Looking for a complete guide to Pokemon Snakewood? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about this popular fan-made game.

Story Synopsis

Pokemon Snakewood is a 2002 action-adventure game for the GameBoy Advance. It is the sequel to the original Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire games, and it continues the main character, Jack, on his journey to defend his planet from an unknown evil power.

When Jack gets a mystery phone call notifying him of a new danger to his planet, the game starts. He embarks on a quest that takes him through five different locations and puts him against numerous opponents including Team Rocket, Team Magma, and even a terrible demonic entity known as LUCIFEREX. Along the journey, Jack will uncover his strange background and his actual identity as a legendary Pokémon trainer known only as ‘The Champion’.

As the tale progresses, Jack will encounter several trials before deciding how to stop this new battle that threatens both himself and his planet.

Key Features

Cutlerine, an independent developer, designed and distributed Pokémon Snakewood, a fan-made Pokémon game. It was one of the first games to employ the Fire Red and Leaf Green FR/LG graphics engines when it was launched in 2006.

The game is set in the fictitious Hoenn region and tells the narrative of a teenage trainer from Littleroot Town on an expedition to acquire all eight gym badges, fight the Elite Four, and discover evil machinations involving Team Magma and Team Aqua.

Pokémon Snakewood is remarkable for having material that is not present in other games of its kind. It has, for example, unique new Pokémon forms and kinds not present in any other games at the time. It also features:

  • A large number of new goods to gather
  • Various secret dungeons to explore
  • Unique boss encounters
  • Different difficulty levels for more experienced players
  • A variety of mini-games like card matching and fishing.

The Guide to Pokmon Snakewood

The Guide to Pokémon Snakewood is an in-depth look at the fan-made Pokemon video game “Pokemon Snakewood.” It was released in 2006 as a ROM hack of the original Pokemon Ruby game, and it offers a completely new plot and set of tasks. Players that finish the game will be able to catch hundreds of rare and strong Pokémon.

This guide explains how to play the game in detail, where to locate things and Pokémon, which techniques are optimal for conquering bosses and Gyms, and how to gather certain items or Pokémon. It also advises on how to best personalize your character with particular accessories and things. The Guide to Pokémon Snakewood is required reading for every Pokemon game lover seeking for a really unique experience.

Ruins of Littleroot Town

Ruins of Littleroot Town, located in the southwesternmost area of the Orre region, is one of the most essential locations for trainers trying the Pokemon League Challenge. You may discover a number of trainers in this wrecked town that can assist you prepare for your journey to Mt. Battle and your quest for a Master Rank Victory.

The Ruins of Littleroot Town are made up of many structures, each of which contains valuable treasures, strong Pokémon trainers, and Gym Leaders who may help you put your team’s strength to the test.

From practicing with Arrabit in the Fiery Field; to fighting wild Runerigus in the Redrock Crater; Ruins of Littleroot Town gives numerous opportunity to improve your team’s abilities before travelling over to Mt. Battle and confronting the Elite Four.

Starter Pokmon in Snakewood

Starter Pokémon in Snakewood are the initial Pokémon from which the player may pick before embarking on their adventure throughout the game. Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip are the three beginning Pokémon available to players. Each of these starters brings something special to the table.

  • Treecko is a grass type with moves including Absorb, Razor Leaf, and Leech Seed.
  • Torchic is a fire type who can perform techniques like Ember, Flame Wheel, and Will-O-Wisp.
  • Mudkip is a water type that includes Surf, Aqua Jet, and Whirlpool.

When it comes to combating opposing Trainers in the game, each of these Pokémon has unique benefits. Players must choose their starter Pokémon carefully since it will be one of their most crucial partners on their journey to become a Pokémon Master.

Saving Prof. Birch from a zombie

You will be charged with defending Professor Birch from a zombie onslaught in Pokémon Snakewood. After encountering Wally in the Oldale Town Lab, you must confront the zombie that has taken over the Petalburg Woods. When you arrive, you will be given a choice of starting Pokémon: Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip.

After selecting your starting Pokémon, keep in mind that they are your first and most crucial partners in Pokémon Snakewood. As a result, it is critical to look after them and level them up as much as possible in order to stand a chance against the different zombie-type Pokémon you may face along the way. The type advantage that your selected starting Pokémon may provide can help you get through many of the game’s toughest encounters.

Oldale Town in Snakewood

Oldale Town is the first town visited by the player in Pokémon Snakewood. When the player arrives, he or she may go to the gym and face one of the two gym bosses, Juras or Rita. Juras specializes in flying Pokémon, whilst Rita focuses on aquatic Pokémon.

To win their first badge, the Calistern Badge, players must fight both Juras and Rita. This badge is essential to get entry to further Snakewood gyms in the Kanto and Hoenn regions. It also unlocks new regions formerly barred by bars or walls, such as Slateport City and Petalburg City. Players who defeat Juras and Rita will be rewarded with TM25 Thunderbolt as a prize for their efforts.

Talking with Prof. Birch in Route 103

To get entry to the Calistern Town Gym, first speak with Prof. Birch in Route 103. When you first approach him, he will offer you the Running Shoes and tell you about the requirements for becoming a Pokemon Trainer. He will then inquire whether you have met any pokemon on Route 103 after you have the shoes. If you say yes, he’ll tell you about Juras and Rita, two gym leaders in Calistern Town Gym who train Water-type and Electric-type pokemon, respectively.

He proposes going to the gym and fighting them both: Juras with your freshly obtained Running Shoes and Rita with an item called HM that is buried behind the gym’s walls. If you beat both gym leaders, Prof Birch will award you your first badge, the Patamon Badge.

Battling Deathcaller ??? in Snakewood

Deathcaller??? is the first task you must face in Pokemon Snakewood’s Calistern Town Gym. You’ll be pitted against him with Gym Leaders Juras and Rita. Deathcaller??? will be a moderate challenge as your first opponent, since he possesses a squad of formidable Pokémon.

He starts by summoning his Gligar, a Flying/Ground-type Pokémon with a diverse set of abilities like as Earthquake and Rock Slide that can put considerable pressure on all sorts. Furthermore, his second Pokémon is an Electrode, a pure Electric-type with destructive attacks like as Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave. Because you don’t have much power at this stage in the game, be prepared to swap out your Pokémon often in order to endure Deathcaller???’s torrent of strikes. You can collect enough experience to beat Juras and Rita Calistern Town Gym Leaders with the appropriate tactics.

Route 102 in Snakewood

Snakewood’s Route 102 is the first route the player will face when playing the game. One of the most notable aspects of this path is the presence of two trainers and several Pokémon to combat along the way. To go to Route 103, players must first travel via this route.

Along with these trainers and Pokémon, Route 102 has a plethora of things. A Poké Ball, Antidote, Parlyz Heal, Potion, and a Repel are among them. There are also other berry trees nearby from which players may harvest at any moment. Furthermore, if players speak with the Ace Trainer at the conclusion of this route, they will obtain an HM Chop, which lets them to cut down little trees to get around obstacles and proceed through further Snakewood Routes.

Petalburg City in Snakewood

Petalburg City appears in the Pokémon Snakewood video game. This city is home to the Petalburg Gym, the fourth gym that players must fight in order to complete Gym Badge criteria. Norman, the leader of Petalburg, specialized in Normal-type Pokémon.

Norman, in addition to being a typical gym leader, has an unusual side mission that involves assisting trainers from his hometown in restoring a decrepit structure.

Petalburg itself has various areas of interest for both potential trainers and explorers. In addition to the gym, Petalburg contains a Pokémart and Pokécenter where players may buy supplies and heal their Pokémon if necessary. There are also a lot of wild Pokémon surrounding Petalburg City that may be caught using Poké Balls or nets. Finally, Rusturf Tunnel, situated just outside the city, acts as an additional route between Petalburg City and Mauville City, with its own species of catchable wild Pokémon.

Petalburg Woods in Snakewood

Ion and Anper, the fourth gym leaders, live in Snakewood’s Petalburg Woods. The Pokémon Snakewood Badge may also be found in this location. To get this badge, players must first battle their respective Empral Town Gym Leaders, Gyarados and Skarmory. Players must then beat both leaders in a double fight on Petalburg Woods after defeating them. After defeating both trainers, the player will obtain the fourth gym badge and TM17 – Headbutt.

Petalburg Woods is a maze-like terrain with many trees and plants that may easily confound beginner players. To assist with navigation, clay dolls fashioned like Pikachu are distributed along trails around Petalburg Woods, indicating where they must travel next in order to proceed through the game. Wild Pokémon like as Beedrill and Magikarp may also be seen when walking around Petalburg Woods, ensuring that players have lots of opportunities to obtain experience for their Pokémon team.

Route 104 in Snakewood

Snakewood’s Route 104 is the first route trainers will meet after leaving Rustboro. There are various stretches of thick grass along this path where trainers may discover Scramblebugs, Slugma, Gulpin, and other common wild Pokémon. However, adventurers should be careful of their surroundings while they go along this road, since they may be attacked at any time by wild Houndour or Zangoose.

Completing given chores in Rustboro City is suggested to make the most of Route 104 in Snakewood since it rewards players with important things like as a Pokédex or TMs. In addition, there may be uncommon Pokémon and goods spread across the region. Players will be ready to confront their next destination in the southern portion of Snakewood after they have become acquainted with the region and gained the requisite fight experience and goods.

Rustboro City in Snakewood

Rustboro City in Snakewood is one of the most difficult areas for Pokémon trainers to visit. This secret city is only accessible after completing specific game goals, making it a unique and hard location for Pokémon trainers.

A few uncommon Pokémon, like as Kecleon and Shedinja, may be found within an abandoned lab near Rustboro City. It also features some of the game’s rarest items. One of the most valuable things is TM67 – Recycle, which enables a Trainer to repurpose old materials that they may have thrown away inadvertently earlier in their trip. Another item discovered in this area is TM71 – Stone Edge, which causes a lot of damage to opponent Pokémon during combat.

Professor Birch, the city’s resident expert, can give useful knowledge on how to catch some of these elusive critters. He will also provide hints as to where additional rare Pokémon may be found so that Trainers exploring this unusual environment might perhaps catch them. Rustboro City has several mysteries worth discovering for any daring Trainer willing to seek them out.

Battling Deathcaller Alicia in Rustboro City

Before facing Deathcaller Alicia in Rustboro City, you must first talk with the elderly guard outside the city’s entrance. He’ll reveal that Deathcaller Alicia has taken a precious artifact from the city and plans to flee on a boat heading south. To prevent harm, you must track her down and defeat her before she reaches the boat.

There isn’t any time to waste. Travel to Rustboro City and proceed to the pier. When you arrive, you’ll discover that Alicia has already arrived and is waiting to board the boat. She’ll give you a threatening speech before challenging you to a fight.

Alicia has three Pokemon, Blissey, Linoone, and Tentacruel, so pack some powerful fighters as well as lots of healing goods, like as potions and antidotes, for this challenging battle. Use your best techniques against her, but keep an eye out for status effects; Alicia’s Pokemon all have strong special moves like Toxic and Sleep Powder, which may swiftly cripple your team if not dealt with early. If you defeat all three of her Pokemon, Deathcaller Alicia will be defeated.

Dantalion cutscene in Rustboro City

The Dantalion sequence in Rustboro City is an optional encounter circumstance seen in Pokémon Snakewood, a notable fan-made ROM hack. When the player interacts with a lone shadow figure standing at the entrance to Rustboro City, the cutscene is triggered.

The scenario opens with a chat between the protagonist and the shadow figure, who introduces themselves as Dantalion and offers cryptic dialogue that hints at their unknown origins and goals.

In Rustboro, Dantalion announces his mission: to find a fabled relic known as ‘the life everlasting’. In addition, he describes how he is supporting Team Magma in return for access to their research facilities. With these hints and some detective work on the player’s part, it’s feasible to figure out how to retrieve the relic by defeating four formidable gym leaders in various sections of Hoenn, making this one of the most immersive and hard side-quests accessible in Snakewood.

Battling Gleis in Rustboro City

Rustboro City is the third city in the Hoenn region and an essential destination for Pokémon Snakewood trainers. Trainers must defeat Gleis, a local Team Aqua Grunt in Rustboro City, before moving on to the next city.

Gleis is not very tough or complex to defeat. He has two Pokémon, a Carvanha and a Tentacool, both of which should be simple to beat with some well-timed strikes. It is critical that trainers take use of type advantage. Tentacool is vulnerable to Grass, Electric, Fighting, and Bug-type attacks, but Carvanha is vulnerable to Electric, Poison, and Ground-type moves. When you beat both of his Pokémon, he will give you TM44 – Rest, a useful technique that may assist cure your team of any status ailments it has accumulated throughout battle.

Rusturf Tunnel in Snakewood

Rusturf Tunnel is located in Snakewood between Mauville City and Verdanturf Town. It’s a narrow, dark tunnel leading to Route 116. To get to the tunnel, players must ride their Mach Bike upward at a precise angle, then dismount swiftly and press A to leap over the cliff. A Wild Whismur lurks inside the tunnel, which players must defeat in order to unlock the door at the end of the tunnel and get access to Route 116.

The Rusturf Tunnel region is loaded with a variety of hazards, including:

  • Pebbles
  • Edges
  • Water
  • Electricity

Players must be cautious of their footing as they navigate the cave, since one mistake might force them to tumble into hazardous sections, depleting their health or possibly knocking them out altogether. After successfully navigating Rusturf Tunnel, they will arrive on Route 116, where fresh adventures await them.

Battling demons in Rusturf Tunnel

The player will encounter two formidable demons called as Basculin and Shuppet while traveling the Rusturf Tunnel in Pokémon Snakewood. These creatures are among the most difficult opponents in the game. To overcome them, players must understand type advantage and ensure that their squad is well-balanced. Because various varieties of Pokémon have varied strengths and weaknesses, the most successful team composition will include a mix of them.

Additionally, players should stock up on healing goods such as Potions and Revives so that they can heal their Pokémon if necessary.

Finally, it is critical for players to be patient and take their time while confronting these formidable monsters. Breaking out any major strikes too soon might swiftly lead to tragedy, since demons can hit hard with powerful techniques like Surf or Earthquake if given enough time.

Meeting Alicia and Pestilence in Verdanturf Ruins

Trainers participating in the famous fan-game “Pokémon Snakewood” must visit Verdanturf Ruins. Verdanturf Ruins, located in south Hoenn, is home to two unique NPCs: Alicia and Pestilence.

When you first get to the ruins, you will see Alicia standing at the entrance. She will offer to swap your Pokémon for her Chariot Tyrogue. This is a significant deal since it grants Linoone access to Cut and Rock Smash. After accepting this transaction, enter the ruins and speak with Pestilence. He will offer you TM29 – Psychic as well as start a mini-quest in which you must deliver an item to Alicia at Mt. Chimney. When you finish, he will give you a Master Ball.

Overall, encountering Alicia and Pestilence in Verdanturf Ruins is critical for progressing through the game since they supply very useful goods that are required for beating certain trainers and accomplishing important plot goals later in your trip.

Battling Pestilence in Verdanturf Ruins

Verdanturf Ruins may be found in Pokémon Snakewood. In order to defeat Pestilence in Verdanturf Ruins, the player must first fight through three chambers of Curse Healers and their minions.

The first two rooms are populated by five Curse Healers and their companions, while the third chamber is populated by one Curse Healer and five Shadow Dragons. After defeating all adversaries, the player will be awarded with a hidden key that will allow them to access a chest under the ruins.

Curse Healers are dangerous foes whose primary tactic is to employ stat-lowering techniques on their opponents. They are, however, vulnerable to Fire, Flying, and Psychic-type attacks, so bring Pokémon of those kinds into battle with you. It is also essential that you bring a range of various kinds to ensure that none of your Pokémon get struck by one of their stat-lowering techniques at the same time, in case any of them have vulnerabilities to particular attack types from the Curse Healers’ arsenal.

After defeating all foes and unlocking the chest, players will be awarded with goodies like Rare Candies, Full Restores, and Master Balls, which may be utilized to advance in the game.

HM01 Cut in Endless Plains in Snakewood

In Pokémon Snakewood, HM01 Chop is a field move used to cut down trees or thick grass. It is the first of four field movements that can be obtained by speaking with Professor Birch in Littleroot Town.

Endless Plains’ HM01 Chop may be used to cut down trees or thick grass, as well as unlock surprises around the game. This maneuver may be utilized in practically any place where trees or thick grass prevent players from progressing. Players may proceed farther in the game by utilizing HM01 to reach some concealed things that are otherwise inaccessible.

This HM item is very important for getting to the Hidden Grotto on Route 120 and locating TMs that look unreachable otherwise.

Getting HM03 Surf in Route 115 in Snakewood

At Pokémon Snakewood, a fan-made hack of Pokémon Ruby, there is a quest to earn the HM03 Surf in Route 115. To gain HM03 Surf in Snakewood, the player must have completed the game’s main plot and collected the Old Rod from Neon Town. Once these two prerequisites are satisfied, the player may go to Route 115’s northern side. They will come upon a guy washing up on the beach who is the HM03 Surf user. He will give them the HM03 Surf once they speak with him.

HM03 Surf lets players traverse over water surfaces and visit previously inaccessible parts of Snakewood. It also makes exploring dungeons much simpler since players can move fast around barriers. This is a necessary item for completing many of Snakewood’s objectives and side adventures since it may reveal secret hidden objects or provide players access to previously restricted regions of the map.

Getting the Balance Badge in Route 115 in Snakewood

The Balance Badge is the third badge required to advance through Snakewood. This badge may be gained in Snakewood through Route 115. It is vital to note that only the first Pokémon encountered by a player in a fight may gain experience points, thus players should utilize their best Pokémon first and prepare their squad properly.

Players must fight both trainers and wild Pokémon on Route 115 to get this badge. Captain Henry and Lady Jessie Captain Henry and Lady Jessie are the trainers, each with their own unique Pokmon. Captain Henry has Zigzagoon, Spinda, and Dodrio, while Lady Jessie has Doduo and Furret. All of these Pokmon have various moves, and with the help of Koko heal Dada, they can be used to their full potential.critical for players to have a smart strategy against them that takes use of the type advantages of their own Pokémon’s attacks.

After defeating the trainers, players must catch 10 wild Pokémon on Route 115 to win the Balance Badge. This may be accomplished with the use of an encounter item or by just waiting until they locate a desired wild Pokémon encounter inside one of the tall grass areas dispersed around Route 115. After capturing 10 different Pokémon on Route 115 and accumulating enough experience points, players will get the Balance Badge, which grants access to further routes and locations in Snakewood with tougher Pokémon.

Surfing to Dewford Town in Snakewood

Surfing to Dewford Town in Pokemon Snakewood is a necessary yet frequently tough endeavor. Although there are other methods to traverse the enormous waterways that divide Dewford Town from the mainland, the HM Surf move is one of the finest and most efficient. HM Surf lets you to travel on water with your selected Pokémon, giving you access to new places and locales throughout the game.

To travel to Dewford Town in Snakewood, go south via Granite Cave until you reach Route 106, which leads straight into Dewford Town. The trek from Granite Cave may be unpleasant if not well planned, therefore players should carry extra provisions for their journey ahead of time.

Once within Route 106, players may go to Dewford Town by utilizing HM Surf or by exploring the numerous coastal places where it can be found:

  • HM Surf
  • Exploring coastal places

Dewford Town in Snakewood

Dewford Town is an important city in the Pokémon Snakewood video game. It is a tiny island hamlet in Hoenn’s southwestern section, adjacent to the ocean and Mt. Pyre. This town’s major draw is its Gym, which is led by the Fighting-type gym leader, Brawly.

Dewford Town also has a Pokémon Center and a Mart, in addition to Brawly’s Gym. It also houses the Granite Cave, which can only be reached later in the game after receiving a wayfarer’s permit from Slateport City or Mauville City.

Aside from an engaging tale and a strong challenge from Brawly’s Gym, Dewford Town also allows players to explore diverse regions such as:

  • A PokéCenter and PokéMart that are next to each other;
  • Fisherman’s Wharf, where Carvanhas abound;
  • A hotel on Route 106 with an underground portion housing unusual goods for those seeking a challenge.

Solar Caverns in Snakewood

The Solar Caverns are one of several dungeons found in the Pokémon world’s Snakewood area. It is one of the major dungeons, with five levels and a monster at the conclusion. This location is notable for its quantity of Psychic-type Pokémon, making it a popular destination for trainers wishing to battle strong Psychic-type Pokémon.

Aside from formidable Pokémon, Solar Caverns include a plethora of treasure chests that carry valuable things like as Rare Candies, Max Revives, and even TMs. The Solar Caverns also include two hidden chambers that offer more treasures and uncommon Pokémon.

The Solar Caverns is a good dungeon for trainers hoping to acquire powerful Psychic-type Pokémon while acquiring significant resources on their adventure through Snakewood, thanks to its variety of Psychic-type Pokémon and wide array of materials.

Battling Haruko in Dewford Gym

Snakewood is a very popular fan-made Pokémon game in the manner of the original games. Snakewood places you in a post-apocalyptic environment where you must combat the wicked forces of Team Necro and Haruko.

Haruko lives in the Dewford Gym, and she’s a formidable foe. You’ll need to come prepared to defeat her. Increase the level of your Pokémon before the fight to make it easier. You should also bring Ground or Fighting type Pokémon with you since they are very effective against her Flying kinds.

Keep an eye out for her characteristic attacks, like Psybeam, Drill Peck, and Double Team, since they might be tough to counteract if you aren’t prepared. Also, have lots of healing supplies on hand throughout the battle so that your Pokémon can remain healthy during the fight against Haruko. Beating her will be a piece of cake with meticulous strategy and preparation.

Surfing to Slateport City in Snakewood

Surfing to Slateport City in Snakewood is a rather simple task. After acquiring the Surf ability from a neighboring town, go east from either Mauville City or Lilycove City, using Surf on the route’s tiny bodies of water until you reach the entrance to Slateport City.

When you visit this city, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a battle between Team Aqua and Team Magma, both of which are vying for control of the city. You must force a wedge between these two squads in order to proceed through the game’s plot and learn more about what they are up to in this section of Hoenn.

You may capture various uncommon Pokémon while surfing about Slateport City, like as Feebas and Relicanth, in addition to going through the plot. Keep your eyes peeled for these secretive animals.

Slateport City in Snakewood

Slateport City is a fictitious city in Pokemon Snakewood that the player may explore. It is situated in the northeast part of the Hoenn area, south of Mauville City. The city is divided into two sides: north and south.

The south side is mostly residential, with abandoned buildings, wild Pokémon, and trainers searching for new challenges. The north side has a big port with numerous boats leading to other towns in the Hoenn area, as well as a pier that may be utilized to bridge rivers and reach other Snakewood cities. There are also several stores where products like as medication and Pokémon Balls may be purchased.

Slateport City is notable for its museum, which has unique items from many locations in Hoenn, including:

  • Medication
  • Pokémon Balls
  • Unique items

Sterns Shipyard in Snakewood

Sterns Shipyard Milyfa Town located on Route 415 in Pokmon Snakewood is a key aspect of finishing the game since it contains significant objects and information about what transpired in this location. After leaving Milyfa Town, you’ll come across another force that looks to be connected to the weirdness affecting Snakewood.

There will be various vendors selling important products such as Full Heals, Ultra Balls, and Max Elixirs in this region. An Odd Keystone may also be found here, which opens a hidden laboratory later in the game. You will be able to access a machine within the laboratory that enables you to manufacture Pokémon without the need for Stardust or other rare ingredients as long as you have enough money.

Furthermore, within Sterns Shipyard, multiple trainers must be defeated before entrance to the laboratory is granted.

Fixing the SS Cangrejo submarine in Snakewood

In Pokémon Snakewood, repairing the SS Cangrejo submarine is a crucial task to complete. After finishing the mission, you will be granted entry to a different region of the game. The SS Cangrejo submarine may be located in Lemoyne Town’s harbour.

To repair it, you must collect a particular quantity of pieces spread across the planet. Return to Lemoyne Town and chat with Old Man Surly at his residence after all of the pieces have been acquired. He will then use his talents to repair the sub and provide you access to a new area: Yew Island.

This section will have more difficult monsters, harder trainers, and even more uncommon treasures not seen anywhere else in Snakewood.

Route 110 in Snakewood

Route 110 is a location in the game Pokemon Snakewood. It is situated to the south of Fallarbor. The player will meet wild Pokémon as well as trainers to combat as they go along the path. Route 110 has both trees and rocks, providing the player with extra alternatives for searching for things. This place has four trainers, each with a level 24-26 Pokémon. After beating the gym leader of Slateport City, one of these trainers will reappear.

On Route 110, you may also find a hidden item called Miracle Seed by using Cut on the large tree there. When held during combat, Miracle Seed increases the attack strength of a grass type Pokémon, making it a vital item for players with a lot of grass type Pokémon on their team. Players should go south towards Meteor Falls after acquiring the Miracle Seed and defeating all of the trainers on Route 110.

Mauville City in Snakewood

Mauville City, situated southwest of Petalburg City, is the fourth major city in the Pokémon Snakewood game. The city is bright and contemporary, with lots of sights and activities for gamers to enjoy. There is a Gym, an Underground Path, a Battle Area with trainers from all around Hoenn, and a variety of stores offering things that may be utilized throughout your quest within Mauville City.

On their trip to New Mauville, players will also be able to compete in the Cycling Road Race against other cyclists. After beating all eight Gym Leaders, players may challenge Wattson to a battle at Mauville City’s Gym, which will undoubtedly be entertaining. They will be awarded with TM24 Thunderbolt, one of the most powerful electric-type techniques in the game, if they win this fight. With so many activities available and so many mysteries buried away in this one-of-a-kind city, here is your opportunity to discover them all.

New Mauville City in Snakewood

New Mauville City is a one-of-a-kind place in Snakewood, a famous fan-made Pokémon game. The city is situated in the region’s southeast and is one of only two cities that are unique to Snakewood. This city has a unique form of energy-generating plant, which is fueled by generators located around the city.

New Mauville City is vital for continuing through the game since it has various significant people, goods, and structures that are required for future advancement. Trainers, a battle tent arena, healers, merchants, and even a special Gym Leader – Roxanne – are among the many products and people. The Gym Leader will only challenge you if you have accomplished certain requirements and beaten certain trainers outside of New Mauville City. It’s no surprise that New Mauville City has become a fan favorite with all of these exceptional features accessible to gamers.

Battling Inquisition Watson in New Mauville

The main opponent in Pokémon Snakewood is a mysterious creature known as Inquisition Watson. He hides out in a remote part of New Mauville. Trainers must go via Granite Cave and then utilize the Move Surf to reach New Mauville. Once there, trainers must confront Inquisition Watson as the last battle before proceeding to the finish of the tale.

Inquisition Watson has two level 40 Crobat, two level 40 Gyarados, and a level 45 Quagsire on his squad. Trainers must be prepared to combat tactically using kinds that are efficient against his Pokémon’s movesets in order to beat him. Poison and Flying types may help weaken his Gyarados, while Fire and Psychic kinds can rapidly dispatch Crobat. Finally, performing Steel or Rock type attacks may easily wipe down Quagsire while causing minimum harm to the trainer. Trainers should also carry things such as Full Heals to keep oneself healed throughout combat and Max Repels to prevent chance encounters that may impede progress toward victory during this challenging bout.

Island of Calm in Snakewood

The Island of Calm in Snakewood is a location along Route 12. It is the home of many Pokémon, including the legendary Kyogre. This island is Kyogre’s last resting place before being released into the wild, and it can be reached by finishing the Mt. Chimney Task Tower challenge. Players must be able to fly on a Pokémon from Slateport City to Rustboro City and then take the boat from there to access this place.

Although it is an optional site, players should visit it as soon as possible since it includes various rare goods as well as several strong Pokémon. It’s also a terrific place to get EXP and TMs that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise unless you played via another zone or spent money on Mystery Gift coupons.

Trainers should also look for certain artifacts on the island, like as the holy Heart Scale, which can be used to teach techniques that would otherwise take days of waiting at a Pokémon Center nurse’s desk.

Battling the Seven Deadly in Snakewood

Combating the Seven Deadly in Snakewood is a difficult yet rewarding endeavor. Players must prepare for their adventure by stockpiling supplies, knowing the methods for each of the seven Deadly’s, and leveling up. It is strongly advised that players take full use of the rest spots found in town between each combat. These may be used to cure both Pokémon and trainers’ health and status ailments.

If a trainer wants to go beyond fighting the Seven Deadly, there are additional obstacles in Snakewood that grow in complexity as they continue, such as:

  • Challenging Gym Leaders
  • Accomplishing certain chores

Finally, defeating all seven Deadlys is a very gratifying experience that enables trainees to get acquainted with all parts of Snakewood and its unique cast of individuals.

Inquisitor Puzzle Room #1

Inquisitor Puzzle Roomç is a portion of the Pokémon Snakewood fan-made hack. This puzzle chamber, located in the western portion of Laverre City, is loaded with riddles that must be performed in order to advance. Inquisitor Puzzle Roomç is divided into four levels, each having its own unique puzzle to complete with the numerous things collected throughout the game.

  1. The first problem requires you to activate hidden buttons to unlock locks,
  2. the second requires you to properly answer questions about Super Mario World and its mysteries,
  3. the third level demands players to navigate a complicated network of switches and doors without unlocking any closed doors,
  4. while the fourth level requires players to solve three unique riddles before going on.

Each right response and successful puzzle completion results in a prize, which is frequently valuable objects or money, enabling players to stock up on healing supplies before venturing farther into Snakewood.

Inquisitor Puzzle Room #2

The Inquisitor Puzzle Roomè is located in Pokémon Snakewood. This puzzle room challenges players to answer a series of questions and solve them using their gaming expertise. The chamber has three statues, each carrying a key that the player must use to unlock the door that leads out of the area. The questions vary from basic to difficult and demand knowledge of the game’s mechanics as well as specific goods such as Rare Candies and even rarer things such as Master Balls.

While attempting to locate all three keys, players must also maneuver their way past barriers and obstacles. Environmental dangers such as non-lingering lava pools, bottomless pits, and other traps that might inflict harm if not avoided are also included in the puzzles. Completing this puzzle room grants players magical abilities that they would not otherwise have, making it a must-do for any serious Pokémon lover.

Meeting Famine on Route 111 in Snakewood

Drummerdude420 developed Pokémon Snakewood, a Pokémon fan-made hack. The fundamental principles of the original games are there in this hack, but with a twist: it takes set in the post-apocalyptic realm of Snakewood.

In this game, players must battle their way through waves of wild Pokémon while traveling, fighting bad trainers and completing several side missions all while attempting to meet Famine on Route 111. This guide will go over all parts of the game in detail, including trainer fights, wild Pokémon encounters, how to take advantage of type advantages and weaknesses, how to visit all regions and major spots in Snakewood, and much more. In addition, tactics for achieving certain tasks and puzzles will be thoroughly addressed.

With this guide on their side, anybody may confidently embark on the mysterious trip that is Pokémon Snakewood.

Frigid Way in Snakewood

Frigid Way in Snakewood is a passage in the Pokémon Snakewood area that is teeming with wild Pokémon and trainers eager to combat. It connects the abandoned home on Route 36 to Route 42, carrying the player up past the mossy fishing pond before dividing towards the finish.

There are numerous trainers, wild Pokémon, and things that are useful for going through the game along this route. Machop, Zigzagoon, Doduo, Wingull, and Heatmor are among the wild Pokémon met here. Trainers on Frigid Way vary in level from 30 to 40 and have teams of Bug/Flying-type and Ghost/Dark-type Pokémon. Beating them nets you X Attack, X Defense, X Special, and other helpful stuff.

There are also several healing goods placed over Frigid Way, such as Soda Pop, Super Potion, and Full Heal, that players may utilize along their quest.

Shaka Monastery in Snakewood

Shaka Monastery is an old monastery in the Pokémon Snakewood area that is full of mystery and mysteries. The structure itself has an interesting design consisting of three enormous stone pillars, and it is claimed to include a hidden entrance. It’s also home to a rare Pokémon called Cruniacs, which are reported to be quite powerful.

To join the monastery, players must pass several difficulties such as finding a lost Pokémon and solving riddles. Once inside, the player may explore its several chambers, hidden corridors, and mazes, all of which contain strong trainers and goods.

Upon completion, the commander of Shaka Monastery will award the player three rewards: Lugia’s feather, Celebi’s heart scale, and Primape’s fist. An expert trainer may also get uncommon artifacts from Shaka Monastery, which provide vital boosts to their team’s fighting power.

Tower in Shaka Monastery in Snakewood

Tower at Shaka Monastery in Snakewood is a significant site and piece of architecture in the Pokémon Snakewood reality. The Tower, once a huge and strong monastery, has now become a gloomy and ominous building. The entryway leads to a series of curving stairs that go to the platform at the very top. The Completion Credit Consol, an ominous-looking gadget, stands nearby. The Consol is used to store game progress and performs other game-related operations.

Furthermore, there are various trainers on this platform who are prepared to battle any courageous explorers who make their way up there. The Tower at Shaka Monastery is one of many interesting locales that enable gamers to delve further into this enthralling Pokémon universe.

Fallarbor Town in Snakewood

Fallarbor Town is a major area in the Pokémon Snakewood video game. The town is reached after a lengthy trek through the Haunted Woods, and it is home to some of Hoenn’s most formidable trainers.

Dr. Quasar, a professor specialized in fossil studies, is Fallarbor Town’s Gym Leader. He researches old fossils and shares his expertise with the trainers that come to face him.

Fallarbor Town not only features a gym, but also a PokéMart where you can buy Pokéballs, potions, and medicinal goods like revives and antidotes. Other establishments in town include restaurants, clothes stores, and department stores where trainers may buy battle-related products like TM moves and vitamins.

Meteor Falls in Snakewood

Meteor Falls is a post-game area in Pokémon Snakewood populated by Ho-Oh and Lugia. To fight Ho-Oh and Lugia, the player must climb the falls and reach the summit. The location also has Magic TM, which is one of the game’s rarest TMs.

It is vital to know that Meteor Falls cannot be entered until all eight gym bouts have been completed. After obtaining all eight badges, go east from Mauville City to Route 118, where you will reach Meteor Falls. Before reaching the top of Meteor Falls, players will be challenged by various trainers. Here, gamers may face off against Ho-Oh and Lugia in a fierce Pokémon combat. Additionally, several elemental stones may be discovered strewn around Meteor Falls that, when utilized correctly, increase specific Pokémon stats.

Battling War in Meteor Falls

Battles at Meteor Falls are a significant component of the Pokémon Snakewood game. The player will have the ability to battle against a variety of trainers in this territory. This may include anything from formidable gym leaders to competitors and adversaries.

In order to overcome all of the trainers, Pokémon, and other obstacles in Meteor Falls, you must use skill and smart strategy. It is also critical to understand which Pokémon are best suited for each fight, as well as what tactics should be followed while confronting each opponent. Before entering combat, the player must also choose a squad that works well together and ensure that their movesets are up to standard.

Conquering fights in Meteor Falls may be a gratifying experience that offers players an edge while progressing in the game with practice and dedication.

Fixing the SS Cangrejos elevators in Snakewood

You may need to ride the two elevators of the SS Cangrejos in Pokémon Snakewood. The issue is that these two elevators look to be damaged and need specific equipment to be repaired before they can be utilized. You will need a Silver Shard, a Red Shard, and a Blue Shard to repair the elevators. These Shards may be won by beating wild Pokémon in certain Snakewood locales.

The Elevators will reopen after you have acquired all three shards. To use an elevator, just interact with it like you would any other item or object in Snakewood. You should now be able to utilize both elevators to access various levels of the SS Cangrejos as required during your trip.

Weather Institute in Snakewood

The Meteorological Institute, situated in the northwest part of Snakewood, is the game’s primary source of weather data. It is where you may fight a scientist and get the Silph Scope. The institution was established to monitor the area’s climatic conditions, and it has a meteorological monitoring system that monitors temperatures, humidity levels, wind speed, and other environmental parameters.

Inside, there are four scientists that will provide you with a variety of knowledge depending on when you visit them. Players may not only get data from the institution, but they can also control sections of it by manipulating things both within and outside of it. Opening a window, for example, enables sunshine to enter, causing plants outside to bloom, while triggering specific controls generates misty places inside the institute’s walls. This helps you to tackle fascinating riddles throughout your stay in Snakewood.

Mt. Pyre in Snakewood

Mt. Pyre in Snakewood is a place in the video game of the same name. It is the game’s first significant destination and can be located on Route 120. It comprises of five stories of a temple-like structure, with each floor needing different goods to access. An altar at the summit of Mt. Pyre may be used to resurrect Kanto or Hoenn Pokémon that have been transformed into stone statues by Team Magma or Team Aqua, respectively.

There are also many trainers to combat on each level, as well as lots of rare and strong goods to obtain, like as TMs and Berries. The player must negotiate Mt. Pyre’s mazes and riddles in order to reach the altar at the top; this is difficult, but some strong Ghost-type Pokémon are hiding inside its walls.

Fortree City in Snakewood

In the Pokémon Snakewood series, Fortree City is a fictitious place. This city on Hoenn’s south-eastern shore is home to a large number of flying-type Pokémon. There are many buildings and stores in Fortree City, including a Pokémon Center and a gym.

Fortree City’s notable residents include the Gym’s leader; Winona, who specializes in Flying Pokémon; and Logia, the owner of the Department Store. Daisy Oak; also owns an elderly woman’s home in the area. Daisy will trade stuff with players in return for rare Pokémon or items. Generals from both Sootopolis City and Lilycove City are also present. The Generals have arrived to ensure that Fortree City is protected from outside dangers.

Players may locate a variety of things dispersed across the city, including multiple Super Potions and Ethers found in residences. Furthermore, Fortree provides tournaments for users to engage in, such as:

  • Double Team Battles versus two trainers
  • Matchup Challenges where Victories fast raise your team’s level.

Facing the Elite Four

The Elite Four is the ultimate task for any player who has finished Pokémon Snakewood’s main narrative. Players need to carefully prepare before fighting the Elite Four by stocking up on healing supplies, capturing powerful Pokémon, and grinding levels to ensure that their team is strong enough to take on the Elite Four.

Similarly to conventional Pokémon games, each Elite Four member has a type speciality and four powerful Pokémon of that kind. Aaron, for example, specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon, whilst Karen specializes in Dark-type Pokémon. Knowing this information may assist players to successfully counter each opponent and ensure they have a strong squad available before facing the Elite Four.

Question: Does Pokmon Snakewood have the Physical and Special split?

Pokemon Snakewood is a Game Boy Advance fangame based on Pokemon Ruby or Fire Red. It includes a zombie apocalypse-themed tale, new places, and several customization possibilities. However, the in-game mechanics essentially follow the same principles as the originals. This incorporates the type and damage system seen in each generation; however, Pokemon Snakewood does not have the Physical/Special divide introduced in Generation IV – Diamond and Pearl.

This implies that attacks may be physical or special, but they do not cause different amounts of damage depending on whether they are physical or special. As a result, in this version of Pokémon, every Pokémon will have to utilize their attacks intelligently, as one attack may not always be more effective than another according to its type.

Question: How do I fix the elevator in Pokmon Snakewood?

To repair the elevator in Pokémon Snakewood, you must first obtain all 12 Celadon Gym badges. Once you’ve gathered everything, you’ll be able to see Erika in her chamber at the top of the elevator in Celadon City. After conversing with her, she will give you a Key Card, allowing you to enter and repair the damaged elevator.

To get each badge, you must fight and beat each Gym Leader. When a Gym Leader is beaten, they will offer you their Gym Badge as well as some experience points. Return to Erika’s room after you’ve gathered all 12 gym badges, and she’ll give you the key card to the damaged elevator.

Question: How do I get HM01 Cut in Pokmon Snakewood?

HM01 Chop is one of the most significant tools in Pokémon Snakewood since it enables you to cut down trees and create shortcuts that would otherwise be unavailable.

To get HM01 Cut, you must first chat with Professor Oak in the lab. He will assign you a task to locate a particular object inside the game environment. Return the item to Professor Oak after discovering it, and he will award you with HM01 Cut.

Obtaining HM01 Cut, on the other hand, is not as simple as it seems. On your search for the item, you will meet a variety of opponents, and these bouts might be challenging for a novice player. Furthermore, there are several impediments in your path that may seem intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, if you endure and keep on track during your journey, you will finally get the item required to obtain HM01 Cut and move one step closer to defeating Pokémon Snakewood.

Pokemon Snakewood Guide: Conclusion

The Pokémon Snakewood Guide is an in-depth look at the popular role-playing game Pokémon Snakewood. This guide includes step-by-step instructions and recommendations for navigating the game and completing all of its quests. Its conclusion provides a summary of the guide’s important topics as well as a full analysis of the game’s primary features.

  • Character growth
  • Obstacles
  • Equipment
  • Fights
  • Pokémon teams

It also mentions some of Pokémon Snakewood’s more distinctive features, such as:

  • Rare goods
  • Legendary Pokémon locations and encounters
  • Unusual challenges and riddles
  • Online competitions
  • Special events

Finally, it discusses numerous strategies for completing this game with a perfect score of 100%. By reading this conclusion, players will acquire a general understanding of how to properly finish Pokémon Snakewood with all of its tasks accomplished in a timely way.

Read More:

Read More is a section of a comprehensive Pokémon Snakewood guide. It offers readers with information that is not mentioned in the main article. This might include gaming hints, insights into the game’s plot, gameplay techniques, and more. Read More may assist add depth to the information and allow readers to go further into any areas they find interesting or relevant.

Furthermore, this heading allows authors to express more personal comments and tales about their experiences with the game. Read More may be a valuable resource for readers new to Snakewood since it may give helpful context and background information that may not be accessible in other places.