in mind that Lance is a formidable opponent; he employs a number of attacks that may strike multiple targets and inflict status ailments. Before entering the fight, be sure to load up on healing supplies so you can repair any damage your squad sustains.

Adventures in Kanto: Searching for Red

Adventures in Kanto: Searching for Red is a game guide for Pokémon Crystal: Gen II’s Edition. It gives a detailed description of the Kanto area, which players must travel through in order to find and catch the legendary Pokémon, Red.

The book provides thorough information on Kanto’s geographical locations, the numerous gym leaders and their Pokémon teams, and crucial suggestions on how to acquire each of Kanto’s unique Pokémon. Each area map is complemented by thorough explanations of each place, enabling users to easily traverse this huge terrain.

The book also contains helpful ideas for capturing strong items and techniques for dealing with trainers along the route. With this guide in hand, any player may go on a fascinating and rewarding journey across Kanto in quest of Red.

Ninth Badge: Lt. Surge – Vermillion Gyms Leader

Lt. Surge is the Vermilion Gym leader in Pokemon Crystal: Gen II’s Edition. He is notorious for using Electric Type Pokémon, therefore bring a Water or Ground type Pokémon, since they are the only two kinds that can withstand an Electric Attack. Lt. Surge bestows the Thunder Badge to challengers who defeat him in combat. This badge not only enables you to utilize Fly outside of combat, but it also increases your Pokémon’s speed by 10%.

Before confronting him in combat, it is essential that you load up on healing goods such as:

  • Potions
  • Revives

so that you may live long enough to beat his squad and subsequently collect your prize, The Thunder Badge.

Tenth Badge: Sabrina – Saffron Gyms Leader

In Pokémon Crystal Generation II, Sabrina is the Gym Leader in the Saffron City Gym. Sabrina, like all other Gyms in the game, will challenge players to a battle with her own personally trained level-50 Pokémon before awarding her Badge. Sabrina’s specialization among Kanto gym leaders is Psychic types, therefore she will field a squad of four of them. Her party consists of an Alakazam, an Exeggutor, a Hypno, and a Kadabra.

Players must overcome her at each stage to acquire Sabrina’s tenth and final badge: Marsh Badge. If players win this fight against Sabrina, they will be powerful enough to compete for the Indigo League Championship against their adversary. Players should also keep in mind that Psychic type attacks are very powerful against Poison type Pokémon, like as those utilized by Pewter City’s Gym Leader Brock and Giovanni from Team Rocket in their Celadon City headquarters. Kanto trainers should be able to beat Sabrina with this information and a well-constructed team of several sorts.

Eleventh Badge: Misty – Cerulean Gyms Leader

The Misty Badge is the Eleventh Badge of the Kanto region, awarded after beating Cerulean City’s Gym Leader, Misty. Misty will deploy a variety of Water and Ice type Pokémon against you since this is a Water-type gym. Her strong Starmie is her hallmark Pokémon, so make sure you have some Electric or Grass type Pokémon with you to take it down.

When you beat Misty and gain the eleventh badge, she will offer you TM 11 Bubblebeam, which teaches the Bubblebeam move to any Water-type Pokémon. This technique has a high likelihood of slowing down your opponent, making it beneficial for both defensive and offensive reasons. You should also have access to HM 03 Surf, which teaches the Surf move to any water-type Pokémon. With Surf, you’ll be able to traverse water and discover more of Kanto on your quest.

Twelfth Badge: Erika – Celadons Gym Leader

Erika is the Celadon City Gym Leader and Team Rocket’s leader. You must beat her in combat in order to obtain her twelfth badge. Erika’s gym specializes on grass-type Pokémon, so bring some fire or flying types to compensate for the type disadvantage.

Erika’s squad consists of the following members: Victreebel, Tangela, Bellossom, Vileplume, and Weepinbell. These Pokémon are mostly vulnerable to fire attacks, so if you have some, it should be quite effective against them. Furthermore, as long as your Pokémon learns a move that causes very effective damage to two or more members of her squad, this should be a breeze. Make sure you have enough healing supplies for this gym bout. Best wishes.

Thirteenth Badge: Janine – Fuchsia Gyms Leader

Janine in Fuchsia City is the eighth and final gym boss in the Johto region that Pokémon Crystal players will confront. Fuchsia is one of seven cities near Rijon that include Pokémon Gyms. Janine is a member of Team Rocket who specializes in Poison-type Pokémon. Players must defeat her in order to get the Thirteenth Badge, which provides entry to the fabled Kanto area and lets them to employ strong techniques like Hyper Beam outside of combat.

The Thirteenth Badge is a significant achievement for players since it allows them to deploy their newly acquired party members against rival Gym Leaders and Elite Four members. They may also battle numerous trainers distributed over Kanto, challenging their talents and knowledge even further.

Janine’s squad includes of Arbok, Venomoth, Crobat, and Weezing; each of which has specific elemental type benefits and drawbacks over other kinds. Defeating Janine will award players rare gifts like as TM06 Toxic& TM12 Taunt, which will help them on their adventure from Pallet Town to Kanto& beyond.

Fourteenth Badge: Brock – Pewters Gym Leader

In the computer game Pokémon Crystal, the Fourteenth Badge, sometimes known as the “Brock Badge,” is awarded by Gym Leader Brock of Pewter City. This badge is obtained by beating Brock in battle, making him the eighth and final gym leader in Kanto to be challenged and defeated. He employs Rock-type Pokémon such as Onyx, Geodude, and Graveler, and you must have at least one Flying-type Pokémon to easily defeat him.

Trainers who obtain this badge receive access to formerly restricted regions like Mt. Moon and Victory Road, as well as victory over all of Kanto’s gym leaders. Earning this badge also grants the player the ability to employ HM05 – Flash outside of combat, which may be useful for light while traversing caverns.

Sixth Battle against Silver: Mt. Moon

Mt. Moon is the location of the sixth fight against Silver in Pokémon Crystal Generation II. This fight is a culmination of all the player has learned, as it involves the player to employ tactics and techniques from previous battles as well as new tactics and strategies that must be mastered on the fly. With the stakes heightened, the player’s focus must be at an all-time high for this duel.

The region is infested with wild Pokémon such as Paras, Sandshrew, and Clefairy, which may be dangerous if not dealt with quickly. Silver has a variety of Pokémon, such as Sneasel, Arcanine, and Pidgeot, which can easily counter most type advantages. As a result, in order to defeat Silver, the player must depend on their ability to think quickly and execute strategies correctly.

Fifteenth Badge: Blaine – Cinnabars Gym Leader

In Pokémon Crystal: Gen II’s Edition, Blaine is the Fire-type Gym Leader of Cinnabar Island. Players must beat Blaine in a Pokémon fight to acquire the Fifteenth badge. He mostly employs Fire-type Pokémon like Rapidash, Arcanine, and Magmar. He also employs Water-types like Blastoise and Cloyster to compensate for his Fire-type disadvantages. Blaine may also utilize Ground, Flying, and Psychic attacks, necessitating the need for trainers to be prepared and know how to deal with them.

Defeating Blaine is considerably simpler by using type advantages like Ice, Rock, or Ground;, but bear in mind that every Pokémon employed must be no more than Level 50. After beating Blaine, he awards the player with the Earth Badge and TM50 Overheat, one of the best Fire-type Moves in the game at the time.

Last Badge: Blue – Viridian Gyms Leader

At the Viridian City Gym in the Kanto area, you may find the Blue Badge, or Viridian Gym Leader. This is the sixth and final gym leader that players must defeat in order to become the Pokémon League Champion. Trainers who successfully defeat the Viridian Gym Leader in a Pokémon battle are granted the Blue Badge.

The gym leader’s squad is made up of strong Grass-type Pokémon including Bellsprout, Weepinbell, and Victreebel. To properly face this leader, employ attacks that are very efficient against grass-types, like Fire, Flying, or Psychic.

Trainers who beat this gym leader will get the rare TM09, which includes Bulbasaur’s special move Whirlwind. You will also get the coveted Blue Badge.

Battle against Red – Mt. Silver

Mt. Silver is the last challenge in Pokémon Crystal: Gen II. After finishing your Johto trip and earning all 16 badges, you will arrive at the gate to Mt. Silver, where you will be greeted by Red, the master trainer and Kanto champion. This fight against Red is the pinnacle of your quest in Pokémon Crystal, and it will be a hard struggle owing to his elite squad, which includes Pokémon from all three generations.

In this match-up, Red has an edge since they have stronger levels and stats than your squad may be able to manage, therefore it is best to prepare ahead of time by obtaining some healing items, revives, and Hyper Potions—just in case. You’ll also want to make sure that each Pokémon has a well-balanced type-coverage, since having Pokémon of numerous different kinds might offer you an edge against specific members of Red’s squad owing to type advantage.

When you defeat this formidable foe, you will be handed a rare TM that will let your Pokémon to unleash its most powerful move yet. Best wishes on your journey.

Red Battle in a video

In Pokémon Crystal Version: Gen II’s Edition, the Red Battle is the battle with Red. This fight matches the player against the most difficult AI opponent in any Pokémon game. It cannot be accessible from the regular game and must instead be entered using a unique cheat code.

The fight begins with four legendary Pokémon that are both strong and rare, including Ho-Oh, Lugia, Moltres, and Zapdos. These Pokémon are all level 70-80 and eager to battle. Following the first barrage of legendary monsters, Red will unleash a slew of strong and unique Pokémon that you may not have seen before or met in-game.

You will also have to deal with non-legendary Pokémon like as Dragonite, Scyther, Gengar, Alakazam, and many more throughout this encounter. Furthermore, you must ensure that your crew is perfectly balanced in order to deal with any form of advantage or disadvantage circumstance that may arise throughout this titanic battle at sea.

The End

The End is Pokémon Crystal’s last scene. The legendary trio of bird Pokémon Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos – battling against one another in an epic battle in the fabled shrine atop Mt. Silver – may be found here. This scenario can only be accessed by accomplishing all of the game’s goals, such as beating every Gym Leader and capturing every Legendary Pokémon.

When you reach The End, your character will face their final test: a fight against all three Legendary Birds. If you defeat them in fight, you will get some of their most powerful attacks as well as lifelong bragging rights. While this end-game might be challenging for even the most experienced players, it is also one of the safest methods to capture all three birds without risking a Game Over.

Question: Is Pokmon Crystal the longest game?

The longest game in the Gen II lineup is not Pokémon Crystal. Despite being bigger than Gold and Silver, it falls short of Pokémon Stadium 2‘s extraordinarily extended gameplay. This is owing to a lack of sidequests, minigames, and supplementary material that would otherwise keep gamers busy for hundreds of hours.

Despite this shortcoming, Pokémon Crystal provides a unique experience in Gen II that other versions lack. Pokémon Crystal, for example, introduced two-player trade and fighting to an already outstanding RPG experience. Furthermore, new areas unique to this game give an element of exploration and difficulty not present in other games. On their trip across Johto, players may discover new regions like as Tin Tower and Ilex Forest, which provide more thrilling fights and fascinating personalities to connect with.

Question: Which is the best Gen 2 starter?

When it comes to challenging Water-type Gym Leader Misty in Ash Gray, Squirtle is the ideal Gen 2 starter to use. Squirtle’s water techniques are very powerful against Misty’s water-type Pokémon, making it an excellent starting for this match. Furthermore, Squirtle is one of the less difficult starters, giving a beginner player a better chance of success in this gym fight.

Squirtle’s Water Gun and Bubble Beam attacks, in particular, are very powerful against Geodude, Staryu, and Starmie, three of Misty’s Pokémon in Ash Gray, making it the most recommended starter for this battle. Furthermore, because of its own water-type moveset, Squirtle resists other types used by Misty, such as Electric and even Psychic, albeit its efficacy is restricted. Finally, with lightning-fast agility and high defensive stats to help it withstand enemy attacks, Squirtle is unquestionably the finest starting for challenging Water-type Gym Leader Misty in Ash Gray.

Question: What do you need to win against Red?

A player must first beat the Elite Four on the Indigo Plateau before catching Bulbasaur in Ash Gray. The player may then fight Pokémon Masters Red and Green on Mt. Silver after beating them. To defeat them and obtain access to Bulbasaur’s grassy patch, the player must have a well-balanced team that has been upgraded with rare candies.

It’s critical for players to store up on healing supplies like Full Heals, Hyper Potions, and Ultra Balls to ensure they have the resources to fight Red. Players may also consider utilizing an extra Master Ball if they have one available to ensure that Bulbasaur is captured without fail. Having a variety of Pokémon on one’s team might be beneficial, since Red’s squad comprises of three distinct kinds. As a result, having coverage across all three kinds may help mitigate any deficiencies that one type may have versus another.

When going battle against Red and his formidable Pokémon, it all comes down to correct strategy and expertise:

  • Store up on healing supplies.
  • Consider utilizing an extra Master Ball.
  • Have a variety of Pokémon on one’s team.
  • Have coverage across all three kinds.


Pokémon Crystal is an amazing journey from the second generation of Pokémon games that allows players to explore a world full of colourful people, monsters, and things. Players may acquire and fight their favorite Pokémon, train them for competitions, obtain strong equipment, and participate in a variety of side missions. This game remains one of the most fun experiences in the genre, thanks to its many choices and ways to play.

The game is enjoyable and may provide hours of amusement by presenting an immersive environment with many choices. Pokémon Crystal may give you with any kind of gaming experience you choose. There is something here for everyone, from gathering unusual goods to fighting other trainers or capturing Pokémon in various methods.

So put on your favorite jammies and prepare for an exciting trip in the Johto area.