It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a new set of Pokemon cards, but not all of them are worth your money. Here are the worst offenders from the shiny set- avoid them at all cost!


FAQs, or commonly asked questions, allow buyers to obtain answers to the most common inquiries about a product before purchasing it. This is particularly true when purchasing Shiny Pokémon Cards.

Because the market for such cards is sometimes uncontrolled, purchasers must proceed with considerable care and investigation.

The Shining Pokémon Cards FAQs should cover a broad variety of subjects, from identifying fake cards to determining if the standard form of a card is more desired than its shiny variation. They should also handle concerns such as card quality and rarity. Furthermore, consumers should be able to access information on the various printing processes used to create brilliant colors on flashy cards, as well as any other relevant facts or information connected to this sort of collecting activity.

Question: What is the ugliest shiny Pokmon?

Morty, the Ecruteak Gym Leader, is often regarded as the ugliest shiny Pokémon. This dazzling Pokémon card is known for its terrible design and poor printing quality. The artwork is uninteresting, and the card looks to have been printed on low-quality paper, giving it an unappealing overall appearance. Furthermore, the yellow and green color scheme does not merge properly and does not seem visually pleasant.

Because of all of these characteristics, this shiny Pokémon card has become one of the worst Pokémon cards to avoid while collecting or creating your deck.

Question: What is the rarest shiny card?

The Fortree City Gym Leaders’ Sixth Badge is the most uncommon of all Shiny Pokémon cards. This card can be found in early Base Set sets and depicts a gym with a tree in the middle. It’s also the only one in the collection with a Shiny Pokémon on it.

The Fortree City badge is highly uncommon, with a value that varies depending on its condition. It is generally regarded to be valued around $250 or more in near-mint or mint condition, but it may go as high as $500 or more for those who are fortunate enough to discover one.

Because this card is so uncommon, players should be cautious about spending too much money on one because there’s no assurance they’ll ever locate another.

Question: Why do people hate green shinies?

Green has long been associated with bad luck in the Pokémon card market, with players referring to green shinies as “no bueno”. This is mostly due to the large number of green flashy cards introduced between 2002 and 2006. Many people believed these cards to be “unusual,” and they immediately became collector’s goods, leading in a flood of counterfeit cards and other troubles in the business.

Green shinies are hated mostly because they were made in unusually large quantities, resulting in an abundance that is difficult to certify. As a result, collectors see these cards as having little value. Furthermore, a considerable percentage of these shinies:

  • have also been shown to contain printing faults, thus reducing their attractiveness.
  • neither dedicated collectors nor casual Pokémon fans were impressed with these specific shiny cards.

Question: Is it hard to pull shiny cards in TCG?

Yes, pulling a shiny card in the Trading Card Game (TCG) is often more difficult. This is due to the fact that, unlike the video game versions of Pokémon, where any Pokémon may be met as a Shiny, the TCG only publishes a limited number of Shiny Pokémon cards on occasion. The most recent set of shiny cards published in the TCG are from Snakewood’s Slateport City.

Despite their scarcity, these cards are nonetheless collectable and sought after by professional collectors. Shiny Pokémon cards have stronger stats than ordinary cards and may be used to swiftly level up or develop Pokémon. However, some of these gleaming cards may be difficult to locate, and their values vary greatly based on their scarcity.

In summary, if you’re searching for a rare card to add to your collection, try plucking any of the shiny variations from Slateport City in Snakewood.