Looking for the best Pokemon ROMs for 2022? You’re in luck, as there are some great options made by PokeFans, for PokeFans! Check out our roundup of the best ones below.

Selection Criteria

There are numerous essential characteristics that should be considered while assessing the finest Pokemon ROMs produced by fans for fans. To begin with, usability and convenience of use are critical. The ROM should have a pleasant user interface, be simple to install and configure on multiple platforms, and work well with other software.

Second, each game should have cutting-edge visuals and music that take the user back to Pokémon’s wonderful world.

Third, fresh material is essential – fan-made games must appeal to PokéFans of all ages and include new characters, maps, narratives, fights, and plots.

Finally, frequent assistance from the developer community is required – bug fixes and patches must be delivered swiftly in order for the game to remain at optimal performance.

#1 Pokemon Emperyan

Pokemon Emperyan is the first ROM in the Best Pokemon ROMs: Made By PokeFans, For PokeFans series, released in 2022. It is a recreation of the original Pokemon Red and Blue game that includes additional aspects and content.

This game includes all-new trainer battles, new character designs, an expanded region map with more than 50 cities and towns to explore, hundreds of catchable creatures from previous games all the way up to Pokemon Sun & Moon Generation 7, an open-world system where you can craft items and tools while exploring other areas, and minor graphical improvements over the original game, such as improved character sprites. The plot covers your path from Pallet Town to Kanto Region Champion.

Fans have complimented this game for its reimaginative spin on the legendary series, which is appealing for both old and new fans.

#2 Pokemon Unbound

Pokémon Unbound is the second installment in the Best Pokémon ROMs: Made By PokéFans, For PokéFans series, and is a fan favorite among many PokéFans. The story takes set in Midna Town, which is home to The Trainer School. Players will take control of one of eight newly introduced Pokémon trainers as they explore the region, face tough adversaries, and seek to restore peace in their home town after a recent strange occurrence that has created turmoil in the town and its surrounding territories.

Pokémon Unbound adds a slew of new features, including an upgraded combat system, better character customization possibilities, and new Trainer classes. Players will also get access to over 862 unique Pokémon and varieties that may be collected and trained as they go through Midna Town. Furthermore, with its enormous environment to explore, difficult riddles to solve, side quests to do, and more – fans will be sure to find enough of things to keep them engaged throughout their trip.

#3 Pokemon Rejuvenation

PokeFans created Pokémon Rejuvenation, an unauthorized Pokémon ROM hack. Because of its unique features, fakemon, and rich plot, it is regarded as one of the finest Pokémon ROMs. It chronicles the narrative of a group of trainers on their adventure to rescue their home from devastation in the post-apocalyptic planet of Orithia.

They must overcome several obstacles along the road, including battles with wild Pokémon and other trainers.

One of the game’s unique features is the ability to revitalize specific Pokémon who have grown weak due to age or misuse. This feature enables players to recover weakened animals’ HP, PP, Status Effects, and Movepools, making them more effective in confrontations against other trainers and wild Pokémon alike. This new feature provides a new dimension for gamers of all skill levels – from beginner to expert – looking for an engaging gaming experience.

#4 Pokemon Renegade Platinum

Pokémon Renegade Platinum is the fourth most popular Pokémon ROM in 2022, according to PokéFans. This game, which features a beautiful and bright Suntouched City in the southern Kanto area, enables players to explore a totally new territory with its own own flora, wildlife, and culture.

In addition to the new location, Pokémon enthusiasts can expect a completely reworked combat system, as well as all-new trainer classes and gear. With various side events accessible, such as competitions and dungeon crawling tasks, this ROM provides Trainers with an interesting experience full of surprises. For those searching for a more linear experience, the narrative mode gives a major storyline thread that follows Ash’s personal journey from Pallet Town.

Don’t pass up this exciting excursion.

#5 Pokemon Ultra Violet

Pokémon Ultra Violet is a fan-made ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed and is one of the most well-known and well-liked Pokémon ROM hacks. Drayano60 invented this hack, which took nearly two years to accomplish. It updates the original game with new characters, narratives, locations, events, and a slew of additional improvements that bring it up to date with more current generations of games.

Ultra Violet distinguishes out from other ROM hacks as a unique experience, with exciting new twists on known characters, plotlines, and special events. In addition to additional features and content, the game has received various bug improvements, making it more playable than its predecessor.

Pokémon Ultra Violet will most likely continue to be one of the most popular unauthorized Pokémon ROMs for a long time.

#6 Pokemon Rocket Edition

Pokémon Rocket Edition is one of the greatest and most widely used fan-made Pokémon ROMs. It has an all-new storyline and characters, fantastic visuals, hard stages, and a massive Pokémon collection. As you travel the Kanto area, you will encounter several interesting fights, puzzles, side quests, and other activities.

With Rocket Edition, you may create a team of up to 6 Pokémon, including both normal and shiny variations. You may also personalize each party member by utilizing goods like Mega Evolutions or type boosters. Rocket Edition also supports Game Boy Advance emulation, so you can use any GBA emulator to play it. A new post-game feature lets players to compete against trainers from other locations for uncommon gifts as an extra bonus.

#7 Pokemon Dark Rising

The Pokémon Dark Rising series is a fan-made series of Pokémon games produced by DarkRisingGirl, a competent developer. It’s an unauthorized recreation of the original Game Boy Advance Pokémon games, featuring new visuals and functionality.

The story depicts the path of a young Trainer as they fight their way through difficult gyms on their road to becoming Champion. To complete their squad and vanquish their opponents, players must acquire and train hundreds of different types of Pokémon along the way.

The games include:

  • Tough puzzles
  • Distinct trainers to compete against
  • Opportunities to develop your Pokémon

They provide gamers with hundreds of hours of exploration, adventure, and dramatic fights.

#8 The Pokemon Kaizo Series

The Pokémon Kaizo series is a famous collection of ROM hacks created by a fan called Archer. It consists of four very difficult hacks of the original Game Boy game. The Kaizo games are situated in the imaginary world of Kanto and contain a whole new narrative line as well as a completely new set of levels with a completely harsh difficulty level.

The original versions were intended mainly for experienced players, but current versions with difficulty levels ranging from Easy to Insane have been published. All four games have permanently altered the Pokémon experience and are beloved by Pokémon enthusiasts worldwide.

Kaizo is one of the finest instances of how devoted fans can transform a game into something unique and fantastic, and it’s a must-play if you enjoy Pokémon or ROM hacking in any way.

#9 Pokemon Orange

PokeFans, a creative group of Pokémon enthusiasts and game creators, created Pokémon Orange in 2022. This ROM retains the key components of the original Gameboy Pokémon titles while including a few new ones.

The game takes place in the fictitious town of Glenwood Town, a tiny rural coastal community inspired by traditional fishing communities found in Southern Japan. The player takes on the role of Red, or Ash as some call him, an ambitious Pokémon trainer with big hopes of becoming the next Pokémon World Champion. The game has interesting people and areas to explore, as well as a fascinating narrative filled with mystery, adventure, and thrill.

Exclusive to this ROM hack are two signature Eeveelutions, Flareon and Jolteon. Pokémon Orange occupies #239 on our list of the greatest Pokémon ROMs for PokeFans in 2022 by blending conventional RPGs with fresh concepts from its team of PokeFans creators.

#10 Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn is a ROM hack of the old Pokémon Emerald game created by fans. The plot revolves on the player’s desire to become Reborn City’s Elite Four Champion by completing the eight gyms. Players must outwit numerous NPCs, conquer various hurdles, combat other trainers, and eventually confront the Elite Four and the Champion.

Players will be able to meet new teammates, explore a wide open world full of mysteries and surprises, gather TMs and HMs for their movesets, develop their own team of Pokémon, uncover Legendary Pokémon, and eventually become a master trainer along the road.

Pokémon Reborn is an immersive experience with an amazing music performed by professional composers and dialogue penned by seasoned authors. It has been praised for being one of the finest rom hacks of 2022 in terms of content quality and overall game design.

#11 Pokemon Snakewood

Pokémon Snakewood is a fan-created ROM that was inspired by two iconic Pokémon ROM hacks, Fire Red and Leaf Green. It was initially launched in 2022 and has since grown to become one of the most popular ROMs on the market. It is in the typical manner of Pokémon games, but with a twist: the player must face zombie-like monsters known as Corrupted Pokémon.

The game features all 493 original Pokémon species, as well as several new ones special to Snakewood. There are also lots of side missions and treasures to find, as well as locations that are very similar to those featured in the original Fire Red and Leaf Green editions. In addition, the game includes new trainers and formidable gym leaders, as well as an enhanced plot.

There are also unique activities to make your journey through Snakewood even more enjoyable, including:

  • New trainers and formidable gym leaders
  • Side missions and treasures to find
  • Locations similar to those featured in the original Fire Red and Leaf Green editions
  • Unique activities to make your journey more enjoyable

#12 Pokemon Sienna

Pokémon Sienna is a 2022 ROM hack of Pokémon Fire Red created by PokéFans. It has new characters and moves, as well as new sprites and soundtrack.

Budew is a Grass-type Pokémon that is only found in Sienna. It has a one-of-a-kind look, like a pink and blue elf with flower petals on its hair and torso. “Fairy Wind,” its trademark move, does extra damage if the adversary is poisoned or burnt.

Budew may heal friends with Absorb or Leech Seed while still doing massive damage with Razor Leaf or Grass Knot. It also has the Fairy type move Wisha, which lets it to heal its friends every turn for three rounds.

#13 Pokemon Dreams

Pokémon Dreams is a ROM hack created in 2022 by PokéFans for PokéFans. It has a vast number of Pokémon, a large open world environment, and an intriguing narrative line. The hack also includes several novel alterations to the original games, such as new type combinations, secret evolutions, an updated fighting system, and much more.

The game is a spin-off of the famous “Eight Island” game. It is comparable to the original game in gameplay, but many aspects have been updated to make it seem more new and interesting. This ROM Hack is available in practically all popular emulators, including No$GBA, John Gameboy Advance, VBA-M, and Visual Boy Advance-M VBA-M.

Budew Stats is an essential figure in this process. He has a number of strengths and flaws that players must overcome in order to strengthen him during their adventure. With his unique strength and talents, he can readily aid you in your trip.

#14 Pokemon Blazed Glazed

Pokemon Blazed Glazed is a popular Pokémon Emerald ROM modification. It was launched in early 2022 and has grown in popularity since then. The game follows the same traditional concept as many previous Pokémon games, but with some innovative tweaks to set it apart. These changes feature a new hero, two new locations, and a slew of new characters, equipment, and Pokémon to catch and fight.

Along with these features come some more difficult regions and trainers, providing players with an added challenge while progressing through the game’s tale. The name “Blazed Glazed” is a reference to the Berry Master’s daughter Budew in the game, who assists Team Magma throughout the tale, as she is depicted with lovely flower buds on her head that have been glazed over with dew droplets.

#15 Pokemon Darkfire

Pokémon DarkFire is a creative fan-made game developed by Pokémon lovers. Unlike other fan-made games, it has an in-game shop where you may locate and purchase stuff. Gardevoir is the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Darkfire.

To capture the Shiny Gardevoir, you must explore Mt. Chimney’s twisting caverns in pursuit of a wild Gardevoir with a black body and pink hair known as a Shiny Gardevoir. The odds of finding one are limited, so carry plenty of Pokéballs if you want to capture one.

A few more pointers:

  • Be mindful that there are trainers waiting for you at every corner.
  • Having a few legendary Pokémon, like as Kyogre or Rayquaza, may also assist you succeed.
  • Finally, keep in mind that the greater your level of expertise, the simpler it will be to catch Shiny Gardevoir.

#16 Pokemon Ash Grey

Pokemon Ash Grey is a fan-made Pokémon-themed Game Boy Advance ROM hack. This game is about Ash Ketchum’s adventure across the Kanto Region, as the title suggests. The game includes all 151 Pokémon from Generation 1 and brings them to life with upgraded visuals, better movesets, and a slew of additional challenges.

Players must fight against Gym Leaders and other trainers to earn badges and strive for the coveted title of League Champion. Along with the main plot, there are many side tasks that may be accomplished at the player’s leisure.

Other elements include traditional fights such as a Horde Battle mode and a testing challenge level in which players must properly answer questions in order to proceed in the game.

#17 Pokemon Gaia

Pokémon Gaia is a notable ROM hack produced by Spherical Ice, one of the community’s most well-known ROM hackers. This fan-made game has over 500 Pokémon from Generation I to Generation VII, as well as various cosmetic upgrades over the original game. Custom maps and animations, for example, are available, as are better typing, movesets, and sprites.

The tutorial for this game should cover all of the fundamental information as well as some extra tips and tactics for completing it as quickly as possible. You should also pay special attention to any Event Triggers that occur along your trip, as they might deliver useful things along the way. You should also be aware of any special features that are specific to Pokémon Gaia and vary drastically from other games.

#18 Pokemon Insurgence

In 2022, a fan-made Pokémon game called Pokémon Insurgence was published. The game takes place in the fictitious territory of Torren, where new and sophisticated Pokémon may be discovered. Shiny Gardevoir is an uncommon Pokémon seen in this game. Shiny Gardevoir has a pink body and orange eyes, giving it an almost alien look. When triggered, its trademark move, Moonblast, enables it to glitter more more brilliantly. To add to the uniqueness of this Pokémon, you will only meet this particular form of the character in a few wild encounters.

Shiny Gardevoir is one of the most popular Pokémon in Insurgence, and most players want to catch one. Unfortunately, getting a Shiny variant in Insurgence requires chance and perseverance since they are rarer than other sorts of Pokémon. Nonetheless, with enough persistence and effort spent seeking, you will eventually come upon one.

#19 Pokemon Radical Red

Pokémon Radical Red is a fan-made ROM hack published in 2022 for the Game Boy Advance. It takes place in the mountainous territory of Shinou, which was influenced by Japan. Three years after the events of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, the game begins with a fresh plot that follows your trip around the area in an endeavor to become the finest Pokémon Trainer.

Furthermore, several new elements were introduced, such as enhanced visuals, an open world system that allows you to freely explore various places, and over 200 distinct Pokémon to collect and train. There are also lots of side missions, mini-games, fights against Gym Leaders, Evil Teams, legendary Pokémon encounters, and cooperative fun with other Trainers.

#20 Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made game developed by two PokeFans that has gone viral on the internet. It provides an exciting journey as a single-player RPG, with over 150 varieties of completely customizable Pokémon for players to gather and fight. The game also includes a new Nuclear type, a slew of new techniques and Abilities, minigames, and Pokémon Contests.

This ROM is compatible with all contemporary PCs and includes features that may be added or deleted through the launcher. It has garnered positive feedback from both gamers and the press, making it one of the greatest ROMs accessible right now. Pokémon Uranium will be recognized as one of the finest Pokémon games ever developed, thanks to its amazing plot, creative features, large choice of Pokémon varieties, and beautiful music.

Question: Can You Get Mainline Pokemon Game ROMS?

Yes, you can get official Pokemon Game ROMs. Pokemon ROMs are digital reproductions of original game cartridges that can be played on emulators and other devices. Cerulean City has seen a boom in popularity in 2022.

These games are designed and published by PokeFans for other PokeFans; they provide the same features as the main series of Pokemon games with some exceptions such as new fan-made pokemon, personalized artwork, and new narratives.

ROMs are also quite easy to get. They are less costly than purchasing actual copies of games, and there are several internet sites for downloading them. Furthermore, these publicly available ROMs allow enthusiasts to share their works with others without having to pay for big production runs of real cartridges.

Question: Are Pokemon ROMS Legal?

Pokémon ROMs and accompanying software are not technically illegal, however there is some uncertainty about their legality. Because the original games are copyrighted, distributing or using ROMs for sale or commercial reasons is prohibited.

A Pokémon ROM is effectively a duplicate of the original game, and it is unlawful to download or distribute copies of such games without the consent of copyright holders.

However, if someone downloads a copy of an older game for which the copyright has expired, or if they get a copy via another legal means, such as an abandonware website, they are allowed to distribute these copies. This is due to the fact that they will not be violating any copyright laws by doing so.

Finally, each person must determine if it is acceptable to use these copies without permission from the original creator, publisher, or copyright holder.

Question: Can I Play Pokemon ROMs On My Phone?

With the correct software, it is feasible to play Pokémon ROMs on a mobile device. Depending on the sort of phone you have, you may download several applications to play your favorite Pokémon games. Android users can discover a plethora of alternatives in the Google Play Store, while iOS users will find some excellent ones in the App Store.

It’s crucial to realize that playing Pokémon ROMs does not guarantee a glitch-free experience. As a result, before downloading and playing a game, it’s advisable to check its compatibility and ratings. Each phone’s performance may also vary, so do your research before trying out any new games on your smartphone.

Umbreon is one of the many famous Pokémon characters that have appeared in fan-made roms throughout the years. It possesses a strong defensive type that makes it tough to defeat in combat, and its dark skills give it an advantage. Umbreon’s evasive moves let it to readily avoid assaults while remaining alive longer than other Pokémon in its class. When employed appropriately, its tremendous HP and stamina make it a powerful opponent.

A Cavalcade of new Poke-Adventures!

Rock Tunnel, one of the top Pokémon ROMs of 2022, is set to be a cavalcade of fresh Poké-Adventures. This ROM was built by Poké-fans for Poké-fans, making it an excellent experience regardless of your degree of familiarity with the Pokémon world.

In this ROM, you will be navigating the perilous Rock Tunnel in pursuit of a rare Pokémon Egg. As you make your way down this perilous tunnel, you will come across a variety of monsters. The aim is to get to the other side and, perhaps, hatch the rare egg itself.

A Cavalcade of new Poké-Adventures is guaranteed to be a fun for all Poké-fans alike, with plenty of obstacles, minecart riding parts, and an all new fighting system, including:

  • Navigating the perilous Rock Tunnel in pursuit of a rare Pokémon Egg.
  • Coming across a variety of monsters.
  • Getting to the other side and, perhaps, hatching the rare egg itself.
  • Plenty of obstacles.
  • Minecart riding parts.
  • An all new fighting system.

Read More:

If you’ve ever played the old Pokémon games, you’ll know how difficult it is to get a Shiny Umbreon. A Shiny Umbreon is one of the game’s rarest Pokémon and can only be discovered in certain places with specific trainers. As a result, it is highly sought after by both collectors and admirers.

The good news is that there are methods to get around this rarity and get your hands on the Shiny Umbreon you’ve been looking for. One method is to play the game using ROMs (downloadable game files) rather than real cartridges. These ROMs allow you to create a variety of unusual species, including your own own Shiny Umbreon.

Aside from being able to produce rare animals via ROMs, players may also conduct activities while playing the game to boost their chances of capturing a Shiny Umbreon. Soft resetting and chain fishing, for example, include saving until you become really fortunate in order to locate a Shiny Pokémon like an Umbreon.

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