Whether you’re a new fan of the Pokemon franchise or a seasoned veteran, you’ll love this comprehensive guide to the Pokemon manga series. Get ready for your next Pokemon adventure by learning all about the characters, locations, and plots of the various manga titles.

Pokmon Chapters: Where to start?

It might be difficult to know where to begin your travels in the Pokémon Manga Series The pokemon manga canon consists of eight primary series that follow Ash and his adventures in the Pokemon world. With over 100 chapters and various unique tales and separate volumes, there is plenty to explore in this pokemon manga canon.

To begin, it’s necessary to read the original Pokémon Adventures manga series. It’s the franchise’s longest-running manga, and it’s where the majority of the characters and stories featured in anime were conceived. This is accessible in both print and digital media, with new volumes issued on a regular basis in both. You may also read Viz Media’s shortened edition of Pokémon Adventures if you want a fast summary of what’s transpired so far.

Following that, the reading order becomes a little more complicated because there are several companion series, such as The Electric Tale of Pikachu, Pocket Monsters Diamond& Pearl Adventure., How I Became a Pokémon Card, and many more, each focusing on a different aspect or character in this vast universe. If you’re interested in reading these extra tales, we suggest doing some study on each chapter specifics before diving in. As a result, we suggest searching for extensive guides online that give specific information on each chapter and volume, such as white 2 x, so you don’t miss any important aspects.

Red – Green and Blue Chapter (Volumes 1-3)

The first chapter of the original Pokémon manga series is Red, Green, and Blue Chapter. The plot follows a young kid called Red on his quest to become the best Pokémon Master in the world. Along the way, he encounters Ash Ketchum, Misty, and Brock and fights Team Rocket, which is attempting to rule all of the regions with their nefarious designs. In order to demonstrate his abilities, Red also competes against other strong trainers. This key chapter begins Red’s quest, which spans volumes 1-3 of the manga series.

Pikachu releases a thunderbolt from inside its Pokéball at Professor Oak’s lab, and Red then exclaims, “Pikachu, I choose you!” Following this point, players are rapidly exposed to Pokémon fights and new companions who will assist him in becoming one of Kanto’s most well-known Trainers.

Yellow Chapter (Volumes 4-7)

The Yellow Chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga series takes place in Kanto and focuses on the trio of protagonists: Red, Blue, and Yellow. It follows their quest as they try to investigate the mysteries behind the enigmatic organization known as Team Rocket. They encounter several friends along the route, including Giovanni, the head of Team Rocket, as well as other major characters like Lance and Professor Oak.

This chapter introduces many new Johto Pokémon, like Chikorita and Quilava, in addition to several familiar Pokémon from all generations of the game series, including Pikachu This popular epic, with its wide array of characters and thrilling narrative aspects, will no doubt make a lasting effect on every Pokmon lover and keep them wondering until the very end, especially with the introduction of the ultra moon sword and the pearl platinum heartgold it contains.

Gold – Silver and Crystal Chapter (Volumes 8-15)

Volumes 8 through 15 make up Pokémon Unbound’s Gold, Silver, and Crystal Chapter. This series follows the exploits of your favorite Pokémon characters as they compete to become the greatest.

When this chapter is full with intriguing narratives, you may experience a few challenges while reading this book. The first is that there is no overall storyline. Though the tales of the characters are amusing, there does not seem to be a clear objective for them to achieve over the course of four volumes, making it difficult to determine what direction the plot is following or why it should continue into the next book.

Furthermore, several fans have reported variations in character representation throughout episodes, making it difficult to understand or keep up with their personalities and motives at times.

Despite these flaws, this chapter of white black 2 has been a popular source of pleasure among fans and may be a great way to get to know your favorite characters in their original manga form.

Ruby and Sapphire Chapter (Volumes 15-22)

The Ruby and Sapphire Chapters, often known as the Advanced Generation tale, is set in Hoenn and stars Ruby as the primary character. Volumes 15-22 of the original manga series include this chapter of the story.

Ruby’s adventure across Hoenn with his closest friends May and Max as they participate in different competitions and gyms is the core of the plot. Along the trip, they run across familiar foes like Team Aqua and Team Magma, as well as find some new Legendary Pokémon. Our heroes learn more about their beloved Pokémon world with each encounter.

This chapter stands out for its bold endeavor to present tales about a broad range of subjects, from aquatic expeditions to space research. It’s a fantastic chance for fans to explore every aspect of the Pokémon world at once.

Fire Red and Leaf Green Chapter (Volumes 22-26)

In the Pokémon manga series, Hidenori Kusaka wrote and drew the arc Fire Red and Leaf Green. The events of the Fire Red and Leaf Green games are covered in this arc. It starts with manga Volume 22 and finishes with manga Volume 26.

Satoshi Ash travels to the Sevii Islands in the Fire Red and Leaf Green chapter. He soon runs across Gary Oak, an old Pallet Town opponent who has also come to investigate the islands for Pokémon fight prospects. Satoshi meets various island residents along the way who help him complete his quest on each island he visits. Celio, a scientist; is one of these essential individuals. Nurse Joy, Lilian Meridian; Captain Stern; Blaine; Max; Lorelei; Kiki; Erika and Agatha from the games’ respective Elite Four lineups.

Satoshi learns a lot about himself in this chapter as he fights his way through each island with growing confidence and strength, finally emerging as a champion on both islands.

Emerald Chapter (Volumes 26-29)

From the FireRed and LeafGreen chapters, the Emerald Chapter continues the plot. It follows Ash and his pals as they travel the Hoenn area and face tough opponents in order to thwart Team Aqua’s sinister goals. Throughout their journeys, they meet new people, discover new Pokémon, and eventually confront their greatest foe, Team Magma.

This series arc is a spectacular mix of action, drama, adventure, and humor that every Pokémon lover will appreciate.

From volumes 26 to 29, we meet some of Hoenn’s newest characters, such as May, who accompanies Ash on his trip, as well as antagonists like as Team Magma’s boss Maxie As Ash embarks on his pokemon adventures red, he must face formidable foes with legendary Pokmon such as Kyogre. He must also endeavor to restore peace among them all in order to rescue Hoenn from destruction. As Team Aqua’s plot develops, readers will witness many exciting pokemon adventures red.

  • Magnificent fights
  • Beautiful moments between old and new characters
  • A shocking twist right at the end

Diamond and Pearl Chapter (Volumes 30-38)

The Sinnoh region is the setting for the Diamond and Pearl manga chapter, when Ash Ketchum and his pals encounter a Sinnoh area professor who is investigating Pokémon fossils. Ash sets out on a quest to discover the mythical third Sinnoh starter, while Dawn aspires to be a Top Coordinator. Meanwhile, Team Galactic is attempting to apprehend the legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia.

Paul and Barry, Ash’s adversaries, accompany him on the quest as they together fight to defeat Team Galactic and safeguard the legendary Pokémon. Volumes 30-38 follow this plot thread and feature new characters like Looker and Professor Rowan’s aide Lucas. Each volume has thrilling trainer fights, Pokémon’s evolving into new forms, and hazardous plans by wicked villains, making this one of the most popular arcs in Pokémon Manga.

Platinum Chapter (Volumes 38-40)

In the Pokémon Adventures manga series, written and drawn by Hidenori Kusaka, Platinum Chapter is the fourth of seven narrative arcs. The narrative arc of Platinum starts with Volume 38, as seen through the eyes of a new protagonist, Pokémon Trainer Platinum Berlitz. This young lady is determined to collect all eight Gym Badges and become the greatest Pokémon trainer in Sinnoh.

The chapters that chronicle Platinum’s trip have some incredible action scenes as well as emotional interactions between individuals. They not only address varied topics like friendship, identity, family, and bravery, but they also disclose major components from the universe of Pokémon games like Sinnoh’s legendary Pokémon and Generation IV species like Mesprit and Uxie. With their ambitions for the Red Chain project, which features Mewtwo and Giritina as major figures, this arc further focuses on Team Galactic’s evil goal. Fans of both manga series will be pleased with the action-packed Platinum Chapters, which conclude this chapter of adventures with a final confrontation between Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum against Cyrus at Spear Pillar.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver Chapter (Volumes 41-43)

The Johto region is the setting for the Pokémon manga series’ Heart Gold and Soul Silver Chapter. In this arc, Red, the main character, sets off on a journey to become the Pokémon League champion.

Red travels to Dragon City in the past Red embarks on a leafgreen emerald diamond-filled journey, where he meets legendary Pokmon master Lance, to start the adventure. Along the way, Red collects and fights Pokmon as well as challenging gyms and ultimately becoming a Champion. Red then challenges other trainers to Master Rank Battles. along the way, which help him improve as a trainer. He also experiences flashbacks that disclose mysteries from his past, which assist to inspire some of Red’s choices in this book arc.

This Heart Gold and Soul Silver chapter comes to a close when Red beats Lance and is crowned champion of the Pokémon League.

Black and White Chapter (Volumes 43-51)

Nine volumes, numbered 43 through 51, make up the Black and White Chapter of the Pokémon Manga Series. It follows protagonist Ash Ketchum in his quest to become a Pokémon master. Throughout this chapter, Ash travels around the Unova area, encountering both friends and opponents.

Throughout the series, heroes must fight their way to triumph while learning about the mysterious Unova area and its people. These nine volumes emphasize on character development while also introducing readers to a whole new universe complete with strong Pokémon, hilarious situations, exciting fights, and serious plots. This last volume of the Pokémon Manga Series will undoubtedly leave readers with a memorable experience.

Black 2 and White 2 Chapter (Volumes 52-55)

Black 2 and White 2 volumes 52-55 of the Pokemon Manga Series take place two years after the events of the first three chapters. This chapter introduces a new protagonist called N, who aspires to be the head of Team Plasma and a Pokémon Trainer with the goal of bringing peace between humans and Pokémon.

N is aided by his squad, which includes Hugh, Touya, and Mirai. N’s adventure takes him to confront formidable foes like as Ghetsis, Zinzolin, Colress, and others in order to safeguard the Pokémon that coexist with humans. As he travels from Unova to the wide areas of Kalos, he encounters many formidable friends as well as deadly opponents. Such interactions teach him crucial lessons about understanding others around him and acquiring fresh ideas on how various animals survive in peace.

X and Y Chapter (Volumes 56-59)

Volumes 56-59 of the Pokemon Adventures series include the X and Y Chapter, which takes place in the Kalos area. We meet Juras and Rita, the Kalos Town Gym Leaders, here. Our heroes must fight them in order to obtain their first badge. Juras focuses on Dragon-type Pokémon, whilst Rita focuses on Fairy-type Pokémon.

As our heroes battle through the alpha sapphire sun game’s many trainers and gym leaders, they face a whole set of obstacles that test their skills and feelings while teaching them important life lessons. They will also come across Mega Evolutions. and Legendary Pokémon to train or add to their squad. Trainers, best wishes.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Chapter (Volumes 1-6)

The Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Chapter is a six-volume manga series that can be found in Get Ready for Your Pokémon Adventures: A Comprehensive Guide to the Manga Series“. This chapter follows Satoshi Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu on their adventure across the Hoenn region, where they encounter several opponents and Gym Leaders – Juras and Rita from Calistern Town.

In this chapter, Satoshi must develop the strength to compete with Juras and Rita for the Grand Festival Championship. Furthermore, Satoshi encounters a variety of personalities, including:

  • May, his female companion
  • Brock, the Pewter City Gym Leader
  • Max May’s younger brother
  • Gary Oak, professor Oak’s grandson
  • and others.

Satoshi meets unusual Pokémon along the way, like Swalot, Camerupt, and Glalie. He must also conquer severe obstacles such as employing Rock Climb against Juras or discovering Electric-type techniques against Rita. This chapter serves as a great introduction to the world of the Pokémon Adventures manga series, assisting new readers in preparing for their own Pokémon adventures.

Sun and Moon Chapter (Volumes 1-6)

In Get Ready For Your Pokémon Adventures: A Comprehensive Guide to the Manga Series, Juras and Rita, the two gym leaders of Calistern Town, get their first badge in Sun and Moon Chapter Volumes 1-6. This badge is one of eight that must be obtained before challenging and defeating each consecutive Gym Leader.

Players accompany Ash Ketchum as he starts his journey across Alola, makes new friends, and learns about the world of Pokémon via its diverse species, special attacks, and Legendary Pokémon in this chapter. Along the road, he overcomes Team Rocket, Legendary Pokémon such as Ho-Oh, and gathers eight badges on his route to becoming a Pokémon Master.

Readers may discover more about each gym leader’s blue yellow gold backstory as well as the techniques they employ to win bouts and progress in their goal to become a Pokmon Master by reading this chapter.


To summarize, the Pokémon manga series is a thrilling and fascinating experience for anime aficionados. It provides an in-depth look at the Pocket Monsters’ universe, presenting readers to a range of characters and settings.

Fans will be able to delve further into the world by following Ash, Misty, Brock, and their band of Pokémon companions as they travel from gym to gym defeating other trainers and acquiring new Pokémon. It’s no surprise that this series has been so liked by fans all around the globe for so many years, with its vibrant visual style, large cast of characters, compelling plot arcs, and different locales.

So, if you’re searching for a fascinating journey through a colourful universe teeming with strong creatures, this is a must-see.

Pokemon Adventures Manga Series Guide: A Comprehensive Overview

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